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You Are Talented
by Manuel Vargas 
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You are Talented

There are many people on the earth who is searching and desiring to know what is their calling—that is what is God calling them to do? There are others who seem to be lacking certain skills and TALENTS. They wish that they were as TALENTED as Mike, Tommy, Kate, or Sue. They seem to blame the environment they grew up in; they may say that, it’s the lack of finances or that they did not have access to vocational or educational materials to enhance their knowledge base. Whatever we may be encountering that seems to limit our access to developing our Talent or Skill we must understand what Jesus stated about our TALENT or TALENTS and Skills. And how we can experience them and enhance them.

Jesus on the Topic of TALENTS

Jesus left us no doubt about who had given us TALENT or TALENTS. In the story of the Parable of the TALENTS; Jesus made it clear on how the Kingdom of God on earth operates. And we understand that in order for us to see and experience the blessings that are available in the Kingdom of God on earth—we must be Born-again supernaturally by the Holy Spirit (John 3:1-16 NKJV). If you are not Born-again I suggest that you read the articles part 1-4 on the Born-again experience God had led me to write.

Moving forward we must read the truth about our gifted ability that was given to us by Our Heavenly Father.

Jesus said, again, it will be like a man going on a journey, who CALLED HIS SERVANTS and ENTRUSTED HIS PROPERTY to them (v. 14).

To one he gave five TALENTS of money, to another two TALENTS, and to another one TALENT, each according to his ability. Then he went on his journey (v. 15)

The man who had received the five TALENTS went at once and put his money to work and gained five more (v.16)

So also, the one with the two TALENTS gained two more (v. 17)

But the man who had received the one TALENT went off, dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money (v.18) (Matthew 25:14-18 NIV)

Explaining the TALENTS

The first point we must see is that God has a calling on our lives.

The second point we must see is that God entrusted to us HIS PROPERTY! (Anointing & Gifts)

The third point is that the TALENT or TALENTS that Jesus was referring to is not our ability but God’s Divine Ability that was imparted or given to us. When Jesus said, “each according to his ability” in verse 15; Jesus was referring to the human ability that was able to personally receive the TALENT or TALENTS that God gave them to carry out HIS DIVINE WILL on earth.

The fourth point we must see is that the servants who received the 5 TALENTS and the 2 TALENTS went immediately to put their TALENTS to WORK bringing back double the amount that was originally given to them.

The fifth point is that the servant who received only 1 TALENT did not put his TALENT to WORK but buried it.

This is what’s going on in the Church today. We have Christians today who came to understand that;

1. They were called by God
2. They were entrusted with something to do in the kingdom of God on the earth
3. They even recognized that they have a TALENT or TALENTS to do the will of God.
4. There are those who immediately started to WORK those TALENTS out to gain double.
5. But there are those who are ashamed or intimidated to go out and WORK that 1 TALENT out.

Understanding the TALENT(S)

The Scriptures teaches that this was TALENT in Money given to these servants. Some countries have different measures for a Talent. The Hebrew Talent was a gold coin, the same with a shekel of gold; called also stater, and weighing only four drachmas. But the Hebrew talent of silver, called cicar was equivalent to 3000 shekels, or 113 pounds and 10 ounces. Some Bible commentaries say that this Talent was worth $1000 dollars. However, the TALENT or TALENTS mentioned by Jesus here had a metaphoric spiritual application that includes an endowment from Almighty God to accomplish His Divine Will on the earth.

Now, we know Jesus was teaching this Parable with a spiritual (Supernatural) point to be understood and applied when it came to us receiving God’s blessing and calling and doing something about it than just burying our TALENT or TALENTS.

Knowing Your Talent or Talents

There are 2 areas that we must carefully analyze and rightly interpret to discover our TALENT or TALENTS;

1. Natural Talent and Skill—is what we develop based on our exposure to the Work that was introduced to us and we could accept the challenge and learn the trade or skill that was required to carry out the task. Be it a Carpenter, Shepherd, or Craftsman.

2. Supernatural Talent or Talents and Skills—are God’s Divine Gifts like (an Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher and Evangelist); Also Deacons, Elders, Administrators and Craftsman.

Joseph was a Shepherd in his family business. But God later granted Joseph (Jacob’s son) a double Dream about the future of his calling to be a leader. (Read the article, “Different ways God calls us”). The point is that when Joseph WORKED faithfully for his father Jacob. God bless him with favor and he was Jacob’s favorite son. God also approved of him and granted Joseph favor where ever he went no matter the hardships he had to endure until he reached his high-calling in God’s plan to be a Leader in Egypt.

Natural Talent Enhanced

When we are Born-again Supernaturally we become spiritually alive to God and sensitive to do HIS DIVINE WILL on earth with a unique passion we may not have had before we were touched and Born-again. In 1991, when I was Born-again I was in the middle of studying for my GED. I somewhat cared about obtaining it only for financial benefits (to get a better paying job) and it looks good on my resume. When I was Born-again a Divine passion and seriousness came into my heart about wanting to obtain my GED with no money-minded pursuits but it became a sincere responsibility.

I was also working in the maintenance department and I rarely did work because it was slow motion. But after being Born-again I began seeing things from a different perspective and I found material in the shop and started working passionately on projects that will benefit a lot of people. So I started building a lot of toys, furniture and things people needed. Then I went to work in the Cabinet Shop building more projects from Feb.1993 thru April 1994.

In 2004, my uncle Jimmy had me framing out a 4 story walk-up Brownstone in Harlem. I was the only one there because of budget constraints. Anyway, the point I want to make was that I just returned back to the Construction field. And I had to frame out the whole building with Metal and Wood. I ran into some difficult framing situations that I never did so I said “Lord, how do I frame this out?” I heard a voice in my head say, Place the 2x2 angle on the stair post on both sides. Then attach another angle at the bottom then you created the ceiling under the stairwell.” I never framed underneath a stair well with a turn with Metal before.

What am I saying? God is interested in everything you place your hand to do. I had many more issues that I encountered throughout the Construction that if I did not pray an ask God to help me I would have never figured it out. After I framed the entire building my uncle, the Architects, the bank reps all were amazed at the work that was done. The owner was tremendously happy because the last Contractor ripped her off and left a mess I had to fix with the help of the Master Carpenter Jesus Christ.

Many Christians believe God is only interested in Spiritual things alone. However, the first place in Scripture that we read about the Anointing of God upon a person is not a Prophet but a Craftsman. God was speaking to Moses in Exodus 31:2-3;

See, I have chosen Bezalel son Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, and I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts (Exodus 31:2-3 NIV)

It was the Spirit of God filling Bezalel that gave him the Divine ability to produce such outstanding creative workmanship to build everything for the Ark of the Covenant. And all the things that were to be used in the Temple. I was led by God to build furniture for 3 different Churches during the time I was in the Cabinet Shop. Everyday God would grant me a Vision of how to build these unique pieces. I have photos of all the work and everyone who saw these pieces were amazed at the detailed craftsmanship.

Spiritual Talent (Ministry Gifts)

In order for us to understand what is God Calling us to do in regards to us being a minister (An Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher and Evangelist, Deacon, administrator and more… I shared how God called me to be a Bible teacher in the Article “The Teaching Gift”. I also shared how God called me to be an Evangelist in the Article “Evangelism 101 with Testimony”. I also suggest again that you read “Waiting on God Developing Ministry” to see how God Called Jesus. Plus “Different ways God calls Us” to get a Biblical Idea of how God would call you.

However, allow me to outline a 4 step process by which Joseph (Jacob’s son) experienced to reach his high calling.

1. Joseph experienced an automatic unconscious preparation—that is God led him step-by-step to be a great leader at home, in Potipher’s house, in Prison, and finally in Egypt.
2. Secondly, we need a Sure Word from God—by way of a Dream, Vision, an Audible voice, an Angelic Visitation, or Jesus Himself appearing to you to declare the Calling God has upon your life.
3. Thirdly, we will experience the training process. It’ll start small and become bigger.
4. The fourth thing is the Actual entrance to that high calling and the work that needs to be put into it on a consistent basis to maintain that office.

The Ability Comes from God

We need to comprehend this point overall that was said. It is not your ability to do the Will of God on your own. It is God’s Divine ability inspiring you, moving you, granting favor, opening doors of opportunity for you to perform His Will on the earth. Step-by-step jobs, careers, opportunities to grow and experience things will come to you to enhance what God had given you. I’m a Prophet, Bible Preacher and Teacher, an Evangelist, I train Ministers, and Pastors. I’m a Licensed Construction Superintendent with the NYC Dept. of Buildings, Master Carpenter, A-Mechanic in Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Concrete foundations, Tiling, Taping and plastering, Painting, Cabinet Maker and more…

What I’m saying is that God gave me 5 TALENTS and I’m bring back 5 more and the more I get the more I’m bringing back. There’s no excuse God will be with you to bring you the training, the info, and whatever you need to accomplish His Divine Will on the earth. So you are TALENTED just seek the one who gave you the TALENT or TALENTS and He will direct your steps to enhancing what HE gave you amen. So thank God for your TALENT or TALENTS and please don’t bury it!!! Share it with us!!!

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John Clark  13 Feb 2013
I was really inspired by your personal story. You are so right. Every believer is accountable to God for identifying their unique abilities and spiritual gifts and using them to advance His kingdom and glory. Many people use the word "calling" without knowing what it means to be called. I am glad you listed the indications of a call. I, too, have experienced a calling as a writer and speaker and have several articles pertaining to that. Excellent article, and very helpful to anyone who may be wondering about their calling.


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