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Gender in Heaven?
by Daniel Bergeron
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The question of whether or not there will be gender in heaven, isn’t a typical question that people tend to ask. Although it is commonly believed that we will be as male and female are in heaven, I believe that there is biblically based reasons to believe otherwise. The primary reason I find that most whom believe there will be gender in heaven believe so because they haven’t been given reason to think otherwise. The following will explore this question as we seek to find answers.

A question I’m typically asked about this, is why does this matter at all? This seems so trivial to cause any trouble or division about. With more pressing issues such as poverty, slavery and injustice happening all around the world, why focus on something that seemingly won’t make any difference? The object of this article isn’t to minimize what's happening elsewhere in the world, but instead to bring awareness about what the bible says in order to better believers. The truth is, we’re all going to have questions that might seem small to someone else, but may mean the world to others. I’m seeking to help satisfy the hunger and healthy curiosity of relevant biblical issues today.

To answer the question of whether or not there is gender in heaven, we must start at the beginning. In the beginning we’ll find answers to very important questions such as; Why does gender exist in this world? Why didn’t God just make Adam and leave it at that? Why make male and female at all?

These answers are found right in the beginning in Genesis 1:26-28. Allow me to paraphrase what this passage says. At this point of the scripture, God has formed the planet earth, created the sun moons and stars. He’s created oceans with fish, sky’s with birds and fields filled with beasts. But whom is to watch over this creation? God says, “Let us create man in our image to watch over this creation. He will represent a kingship and have dominion over every creeping thing”. He then goes on to say that “In order to for man to successfully do this, I will seperate man into male and female, that may reproduce and fill the earth to subdue the earth and claim dominion over every living thing.”

So why does gender exist? According to Genesis, it’s so that man can reproduce to subdue the earth to succeed in having dominion over God’s creation. This brings us to my main point.

If there is no reproduction in heaven, there is no reason for gender to exist there as well.

Is there any reproduction in heaven? Matthew 22:30 says that there is not. “For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.” But this doesn’t say there will be no reproduction does it? According to bible, any kind of sexual intercourse that happens outside of marriage is a sin. Since there is no marriage in heaven, there is no way to have sexual intercourse to reproduce in heaven. Therefore, no reproduction in heaven.

Since there is no reproduction in heaven there is no biblical distinction needed for man to be divided into both male or female. In fact God see’s us all the same regardless of us being male or female. In Galatians 3:28 we find it saying “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Here’s what John Calvin, theologian says this about this verse;

“The meaning is, that there is no distinction of persons here, and therefore it is of no consequence to what nation or condition any one may belong: nor is circumcision any more regarded than sex or civil rank. And why? Because Christ makes them all one. Whatever may have been their former differences, Christ alone is able to unite them all.”

Although it is certainly true that Galatians 3:28 alone doesn’t prove that there is no male and female in heaven, what we find is that our sexuality plays no preference to the Lord. In Christ we are one. However if we take the meaning of that verse, take into account what Genesis 1:26-28 and Matthew 22:30 says we can garner the follow conclusion. Biblically speaking is very reasonable to believe that in heaven we will be like angels and have bodies where there is no distinction between male nor female, slave nor free, jew nor greek and yet still be who we are as individuals today,

In support of this, allow me to give this analogy. If you were at work and were given a tool to complete a job, and one day you left said job, would you keep be able to keep that tool? This tool could be a work car, laptop, uniform or even something as simple as stationary. Generally, you would need to return that tool and is not something we get to keep. It belongs to the company and not us. Our reproductive organs are tools used to complete the work that God has asked us to do. Once that job is done for us and we’re in heaven we no longer have use for those tools and there are returned back into the ground. But, although we may have lost that tool, you are still you. Your convictions, as do your beliefs and values remain.

Altogether we have not found biblical reason to suggest that in heaven there will be any physical distinction in our new heavenly bodies where there will be separation in the form of male and female. As a matter of fact I onced asked a good friend of mine if there was going to be male and female in heaven. His answer was “yes”. I then asked him why. He gave his answer to why he thought there would be, and I responded, “But that's not biblical.” He smiled and answered, “I know. It’s just wishful thinking.”

For those who still claim that they think that there will be male and female in heaven, I say this. In 1st Corinthians 15:38 we learn that in heaven that God will chose what our body will look like. It describes that our body will die like a seed, and when it grows, “God gives it a body as He pleases”. We may want our body to look in a certain way, but ultimately he decides what it looks like. Although it’s completely up to God to determine what we look like, I think that biblically speaking we are given good hints of what to expect.

This article is written and owned by Daniel Bergeron
Permission to copy or distribute in whole and in part must reference I as the original writer of said material. For more questions, contact; daniel.bergeron@me.com

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