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Does it Really Matter Which God We Worship?
by Dinora Garza
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People who subscribe themselves to an all-inclusive religious view often say that all religions lead to God, that no matter whom you worship, you’ll end up in heaven. This is a distorted view regarding God, heaven and truth. The Bible tells us that worshiping the right God is the most important decision we have to make in our spiritual life (“God is One” -Deuteronomy 6:4-5).

How can we be sure that we are worshiping the true God? How can we be absolutely assured that we will go to heaven when we die? We need to go to the right source.

The Scriptures are the only source for knowing the true God

The Bible is the only book that claims to be God’s inspired Word, and describes His nature and plan. The Bible is a compilation of 66 books, written within a period of about 1600 years. It was written by more than 40 authors. These authors were very different from one another, and with some exceptions, these people never meet each other. Nevertheless, all of them wrote about a single theme: the salvation of mankind from sin and hell through the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross.

People often argue that the Bible was created by men and is not the inspired Word of God. How then you would explain the fact that through so many years and so many authors that never meet each other it was delivered to us in such a perfect unity and harmony in message and purpose?

Everything that is taught in the Bible is contrary to the nature of men, but akin to the nature of God

• The Bible teaches to love your enemies (quite contrary to human impulse!)
• The Bible calls us to serve others (totally against our self-centered nature)
• The Bible teaches to tell the truth to one another (we usually lie to one another)
• The Bible teaches purity (people enjoy profanity, sinfulness and immorality)
• The Bible teaches that there is only One God (people are fascinated by polytheist religions)

These are just a few examples of how contrary to human desires the content of the Bible is. It is impossible that a mere mortal would write a book trying to convince us to go against our nature and desires. His book would have never sold! Yet the Bible is the most read, the most bought, and most famous book of all time!

Besides being a spiritual book, the Bible is a historical book

The Bible is full of verifiable facts. It gives us dates, places and descriptions of how, when and where things happened. Those were real places and real people who really lived on this earth just like you. Did you know that besides the Bible you can find biblical facts in non-religious, historical accounts such as those of Flavius Josephus and Tacitus?

The Bible is full of scientific facts: the enormity of the universe, the shape of our planet, the method for stopping an epidemic outburst, the importance of the blood in our system; these were facts written in the Bible long before scientists discovered them.

When the Bible has been put to the test, archeology has verified the facts of it every single time! Visit christiananswers.net for more info about archeology and the Bible.

The Bible changes people’s lives

There is so much evidence proving the authenticity of the Bible and there is so much power in this book, that when men try to disprove it, they oftentimes end up believing in it; they become Christians. You can watch or read some of their stories at the internet

Josh McDowell
Lee Strobel
C. S. Lewis
Sir William Ramsey
Richard Morgan

The Bible is the only book that answers profound questions about us:

• How did life begin?
• What is the purpose of life?
• What is the cause of evil?
• Is there an eternal afterlife or is the present time all we have?
• Is there hope for our future?

There is no other book that after addressing these issues, leaves us satisfied and at peace.

The Bible is a prophetic book

Out of about 2500 prophecies contained in the Bible, 2000 have been already fulfilled and the rest pertain to the future. Three thousand of them were prophecies about the Messiah. All of them were fulfilled in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God. For more information on prophecies of the Bible visit reasons.org

Only the Bible gives us the name and characteristics of the true God:

Yahweh is described as all powerful (He has no limitations), omnipresent (He is everywhere), eternal (He has no beginning or ending), omniscient (He knows everything), sovereign (He is the ruler of this world), faithful (He never fails), merciful (He is full of mercy), righteous (He is lawful), holy (He is pure), loving (He loves us. These are not by any means the only characteristics that He possesses. I encourage you to discover more in your Bible!

Does the One you worship have these characteristics? If your answer to any of those is no, you are in great spiritual danger, because the Bible not only tells you who He is, but that He condemns idolatry. Idolatry means worshiping objects, animals, or people instead or besides the true God.

The God of the Bible proved through his works that He was the true God

• God made heaven and earth and shared it with our ancestors, Adam and Eve. Did you know that there is scientific evidence that proves that all humanity comes from this two people?
• God sent a flood all over the earth in the times of Noah. .
• God freed the Jews from slavery in Egypt. He turned the water into blood to prove He was the true God. He destroyed by flies, lice, frogs, locust, fire, and hail the Egyptians’ possessions in which they trusted.
• God opened the Red Sea so the Jews could cross on dry land
• He destroyed the evil people of Sodom by sending fire from heaven. There is archeological evidence of this event.
• God took care of the Israelites for 40 years in the desert, giving them bread from the sky and even meat. He also made water come out of a rock so they could survive.

When people who worshiped other gods were challenged to demonstrate the power of their gods or idols, they were always unable to do it. God triumphed every single time!

There is only one way to relate to the God of the Bible

God appointed one man through whom we’ll have access to His presence and favor: Jesus Christ, His son, the Savior of the World.

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, nobody comes to the Father except through me” said Jesus.

“There is no salvation in any other, for there is No other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12)

“For God so loved the world that he gave is one and only son, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life” John 3:16)

Let’s put all of this together

The God of the Bible is the true God. He is and always will be, and according to the Bible not every religion leads to heaven. There is only One God: Yahweh. There is only one Way to God: Jesus Christ. There is only one way to be saved from sin and hell: trusting in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

How can you become a follower of Jesus?

First you have to realize that God is Holy and He won’t let any sinful man go to heaven, no matter how many good deeds he did or what religion he professed.

Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for what you have done: every lie, every lustful thought, every covetous feeling, every time you stole something, etc. was paid to God by Jesus. He died so that you can be reconciled with God.

The moment you realize that you cannot do anything to save yourself, that you are unable to gain your way to heaven because of your sins, that your only hope is Jesus Christ, tell God about it and ask Him to forgive you because of what Jesus did for you. This is called “putting your faith in Jesus” or becoming a follower of Jesus. Read your Bible often and pray to the Lord continuously. You’ll obey Him and He’ll transform your thoughts and actions. You are now God’s child. Not only that, He promises you in the Bible that you’ll have eternal life in His presence after you die. He has saved you from eternal damnation.

A godly warning – The marks of a true believer

Since there are so many people who claim to be Christian without being so, I need to warn you about it. If you make the decision to follow Jesus, your life is meant to change. You’ll grow to be a more honest, more caring, and wise person. You will want to obey God. You may experience lapses of coldness toward spiritual matters once in a while but they won’t last long because you’ll always return to Christ, God and The Bible. These are the marks of a true follower of Jesus. If you don’t see these changes in your life but instead you’d enjoy sin the same as before, if your life hasn’t changed and you still don’t enjoy righteousness, you have not experienced spiritual salvation. Look for advice from a real Christian (you’ll recognize him or her by his godly way of life. His only rule of faith and practice will be the Bible) Ask your Christian friend to help you to fully understand the experience of salvation and don’t give up; the true God is passionate about having a relationship with you.

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Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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