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Psalm 119 Empowered by the Word of God
by Manuel Vargas 
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Psalm 119 Empowered by the Word of God

There’s a secret to being EMPOWERED by the Word of God and the Psalmist shared how we can experience this Divine EMPOWERMENT that God made available to us and that secret is MEDITATION. Yes, MEDITATION is one of the unique practices that the Psalmist applied to gain Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge and Clear Insight to do the Will of God. We are going to go in-depth to see how the Psalmist tapped into the Power of God through the practical application of MEDITATION.

Hi, Faith-Writers I’m glad to be back to share God’s Word with you. We’ve been on the subject of the Word of God and the applications we must come to understand and experience to be effective believers on earth serving Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and pleasing Our Heavenly Father in all that we do in the Kingdom of God.

I wrote an article titled, “The Biblical Practice of Meditation” I was led to make it into an outline format with a little practicality in the application of MEDITATION. However, to continue teaching about the topic of the Word of God we need to take a closer look at MEDITATION from the Psalmist point of view, (that is, how he applied himself to the practice of MEDITATION to gain Divine Revelation to apply God’s Holy Word in his personal life.) Then we can learn a few examples of how we can apply the same methods of MEDITATION and experience God’s Word in our lives. I will share some of my experiences along with this teaching so we can easily experience this blessing as the Old Testament Saint did, Amen.

Reading, Studying and MEDITATING

One of the most important things we need to understand is the difference of Reading, Studying and MEDITATING. There is a difference between all 3 applications, but there is also a need to combine these 3 applications of becoming acquainted with the Word of God.

1. Reading—is simply reading Scripture through as a regular practice of reading the books and chapters we have in the Old and New Testament.

2. Studying—is when we read a verse or a few verses in a book of the Bible in the Old or New Testament and we take the time to look at words or phrases that we are not familiar with in the Dictionary or Concordances and other Translations so we can get deeper in the context of the story or principles or commands that we are trying to make sense of.

3. Meditating—is when we begin to think deeply about what we read and what we’ve studied and then try to see the practical application of those passages of Scripture (if we are to apply it as Christian Believers).

In my experience, Reading through passages of Scripture (like reading a newspaper) is not as effective as Studying the Word of God. Because after we read it through like a newspaper we’re more than likely to forget what we read and what we need to consider as believers. One of the things I’ve encountered early on in my Christian walk with God is the religious application that I had trouble with. I was immediately introduced to a “Daily Reading Plan” by several booklets, Study Bibles, and sincere Christians. They told me that I should read a chapter or 3 chapters daily so that I may read the entire Bible in one year.

In my new Born-again human spirit it didn’t feel right to me. I’m being honest! I had a big problem with it. You see, you will pick up an inward witness whether or not the Holy Spirit wants you to do these things. I’m not knocking the sincere attempts of Bible scholars and Theologians who are trying their best to engage Christians to be consistent readers of Scripture.

However, I was Super-naturally given a unique desire to read the Word daily without using a daily reading plan. I would read Scripture daily but books that I would open up to and I would usually read the entire book or at least 5-10 chapters of that Book then read those same Chapters again later on or in a different translation however I was led to do it. It was a Divine inspiration and passion that God placed in my heart to do. As I read through it I would high-light things that stood out even if I really didn’t thoroughly understand them. Then, later on I would come back a few months later or a few years later and Boom it would hit me again with more insight to that passage of Scripture I previously high-lighted.

The moral of the Testimony is to read the Word of God at your pace and on your schedule. God will make sure (if your heart is receptive) to illuminate those passages of Scripture to you that you’re reading and it will impact you and challenge you to practically apply them or take comfort in them knowing that God is with you through thick and thin.

Application of Meditation

We need to know how to Biblically Meditate! “Why is that you might ask?”, because Christianity has been poisoned by New Age movements and other religious practices that will have us utilizing methods that are unscriptural. The Bible is clear about the simple practice of Meditation. I recommend that you read the article “The Biblical Practice of Meditation” I was led to write when I began writing on Faith-Writers.

The Psalmist first mentioned Meditation by this application;
I will Meditate on Your precepts and regard Your Ways (Psalm 119:15 NAS).

Precepts are any commandments intended as an authoritative rule of action. For example, one of the Ten Commandments is that we should not commit adultery (Exodus 20:14 KJV). Now the intended rule of action that must be applied in the Old Testament is found in the detail application of the kind of people we are told not to sleep with or commit adultery with; Cursed is he who lies with his father’s wife (Deut. 27:20 AMP); Any Beast (Deut.27:21 AMP); With his half-sister (Deut. 20:22 AMP); And with the mother-in-law (Deut. 27:23 AMP). These are the precepts of the main commandment of not committing Adultery.

Jesus gave us a New Testament application of the same Commandment with a different approach to avoiding the act of Adultery in Matthew 5:27-28 NKJV; You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Jesus explained the practical application men usually experience when they set their eyes on a beautiful woman. Jesus was trying to point out to the people how we can actually stop the adultery from happening—by not allowing it to turn into lust when we see a beautiful woman. Adultery can be stopped in the mind and heart before we take further action to rap to the woman we have a desire to sleep with.

I purposely gave you an Old Testament example of the precepts the Psalmist could consider Meditating on when it comes to the practical application of NOT COMMITTING Adultery. Then we spoke about how Jesus clarified the inner struggle of man when a man lays his eyes on a beautiful woman and how the thought process in man will actually lead the man to commit adultery mentally before he commits it physically with the beautiful woman.

This principle or precept is what kept me as I read the Word of God over and over and Meditated on it about this area of Christian living. I was a lady’s man back in the day. Mostly because I attracted beautiful woman; I’m a Brad Pitt looking Puerto Rican who attracts a lot of women of all ages. So I have to run like Joseph when I’m at work and apply what Jesus said when these beautiful women come across my path.

This principle or precept can also be applied by women. Just because Jesus taught the concept to men—women today find themselves in the same temptation. So if the commandment and precept applies at least we know what to do.

Applications of Meditating on different things

As Christians there are many things we need to Meditate on—not just avoiding Adultery. We must Meditate on God’s Precepts (Psalm 119:15, 78 NKJV); God’s Statues (Psalm 119:23, 48 NKJV); God’s Word (Psalm 119:148 NKJV).

When should we Meditate?

The Psalmist practically applied Meditation when he was struggling with those people who were gossiping about him (Psalm Psalm 119:23 NKJV). I had to apply the same thing when my supervisors at work were doing the same thing to me. The supervisor’s who originally hired me began to turn on me when they would want me to do something and I gave them my professional opinion as a mechanic on how to do it correctly they felt intimidated by the experience and wealth of knowledge I possessed that they began calling me arrogant. So when they were dismissed the new crew came in and realized I’m not just a maintenance man I’m a Licensed Builder and professional in many areas and they jumped on the band wagon with the arrogance label. Until things started coming apart and they needed my professionalism to solve all the mechanical issues. I had to keep my cool by Meditating and waiting on God to turn the situation around and now the tables are turned and I’m highly respected at work. But I still have to run away from the chicks that want to seduce me. It’s not easy serving God at times this why we have to Meditate when we encounter the very same things the Psalmist experienced.

Meditating will make us Smarter

The Psalmist made a Powerful statement that could be taken as a person who’s arrogant but he’s really not arrogant. The Psalmist said, I have more understanding than all my teachers, for Your testimonies are my Meditation (Psalm 119:99 NKJV).

I experienced the same thing that this Psalmist experienced. The reason most Teachers and Preachers are smarter than others is because Ministers don’t read, study and Meditate on the Scriptures as much as they should. They went to Bible College learned a few topics took a few exams and passed the course and then they think that they can be effective for the Kingdom of God. Having achieved a Bachelors Degree or a Masters is not going to cut it. College training is generic training we still have to go into the real world field of Ministry and be retrained to deal with the things that most Colleges leave out in their curriculum.

I want to share some other things I’ve encountered. I came across many books and booklets on different topics like; The Born-again topic, Evangelism, Dreams and Visions, and so much more… And I was always left up in the air about how to clearly apply these topics in my life and how to present them to someone who would ask me about these topics.

Anyway, I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit after I prayed and asked God to reveal the teachings I just read about in these books and the Holy Spirit would begin pointing things out to me that the author failed to explain. Then as I further Meditated on it and asked the Holy Spirit to explain to me how I would go about outlining or teaching the topic more thoroughly as I Meditated the Holy Spirit would begin granting me starting points, sub-headings, paragraph structures and ongoing points to clarify the entire topic in detail unlike the Ministers who wrote about that topic.

I know that everyone is given a measure of anointing to teach and minister. But the Bible also teaches us how to increase that anointing to teach, preach and minister effectively. We should not stay stuck on level one, we must grow by Meditating on the Word of God so we may be EMPOWERED to be powerful preachers, teachers, ministers, awesome co-workers and a great overall Christian. Then we can proclaim just like the Psalmist said, I have more understanding than all my teachers, for Your testimonies are my Meditation. Glory Hallelujah!

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