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Faith Becomes Sight
by Faizah Imani
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Faith Becomes Sight
Scripture Reference Mark 10:32-52

Jesus and some of his followers are on a road leading up toward Jerusalem. And as they walked up the road to Jerusalem, Jesus led them. He walked in front of them. Even though he knew that each step he took toward Jerusalem was one step closer to his death, he still lead the way. Jesus walked boldly upfront to confront trouble head on and the followers were amazed and afraid.

With my spiritual imagination, I can see that they were probably thinking, "How could this man, Jesus---knowing that the enemy is waiting for him down the road, march right up front. Why isn't he hiding? Better yet, why is he even going at all?

The same way Jesus marched boldly in the face of adversity and trouble, we his disciples have to do the same. When the enemy is standing boldly in front of us, trying to put fear in our hearts to keep us from doing the will of our Heavenly Father, we have to stare the enemy in the face and say, "By the power of the Living God, that is within me, I'm not scared of you devil! Hit me with your best shot! I'm not backing down!!! I'm determined to do the will of the Father. I'm not going to run and hide. You don't have to come looking for me--because I am looking for you. I'm marching boldly in the WORD OF GOD!!!!

Yes--my brothers and sisters. We need to march boldly in the face of adversity knowing that it's all part of God's divine purpose, knowing that ALL things work together for the good of those who love the Lord. Praise God!!!

Moving along--As Jesus and his followers are marching up the road to Jerusalem, Jesus gets to a point where he took the 12 disciples off to the side and began giving them insight regarding how he was going to be betrayed into the hands of the scribes and chief priests once they arrived in Jerusalem. Jesus also gave them details of his death, burial and resurrection. And yet, despite the Master confiding in his disciples what was about to occur, they STILL did not understand the magnitude of what was about to happen.

Our precious Jesus was in the midst of telling them what his fate was going to be once they got to Jerusalem. But instead of them being concerned about Jesus, they interrupted Jesus with a selfish proposal.

James and John interrupted Jesus. They asked their first cousin (Jesus) if he would grant them the opportunity to sit on the right and left hand side of his throne once he has risen and established his earthly kingdom. James and John probably thought that Jesus, after being raised from the dead, that he was going to establish his kingdom here in the earth. And they wanted to be right there beside him to rule by his side. After all---they are family. Right? They wanted the hook up....

Jesus answered his cousins, "You two have no idea what you have just asked me." Jesus was saying to them, if you want to be with me in my kingdom, you are going to have to go through what I have gone through. You'll be lied on, talked about, mocked, scorned, persecuted, spit on, beaten, and a host of other things will happen to you if you TRULY want to be with me. Can you stand the fire? Can you handle it?

James and John stated simply, "We are able." So Jesus told them, "So be it. Everything that I am going through, you will also go through, but I can't promise you that you can sit on my right and left hand side because it's not mine to give. It is for those for whom it is prepared."

While James and John were still talking with Jesus, the other 10 disciples heard their talking and were displeased with Jesus’ first cousins. So Jesus called the other ten disciples in closer to himself and told them--You're not going to be like the Gentiles, who like to rule over people, just for the sake of ruling. You're not going to be placed in a position of authority to rule over others. Whoever is a part of my kingdom shall be great by YOUR WORKS, not your position. You will serve others. And any of you who desires to become great and make a name for yourself shall become the others servant. And if you want to be first, you become first by serving others. Because even the Son of man did not come to be served--but to serve.

After Jesus told the disciples this, they marched on until they arrived in Jericho. As they left OUT of Jericho, they came across blind Bartimeas, who was sitting alongside the road begging. When he heard that he was in the presence of Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out to Him, begging him to have mercy on him.

Many of the people around Jesus warned the blind man to be quiet. The more they warned him to be quiet--the more he cried!! And it should be the same way with us my brothers and sisters. I don't care how many people keep telling us to be quiet when it comes to Jesus. The more you tell me to be quiet--the bigger my mouth gets. Praise God. Because he is like FIRE shut up in my bones. And When I think about the goodness and the mercy of the Lord, I can't hold my peace!! Thank you Jesus!!!! Hold my mule while I shout--thank you Lord, You're soooooooo Worthy!!

The more the multitude warned the blind beggar to be quiet--the louder he cried, "Jesus, Son of David, Have mercy on me!!!."

Good God!! It's something about being in the presence of Jesus that set's your soul on fire. Just as blind bartimeas couldn't see Jesus with his physical eyes, we can't see him with ours either. But you know He is there. You feel him and when you know that you’re in the Presence of Jesus, you will cry out to Him!! Lord Jesus, I love you!! Have MERCY on me!!!"

Jesus stood still and commanded the man to be called unto him. So they told the blind man to ARISE, because Jesus was calling him!!

Blind Bartimeas threw aside his garment, arose, and came to Jesus.

When Jesus calls us, whatever we have on before we come before him, we need to get rid of it. Throw it down. Whatever it is, throw it down. The bible says that we must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. So before you come into the presence of God, if there is anything in you that not like him, you need to get rid of it. Throw aside that garment!!! And that garment may be all we have to make us feel good--just like blind Bartimeaus's garment could have been the only thing he had to keep him warm. It may have been the only thing he had, but he threw it down!!! A cigarette is a garment that makes you feel good. We need to throw it down. Pride is a garment that makes you feel good-- but you need to throw it down. Drugs and alcohol are garments that might make you feel good--But you need to throw it down. Sexual immorality may be a garment that makes you feel good.. But you need to throw it down. Whatever that garment is that we are wearing, we need to throw it down and come into the Presence of the Lord!! And his Grace and Mercy is sufficient to keep us so that we won't have to even look back at those old raggedy garments! Praise God!!

After the blind man took off his garment and came before Jesus, Jesus asked him, "What do you want me to do for you?"

The blind man could have asked Jesus for a lot of things. He could have asked him for money, food, a house, some clothes, etc.... But all the blind man asked for was to be able to see. All I want is my sight!!! I may not have much. I may be going through trials and tribulations right now. But if you can just give me my SIGHT!!! Thank you Lord.

There is something about spiritual sight that makes us blind to the things around us. Spiritual sight makes us blind to worldly circumstances. One might ask, how do we get spiritual sight? We get spiritual sight from the Word of God and God's Holy Spirit that dwells within us.

Once God speaks a word to you, it opens your eyes so that you can see. You can see the end result. You know that it's all working together for your good. Praise God--you can see!!! And because you can see spiritually, the physical eyesight no longer matters. You can sit back and say, " Yeah I am going through this right now. But I am going THROUGH!!! I know what's on the other side of THROUGH. And I have to go THROUGH to get TO what God has promised me. Praise God, I feel a shout coming on!! Thank you Lord!!!

Jesus told Bartimeaus, "Go your way, your faith has made you well!"

When we receive a word from God and stand on it knowing that God is not a man that he should lie and that his Word will be made manifest in our lives because he watches over his word and it will not return to him void---THEN, like Jesus told Bartimeaus, we can go our way. Because of our faith in Him and his Word, we can see! Our Faith has made us well. FAITH BECOMES SIGHT. Amen!!!


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