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Mindless Behavior
by Margery Wolfe
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Mindless Behavior

About a month and half ago my grandchild came to live with me along with his mother and two sisters. He is three years old. He would come in my room and tell me he wanted to see mindless behavior. Of course I didnít know what he was talking about; all I listen to is Christian music. Finally he began to sing a song and his sister said itís a group of boys singing. I pulled videos up on the computer and found mindless behavior. After a few times of pulling it up, I saved it to my media mail. I also found with that a little two year old boy that was preaching and saved it. My grandson got all involved with this video that he doesnít ask for mindless behavior anymore. He tried to pattern himself after this little boy preaching. I realized that President Barack H. Obama had been dealing with mindless behavior in this Presidential race with Willard Mitt Romney. Games played always have consequential costly reactions.

The Lord has to come to the forefront of mindless behavior. My grandson was brought back from loving these boys with their mindless behavior to the one boy with the gospel. Once he had been exposed to the truth of preaching of the gospel he could not return to the video of Mindless Behavior. We too have a choice; and this little boy is three years old. I learned a lesson from this. Itís not hard to recognize and see what we need as compared to what we want. Mindless means we are careless, inattentive, oblivious, neglectful, indifferent, foolish, senseless or rash. Behavior is conduct or performance. These boys named themselves Mindless Behavior; why? They do what they want to do and expect everyone else to follow what they say. They say what they want and itís not necessarily true. They set spirits in the hearts and minds of children that calls for disobedience to parents, authorities, and others. Children were never to make decisions; parents were to make those for them. The conduct themselves as free agents and obeys no one; they perform foolish, senseless and rashly and donít consent to no adult. This is the world we are being exposed to; the Devil is a liar.

Parents we have a job to do. God called us as parents and chose who we would parent. When we are carrying a baby we donít know who we are getting; but we are to shape and mold them. We teach them the things they are to know and follow as soon as they make an entrance into the world. What these young people are saying is they have no rule. What the world is becoming falls not on government but on parents; mainly men. A child needs a father. He needs a mother to carry him but a father to father him after he is in the world. A child may be attractive in life but what about in mind? He may be handsome and handsomely acquire money but his deepest desire is for his father. A little girl ran out of the school gate the other day saying, ďthere is my daddy, right thereĒ and she ran to get in the car with him. Children desire and need both parents; especially for them to come together and teach them, be there for them, wipe their wounds, dry their teary eyes, bandage their cuts, and direct their paths. One other thing I observed with these kids is that no matter how young they are; they will lie and knowingly. This is mindless behavior.

There is a beam that radiates from them and it really need to be one that is pleasing to their parents. The storm came as God said before their Halloween. The children said ďno, we have to trick or treatĒ. I told them we donít trick or treat itís a Devilís day. This didnít put a smile on their face. The information was not favorable to them and they pouted, fussed, and were very unbearable. They got my attention and I had to spank them to bring them back to their mind. This kind of behavior is not tolerated in my house. Some things must be set in order in this world and it begins with the parents at the birth of a child. Parents set the basic fundamental essentials needed for the primary and central outcome of a child. Well Government is pretty much like that. The father of the children of a nation is the President. He must make choices and decisions that affect every child. He must work to keep the family together. A real father does not cause separation in his own family. With the Presidential Father all of the people is a consideration. How do I deal with this child and how will it affect the other child.

Itís hard for the people in the Sandy Hurricane situation. We have been there not too long ago. I myself ended up without electricity for five days. It was the end of the month and I was on a fixed income. We must learn to be patient. The gas prices went up at this time and food went up. Storms come and go but it how we handle them. If we have a father that doesnít care about people he will make trouble, confusion and sow seeds of discord that gets him in trouble with God. Every man is accountable to God for their actions and all of our actions affect everyone we love. We as a people canít just do what we want or say things that is; not true. Just as that little child will lie at the drop of a piece of candy; so goes a man that moves in mindless behavior.

Mindless behavior is conduct that goes against God and nature. Itís not believable, trustworthy, creditable, or convincing. Mindless behavior is conducted when one wants another to think, accept, believe, or trust what they say. Itís warlike and starts confusion; uproars and leaves hostility among the people. This person perpetrating this kind of behavior is not attentive to the needs of the people following them. Truth is neglected and foolishness is the product of their actions. How can one lead when they show that they are foolish, senseless to all people, and act rashly to suit one group over another. They operate out of mindless behavior and is not fit to attend, tend to, or help the people. This father only thinks about themselves and how that they can benefit their group; his comrades and not the people. The people of the country is the children and the assistance, comfort and relief is administrated by the Father; the President.

We have a President that not only leads but sees the need of the people as a whole. He tries to minimize our pain and hurts. As much as possible he tries to lessen the tension between the different groups of people. He tries to keep our country; the United States from depreciating in the sight of the World leaders. He is truthful even about the smallest minute things. We can trust him and his behavior is not mindless. What about his opponent? America it is scary! We need to beware of the mindless behavior of Willard Mitt Romney. He is just not ready to be the leader we need to take this country to the next level. More than this we donít want someone that God is angry with for this will bring a curse upon us as a people. What the storm Sandy said is; God is angry. America is on the mend. We donít want to just be repaired, patched up or fixed; we want to be cured. America needs corrections in all areas of life and if we have a menial leader we will be all a mental wreck. There will be internal civil war in America. The wrong leader without the mentality associated with a love for all people will be detrimental to our lives, lifestyles, and livelihood. His intellect, comprehension, and reasoning is far off course.

Note the issues involved; he mentions things he should not, make remarks thatís untrue, speaks things out of turn, infer things that is not there, intimate people, and suggest that they do things that they know they should not. This is a troublesome person; how do you think he will interact with our true enemies if he interacts with the American people as if we are dumb and stupid? He is a menace to society. He threatens the very lives of the people he wants to lead, he intimidates all those he come in contact with as he tries to sell himself, and portends; foretell, predict, or herald things that he is not capable of doing. The population of the United States of America is one people, one nation under God, indivisible, and undivided. We must refuse to let lies dictate our lives. We must refuse to let our freedom be compromised. We must refuse Willard Mitt Romneyís ideas of how to run our country without us. We are the people, the population, the inhabitants of this country that will make the difference and we demand respect at the forefront.

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