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Revealing Chapter 4 Part 2 Abduction E-Book
by Caroline Alderson
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Dolphus Calzan woke up from a weird dream. ‘What’s that?’ He thought he heard something. ‘Na, it’s nothing.’ So he went back to sleep. About ten a.m. he woke up, and looked at the clock. “What! That can’t be! I set that clock for 6:00am! What happened?” He checked his clock. Yes, he had set it right. Why didn’t it go off? ‘I better go check the prisoners, something doesn’t feel right here.’

He ran to their cell, and with piercing eyes, stared in. “Oh, no! Where are they?” Checking the lock, he found it was fine, still locked. Checking the code, he didn’t find any tampering. “So where are they? How did they escape? How could they possibly escape? There's no way out of here without tripping a dozen alarms! What happened to my great computer system? I’m an expert. What could have gone wrong? What did they have, a secret weapon? If that were so, then, why did they let me catch them in the first place?” Wringing his hands, he paced the floor like a caged animal.

“NO! I will stop them! I’ll put my best men on them! They will be found and brought back here! I didn’t even get their names. When they are found, they will not get away from me again,” he haughtily declared!

Running to his quarters, Dolphus picked up his communicator. “Zack, get in here! Bring Joab with you!”

Zack and Joab came running in, demanding to know what was up. “My prisoners have escaped! Their ship is gone! Find them!”

Zack looked at Joab. “Right away, Boss!”

On Zoë Academy, Talitha, Michael, and Rebecca, were having a meeting trying to figure out where that ship had come from, and how it had evaded visibility. Michael was searching the computer files for some indication that someone had invented invisibility devises. So far he had come up with nothing. Then the computer beeped, indicating it had located something. Michael looked at it. The Calzan Ripple Effect. “The Calzan Ripple Effect? What kind of a name is that? Calzan? Dolphus Calzan?” He checked the computer for the name of the inventor. The computer beeped. ~The Calzan Ripple Effect was invented by Dolphus Calzan in 2097~ “2097? That’s nine years ago. How come no one’s heard of it until now?” Michael asked the computer when it had been licensed for use. - It hasn’t been licensed for use- “You mean he’s using it illegally?”

Rebecca pretended shock. “You mean he kidnapped us illegally?” Then she broke into a fit of giggling.

“Ha, ha. Very funny, Rebecca!” Michael gave her a mock glare.

“Zack calling Calzan.”

“Calzan here. What do you have for me? It better be good!”

“We think we’ve found them. There’s been a report from some of our people, about a ship like theirs, landing at Zoë Military Academy. We’re going to check it out and see if these are the ones you had captured.”

“You better find them! They know about the rippling effect. All they have to do is check the computer, and they’ll find out who invented it. The computer will tell them it’s not licensed. Then they’ll sic ASM on to me!” Fidgeting with his fingers, he signed off.

Jacen began creating a program wherein he could control CIN from Ventron, without ASM detecting the program running. Precise control would be necessary to pull off their escape. No one could suspect they were out until he was ready. Lightfoot would have to believe he could trust Jacen in order for Jacen to deceive him. There could be no mistakes. Everything was depending on him, to make this operation successful.

Feeling a presence behind him, Jacen turned around to find Lightfoot had just walked in, and was watching him. Thank God Jacen had created a program with a motion detector that would sense someone coming and would switch to something that looked like what he was working on, but didn’t reveal any trade secrets.

Standing there with his ankles crossed and his hands in his pockets, Lightfoot gazed at Jacen, with his dark calculating eyes. “How’s it coming Jacen? Any progress?”

“Yes, I’m creating a program that will let me control CIN from in here. The program will shut CIN down when you’re ready.” Looking assured, Jacen fixed his eyes on Lightfoot.

“I’ll be ready in a week; make it work by then, Jacen!”

Talitha stayed at the Academy, in Rebecca’s room. While they were sleeping, an alarm went off in Talitha’s spirit. Waking up, she sat upright, wondering what could be wrong! “What is it, Lord? What’s happening?” She started praying, “Father, I ask You to reveal to me what the problem is, in Jesus’ Name. Thank You, Master. I know You hear me when I pray.” Waking Rebecca, she whispered to her, “Something’s wrong! Let’s get up!” Hurriedly pulling their clothes on, they then peeked out the door. Looking down the hall, they stepped out. Glancing down the other way, they saw Michael. Startled, Rebecca asked, “What are you doing here?”

“An alarm went off in my spirit, so I thought I’d come check on you two, and make sure you were alright.”

Talitha motioned for them to follow her. “Someone’s here who doesn’t belong. I don’t know who it is, but, it’s a pretty good guess Calzan sent them after us. Maybe, they tracked our vessel. If they have the ability to access our computer, they can locate where our rooms are. Therefore, we have to get clear of here. Let’s go this way.” Speedily, they walked down the corridor. Turning left, Talitha pointed to the climate control passageway.

“We can hide in here, and at the same time, spy on them and find out what they’re up to.”

The climate control passageway was located at four and a half feet from the floor. Michael popped the vent off, and then helped Talitha and Rebecca up. Swinging up himself, he then closed the vent after them. Crawling through the passageway on their knees, they edged ascending upward at an angle.

Talitha told them what she wanted to do. “This passageway goes over the hall. When whoever they are, walks this way; we’ll be able to see who it is. Hopefully, they’ll reveal who they are and what they’re doing here.”

Finally arriving, the three of them proceeded to wait for their quarry.

Zack and Joab were in the computer room. “Can you access the files?” Joab nudged Zack.

“I’m working on it. Let’s see. I’m placing their pictures in the computer. Where are these people located?”

*Cannot give out that information without proper authorization*

Joab searched his pockets. “Found it. Calzan said this might happen, so he gave me the codes. Here they are.” Handing them to Zack, he stepped back to give him room to work.

Typing the codes in, Zack tried again to find their missing prisoners.

“Here are two of them. I’ll get a print out. Got it, let’s go!”

Taking off towards the living quarters, they followed the map the computer produced for them.

“This way, Joab.”

Michael looked down onto the hallway. “I hear someone! It might be them. Come here!” He motioned the girls to come over. They all listened. There were two male voices coming toward them. “Here they come,” Michael whispered softly.


“Let’s see if our three prisoners are here. Let’s be quiet; we don’t want to spook them.”

“This is one of the girls room. The male is in the other dorm.”

Zack pulled out his laser gun, while slowly opening the door. Coming up behind him, Joab pulled his laser gun up toward his face with both hands. He didn’t want to take any chances. These people were really sneaky. They tiptoed in. Joab took out his micro pin light, and shined it around looking for the beds. Finding the beds, Zack whispered, “They’ve been slept in, but where are they? They’re both empty.”

Looking around, they observed they were nowhere to be found. “Well, where are they? If we don’t find them, it’ll be our heads!” Joab said wringing his hands.

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