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The Dream
by Lucian Thompson
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The Dream of the Pond, The Lake, The River, and The Ocean
By: Lucian Thompson

While trying to sleep after a taxing day of physical exertion doing cleanup of the grounds at my Church, I was awakened at 4:30 in the morning with a dream about faith.

It was as if God was showing me something that I had to remember. I tossed about trying to rest and get back to sleep but sleep wouldn't come. Only a nagging feeling that I was dreaming a reality that had to be told. God, " is this from You?" I asked. I already knew the answer. I needed my sleep but I needed more to write down my dream so that it could be remembered.

There was nothing else to do but get out of bed and go to my computer and write as best I could what God was saying to me. So here it goes.

I saw a small pond of still water likened to the pond at the back of our church. On it was a man in a rowboat. He had his oars out and was quietly rowing about the pond. He was able to go here and there in his own power, limited to his travels by the size of the pond. He didn't need a rudder or a tiller or a
sail or any provisions, or any experienced captain besides himself because his trip was short and he wouldn't be able to travel for long anyway because he would be tired out from his own exertion. He was his only source of power or propulsion. He was bound by his own environment and culture. Nothing rocked his boat.

Then I saw a slightly larger boat on a lake. There was a man sitting in it with a couple other people. They were going nowhere until the man stood up and hoisted a small sail. In doing so, he rocked the boat. The other people called out to him to sit down, that he was causing waves and they feared the
boat would turn over. The man smiled and sat down grabbing hold of a tiller that was connected to a rudder and the boat began to pick up speed. The man was able to direct the boat anywhere he wanted to go within the boundaries of the lake. The passengers calmed their fears and began to enjoy the wind in their faces and the beautiful scenery along the banks of the lake. They had taken a jug of water with them as provisions so they were able to stay out for a while and enjoy themselves. The man at the helm was familiar with the surroundings of the lake and was somewhat the captain of this environment and culture. If he hadn't rocked the boat, no one would have gone anywhere and the joy of that trip would have been lost.

Then I saw a much larger boat on a river. There was a man at the helm who looked strong and weathered from the elements. There were a large number of people on board. The man at the helm gave orders to hoist the sails and several sails were raised by some of the people on board. In doing this the boat was rocked considerably, but the people were used to it and they adjusted to it without any expression of fear. The man at the helm was the Captain. He was tried and tested by the environment and culture he was in and he was aware of the turns in the river and all the hidden obstacles he had to steer around. He was aware of the power of the wind in the sails and knew how to steer the boat with the tiller. He knew the importance of the rudder in keeping the boat on course. He had laid on a large supply of provisions to sustain the crew and passengers for their journey. Their route of travel was only limited by the direction of the river. Some of the crew and passengers grew weary along the way or had gone as far as they cared to, so they got off at different ports. There were many ports along the way to re-supply their provisions or to take on new crewmen and passengers.

Then I looked and I saw an awesome sight. There far out on an ocean was a great seagoing ship with numerous sails hoisted high and the wind was driving this ship at a fast pace. It was gracefully rolling over the massive waves with sea foam blowing from its bow. The gulls were following, dipping down from time to time to gather the tidbits of sustenance that fell from the ship. There was a man at the helm that stood tall and as strong as granite rock. He was bronzed from the sun and the weather, but very striking to behold. He had a look of confidence about him that garnered trust from the vast crew and passengers that sailed with him. His hand held fast to the tiller and he moved the rudder to direct his path. The wind filled the sails so that the ship leaped forward and bounded over the seas with power and purpose. The ship was filled to overflowing with provisions because there were no easy ports of call. The ship was not limited by the size of the pond or lake or river but was free to travel to wherever the captain directed it to go. The crew and passengers were confident in the Captain and his destination. They showed no fear because many had been on previous journeys on the ponds and the lakes and the rivers. They knew the importance of the sail and the wind in the sail for the power they needed to get them to their destination. They knew the importance of taking on sufficient provisions for the journey because they had experienced what it was like without them. They knew the importance of following a tried and tested Captain who had experience with the hidden obstacles and other hazards that could sink a ship. Many had made the same journies with him before and were also tried and tested by the same experiences. They knew the principle of the tiller and the rudder and had confidence that they wouldn't fail them.

I saw all this and I knew what God was telling me.

We have many opportunities come our way in life. If we can weather the trials and tribulations in life we too can be like the last voyagers. We can sail the high seas to a vast harvest of souls for the Lord if we keep our vision and get on board with a Captain that has earned our respect and confidence by
knowing and understanding the elements and environment that surround us; one who has been tried and tested and found to be on course and who knows the principles of a successful journey.

We can sit around in a rowboat in a small pond getting nowhere under our own power and be worn out doing nothing. Or, we can rock the boat a little and get under sail with a few others and, in a limited way, enjoy some of the harvest of souls.

There is another possibility that we can grow in confidence and strength and trust enough to climb into a bigger boat with a lot more likeminded people and reap a much larger harvest. Understanding our environment and culture enough to take on the provisions we need for the journey. Trusting in a tried and proven captain to steer a true course.

But what about, " to whom much is given, much is expected?" Remember that great ship that knows no boundaries. It is overflowing with the provisions for a long and prosperous journey. It has a Captain of renown who is dead set on reaching as many souls for Christ as is possible. This ship and all the
lesser boats, except the rowboat, have the rudder of Jesus Christ that gives it direction. It also, like the other with sails, has a tiller that moves the rudder. The tiller is the Holy Spirit that indwells the captain, who is called of God, to direct his people. The Captain needs the crew to sail the ship. The crews are the laypeople who are led by God to spread the Gospel to all parts of the world, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. The passengers are those we pick up along the way and are training to do the same as we do. The provisions are the Word of God that sustains us on our journey. The more of the Word we have in us, the more provisions we have. The wind is the power behind the sails, the unseen force, and the very breath of God that gives life and meaning to all men.

Awe, and the sails are "FAITH". The more faith we have, the more power we have to move the vessel along faster, thereby reaching more people in the short time we have left before the "Glorious Hope", the Rapture. The more faith we put forward, the more sails we put into use, the more souls we save for Jesus.

Don't be afraid to rock the boat. No one said it would all be smooth sailing! If we don't stand up and hoist the sails we might as well get a rowboat and float around in our own pond until we run out of time and carry nothing into the millennium reign except our own safe little selves.

Let him who has ears, hear!

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Member Comments
Member Date
Lisa Walker Thomas 30 Jul 2004
Wow! I am guilty of not getting out of our own safety boats. Thank you, I enjoy your writing, and look forward to reading much more. Thank you for reminding us to grab those oars! May God Bless you and continue to speak to us through you. Thank you...
Amen!!! Thank you for the reminder of the greater call.
Patricia Sheets 24 Jul 2004
Lucian, This is a great article! Can't wait to see more!


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