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The Wisdom of God Revealed
by Margery Wolfe
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The Wisdom of God Revealed

Ephesians 3:9-11 and to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery which from the beginning of the world hath been his in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ; to the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God. According to the eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Paul in speaking to the Church of Ephesus concerning the mystery made known by revelation to him is imparting his understanding and knowledge in the mystery of Christ. What was once delivered to the prophets of old is now being revealed by Jesus holy Apostles and Prophets by the Spirit. He is bringing to the Gentiles that which was promised by Christ; grace and salvation which was once delivered to the Jews. This made the Gentiles come in fellowship with Christ as the Jews were. The Gentiles had just as much a right to salvation as the Jews did. Paul himself had been made a minister according to the gift of the grace of God given unto him by the effectual working of his power.

We know the story of Paul and how he met Christ on the Damascus road going to kill as many Jews he could find with permission from the high authorities.. He said he was less of the least of all saints, that was given this great grace and now he is standing preaching among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ. What does he mean unsearchable? Who can find out God? It will take a life time, every day we find more and more of Him than the day before. We seek and we find that itís more to find every time we seek for Him. We canít examine Him but he does examine us. We hunt and hunt in so many ways to find the most of Him but we canít. He is unsearchable. He is a mystery; unique, singular but three, particular in who He trust to carry His Word, not to be rivaled with or put on a shelf to be equal to no one. He is matchless, unusual, uncommon, peculiar and rare.

How do we go about finding this wisdom that God has? We canít except we unite ourselves with His Word and Spirit. We have to be linked and joined in the soul. We must be incorporated in His Spirit. We must consolidate our mind with the mind of Christ and fuse our heart and body with the Word that we have the perfect blend of salvation of the real kind. God has revealed his wisdom to us in so many ways, what else does He have to do to convince us that Holiness is right? What else do He have to say to convince us that we are His, the work of His own hands and we belong to Him? When will we come as dear children and follow Christ? We should be as little children that obey their parents when it comes to God.

Jesus taught us that we be not ignorant of Satanís devices to destroy us with him. We educate ourselves concerning what it is we have a heart for; what more the Word of God? It is the Word that enlightens us concerning God, there is no way around it. The Word of God is full of wisdom that teaches principles, morals, honesty, scruples, and ethical matters. It makes us qualified to stand before God righteous. It makes us competent to stand when we want to fold. If we are chosen and qualified by God much is required. God has not left us unskilled, unable, untrained, or incapable that we are not eligible to receive his glorious wisdom. To walk out salvation in this time we need a lot of tutoring from the Holy Ghost. We ourselves are incapable of Godís wisdom but the Holy Ghost or Spirit of God is full of wisdom and will lead and guide us into all truths.

The Holy Ghost is for everyone; everyone that asks. As sophisticated as He is He reaches down to pick us up. However He is not naÔve to our game play either. We canít fool Him just like we canít fool God. As refined as we think we are in the Word we donít know more than Him. We are simple, coarse, harsh, crude, and artless when it comes to the Word because we donít have enough wisdom to carry it as the Holy Ghost. When we speak the Word it takes the Holy Ghost to move on it to bring a result. We are trying to bring forth results to words spoken out of self. Our words must be propelled by God that an action will take place.

We cannot know the wisdom of Godís mystery with our own intellect. God works against the grain and man tries to work in the grain of things. Paul was teaching the Church at Ephesus that Christ is Head of the body of Christ. Paul used the love the husband have or should have for his wife to bring to us a picture of Christís love for the church. He wanted us to see Godís elective grace for us and he prayed for our spiritual insight that the people lacked then and now. God loves all souls, for they all belong to Him so who are we to decide who should and should not go to heaven. The soul that sin shall die but that same soul thatís dying in sin can live if they repent and turn to God.

We cannot know the wisdom of Godís mystery of all Christians being unified in one body but God knows. Satan also knows where there is unity there is strength so he strives to keep the body of believers separate and arguing over doctrines and beliefs of men. It takes all bodies of believers to come together as one, live holy lives alike, and standing fast in the liberty for which Christ have made us free. Ephesus was a city that grew rapidly and became a center of wealth as well as idolatry. The great temple of Diana was located in Ephesus looked upon as being built by Solomon and looked upon by the Jews. Paul taught that Christ is the center of oneís salvation and if we worship any other way than taught by him, it is idolatry. God said He would have no other God before Him. The Jews had turned to worshipping idols very much like today except we worship man rather than statutes and make them equal to God.

Paul came to impart the wisdom of God that the people would know what to do, how to do it, when to do it, why they are to doing it and who to do something with. What we should do is praise and worship God to bring glory unto His Name for it is the reason we were created. How to serve God is in Spirit and in Truth. When we do it is at all times, He shall continually be in our mouth. Why do we glorify Him, praise Him, worship Him, meditate on Him, walk in his mercy and truth is because we love Him. Who we praise and worship with should be those that strive also with like passion as us to bring glory unto God. God commands us to repent of our ignorance.

The mystery of Godís wisdom allows us to know things in part and we prophesy in part. All of Godís wisdom is too much for us to conceive at one time. We can continue to worship ignorantly but it will cause our faith to waver as the waves of the sea. We will be tossed and driven by the winds of doctrines and promises of good by men with motives other than God. God forbids the Christian to intermingle with idolatry. We have caused a many of men to fall because we have made idols of them. It was never Godís intent and they didnít deny the attention; for they didnít turn the people away from them and back to God. They hallowed in the glory, taking what only should be Godís. Glory, self-glory causes one to be prideful. Pride is not a part of Godís make up. We have to be careful; always bring glory to God. All that we do is for the glory of God.

Man was created to the praise of Godís glory in a spiritual state of being, of a spiritual character and spiritual mindedness. He was not of a material nature until he was made flesh and dirt was applied creating him a body in the earth. His spiritual nature was first established in the earth where it is distinguished from the natural or physical. Man was refined from evil things as long as he remained spiritual but once the sensual things came alive to him the purity of thought mind and heart once controlled and inspired by the divine Spirit began to drift away. Godís indwelling Spirit moved out of the house being put out by the natural things God gave his newly formed creation. They lost the strength to overcome the corrupting influence of carnal-mindedness.

The mystery of Godís wisdom departed them for he had implanted his disposition and resolution in the mind by the Holy Spirit. This is the avenue for which one willingly and gladly inclines to love, delight in and to attend spiritual things. The spiritual-minded highly appreciate spiritual blessings to pursue spiritual objectives, to be led by spiritual motives and in all respects to allow the temple of the purified heart to control and direct his life. The reward is spiritual joy and a life of good report.

This is the mystery of Godís wisdom to be spirit filled, spirit led, and spirit controlled.

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