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Holy Predators Cause Shipwrecks
by Margery Wolfe
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Holy Predators Cause Shipwrecks

Revelation 19:1-2 and after these things I heard a great voice of much people in heaven saying, Alleluia; Salvation and glory, and honour, and power, unto the Lord our God; for true and righteous are his judgments; for he hath judged the great whore, which did corrupt the earth with her fornication, and hath avenged the blood of his servants at her hand.

It is God that judge and all things belong to God. The church that is called the great whore is a church that is gone away from God. They that have left the way of God have left the right way. They are voracious, carnivorous, and bloodthirsty for men and women rather than saints. It takes time to make saints but these people donít worry about that they are greedy and hungry for position and place in this world. They arenít concerned with them being saved where it really matters with God.

Stay away from holy predators. More than sexual it means those that prey on the weak. We have work to do in the Church and outside the Church. These predators wonít let no one come close unless they can control them; donít fall into this state of exile from God. To please man when it calls for us to disobey God displeases God and puts man in bad with God. Many because of this have left churches and returned unto their own vomit and we will be held accountable. These predators pretend to love but itís not really love they love, its control. If they canít control the mind of another they run them away. A predator is a control freak. They work the Word to their advantage as a means of control.

This spirit stands behind pulpits in America. They start with God, accomplish a few things and get prideful. The arrow of intent was good; but then their motives change when people began to speak good of them. We have to watch that demon of pride, it corrupts and is deceitful. We have been snuckered by Satan. The Church of Jesus Christ has gone the way of the world; it has switched partners on God. God will testify against us if we deceive his people. We have become the Church of the World; a loose Church. Where did it all start? It came and we knew it not, nor whence it came. It sneaks in when we allow the world to come into the church and perform rather than sit, listen, and submit to the Word. It comes in when we allow flesh on parade where we allow anyone and everyone to stand in our pulpits and speak over Godís people for a dollar. We get lifted up in pride and find ourselves boastful relinquishing our body to the lusts of the flesh we once despised.

If we must be a wreck be one for Jesus; broken and of a contrite heart where he can use us. We must get back to God, the church is shipwrecked and we are the cause. Man Godís leaders have derailed the Church off the track Jesus set up in the earth. Christ requires us to be purified in our souls. It is required of us to love in spite of not because of what the Church or man can do for us. No man wants to be loved for what he has rather it be large or small. God is giving man another chance to say yes; to get it right. Itís time we use our prayers and praise against the enemy. Why do we pray? Prayer is communication with God; it keeps us seeking God and his peace. Prayer brings us hope, hope brings us to God; hope thou in God. Christ is the hope of glory, He is our salvation and God is our strength.

Satan wants to take us hostage but we must hold on to God for dear life. Times may get rough but donít sell out our souls to the enemy for a season we will one day regret. For unto whoever much is given much is required and to whom man have committed much, of him they shall ask the more. Beware of who it is that comes in your life with swelling words; speaking the gospel with very little wisdom. We must come into a greater knowledge of Godís love which is true love the fullness of God. Godís love is fearless and unconditional only requiring a sold out life after Christ. We need to become more lovable; not only receiving love but capable of giving love back. Jesus is love and he not only said he loved us but showed us in the most despicable way that he did. Holy predators only love themselves is self-righteous and kills Godís Spirit. They once knew God so that they learn enough of him to deceive. We have to be very careful not to fall into the prevailing spirit in the world for power. This spirit has caused many shipwrecks in the lives of people all over the world.

We have to be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. We have to be militant against the spirit of darkness that these holy predators possess. We have to stand if we stand alone. The Church and the purpose of the Church are to serve God. We are responsible for the will of God being done in the earth. Will we suffer afflictions? Yes! Many are the afflictions of the righteous but that donít mean we are to be foolish and follow after filthy lucre offered by men. Jesus said to abide in Him and He would abide in us; be in the Word. Holy predators cause the Word to shipwreck in our lives. They cause the Word to flee from our presence. The Word is the rock, the anointing of Jesus life that built the Church. We need the Word. Holy predators donít preach, teach or live the Word. Watch them dogs! They will cause us to glance away from the lover of our souls. They make us think we want, need, have to have things rather than the Word.

We are a confused people that will run after holy predators the way people do today. The reason being they arenít really ready to settle for what God has to offer or wait on his timing. They want things now. Holy predators will tell us we can have things now rather we have to sin for it or not. In sin we are no longer pure for our love has been tainted, polluted and distorted. Because the falling away has not been realized by the masses they think they are still in good relationship with God. These holy predators are acceptable of sin. They preach comfort friendly messages that donít run their money off the books. They will even accept lifestyles contrary to God that willingly limits the reproduction of new life. A new life is a soul for Christ. Satan has devised a plan where he holds hostage men and women that has built his kingdom and put his work for their seed on permanent hold. These holy predators set back and allowed prayer to be taken out of schools. If schools begin united in prayer the first few minutes of its session it limits the enemy stronghold that may present itself in the minds of the children.

Holy predators have no respect for God and man either. The leadership in the Church today has become corrupted with kinds of sin and games. For many years now God has sent deliverance as a vow he made to himself not to destroy his Creation again, but the same bondage under the taskmaster still stands true today. Holy predators have become that taskmaster. Budha was destroyed in Jerusalem but still exists in the hearts of man today. We worship people instead. If God was to shake his lap today who would hold on? Letís get our minds right and keep it right. We see that religion is not as pure as God said it should be. Jesus said that our hearts are to be pure. Solomon said every Word of God is pure. Jesus taught us that blessed are the pure in heart. Paul teaching to the Church at Phillipi that whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things is just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of a good report if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things. Donít be led off by holy predators that take Christ out of our thinking process. Jesus admonishes us to think on those things that we have both learned and received and heard of Him. He say that what we see in Him do; and the God of peace shall be with us.

Too many Christians have lost contact with God, who it is that they are to reverence and serve. So many Christians have reverential fear of man but not God. Many are serving man rather than God. All of their motives and intents in their actions and words they speak are for gain in this world. To avoid the holy predators we must be found doing what is right and honorable before God ourselves.

Holy predators are defiled and unbelieving. They profess to know God but in works deny Him. They are abominable and disobedient and even reprobate. Jesus said all power is given to Him in heaven and earth distinctly putting a difference between the two. We must leave earth and go to a prepared heaven one day; who are we going to allow to, keep us out? The holy predator keeps us from having heaven on earth because they stand in the way of God and true worship. We were created to worship God. We live in the world and we are all a work in process. Stay with God and what we donít understand by and by God will reveal it to us. God said that man is never satisfied and will use their flesh, soul and spirit trying to please others. Our steps are ordered by God and every step is important to Him. We must learn to make the proper steps toward Christ and keep walking on our own accord with the Holy Ghost not dependent on man. Man will lead us astray if our confession is not after Christ.

Realizing and confessing I have a demon is the first step to being delivered from these holy predators with their heathen gods. They donít realize they have an evil spirit. This lifestyle becomes a bad habit and when we fail to see our own deficiencies we wonít face it and deal with it. Satan is not going anywhere until true repentance come and take a strong grip in our lives. We are not perfect so we need to be quick to repent. What is it that controls our every step? Bring the (me) factor in subjection to Christ and that will help us in our life changing struggles. It helps us to handle change where we donít allow things to hinder or control us. The holy predators want to control your every move and the good has to suffer for the bad.

Itís time we come into the image of God. Our integrity is in question. Is not there any mercy for us? Justification? Truth? Honor? Do we still seek God in truth? A man of understanding walks upright. If we deal in truth it is Godís delight. Better is the poor that walks in their integrity than he that is perverse in their doings and sayings.

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