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Reasoning About Evolution
by Dinora Garza
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I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, an expert on evolution. What I present to you are just bits and pieces of this extensive theory.

As I get more information through research I will post it, as well as the sources I have consulted. In this way you will be able to confirm by yourself that my information is scientifically correct and expand your knowledge as well.

There are 6 categories of evolution, but I have just touched some of them and in a general way. Here they are:

• Cosmic evolution: The origin of time, space and matter (the big bang)
• Chemical Evolution: The origin of higher elements from hydrogen
• Stellar and Planetary evolution: Origin of stars and planets.
• Organic evolution: Origin of life. (Living things coming from non-living material)
• Macro evolution: an animal changing from one to another.
• Micro evolution: variations within the kinds.

Contrary to what many people think evolution is just a theory, not a fact, and it is a faulty theory from its very foundation.

Cosmic evolution theory (The Big Bang) contradicts the law of angular momentum.

This law states that when no external force acts on a spinning object or objects, no change of direction will occur, therefore all objects will spin in the same direction. According to the big bang theory, all the matter that existed started concentrating in one tiny dot and spun faster and faster until it exploded. From this explosion the planets were supposedly formed. The fact is that if it really occurred this way, all planets should be spinning in the same direction. Yet it is well known that 2 planets rotate backwards and 8 of the known moons are spinning in reverse too. Also, 4 planets have moons going both directions at the same time, while some whole galaxies spin backwards as well! In conclusion it couldn’t have started that way.

Evolution contradicts the laws of probability.

Sir Fred Hoyle, one of the world’s leading astronomers and mathematicians put it this way: “The probability of life arising by chance is the same probability as throwing a six on a dice five million consecutive times! We all know (referring to the scientific community) that the probability of life arising to greater and greater complexity and organization by chance through evolution is the same probability as having a tornado tear through a junkyard and end up forming a Boeing 747 jetliner!” So, again the laws of probability indicate that evolution is impossible.

Evolution contradicts the second law of thermodynamics

This theory states that everything in the universe is going down from a state of organization and complexity and degenerates toward chaos and disorganization. Everything deteriorates with the passing of time; it doesn’t get better, but worse. Every physical thing decays and eventually breaks down. It will never go upward to greater complexity.

Contrary to this law of thermodynamics evolution assumes that, by chance, things have evolved from chaos and simplicity to greater and greater complexity and organization, but reality demonstrates the contrary. Random chance does not produce complexity and organization, but chaos.

Evolution contradicts the laws of physics.

Such laws state that the greater the time span, the greater the chaos and disorganization. Even though evolutionists know that what they propone is impossible, they have added more millions or billions of years to their evolutionary hypotheses saying that somehow time made it possible! You would be surprised to realize how many times the age of the Earth has been changed in science books.

Evolution is founded on the idea of life coming from non-living matter and this is impossible. Here are the scientific facts about it:

Evolution contradicts the biogenesis axiom of biology that says that life only arises from life.

Evolution contradicts what science has demonstrated about biochemical reproduction.

Every cell (no matter the size) in living organisms has something called a complex metabolic motor which is the ability of the cell to extract energy from its environment in order to supply energy for the reproduction of the cell. This metabolic motor is necessary for life to exist, but it can only be produced by life.

Evolution contradicts what science has demonstrated about the DNA or genetic code.

This DNA, formed in a double-helix strand, determines the hereditary characteristics of a human being. It is absolutely essential for life to exist, and again it can only be produced by life.

So, from the very beginning evolution is not possible; at least not if we begin with non-living matter.

As one of my bloggers put it, some evolutionists have started to think in the possibility of a mind behind Creation, since it is clearly demonstrated that life cannot come from nonliving matter. Yet, he said, “that doesn’t rule out the possibility of evolution completely.” Here are some facts about it:

Darwin’s theory of evolution has its roots in “Lamarckian” beliefs. Lamarck believed that the environment could cause a living organism to change and that these changes could be passed on to the next generation. After Darwin sailed around the world, he began to notice different types of animals. They shared similarities but also showed great variety depending on where they lived. He theorized that all life began from a single living creature and that over much time this animal changed or evolved into something more complex, and finally into something completely different.

This theory seems to make sense when looked at superficially, yet through modern technology and after much research; scientists in the area of biochemistry have discovered that Darwin’s theory is impossible.

The similarities and variations between animals that Darwin attributed to the process of evolution are nothing other than the product of genetics. A dog, for example, has 19,300 genes. Like all animals, they inherit two copies of each gene (one from each parent). That means that they not only inherit the information, but also great varieties of information.

The variation in just three different genes could result in five different variations of offspring, but when you consider all the possible genes and all the possible combinations, we can see that the possibilities are nearly limitless.

The number of combinations of unique children that a male and female human could potentially procreate is more than a 1 followed by 80 zeros!


The genetic code created by God in Adam and Eve was perfect, but the consequences of the fall, and a fallen environment cause mutations. Mutations are irregularities or malfunctions in the genetic code that can change the original design of an organism. These changes are passed on to the future generations. Darwinism explained mutation as the reason behind evolution.

The problem with this view is that mutations cause flaws in the genetic code. They don’t add new information, and in almost all situations, are not beneficial for the organism. Also, most mutations result in corruption of genetic information. In fact, most animals with serious mutations cannot survive naturally in the environment and die before reproducing.

Do you see a conflict with the evolution theory here? Mutations are almost always destructive, which is the opposite of what the theory of evolution requires to be true.

Mutations also remove variability from the gene pool. If gene mutations in a dog keep it from growing more, such dog’s breed will no longer grow to a larger size unless it is bred again with other varieties of dogs, because mutations remove variability.

In fact, genetic mutations make time the enemy of evolution, because the more time that passes, the more genetic mutations will accumulate in the gene pool. Mutations never, ever produce brand new information and only operate on the information that is already there. For Darwinian evolution you need brand new information that never previously existed; this has never been observed.

Natural selection/ adaptation

Natural selection is the observed process of certain varieties of animals being selected out of the gene pool because they are not equipped to survive in their environment.

The result is that certain varieties of an animal will be unable to reproduce the traits that their ancestors originally had in their gene pool; resulting in outward diversity among different breeds in size, length of fur, or eyes’ color. This is caused by the decreasing of variety in their gene pool.

Although many evolutionists point to this external diversity as evidence that evolution takes place, it is exactly the opposite that Darwinian evolution would require. Evolutionists also use natural selection as their justification for prejudice and racism, adding insult to injury.

Natural selection is not an onward-upward process with new information added. It cannot create totally new characteristics that were not possible from the information already in the gene pool. It can only select from what already exists in it.

Natural selection causes changes that take place within a species or kind by weeding out certain characteristics that are not advantageous in a specific environment. It cannot change one kind into another.

Natural selection does not cause reptiles to evolve into birds, because reptiles don’t have the information for feathers in their genes.

When evolutionists are questioned about all these discrepancies between their claims and true science they say, “We must assume that contrary to the laws of science somehow it occurred!”

They deny the very thought they claim to adhere to.

Evolutionists reject the idea of a Creator, claiming that everything should be proved by scientific methods, but the evolution theory has not been proved by science, but disproved!

They contradict their very founder: Charles Darwin!

Charles Darwin believed that if evolution were true we would find evidence in the fossil record. The geological strata would show a gradual upward evolution of species to a greater complexity. Yet “a century of digging and paleontologists have not found examples of gradual transitions over time, and with a few exceptions they have failed”, according to Newsweek Magazine.

All scientists have found in the fossil record is all fully formed species with no transitional intermediates or missing links! According to Dr. Duane Gish Ph. D (biochemistry) from UC Berkeley, “The fossil record shows the sudden appearance, fully formed of all the complex invertebrates as well as every major kind of fish, without a trace of ancestors. This fact proves beyond a reasonable doubt that evolution has not occurred. Evolution has never been observed in the fossil record or in the natural world.”

In conclusion, the theory of evolution contradicts
• The law of angular momentum
• The law of probability
• The law of thermodynamics
• The laws of physics
• Biogenesis
• Biochemical reproduction
• Scientific facts about DNA
• Research on mutations and natural selection
• The fossil record

There are many more scientific proofs that evolution is not even possible, and you can find them in the videos that I will post in the future and the recommended resources. You are welcome to visit the blog “letstalkevolution.tumblr.com and comment on it.

Besides all this evidence, evolution perpetrates destructive ideas about God, morals, the meaning, purpose, and value of life.

Charles Darwin’s theory is founded on a godless, racist way of thinking. It perpetrates racism as it states that some people are closer to their animal ancestors than others. This clearly devalues the life of certain people that supposedly did not evolve to their fullest. They are seen as lesser races.

Evolution teaches that there is no God, therefore we are not accountable to anyone and can do anything that suits our fancy. The wicked things become our free choices, and everything is permitted.

Evolution teaches the destructive idea that we are animals; therefore we can behave like them. It encourages immorality and perversion. We are free to mate whomever we want. Loyalty or morals are not desirable character traits, because they interfere with our freedom or our drives.

Evolution takes away the hope. If this life is all there is, why bother helping or loving others. Besides, how can we feel loved and accepted? We have no value; we won’t transcend this life since we are just dust. We have a license to care just about ourselves, and other’s lives are not our business.

Evolution denies the truths of the Bible: Since Evolution denies the existence of a spiritual world, God the Creator, the sinfulness of men, and our need for salvation through Jesus are easily dismissed as absurd ideas. The imminent punishment of sin taught in the Scriptures and the hope of heaven are thought to be fairy tales. Evolution dismisses our need for a spiritual relationship with God and makes absurd the search for hope, joy, love, a healthy self-esteem or a purpose in life. If evolution is true your life means nothing.

To me evolution sounds more like religion than science because it is just a set of beliefs and unlike Christianity is not based on truth, nor on scientific facts.

Many people think that if evolution were not true, it wouldn’t be taught in the educational system. It happens to be that millions and millions of dollars are involved in this whole business of evolution. Not only that, but evolution is a matter of freedom. When a very famous evolutionist was questioned about the veracity of this theory he said, “I know evolution is scientifically impossible, but I’m still going to teach it because it is morally comfortable”. When the interviewer asked him what he meant by that, he replied, “As long as I believe I am nothing but an animal, I can live any way I choose. But as soon as I admit there is a Creator, then I become morally responsible to that Creator, and frankly, I don’t want to be morally responsible to anyone!

Everyone seems to have different reasons to believe in Evolution, what is yours?

• Resources: Fast Facts on False Teachings by Ron Carlson & Ed Decker.
• Creation Seminar 1 by Dr. Kent Hovind
• Creation Ministers International article “A review of The Altenberg 16: An Exposé of the Evolution Industry by Suzan Mazur.”
• One race one blood by Kem Ham & A. Charles Ware

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