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Premeditated Murder
by Faizah Imani
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There is a little tiny weapon in all of our mouth's that has been wreaking havoc in the world today. It is an unruly little weapon that no man can tame. It is called the tongue. And in it lies the power of life and death. You are either speaking one or the other. There is no in between. A question you need to ask yourself is, "Am I speaking life or death over my life? Am I speaking blessings or cursings?

You would think that with a weapon this disastrous, we would try to control it. And in all actuality some of us have tried to control it, but we continue to fail time and time again. Why is that? Because the bible says that no man can tame it. The bible does not lie. And therefore we have to accept that we cannot, no matter how hard we try, tame this little ticking time bomb. Notice the bible says that no MAN can tame it. It does not state that it cannot be tamed. There is a way. And it is not by might, nor by power, but by the Holy Spirit of the Living God. He is the only person who can tame the tongue of man. He's a still a small voice that will speak into your conscious as he advises you what to say and what not to say. And once you accept Jesus into your life as your Lord and personal savior, you possess the Holy Spirit. He comes to live inside of you. Your body becomes his temple.

A lot of us are going through things today because we actually spoke those things into existence. Sure we possess the Holy Spirit. But our possessing the Holy Spirit is not good enough. He cannot tame our tongues just because we possess him. He can only tame our tongue when HE possesses US. There is a difference. As long as He does not possess us, we will easily allow simple words to slip out of our mouths that can be very dangerous. We speak these deadly words so much that eventually we find ourselves trying to sift and filter through all of the mess that we have talked ourselves into. The words are easily spoken. But itís hell getting out of the destruction that those words caused.

The bible says that the people perish due to lack of knowledge. Well today, the devil is being exposed. So if after you read this, you still perish, it will be because you choose to do so. It will not be because you didnít know.

One of the primary tactics that the enemy likes to use involves planting unbiblical thoughts into our minds. Images that go against the word of God. Images that go against the plans that God has for our lives. We have all heard the saying, "An idle mind is the devils workshop." It's a very true saying. When the devil finds your mind idle, he can go to work and plant some serious seeds that will grow and manifest in the physical realm if he waters those seeds long enough. How does the devil water those seeds of destruction that he has planted in your mind? He does it through what we call meditation.

He will get you to meditate on those mental images he has planted. When you meditate on something, you actually think on it. You allow it to revolve around and around in your mind in serious contemplation. And before you know it, it's all you find yourself thinking about. When you get to this point, it's only a matter of time before you SPEAK it out of your mouth. And when the devil can get you to speak it, He's got you. When he gets you to speak death over your life, you have committed a crime called pre-meditated murder.

While the devil is trying to get you to commit murder by speaking death and destruction over your life, God is sitting back with his arms folded saying, "Don't say that. Don't say this. Speak life. Speak my word over your life.Ē Heís that still small voice that you continue to ignore. He tries so hard to get you to speak good things. And when you choose to ignore him and speak death anyway, you have to serve the time for the crime. God has to withdraw his hands and let you have what you have spoken into existence. And until you repent and put all of those venomous words that you have spoken under the blood of Jesus, God sits back with His arm's folded while the devil kills over laughing. It's funny to him. He succeeded in getting you to speak something other than what God wanted you to speak. He feels he has won a battle against God. Itís not about you. Itís between him and God, as it has been since the beginning.

Hereís a scenario. You have always been one to walk around preaching to others that God is a healer (although youíve never been sick). So one day, you are not feeling too well and decide to take a trip to the hospital. The doctors give you a strange look and advise you that they are going to have to run more tests. They come back and advise you that you have cancer. The devil has thrown out a death seed to be planted into your mind. You have two choices. 1.) You can accept it by speaking the words that the devil has planted. 2.) You can speak life over your situation by speaking the word of God. You can tell the doctors ďI donít receive that in the name of Jesus. I donít have cancer because Jesus has already nailed cancer to the cross and by His stripes Iím healed.Ē Thatís what God would want you to say. The doctors may look at you like you are crazy. But know that this is an opportunity for God to be glorified and prove to them how powerful He really is. Donít even let those words that the doctor spoke take root in your mind. And when you speak those words, and believe them, not doubting that they are true, God will sit back and be in your Amen corner. He will say, ďThatís right. You tell the devil!Ē With my spiritual imagination, I can see him looking around at the angels saying, ďWill you look at my daughter down there? She looks just like her daddy. Look at how she stood up to that devil! Sheís a chip off the old block. She acts just like me. Iím so proud of her. YesóI am well pleased!Ē And while God is applauding you and bragging on you for standing on his word, the devil has to tuck his little tail and runÖ. for the moment. He has to go back and rethink his strategy. He has to find a way to get you to speak those words that the doctor has delivered into your mind so that you can meditate on them. So heíll go to family members and try to get them to speak those words into your mind. But Iím here to tell you, the devil has no new tricks. He just has new faces. And if canít get you through someone you donít know, for example a doctor, then he will use someone close to you. He got Judas to betray Jesus. And Judas was close to Jesus. The moment the devil gets you to speak cancer into existence over your life, BOOM--you have just committed pre-meditated murder. You now have to serve the time for the crime.

Next scenario. You are down to your last dime. Youíve been struggling to make ends meet for years and the ends wonít even come close to meeting. Youíve been faithfully paying your tithes and offerings. For years, you have been speaking, ďMy blessing is on the way. My blessing is on the wayÖĒ But every now and then, you feel led to sit down and have a pity party, telling yourself that things will never get better. You start thinking that you would be better off if you didnít pay tithes and offerings. It seems like a waste of time. Woe is me. Iím tired of being broke. Iíll never have anything. BOOMóyou have just committed premeditated murder. You said you would never have anything. You SPOKE it into existence. And you shall have whatsoever you say. You must now serve the time for the crime. When the devil tries to provoke you into having a pity party, you can tell him, ďGodís bringing me out of this thing. He is going to bless me exceedingly and abundantly above all that I could ever ask, think or even imagine, according to his power that worketh in me.Ē You can say, ďMy father has cattle on a thousand hills and they are all mine to claim.Ē You fight the devil with the word of God. And he will run every time. He wonít stay away. Heís not going to give up that easily because he knows that if he lets you keep speaking life over your situation, life shall be manifested. He knows that a positive times a negative is still a negative. He just wants to get in one good lick. You can speak a thousand words of God over your life and come back with one negative word. What do you have? A negative thousand!

Today the devil has been exposed. He may try to plant those seeds of death into your mind. As a matter of fact, let me go ahead and guarantee you that he will try to do just that. But you control whether or not those seeds take root. You control whether or not the seeds of death get watered with meditation. Instead of you possessing the Holy Spirit, allow the Holy Spirit to possess you. When He possesses you, He will give you the strength to stand up and fight the devil with the word of God. He will give you the strength to stop having pity parties and start speaking life over every dead situation you may be faced with. I urge you today, no matter what circumstance you find yourself in, speak life. If you speak life and you are living the word of God, then life shall be manifested.

The great news is that because of Godís grace and mercy, you can cancel out any deadly words that you have spoken over your life by saying this simple prayer. And once you say this prayer, I challenge you to speak only life, no matter what the physical circumstances may appear to be. Allow the Holy Spirit to possess you. And I promise you that you will no longer worry about the things that exist in the physical realm. You will be taking up into the realm of the spirit. And oh what a peaceful and wonderful realm it is!

Father God,

I repent right now for all of those deadly words that I have spoken over my life. From this point forward, I will only speak life. I will speak your word, no matter what the circumstance. Bridle my tongue Holy Spirit and take control over my mind so that nothing the devil tries to throw my way will take root. Itís in the name of Jesus that I pray. Amen!

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