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Money And Those That Have It
by Margery Wolfe
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Money And Those That Have It

There is a danger in looking back - What in Hell do you want?

Genesis 43:20-22 God does not lie. He said he would supply all your need. He can give you far more than you can ever think or imagine. Try him, it will come from somewhere. Genesis 43:23 When God blesses you and you get it right, you donít have to fear. Exodus 22:7 if we steal Godís money, we owe him double. Exodus 30:16 God uses money to make man honest, what happen to some of us. Deuteronomy 2:5-7 God gives us money for our needs, but we buy things other than what he has provided it for. We over spend and waste because we donít do what we are supposed to do. Deuteronomy 14:25:27 we waste our money on people that is not of the household of faith. We put our money to waste. We canít bless any one that God has cursed. Judges 16:17-19 people will sell you out for money. The Devil will make you steal Godís heart, by deceiving him with your money. Yet God is not deceived but you are. Woe be unto you when the devil uses you to deceive Godís work. Donít cut out Godís provision with your lack of vision. Television is big business but all that is good will be done away with because of power and wickedness.

Give from the heart God says. If itís not given from the heart, keep it. Why worry about what is given to the poor when you alone can give to half of the worldís poor and never miss the money? Of course you donít care about them. How can you care when you have never been their? All of the richís giving is for tax deductions that help them in paying their taxes. Be careful how you receive money. It has to be received from righteousness and to Godís glory. The rich I am not bashing, just the spirit they carry that is at this time displeasing my God. We have to be faithful in our dealings. We need to care for the house of the Lord and all those that are hired by the house to care for it. We have to be careful about the money we even receive in the house of the Lord. Some people donít care how they get money, just get it. They are getting money by deception, making promises in Godís name and they donít know God and God definitely donít know them.

Some things we do have have nothing to do with God. Itís for our own personal gain, but we use the Lordís name in vain. God forbid. God provide for his overseers, but we hold it back from them. If you take care to Godís business he will not let anything sneak upon you. He will reveal the enemy to you. Heíll keep you ahead of the enemy. Psalms 15:4-6 God will not let any evil move against you. It may come and present itself, but it will not prosper against you. We must not attain a spirit of fear because of who may win the office of the President. God is in control. It is said that as a man sows, that also shall he reap.

God is looking at the evidence of stewardship. He looks to see if we are worthy to receive the fullness of his blessings. He will not bless anyone that will be selfish concerning his work. God doesnít haphazardly trust anyone that doesn't trust him. Trust worthiness begat trust worthiness. You exhibit it; you get it in return. Is your labor about what God can do for you or is it rather what you can do for God? Is your labor for gain or is you labor to the glory and honor of God? What is your motive behind what you do? Some things must never enter into the courts of the White House. Godís plan is righteous. Neglect of the written plan of God brings not only a curse to you, but also a curse to the household of every American. You can very well be the curse in the house.

God hates waste. Some of our money we could keep. For what we put out, we may as well give it away. It serves us no good with God. Itís a joke. Not demeaning anyone, but consider your ways that you also donít demean God either. God didnít say we didnít need money, but he didnít want us to have to worry about money. He makes provision for his vision and you may be the provider, so donít get sidetracked into thinking that what you give is not needed, but make sure itís given in the right spirit.

To whom much is given, much is required. We out of greed will hold what we have and lose what we could get or achieve. We can get promotions that we arenít even qualified for.

Nobody Wants To Give Anything. Over the last five years I have found that no one wants to give and the good has to suffer for the bad. I am suffering from the insult of my intelligence daily by the politics going on today. All of America should feel bad that one of our own would stand fast, flat footed and lie to us as if we are the bird he has sought to insult. We are insulted over the mere fact that this man would show forth such ignorance in front of the whole world. What kind of drug is he really on? There has to be one or someone inadvertently popped him on the head and he never recovered. Itís sad that we as Americans have to endure such. Ignorance is not bliss! Ignorance found in the lifestyles outside of God has caused a lot of what we are facing.

There is a rise in healthcare as opposed to twenty years ago because people just were not as sick as they are told today. Everything the pharmaceutical company comes up with in the way of medicine the doctor gets paid to prescribe the condition to fit the medicine. The good have to suffer for the bad. Itís all about big business. Medicine and medical has increasingly been abused over the years. The body deteriorates as it ages. It ages quicker because of the abuse of what is put in it over the years. When we change our habits we will change our need for medicines and medical treatments. The doctors must make a decision. Do I want to make more money or continue operating with the less that is coming in? The demand of life says I have to do something to increase the income if I intend to keep up what I presently have. If the bottom line is not favorable to my wallet then I donít want to be bothered with the cause, just increase it.

We need to put our priorities in order. What did the elderly people do way back when? Their cells deteriorated over the years just the same as now. I notice people that donít go to the Doctor is much healthier and live longer than those that stay in the doctor office. There was less cancer when people didnít know of a cancer. People ate much healthier than they do now. They didnít have all the deadly poisons going in their bodies as now. We made our own food and ate our own food. We didnít have so much of a demand on foods that they used fertilizers as they do now. The meat we ate didnít have steroids in it. The demand for supply causes these additives to produce more much quicker and affects the human body filling it with toxicants that cause the body to be sick. Then there is nicotine, alcohol, and drugs that directly affect the body of the user and the nonuser.

Because so much insurance exist as big business it have to have a reason to stay existing. The supply is higher than the demand. If people are not sick, they wonít use insurance. If they donít use insurance and go to the doctor the supplies sit. If no money is spent then no money is made. So now people have become guinea pigs rather than treated as humans. Cells has always deteriorated and reproduced themselves naturally. Maybe all the medicines we abuse the body with cause more damage than not. Bones has always weakened. Bones has always been broken. Once a year visit to the doctor found you in good health but now tests of every kind has to be run for the demand side of economics to be met. When supply is high we must make the demand come up to meet that demand.

If you own a company, you decide if you will make the payroll more or less, government has to deal with it on an economic level. Businesses have to pay their fair share. We are in a mess in this country but we are not alone. Great Britain and other countries face the same problems as America. The only thing the very potent people that have that they are worried about is not having. Economics is affected one way or the other.

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