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Sign On The Dotted Line
by Margery Wolfe
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Sign On The Dotted Line

Flip flop donít sign your life away; go out and handle your business. Read the bottom line, read the small print, read the information, read, read, read. We are supposed to read between the lines of the heart, soul, and spirit. My actions tell who I am. What comes out of my mouth says a lot about me. Believe little of what you hear and even be weary of what you see; for what you see may not be what you see at all. Some things we see is just unbelievable. Although a thing is real it can really appear to be unreal. Many homes have been subverted because of things that have been taught that should not have been taught. Because of wrong teaching for filthy lucre the world has been flipped upside down. CEOís are used to just signing not reading. We have been carried away with some strange doctrines of Government over the last few years. They confess everything except that Jesus came in the flesh. If we look at the spirit of that thing we would know that we have encountered a spirit of antichrist.

Filthy is a noun of filth which means repugnant or extreme dirt, refuse, vileness, corruption or obscenity, dirty, unclean, begrimed, soiled, stained, grimy, indecent, obscene, immoral, gross, impure, lewd, or disgraceful. Lucre means financial profit or gain.

To obtain financial gain is good. There is nothing wrong with that, but how you obtain it is what makes it filthy lucre, if you obtain it in and ungodly fashion. Many have acquired the spirit of antichrist through this very means of going after filthy lucre. Antichrist means against or instead of Christ, the opponent of Christ, whom Christ is finally to conquer. As the church of God has grown in America, we have developed the idea that we must be prosperous to look godly, that it may seem like God is more for us that the next person. This idea grew in Judaism first then developed also in the Messianic hope. Judaism is in reference to the Jews as a race of people and of the system of religious beliefs held by the Jews relating to Christian doctrines, which begin with Jewish beliefs. After the fall of Jerusalem to the Roman power, the Jews were spread among every people in every land. Even after they were able to return home to Palestine after Cyrus decreed that they could, many Jews did not, they migrated to other countries.

For centuries they were not a nation but maintained themselves as a distinct race among all the nations among whom they dwelt. Most of the time nearly every manís hand had been against them. This fact of their continual racial distinctness, though dispersed so universally, is one of the most remarkable in the history of men. They have exercised a pronounced influence upon the political, industrial, economic, and religious conditions of other peoples. It was a dramatic event when the nation of Israel was proclaimed in 1948. It seems to be too many that their history has been directed by the purpose of God.

Judaism as a set of beliefs is a special interest as it is related to Christian doctrine that were originated or modified by Jewish beliefs. There must be a dividing line as to where we can prosper and where we do not prosper. The Bible in Ecclesiastes 10:19 declares that money answers all things. It also speak that the love of money is the root of evil. Money, riches, or portable wealth is a defense. You can buy everything with money naturally but it cannot buy salvation. It can also perish with you when you die because you do not need money in heaven. Heavenís bank will never run out of what you need. You must make sure that you are banking the right money, and the money was not obtained in an ungodly fashion. We are killed all the day long spiritually because of our dealings concerning money. Money that is gotten in an illegal way is sin. We will go to any means necessary to get what we want. We will lie, steal, commit murder, and rob to get what we want. We even go to all lengths to cut down, demean, or rob someone else of their character if it means we get what we want. We are in the flesh when we do such things. It is not about a pure unadulterated love for God that they preach the gospel but how much are they going to pocket at the end of the sermon.

Many have even started out with God but the money has come against their spiritual mind and brought them into captivity, the filthy lucre syndrome; FLS disease. It is the spirit that helps our infirmities, but people think that money can buy them deliverance from anything. Maybe it can pay for a cure to your natural diseases but for this FLS disease, you need Jesus. Although he was condemned in the flesh, he does not condemn you. We condemn ourselves, we kill ourselves, and we fall into Satanís trap ourselves. For the good that we would do, we do not, and the evil we would not do we do. Evil is just present with us and we will have to pray past temptation and use the word to overcome. We do not have to accept the vile corrupt, unclean, disgraceful financial gain from the Devil means of profit. We do not have to sell out for filthy lucre but trust God with everything within us. A naked pretense that we do not need money is a deceptive means of the father of lies, Satan. God in all of his wisdom has provided such means to meet our needs

Godís anger will be kindled against us just as much for being deceptive, than seeking the gods of the people because of the untruth in our heart. Now because you are unfaithful in your own heart concerning money, you will not receive your own. Even our children are wiser today and they deceive also the children of light. We are teaching our children to be little devils and in hell will they lift up their eyes, being in torment. People we have to be careful of the things we do. Our children mimic what they live. Jeremiah 9:14 say, but have walked after the imagination of their own heart and after Baalim; which their fathers taught them. Their fathers forsake the laws of God and do not obey his voice so what do the children learn?

They learn disobedience also. Therefore God has scattered us among the heathens and he said he would send a sword after us. Never in history have we had such a Civil War as we are having here in America. Black on black crime, blue-collar crimes, armed robbery and murder is rampant and yet we wonít turn from our wicked ways.

In the midst of this wave on sin, more and more theft is going on, in church, out of church, everywhere and all this for that mean green, money. What will it profit us to gain the whole world and lose our own soul. Disobedience brings forth calamity, our attitudes toward God and mankind, and we should lead in a way that does not go against Godís Word. The Leaders must take on an attitude of Jesus Christ, and that is; that every soul is important and everybody belongs to God and our purpose is that we lift up Christ and he will draw men unto himself.

How can we recognize that this is Godís purpose when we treat each other, Godís Children like mince meat? Leaders tear down other leaders because they want to lead and will lead a manís congregation right out of the church and take them as his own. If we are not faithful in someone else's possessions that we are in charge of, how shall we take care of our own, yet man steal what is not his and call it his own. We have to be careful how we obtain money because out of our own mouth will God judge us. How easy it is to reap where we have not sown? We have to establish a spirit of faithfulness when it comes to God and not yield to filthy lucre.

Faithfulness is the quality of being faithful, loyalty, constancy and fidelity, being wise servants that God will bless with all you need. Once God finds you faithful over little then he will make you a ruler over much. Then you can enter into the joy of the Lord. Usually Christians do not see you when you are small, but when you are big, everybody take note of who you are. They want to follow you to come up big and prosperous over night, but they do not realize what it took for you to get there and all the sacrifices you have made.

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