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Get it Ready for Yourself
by Manuel Vargas 
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Get it Ready for Yourself

We love to do things so others may be happy with the way we accomplished the task. After all, it was their class and curriculum we were only the students who were instructed to do it their way. I believe thereís a fine line between the status quo and the unique style that we as Christians must learn to make a distinction of {the work} we must accomplish.

Solomon said, [Put first things first.] Prepare your work outside and get it ready for yourself in the field; and afterward build your house and establish a home (Proverbs 24:27 AMP).

These 3 steps are a process of living out the Word of God in every area of our lives and its key to being successful as Christians.

1. Prepare your work outside- this is simply taking hold of your God given talent be it a Carpenter, Lawyer, Doctor or Scientist and making the preparations by attending school and vocational training to polish us in that field.

2. Secondly, we are to GET IT READY FOR YOUR SELF IN THE FIELD; I would like to go on and share a true testimonial and share some Scriptures along with this point to give us some productive ways to making this principle a practical reality in our lives.

3. And afterwards build your house and establish a home.

Generic Training

When I came back into the Construction field in August 2003, with my biological father we renovated a brownstone in Brooklyn N.Y. One day I went with him to Home Depot and as we shopped for the materials we needed to continue the renovation I stopped by the area where they sell the home improvement books 123. So I picked up the fat one which has a little of everything Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Painting, and moreÖ
My father said what are you doing? I said, educating myself! Why? You already know that stuff! I said codes change every 3 years and so do the use of materials. He remained silent.

In 2004, I was working with my uncle Jimmy, back in 1999 I wrote a letter to my uncle Jimmy and shared a dream I had with him. I told him that I was doing a job with him in Construction. Here we are in 2004 and we were renovating a Brownstone in Harlem for some rich influential people. At the same time we were renovating a house for my cousin in Canarsie Brooklyn during the night. Jimmy told me hey Manny I remember the letter you sent me years ago about us working together in the dream you had and here we are--this is when I had the opportunity to share Jesus with Him. Praise God.

Finally, I enrolled into New York City College of Technology in September 2004 I chose Construction Management and Civil Engineering as my major. What I didnít realize was that I was going to go back to the basics of learning Construction when I was originally in my freshmen year in High School. It became a refresher course along with Generic Training about Construction. I was living the real deal at work daily and at night becoming intelligent about it. So I was becoming an intelligent Carpenter (Hello). Now maybe I could take over for Bob Vila? Just kidding! LOL

Generic Training and Real General Training

In 2005, I took the Construction Management class so of course with every class thereís a big fat book you need to purchase that usually cost well over $100 dollars. I began reading this book and boy it was boring! But I managed to ask God to walk me thru this and I was catching a lot of the lingo that I never heard on a Construction site. So I did the studies I needed for my class and passed the course.

In May of 2005, I was picked up by JVA Industries a High-end Construction Company that had a lot of work up and down the city mainly on Park Avenue and Madison Avenue for the Rich and Famous. I worked one week with one foreman, then another week with another, then they sent me to Ralph Laurenís House and left me there for a few months and then they sent me on a job alone. So I did what I normally did my job and they started to rely on my skill set and trust me to fix problem areas. So after about a year they decided on making me a foreman. I was invited to this big meeting which I could not make because I had a final to take and I could not miss it. I explained this to my boss and he understood.

I found out the topics of discussion that will be shared in the meeting and I knew I could voice an opinion and maybe give some solid advice. I went home and sat down to write an outline of all the issues the Company has been struggling with and the solutions with practical applications for everyone. I took that big fat Construction Management book and pulled out 3 pages of Protocol for Policy and Procedures, then I wrote a package for 3 groups of people Job Descriptions for foremenís, Carpenters and Carpenter Helpers. I made several copies and pass them off to my grumpy main foremen and he got uptight and I explained why I wrote this because this is what I wanted to share being with this company for 1 Ĺ years. The next day I get a phone call from my boss who was amazed and truly grateful for my efforts for writing such a well written package that will set the course for the Company. I was in my WOW moment! As it stands today JVA is still using those guide lines to run their company.

Whatís the Connection?

Solomon said, Prepare your work outside and GET IT READY FOR YOURSELF IN THE FIELD;

I learned the Construction Management Field in College and I was placed in a position to help a struggling disorderly Construction Company get its Professionalism up to par. God used the Generic Info from this Big Fat Book and my 1 Ĺ years of experiences with this company to set this Company on track and God used an air-head Puerto Rican like me to do it. LOL!

Thatís not all after I left JVA in May 2007 I went on to work as a Construction Manager from June 2007 thru December 2007 doing a Brownstone for this small company. I needed work so I called a few places and was invited to Ralph Laurenís Place again. This time (SMI) Site Management Inc. was renovating the 11th floor.

(Note: Rich people tend to buy out multiple apartments on one floor and the above and below floors and consolidated into their little palace High-end life style!)

Anyway, Joe who was the Electrical foremen was offered a position with SMI as a Construction Manager so Joe asked me hey Manny do you have protocolís or job descriptions for Construction managers, Carpenters, and Laborerís? I said yeah why? This company doesnít have it and these guys are walking around aimlessly. I have to tell them to do something when they should already know what to do. I said no problem I will bring you a package but I need a favor ask Mike if he needs another Construction Manager. So a week later I gave him 3 packages and left. I did not land a job with them but I landed a bigger one with Conti Construction Company. They are doing work all over the nation. Conti builds Bridges, tunnels and roadways. You see, when you help others God will take you to the top. SMI makes millions Conti makes $300 million yearly. God is an awesome God!

And Get It Ready for Yourself in the Field

I took the Generic training from College into the real deal training that was needed in the field of Construction to different companies. I did not want to go to College if it wasnít for everyone telling to go I would have skipped it altogether. Iím not a school person. God just gave me a studious heart. Before I was saved I just did good enough things in life. God wants to do bigger things in life. Although Iím not in Construction any more Iím still in contact with many in the field. Iím glad that I was able to help so many.

God is telling us to ďGet the Work we are involved with ready for ourselves in the fieldĒ. Most people believe that they just have to study enough to get by and do their own work but thereís going to be more that we are going to be faced with in life that requires more learning and more experience. If you are a Christian and youíre trying to serve God trust me God will put you to the test to excel you more than your classmates, your co-workers, your bosses will ask more of you without you expecting it and its all designed by God to see where your heart is at. (TRUST ME been there done that!)
God is not interested in promoting you immediately as much as HE is watching to see if you will go the extra mile and earn the Promotion! MEDITATE ON THIS!

David and Goliath

There is so many points to draw from the story of David and Goliath; one of the key points that parallels to the teaching Iím sharing in this article and David was that He was sent by his father Jesse to bring his brothers food while they were about to battle the Philistines at Shochoh. After arriving there and finding out the ordeal David said who does this uncircumcised Philistine think he is? His brothers tried to quiet him down but the Holy Spirit upon David kept motivating him to speak about Victory and defeat of the enemy while everyone else was terrified.

Finally, David was taken to King Saul and David said he will fight the giant. So Saul sized him up and said are you sure David had to give Saul his resume I killed a Lion and a Bear so I will kill this giant with no problem. So Saul gave David his armor (HEREíS THE POINT!) David said I cannot go with these I havenít proved them. So David went with what he knew would work a sling-shot and 5 smooth stones (1 Samuel 17:1-58 NKJV).

What is the Connection?

God is telling us PREPARE YOUR WORK OUTSIDE AND GET IT READY FOR YOURSELF IN THE FIELD: (Prov. 24:27 AMP). David would have died if he would have fought Goliath with Saulís armor. God wanted the glory therefore God inspired David to do it the way He trained David to do it. God trained David to kill a Lion and a Bear before this battle with Goliath. You see, God trained me in College with the Big Fat Boring Book and then God led me to take that same book make the lingo simple and put it together in readable language to the people I will be presenting the protocol with.

Teaching and Evangelist Gifts

This principle found in Proverbs 24:27 AMP also applies to MINISTRY. As a Bible Teacher from the beginning of my 1st article to this one God had anointed me differently from every other Bible teacher that you would hear on T.V. and Radio. Because I took what I had learned about topics I previously read and Made it fit for myself to teach it differently in the field of Ministry. I challenge you to read various teachings on any topic I have shared and youíll see a difference a more practical difference from your normal theological presentation. Iím not in Theory Iím Practical only because I serve a Practical God.

So PREPARE YOUR WORK OUTSIDE AND GET IT READY FOR YOURSELF IN THE FIELD because youíre the one God is going to use to make the Supernatural happen on the earth.

May God Bless you with revelation of taking the appropriate steps to put this passage of Scripture into practice, in Jesusí name amen.

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