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Questions for The Atheist Believer
by Ramona Cook 
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Not all of my life has been lived with the word “atheism” at the forefront of my thoughts. That is not true of the past few years however. I have been forced to give a lot of thought to atheism in these recent years because the atheists have brought such attention to themselves, and I consider that alright, it is their right. The constant barrage of legality complaints being wagered on primarily Christianity, has caused me to investigate what they hold as a complaint, and to consider if they have a valid complaint.

The one thing they harp upon to a great degree is that the government is not to be involved in the acknowledgement of anything “God.” Why? Because they, a minority of the populous, do not believe there is a God. Not only do they not believe in God, they are sickened by the mention of God and anything related to God, even a Cross, a symbol of God and Christianity.

This does not make sense to me. In whose mind can it make any sense? Their Atheism does not cause me to vibrate and gyrate. If anyone wants to believe in “Nothing” or whatever Atheism is, then go ahead. It is your right, and even God won’t stop that choice.  I am told that the Atheist feels discriminated against, but I don't hear Atheists saying that.  I hear them complaining about the God Beliver having freedom of expression.  Atheists can have that also, so please, "What do you have to share, except complaints about others beliefs?"

Why do Atheists care about the things in which I believe? What possible difference does it make if I believe in a way of ordering my life that is kind to my neighbors, honest and hardworking, giving to the needy, being responsible for family, and the long list of good actions that we as God followers are taught to do, why I ask, does this cause them to go ballistic? Are they afraid that I will lose my soul and burn in Hell? No. Atheists don’t believe in after life or Hell, or anything.

What then, is their problem with those who embrace God belief? I don’t think I have ever heard an Atheist identify what their problem really is, except that THEY “don’t want to hear it or see it!” If there is nothing to it, why does it bother you, I ask of the Atheist?

Atheists don’t like to word, “Faith.” To have blind faith, they say, is really an unintelligent thing to do. Really? Atheists have a greater degree of “blind faith” than I do as a God believer.

To not give consideration to the reports of thousands of persons over the centuries who report their experiences with God and with Jesus, to discredit the prophesies of the Scripture texts of The Holy Bible, which are coming to pass everyday as we are living now, texts that were written as many as three-thousand years ago, and to discredit those facts while basing your life on the absolute fact that there is no God, and no Heaven or Hell, takes a lot of faith. It takes more “blind” faith than any God believer possesses.

I find the Atheist philosophy unknowable, but I’m scared for them. I grin at the level of inability to comprehend and weigh the information that is presented in every category of life. I find them to be stuck in one groove and they seem to be blinded to the multiple facts before their eyes. They are preachers of “nothing” but the hate for a belief in a God, Whom they cannot permit to exist.

I can make a confident statement to them, “Atheists, you do NOT believe what you are saying.” You may wish it to be true. You have committed to what you say, but there is the never ending voice from those who do believe that challenges your philosophy and discomforts you about what you want to believe. You do not want to believe in Heaven or Hell, not that you have any real proof of those not being facts. You can theorize all you want to but you cannot know for certain, because you have not yet died to prove your theory. When you do die, and you will, what if your experience then proves the theory to be incorrect? As for belief in the existence of God, you have no excuse for that verbalization.

Atheists say they don’t believe in what they cannot see and everyday breathe air which they cannot see. Oh, certainly you can identify that air is there and that it is real because its effects are demonstrable. Yes, and so are the effects of God and His works demonstrable.

Unlike the Atheist Believer, I do believe in a Heaven and a Hell, and in God, in Jesus, and The Holy Spirit; therefore, I am fearful for you Atheist Believer and wish that you would give consideration to the proofs available to prove to you that the Bible is a document of truth and accuracy. I’d wager most of you haven’t read it.

There are multiple times when Science has ridiculed the Bible for its statements of “inaccuracy” only later to discover that the Bible was accurate to the detail in what it said was truth. The Scriptures remain the same over centuries and they do not change to fit what the Scientific Community believes to be fact, however, Science changes when new discoveries are made and in the end of finding truth, Science always finds that the Bible was accurate from the beginning. I list a few of those which Science held as laughable: The existence of the Nation of the Hittites. That the “life is in the blood.” That Daniel was the “third ruler” in Babylon. The list is very long, and yet those who choose to disbelieve are not satisfied to disbelieve. Atheists are driven to remove all that might suggest to them that they are or could be wrong.

Again I say, “You do NOT believe what you are saying you believe.” If you did believe it you would not be so impassioned with discontent. You would merely wink at the silliness of those who believe in God and be very comfortable with their ridiculous expression of belief; confident in the belief of your truth. I have suggested before and mention it again, if Atheists wish to do so, they could create for themselves an emblem that expresses their “belief in nothing” and have your own emblem of expression to display in the public square; why not go for it? Just please leave those of us who do have an emblem alone, to express ourselves without harassment from you.

I make one other colorful observation about the Atheist Believers, they never “vigorously go after” Islam, or Buddhism, or Paganism, or any other “religion,” only those Who believe in One God! The belief of most religions includes many gods. Islam believes in one Allah and certainly does have plenty of symbols and emblems, as well as does Judaism and Christianity. Yet Christianity and the Cross of Jesus, and the mention of the God of Israel are the forefront attack of the Atheist. Now, why is that do you suppose?

Why not do a little evaluating of this phenomenon and cipher some reasons why? Ask yourself this question, “Which Religions allow the privilege to you of being an Atheist Believer, and which of the World Religions do not allow that “right” to you?

No, Mr/Ms Atheist, I do not believe you really believe what you are saying. I believe you are a Reactionary because what Christianity teaches rings your inner bell, and the Cross of Jesus frustrates your souls’ chosen philosophy. I am certain your soul and spirit KNOW.

You attack The Cross and the Manger Scene because it convicts your “knowing.” Why? Ask yourself, “Why, do I oppose this religion of The Cross?” “What does it do to limit me in doing or being, as I practice my Atheist beliefs? There must be a reason “Why.”

My one major question to the Atheist Believer is this: could you find it in yourself to enjoy your beliefs and cease the angry efforts to silence the voice and expressions of those who do not believe like you do? Of course I continue to wonder why you are not happy with your beliefs and I continue to believe the reason is that in your inner being you "know" and you react because the very presence of The Cross and mentions of God shake your platform of truth.


Ramona, 12/09/2012


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Mark Trodd  14 Dec 2012
Hi Ramona, I like your down to earth style. Even though you are clearly well educated, you don't allow it to get in the way of communicating with ordinary people. I am sure your sermons are the same. I like the question approach and your attempt to get the atheist to reflect on their true motives and why they are behaving as they do. I like the way you seek to address their hearts more than their minds - answering objections and questions is okay when people are genuine - because most arguments are ineffective when people have a heart blockage. Jesus never followed the rules when it came to discussing things with His opponents, because He always knew how to get to the heart of the matter. NO wonder people loved Him or hated Him. Bless you and keep writing.


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