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Music and Satanism Chapter 3 Thug Mentality Exposed Bk
by Rayford Johnson
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I remember when I thought devil worship music was only associated to heavy metal bands, like ACDC, Ozzy Osborne and K.I.S.S. We used to call those who listened to this type of music “stoners”, because of the ones we knew were always getting “stoned” from smoking marijuana and other drugs. My friends and I would sometimes talk about how insane they were, to listen to music that paid homage to the devil.    “That’s crazy”, I used to say. Things have changed; it’s not just the “stoner” or heavy metal groups any more who pays homage and gives worship to Satan. There are now many rap and R&B groups out there doing the same. For instance, there is a rap group rapidly moving up the charts at this time, which calls themselves “3 Six Mafia” (representing the mark of the beast 666 foretold in the Holy Bible).

Jay Z is featured on 2004′s “The Grey Album,” the underground album contains a secret message. Encoded in a backward or masked message, he says “666, murder, murder Jesus.” These are the type of satanic messages that are coming into many souls unknowing to them, which is corrupting souls and producing behaviors of destruction and self-destruction. I was thinking the other day, how strange it is, that you use to have to prove you didn’t have a criminal record to get a job, in the thug entertainment industry, you now almost have to prove you have one to get a record deal. Recently, I saw a title story on a well-known Hip Hop magazine, which stated on the front, “DJ Quick justifies his Thug”. In other words, in order to be respected and have credibility in the thug industry, you have to prove to everyone that you’re an immoral criminal.

Here are some disturbing quotes from band members in the entertainment industry:

*www.illuminati-news.com/art-and-mc/satanic-quotes.htm *www.av1611.org/crock/dctalk1.htm *www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evils%20in%20America/Rock-n-Roll/satanic_quotes.htm (Jay Z/”The Grey Album” data from “Truth About Hip Hop II” video/Ex Ministries)

In 1966, John Lennon    stated that Christianity would pass away and that the Beatles would become more popular than Christ. He referred to Christ as a character he named “Jesus l. Pifco, a garlic eating, stinking, little yellow greasy    fascist bastard Catholic Spaniard” (John Lennon, A Spaniard in the Works, New York, Simon & Schuster, 1965 p. 14). John Lennon was murdered in 1980.

David Bowie, one of the biggest rock stars in 1976,  declared “Rock has always been devil’s music.”

In a early interview with Rolling Stones magazine with David Crosby, from the group “Crosby Stills and Nash,” Crosby said the following, “I figured the only thing to do was to swipe their kids… By saying that, I’m not talking about kidnapping. I’m just talking about changing their value system, which removes them from their parents’ world very effectively” (Rolling Stone, vol. 1 p. 410).

In the journal “Jesserson Starship,” Paul Kanter confesses: “Our music is intended to broaden the generation gap,    to alienate children from their parents .” (In Tinglehoff Documentation of Expose, p. 4).

Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones has remarked, “There is no such thing as a secure,    family oriented rock and roll song” (same journal p. 5).

Jon of Bon Jovi observed, “I wanted to rebel against anything and everything, and it    happened that I was able to do it by playing rock and roll in a band” (Metal Edge, Aug. 1987, p. 12).

John Cougar reveals, “I swear or cuss because I know that it’s not socially acceptable. I hate things that are ‘this    is the way you are supposed to behave.’ That is why I hate schools, governments, and churches” (In Tinglehoff Documentation of Expose, p. 6).

Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue    comments: “We never set out to be anybody’s role model. But since we have    become that, we are trying to give our fans something to believe in. On the second album, we told them to “Shout at the Devil.” A lot of people… think that song is about Satan. That’s not true. It’s about standing    up to authority, whether it is your parents, your teacher or your boss. That is pretty good advice, I think. But I’m sure that any parent who hears it is going to think it is treason” (Rock Beat, 1989 p. 41).

From The Doors’ Jim Morrison’s mocking, screaming hatred of Christian prayer (“Petition the Lord with Prayer”) to Skid Row’s “Quicksand Jesus” (“Are we saved by the words of bastard saints?”) to the more explicit blasphemies, rock culture has often identified its aversion to Christian faith.

Ozzy Osbourne acknowledges “I’m not a born again Christian but a born again Hitler (Cream Metal, March 1986 p. 12).

“The Oath” by the band King Diamond: “I deny Jesus Christ, the deceiver, and I adjure the Christian faith, holding in contempt all of its works.”

“Possessed” by the band Venom: “I am possessed by all that is evil. The death of your God I demand. I … sit at Lord Satan’s right hand,” and “I drink the vomit of the priest, make love to the dying whore, Satan is my master    incarnate, hail, praise to my unholy host.”

Billy Idol attempts “to show what a human rip off religion is.” Leon Russell thinks that “organized Christianity has done more harm than any other single force I can think of in the world” and suggests that the religion of rock and roll replace it.

In an interview in Spin, Sinead O’Connor emphasized,    “It’s a huge abuse to teach children that God is not within themselves. That God is pollution. That God is bigger than them. That God is outside them. That is a lie. That’s what causes the emptiness of children” (Spin, Nov 1991, p. 51).

In “Hymn 43” the band Jethro Tull conveyed this message, “We are our own saviors, and if Jesus saves, then He better save Himself” (Cream Metal, Mar. 1986, p. 12).

This genre of “inspired music” is now found in local record stores. Some “New Age” music is spiritistically inspired for specific occult goals. The “composers” of the New Age music claim it can foster meditation, help develop psychic power, alter consciousness, induce “astral” travel, and transform personality. Other contemporary rock musicians parallel these ideas.

John Lennon said: “It’s like being possessed: like a psychic or a medium….” Of the Beatles, Yoko Ono has said, “They were like mediums. They weren’t conscious of all they were saying, but it was coming through them…”

Marc Storace, a vocalist with the heavy metal band Krokus, told Circus magazine: “You can’t describe it except to say it’s like a mysterious energy that comes from the metaphysical plane and into my body. It’s almost like being a medium…”

“Little Richard”:“I was directed and commanded by another power The power of darkness … that a lot of people don’t believe exists. The power of the devil. Satan.”

Jim Morrison (of The Doors) called the spirits that at times possessed him    “the Lords,” and wrote a book of poetry about them.

Folk rock artist Joni Mitchell’s creativity came from her spirit guide ‘Aft.” So dependent was she upon ‘Aft” that nothing could detain her when he “called.”

Superstar Jimi Hendrix, called “rock’s greatest    guitarist” … “believed he was possessed by some spirit,” according to Alan Douglas. Hendrix’s former girlfriend, Fayne Pridgon, has  said: “He used to always talk about some devil or something was in him, you know, and he didn’t have any control over it, he didn’t know what made him act the way he acted and what made him say the things he said, and songs …    just came out of him.” (Dave Hunt, America: The Sorcerers New Apprentice, Eugene, OR: Harvest House, 1988, pp. 239 40).

Ozzy Osbourne noted, “I never seem to know exactly what I’m gonna do next. I just like to do what the spirits make me do. That way, I always have someone or something to blame” (Faces, Nov. 1983 p. 24). Osbourne, a former lead singer of “Black Sabbath” triumphantly summoned satan at one of his concerts in Canada. “Sometimes I feel like a medium for some outside force… “ (Tinglehoff, Documentation of Expose, p. 21).

Black Sabbath has also made altar calls to Lucifer at some of their concerts. In “Master of Reality” they sing that he is “lord of this world” and “your confessor now.”

According to a Rolling Stone interview, Peter Criss, the first and most famous drummer of the rock band    KISS stated, “I believe in the devil as much as God. You can use either one to get things done” (Rolling Stone, Jan 12, 1978). Another guitarist when asked    “From where do you draw the strength for such delivery?” He said,  “Most probably from below, up there there is no Rock and Roll.”  

 Members of the group Iron Maiden openly admit that they are dabbling in the occult, including witchcraft (Cream, Sept. 1982). One Iron Maiden concert in Portland, Oregon, opened with the words “Welcome to Satan’s sanctuary.”

Glenn Tipton of the group Judas Priest confessed that when he goes on stage, he goes crazy: “It’s like someone else takes over my body” (Hit Parade, Fall 1984).


In describing what a Van Halen concert is like, David Lee Roth commented, “I’m gonna abandon my spirit to them [emotions], which is actually what I attempt to do. You work yourself up into that state and you fall in supplication of the demon gods” (Rock, April 1984).


Guitarist Mick Mars of Motley Crue described his band as “demonic, that’s what we are” (Heavy    Metal Times, May 1983). Nikki Sixx referring to their “Shout at the Devil” stage show commented, “We have skulls, pentagrams, and all kinds of satanic symbols on stage …. I’ve always flirted with the devil” (Circus, Jan. 31, 1984).

Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac has several times dedicated their concerts to the witches of the world. An album of the rock group Venom entitled, “Welcome to Hell” contains the following words on the back cover: “We are possessed by all that is evil. The death of your God we demand: we spit at the virgin you worship, and sit at the Lord Satan’s left hand.”

The “Rune” album of Led    Zeppelin displays on the cover the famous black occultist Aleister Crowley. Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, a self confessed Satanist, bought Crowley’s old mansion. John Bonham, a drummer for the band, died in the house in 1980; Robert Plant allegedly split the group up after his death and blamed Page’s obsession with the occult for his death.

David Bowie in Rolling Stone magazine (Feb. 12, 1976), stated: “Rock has always been THE DEVIL’S MUSIC . . . I believe rock and roll is dangerous . . . I feel we’re only heralding SOMETHING EVEN DARKER THAN OURSELVES” (Rolling Stone, Feb. 12, 1976).

In the song “The Conjuring” by Megadeth, the REAL mission of rock is clearly heard: “I AM THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE A SALESMAN, if you will . . . Come join me in my INFERNAL DEPTHS . . . I’ve got your soul!” At the end of the song  · they chant “OBEY”! Rocker Frank Zappa (who discovered the awful truth December 4, 1993 the second he died) proudly boasted: “I’m the devil’s advocate. We have our own worshippers who are called ‘groupies.’ Girls will give their bodies to musicians as you would give a sacrifice to a god” (Peters Brothers, What About Christian Rock, p. 17).

* The super group, Metallica, in the song “Jump In the Fire”, commands young people to jump into hell: “Follow me now my child . . . DO JUST AS I SAY . . . Jump by your will or be taken by force I’ll get you either way . . . So reach down grab my hand walk with me through the land COME HOME WHERE YOU BELONG So come on JUMP IN THE FIRE.”

In the cover song, “The Prince”, Metallica openly sing: “Angel from below . . . I WISH TO SELL MY SOUL . . . DEVIL TAKE MY SOUL with diamonds you repay I don’t care for heaven so don’t you look for me to cry AND I WILL BURN IN HELL from the day I die.” *

Rock star, Marilyn Manson, proudly boasts: “Hopefully, I’ll be remembered as the person who brought an end to Christianity” (Spin, August 1996, p. 34). Manson, an ordained “reverend” in the Church of Satan, mutilates himself on stage (1 Kings 18:28), rips up the Holy Bible, and spews “blasphemies” against the Lord Jesus Christ. Manson’s T Shirts declare, “KILL YOUR PARENTS” & “I — SATAN”. Manson claims his album Antichrist Superstar came via “supernatural inspiration”: “I heard this album as finished, I heard it in dreams . . . It was like the revelations of John the Baptist or something” (huH, Oct. 1996, p.34). Manson’s “hope” for Antichrist Superstar,: “I think every time people listen to this new album maybe God will be destroyed in their heads. . .” (huH, Oct. 1996, p.37).

Manson’s “blasphemy” is not just an act. He goes on to let the public know his agenda: “I don’t know if anyone has really understood what we’re trying to do. This isn’t just about shock value . . . that’s just there to lure the people in. Once we’ve got them we can give them our message” (Hit Parader, Oct. 1996, p.28). Manson admits his childhood longing for Satan: “My mom used to tell me when I was a kid,  If you curse at nighttime, the devil’s going to come to you when you ‘re sleeping. I used to get excited because I really wanted it to happen . . . I wanted it. I wanted it more than anything . . ”(Rolling Stone, January 23, 1997 p.52).

Twisted Sister sings, “Burn in Hell”: “Welcome to the abandoned land COME ON IN CHILD, TAKE MY HAND Here there’s no work or play Only one bill to pay There’s just five words to say As you go down, down, down YOU’RE GONNA BURN IN HELL!”

Bon Jovi sings in “Homebound Train”: “When I was just a boy THE DEVIL TOOK MY HAND Took me from my home He made me a man . . . I’m going DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN On the homebound train.” In Smash Hits magazine, Bon Jovi says: “ . . . I’d kill my mother for rock and roll. I WOULD SELL MY SOUL.”

* One of the most popular groups in rock history is Slayer. Slayer sing of themselves, as: “Warriors from the gates of hell . . . In lord Satan we trust.” Slayer’s albums sell in the millions! And song after song IS PRAISE TO SATAN! Their song “Hell Awaits” says: “Jesus knows your soul cannot be saved CRUCIFY THE SO CALLED LORD He soon shall fall to me Your souls are damned Your God has fell to slave for me eternally Hell awaits.” The beginning of their song “Hell Awaits” contains an obvious backwards message. When played forward, nothing but garbled noise is heard, but when played backwards you hear the real message “JOIN US, JOIN US, JOIN US” over and over! *

The group Acheron, has an album titled, “The Rites of the Black Mass”. On the album Peter Gilmore, of the Church of Satan, actually reads the rites of a Black Mass, as the group Acheron, in hellish growls, sings such lyrics as: “Glory to thee almighty Satan . . . We praise thee, we bless thee, WE ADORE THEE . . . THOU ART LORD, THOU ALONE, OH MIGHTY SATAN.”

* The group Manowar, sings in “The Bridge of Death”: “Dark Lord, I summon thee Demanding the sacred right to burn in hell . . . Take My lustful soul Drink my blood as I drink yours . . . LUCIFER IS KING PRAISE SATAN!”

* The group Morbid Angel, sings in “Vengeance in Mine”: “Mote it be Satan’s sword I have become . . . I burn with hate TO RID THE WORLD OF THE NAZARENE!” And to commit the ultimate blasphemy they sing in the song “Blasphemy”: “Chant the blasphemy Mockery of the Messiah WE CURSE THE HOLY GHOST . . . Blaspheme the Ghost BLASPHEMY OF THE HOLY GHOST.”

Trey Azagthoh of Morbid Angel claims to be a REAL vampire, and while playing onstage  · he actually bites himself and then drinks his own blood! Back in 70’s one of the top songs was “Hotel California” by the Eagles. The song refers to the Church of Satan, which is located in a converted HOTEL on CALIFORNIA street! On the inside of the album cover, looking down on the festivities, is Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan and author of the Satanic Bible! People say, the Eagles aren’t serious, they’re just selling records. That’s what you think! The Eagles manager, Larry Salter, conceded in the Waco Tribune Herald, (Feb. 28, 1982) that the Eagles have attended and were involved in the Church of Satan! One of their songs is entitled “Have A Good Day in Hell.” *

The group Kiss leaped on stage as rock’n roll demons puking blood, breathing fire and screaming · “God of rock’n roll, we’ll steal your virgin soul.” In their song “God of Thunder”, they command young people to kneel before Satan: “I’m lord of the wasteland, a modern day man of steel I gather darkness to please me and I COMMAND YOU TO KNEEL Before, The God of thunder, the god of rock’n roll I’LL STEAL YOUR VIRGIN SOUL!”


One of the most popular groups in rock is AC DC. In the song, “Hells Bells”, they sing: “I got my bell I’m gonna take you to hell I’m gonna get ya SATAN GET YA” Their song “Highway to Hell” they sing: “Ain’t nothing I would rather do GOIN’ DOWN, PARTY TIME My friends are gonna be there too . . . Hey Satan, paid my dues . . . I’m on the way to the promised land I’m on the HIGHWAY TO HELL.”

* The group Suicidal Tendencies, whose songs glorify suicide and have been linked to teen suicides, reveal a frightening truth in the song “Possessed”: “I’M A PRISONER OF A DEMON . . . It stays with me wherever I go I can’t break away from its hold This must be my punishment FOR SELLING MY SOUL!”

During a 1993 Oprah Winfrey interview, Michael Jackson, talked about why he makes sexual gestures in his performances: “It happens subliminally. IT’S THE MUSIC THAT COMPELS ME TO DO IT. You don’t think about it, it just happens. I’M SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM” (The Evening Star, Feb. 11, 1993, p. A10).

* Pink Floyd sings, in the song “Sheep”, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want . . . With bright knives he RELEASETH MY SOUL He maketh me to hang on hooks in high places . . . For lo, he hath great power and GREAT HUNGER.”

* The song “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones, is the official anthem for the Church of Satan. In it, Lucifer speaks in the first person and asks sympathy for all who meet him.

Lead singer, Mick Jagger claims that Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan and author of the Satanic Bible, help inspire their music! Their album titled, “Their Satanic Majesties Request”, leaves no doubt to their allegiance!

* The group Venom reveal the real reason for their music, as they sing: “We’re not here to entertain you . . . I PREACH THE WAYS OF SATAN Answer to his calls!” In their song “Possessed”, they sing: “I am possessed by all that is evil The death of your God, I demand . . . AND SIT AT LORD SATAN’S LEFT HAND!”

* At the 1992 MTV Awards, the group Red Hot Chili Peppers, upon receiving their award and giving thanks, said: “First Of all we want to thank Satan . . .”

Origin of Rock Music

Rock music derived from the 1950’s era of “Rock and Roll.” Alan Freed a Cleveland DJ and promoter coined the name “Rock and Roll.” Freed, concert producer, was attempting to cross over what they called rhythm and blues into the white community. He thought renaming the music would be the answer. The word “rock” was slang in the black community for “sex”. Freed would call the music he was packaging “Rock and Roll,” and it stuck. The definition of this word basically depicts “wild sex.” It’s not a coincidence that sex and drugs has become the main focal point of this industry.

Freed ended up being charged with various crimes of corruption in the music industry. He ended up dying penniless on January 20, 1965 at the young age of 43. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.

Satanist Mentality Exposed

Knowing how evil the devil is, why would anyone buy music, paying tribute to God’s arch enemy? Why are so many choosing to become blatant followers of Satan and his doctrine? I asked this question to two wards a couple of weeks ago on a lock-up unit. Both stated that they have chosen to worship Satan, because they could do what they felt like doing and get rewarded for it. They both conveyed that they loved sinning, and the idea of getting rewarded for having fun appealed to them.

Listen to what they had to say:

“I met a lot of homies of mine who worshiped satan” When I was growing up, I was being preached the Catholic faith. During this time I was about 7 or 8 and I was living in a good part of my town, I would attend Catholic services, go the Catholic school. I did believe in Jesus Christ, but then again I do still. I just don’t believe everything that is said about him so I’m against him. When I turned 10 or 11 we moved to the bad part of my town, and during this time both of my older brothers had just got out of prison two months apart from each other. Now there was my two older brothers that gang banged and plus we live in the hood now. So I started kicking it with them and their homies so when they got locked up I felt I had do what they did.    So I started getting locked up a lot and I attend church services, but it didn’t mean nothing to me anymore I felt if Jesus loved me, why would he keep me locked up. After a couple of juvenile hall programs and two boot camp programs, they finally sent me to CYA. I met a lot of homies of mine who worshiped satan so I started liking everything they did.    You don’t have to be good your whole life just to get what Jesus wants and that for people to go to heaven.    I rather get out party everyday, sell drugs and do what I want to and enjoy my life instead of following the 10 Commandments.    So I got more into worshiping satan and started tattooing my whole Body with gang related stuff all over my head, face, arms, and body and I got the “Mark of the Beast” tattooed on me “666” on my head. So now when I get out I’m going to become gothic and worship satan in every way I can.    I can tell that that’s were I belong and where I want to go. I like to self mutilate my body with tattoos. I got all the tattoos on my face, neck and head to represent were I’m from and what I am. It don’t bother me if people won’t give me a job, I don’t care if I go to prison for the rest of my life. I will still continue to do what I do.

“The Dark Angel”

At this point and time I see my self as a gift to the world, I’ve been asked to see the good and bad the positive and negative, but don’t know the reason why. After I had a vision of my best homie dying and three weeks later he died the way I told him. I saw him dying on the phone, I recognized it was real life, I was being told to look at. This was fun for me, because I knew when somebody was dead in my life that I loved, before it even happened or something bad was going to happen to them.    That stopped me from worrying about what was going on, on the street.

Sometime in my visions I could see parts of hell and I could see, feel, hear and smell everything in my vision. That part opened up my eyes to acknowledge this sh*% is for real. And I had to pick a side to go to war with, so I picked the devil and told myself to go to war with God. Now I look at myself as one of the devil’s dark angels, his kid as I call it now. I love everything that is evil and nothing that is good.

People might say I pick the losing side for a spirit war, but I know something they don’t know. If you’re not on God’s side or the devil’s side whose side do you think your on?    And where do you think your going after you die? Just put it like this, If you did not give your soul to God, then you sold your soul to the devil and I will see you in hell when the end of days comes trust me on that one. Those who follow the devil should not burn for him, but with him and all his dark angels, but the spirit war is not going to be over, just the fight. The war is yet to come after and it will be the devil’s angel vs. God’s angel and my lord vs. your Lord.

Sometimes I ask people do they think that a person can make them completely, religiously transformed? They tell me, “no!”But what they don’t know when you do bad things and you think you got away with it, and you keep doing them because they make you feel good, your religion is now becoming the devil’s and your soul is the devil’s soul and until you get God back in your life, you belong to the devil and all his dark angels and let me tell you like this, hell ain’t no walk in the park if that’s what you think.

Innately, humans have a natural fear for evil; that’s how God programmed us. The satanist I’ve interviewed believe that if they can make friends with the father of evil (Satan), they can live with out fear, and at the same time be rewarded for indulging in their sinful desires. However there is one big problem with this concept, by trusting Satan, they are trusting not only in the “father of sin”, but also the father of lies,” which is Satan himself.

John 8:44

44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire.  He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

I remember saying to two confessed satanists, “you know the Holy Bible refers to Satan as the “father of lies.” They both agreed with me with no rebuttal. They had both told me that as a satanist, they believed that Satan would reward them for their sins, with great riches and power, once they die and go to hell. I then asked, “How are you willing to trust your soul to an individual whose nature is deceitful and known as the ‘father of lies?’ How can you believe, that all of a sudden, Satan will have integrity to honor his promise to you, once you go to hell? Wouldn’t that be a bit naïve of you, to believe that?” Two blank looks appeared on these wards faces; some doubt appeared to be getting planted about their master.

Most satanists fail to understand, that Satan really hates them, and is willing to deceitfully bargain with them while their on earth, in order for him to get another trophy which is their soul. Why does Satan hate and attack the human? Because humans are made in God’s image, which is the image of his judge, and Satan knows that God love us, because he sent his only Son Jesus to die in our place, for all of our sins (John 3:16). Satan knows it hurts God deeply when God loses a precious soul to hell. The satanist is a human made in God’s image, who has been deceived by Satan to believe that Satan and his demons will win the war against God. All satanists have to do is what feels good to their body and keep sinning.

Satan’s strategy is to mobilize humans as tanks in his war, by giving them evil desires which are really demonic instructions, which gives pleasure to their emotions and body, in order to get their will to line up with his will. He sometimes will empower them through witchcraft, and earthly blessings to do supernatural things, such as putting curses on people, levitation and astral travel (the soul comes out the body to travel). This is why movies like Harry Potter and shows like Raven on the Disney Channel are so popular. It makes witchcraft appear cool and exciting. Satan will use any type of bidding technique to get a soul to work faithfully and efficiently for him in this spiritual war, with promises of more blessings in the afterlife.

What better satisfaction could Satan get, then to have God’s creation, a soul, work for him against God. At the end, Satan gets to kill them by torturing their soul in hell which grieves God. Satan relishes having their souls get the same consequence as him and his demons, which is to be thrown into the eternal lake of fire on Judgement Day (Revelation 20). Satan already know he is fighting a losing battle, however his goal out of hate, is to take as many souls as he can with him. So why would he spare the souls of a satanist?

Satanism is not just practiced by those who proclaim they are satanists. Satanism is a way of life which is in opposition to God’s commandments. With that said, there is a whole wave of Satanism being taught through our airwaves everyday. Whether Heavy Metal, Rap, R&B, New Age, Pop, Blues or Country and the list goes on, Satan is constantly looking for any platform to spread his message. The sad part is, that many don’t even know that they’re listening to satanic doctrine on a daily basis through their own musical selections, whatever styles it may be. I talk to individuals all the time who wonder why they continue to struggle and be overcome by sins such as lust and a host of other ones, and remain unaware or in denial that it is the musical message they are allowing within their soul which has corrupted their mind and driven their emotions and will (actions) against God’s will in their lives.

The Ancient Roots of Hip Hop

“Hip Hop isn’t just music, it is also a spiritual movement of the blacks! You can’t just call Hip Hop a trend!”    Lauryn Hill

Afrika Bambaataa is the founder of Hip Hop and The Universal Zulu Nation. “Zulu” means “heaven”. Hip Hop is one of the strong catalysts for thug mentality, and it has cultivated a culture which encompasses not just music, but clothes, religion and philosophy. Before I start on the surface level of Hip Hop, let me take you to its root, back to Africa. Back to the Zulu Kingdom, founded in 1709 by Zulu KaNtombhela, but most known for the leadership of the great warrior Shaka Zulu. Shaka was known for his bravery and strategic battle plans. The Zulus paid homage to numerous gods. Their religious culture was heavily influenced by the Greek and the Chinese. Zulu culture was full of superstitions and sorcery. Zulus shared the belief with the Chinese and the Greeks that ancestral spirits take physical form in the shape of non-venomous snakes. The Chinese and Greeks believed they descended from Kekrops and Fuxi, who were half-man, half-snake. They venerated (paid tribute to) their ancestors and sacrificed animals to pay homage to their spirits. Zulus would perform a war dance called the Pyrrhic dance, a dance created by the Greeks. According to the theology of the dance; the goddess Athena invented the Pyrrhic dance to celebrate the victory of the gods over the giants who represented the dark and evil forces of nature. The Pyrrhic dance was a war dance for celebrating victories. Shaka never married and was against marriage and having children for him self. He had a harem of 1,200 women. When by mistake a harem girl would give birth to a son, shaka would kill the baby, because he believed the proverb, “A bull has perfect place until the young bulls-his progeny-begin to dispute his supremacy.”

Shaka was callous and brutal in his ruling tactics. He massacred thousands who did not appear to him to show sufficient grief when his mother died. Once suspecting infidelity, he made a clean sweep of the whole harem. His tactic was often for the concubines to be rushed away, their necks broken by a sudden sideways jerk in transit and their bodies beaten with knob-berries.

Today, the Zulu Nation pays great homage to Shaka Zulu so much that they formed a religion in honor of his tribe.

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God is Not Against You - He Came on an All Out Rescue Mission to Save You

...in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them... 2 Cor 5:19

Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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