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What's Done Is Done Or Is It
by Rick Stephenson
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What’s Done Is Done! – Or Is It? You can’t go back in time even though you might wish you could. I know there have been times in my life I would love to go back and do some thing over again, either to correct a wrong or re-experience a right. But the reality that I know of presently is that there is no mystical time traveling device to take me back and let me do it all again. Therefore, I have adapted this saying “What’s done is done” to help me deal with this cruel reality. However, as I think about this saying, I must ask myself – is it really???

You see the word done means completed or finished and as far as time goes, the past is certainly done. On the other hand as far as our actions and words go, is what’s done – done? Perhaps not: Sure we can not change the events of the past, we can not go back and edit our words spoken or not spoken and we can not stop ourselves from already performing actions that were carried out yesterday or even make ourselves do something that should have been carried out in the past.

What we do have in front of us though is the future and with it lay all its grand possibilities. We can dream about things we’d like to do, places we’d love to go and visit or even things we’d like to say to others or about ourselves. The future is a wonderful thing to look forward to. But alas, it too is unattainable. We would need that mystical time traveling device to take us there as well and we’ve already noted that it does not exist.

So here we reside in the present, living in this precise moment, to be exact a fraction of a nanosecond of time on the horizon of our life. With neither access to the past nor the future, what do we do? How do we make the most out of this slice of immeasurable space and time when compared to the eons that are before and behind us? Is it only a particle of an atom of a drop of water in a boundless ocean? And if so, then what power can even be amassed to make a difference in our very own life let alone in the lives of others close us or somewhere halfway around the world?

Do we fret and regret what has been done already and assume that it is the projection or prophecy if you will of what is yet to come that no real change can be instituted. Or do we worry and become anxious over the unknown future assuming that it will unfold before us as a super surprise that we have no control over? I say the answer is No – No – No!

For you see in this fraction of a nanosecond of now, there is intense power available to us. Remember that it was the splitting of the atom that created the atomic bomb and its effects are intense. Sir Isaac Newton said: “An object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an equal or stronger force”. Our lives were set in motion by our births, our entrance upon the physical realm. This initial motion was propelled by those who took care of us and raised us and even taught us and so we responded along the way to get to where we are today but still in motion suffering the consequences of the past and looking warily into the future expecting the trajectory of our lives to continue perhaps with little hope for change.

But the good news is that there truly is hope available. This hope resides in the fact that there is indeed a stronger force outside of us that can thrust us in a new direction resulting in a new future. This outside force is God! We can turn to God for our help in the nanosecond of time and ask for assistance. However the thing that will split the difference between our past and our future in this moment of time is something we personally hold on to. It’s ours and ours alone. No parent, no sibling, no teacher, no role model, no authority figure, no political candidate, no friend, no stranger and no blogger holds this on our behalf. Sure, they might influence us to exercise and use it, but the fact remains that it is in our sole possession and it is a tiny thing called choice.

We can choose – we have free will. We can in this moment make a decision. But how do we come to a good decision? I said good because we can in fact make a decision to do nothing and let our past rule our future, or we can try to decide on our own and hope for the best and guess for the future but even our best guess are tainted by our experiences of our past. Or, we can ask for help with our choice. If we only ask others, who are also bound by time and tainted in their own experience of life then the help we get from them is also tinged with imperfection. So, if we want to make a good decision why don’t we turn to God?

God is not bound by time. In fact God exists outside of time, therefore God can move through the past, the present and the future as we know it. God can accomplish what seems impossible to us because there is no limit of time or space upon Him. So why not ask the only one who can see the past and who knows the future to help us in the moment of decision. In fact, God can use our past in the future by taking what we thought was a negative and actually change it into a positive thereby actually giving us opportunities to change the results, not the consequences mind you but the results of the past. This is not possible on our own but very easy for God and in fact is what we would call a miracle since it is contrary to the laws of time.

In other words if the paths of our lives is in need of change we can have a powerful explosion in the spiritual realm by allowing God to come in and split the intertwining atoms of our past and future but we must be the force that interjects Him into the cell and the only way we do that is the exercising of our free will by simply making a choice to invite Him to do so.

I would like to encourage you that although from our stand point in time what’s done is done, meaning that time is escaping us and we are not physically able to get it back, the past is not yet finished because we can call upon God to help reuse or recycle it for a better purpose of our future when we choose to do so.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV)

God Bless – Rick


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