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by ralph jackson
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The Final Test I used to love watching Star Trek particularly the early TV series with William Shatner as Captain James T Kirk and Leonard Nimoy who played Spok the pointed eared second in command of the Starship Enterprise. ‘To boldly go where no man has gone before’ or as Buz Lightyear would now say “To infinity and beyond’. The human imagination never ceases to amaze me. With computer graphics today man’s imagination has reached new heights. Can you imagine what those early TV series would have been like if the technology of today was around then? Those monsters that Captain Kirk and his crew used to encounter on strange worlds look so wooden when compared to those that move across out screens now. It has always been in human nature to want to explore the unknown. Our history is peppered with the names of those intrepid adventurers who fearlessly went out into the world exploring distant lands and bringing back stories of wonderful exotic places fraught with danger and accessed with courage. What is it that makes up the human spirit and why does it seek greater knowledge? Professor Richard Hawkin’s said “in about a 100 years from now, mankind will have found another planet similar to that of earth”. He thinks that this world is dying, therefore we need to ensure the survival of the human race and the only way he sees this happening is for humanity to make a new home on some distant planet? I do not profess to be as intelligent as Professor Hawkin’s and neither do I have a list of letters after my name to qualify me as someone to whom the world should listen. Maybe if I was like him or a pop star or film actor, I could qualify as a person whose voice and opinions count - but I am not. I am just an ordinary person who has been privileged to be given a better understanding of the origins of this planet and the destiny of the human race, through God’s Word. NASA spends billions on research into space looking for intelligent life. Other countries are also involved in the exploration of the universe and spend too much of their gross domestic product on ships and probes to the stars. I personally believe that this money could have been better spent on the problems we have on this world. It is obscene to spend the working man’s taxes on exploration to dead planets when millions of children die every year for the want of food and water. What would we do if we found another planet with intelligent life? Would we ‘come in peace’ or ‘shoot to kill’? If our past history on earth is an example of what our actions would be, I suspect it would be the latter. There is something in the human spirit that is faulty. We may have good intentions at the outset but our natural inclination is to suppress and rule. To force those who do not conform to our will – to bend and submit. Ultimate power corrupts the character and where once a person of good intent is given such power, he or she will use it to their gain, irrespective or morality or fairness. Dictators can only survive if they have ultimate control through fear. A human child comes into the world born with a natural tendency to selfishness. If that selfishness is not checked as the child grows up, it will become a selfish adult whose life is shaped by its desire to get what it wants. We live in a society today where the appetite is being fed continually. The eyes are being fed with images of violence through Movies, TV, DVD video and games. The flesh is being appeased through lustful gratification either from natural or perverted sexual desire and through gluttony. Pride is fed by self-importance. The person who acquires a big bank account; houses, cars and or becomes famous is considered to have made it in the world. The sum of their possessions makes them better than their fellow humans and they think them less important than themselves. It seems we have no control of our wants and desires! Even when we want to become a better person there is something within us that urges us to take the road to self-gratification. Embedded into every human being from the day they are born until the day they die is ‘lust’. Do we really understand what lust is? The dictionary answer is: “Lust is an emotional force that is directly associated with the thinking or fantasizing about one’s desires usually in a sexual way”. Lust is based on biological urges in the body and is not necessarily confined to sexual urges. A person can lust after the acquisition of wealth or possessions or food or drink. Lust first starts in the frontal lobes of the mind, either through a biological urge or a fantasizing thought. If the thought or desire is fed it will turn into action. For example: a person on a diet attending a wedding feast may be confronted with some delicious looking cream cakes. The eyes see the cakes and the mind fantasizes picking up one and eating it. The will to resist may at first be strong enough to withhold the persons hand from picking up a cake, but if the mind continually dwells upon the taste, and the eyes keep looking at the cakes, this will cause a biological urge to occur in the body so the person begins to salivate. Therefore by not walking away from the temptation, it is likely the willpower of that person will fail. Consequently, the lust they have allowed to grow in their mind will eventually cause them to put their desire into action by eating a cake. So you see, lust begins in the mind, therefore if humans were ever allowed access to another populated planet, we would eventually bring destruction through our inherent lust. It is my belief that the divine creator of the universe made doubly sure that we would never be able to contaminate any of his other un-fallen worlds, (Yes, I believe there are other populated planets out there). By placing this little spec of dust we call Earth on the edge of a distant galaxy known to us as the milky-way, we are so far away from any other living planets, that even if we were allowed to remain in our current lustful human condition for another 10,000 years or more, we would never be able reach another populated unfallen planet. Where then did the human race acquire this fault in character and will the fault ever be rectified? Evolutionists tell us that there is no god. We are just the product of chance! A few million years ago, according to them, there was a big bang and the universe was created. From this came the millions of stars and galaxies we can now see through the Hubble telescope and the probes sent out to explore our universe. One wonders if an alien, seeing one of earth’s probes, would conclude that it must have been evolved over millions of years. In Richard and Tina Kleiss’s book “a closer look at the evidence”, they show why the theory of evolution – for all practical purposes is dying, if not is already a dead theory. They say "at one time living cells were considered no more complex than empty ping pong balls. As biochemists have learned more about the complexity of life, it has become increasingly apparent that thousands of specific and complex chemicals are required for any form of life to survive. Evolutionist Harold Morowitz estimated the probability for chance formation of even the simplest form of living organism at 1/10340,000,000. By comparison only 1020 grains of sand could fit within a cubic mile and 10 billion times more (1030) would fit inside the entire earth. Therefore, the probability of forming a simple cell by chance processes is infinitely less likely than having a blind person select one specifically marked grain of sand out of an entire earth filled with sand. There is nowhere near enough time nor matter in the entire universe for even the simplest cell to have formed by chance combinations. Even if all the correct chemicals somehow came together in the correct place, you still wouldn't have life. This is exactly the situation every time a living organism dies. Immediately after death, all the right chemicals exist, in the right proportions, and in the right place -- yet the creature is still dead! Five billion years is nowhere near long enough for evolution to have taken place. in reality, all of eternity would not provide enough time for random processes to form the enormous complexity of life." "The simplest conceivable form of life (e.g. bacteria) contains at least 600 different protein molecules. Each of these molecules performs specific functions by fitting into other molecules shaped in exact three-dimensional spatial arrangements. These proteins work like a key fitting into a lock -- only a specifically shaped protein will fit. Yet there are multiple trillions of possible combinations of protein molecules and shapes. How could the exactly required shape find the exactly correct corresponding protein in order to perform the required cellular function? "The mathematical probability that the precisely designed molecules needed for the 'simplest' bacteria could form by chance arrangement of amino acids (these are the chemicals that link up to form proteins) is far less than 1 in 10450. Most scientists acknowledge that any possibility less than one in 1050 is considered an impossibility. One wonders why this 'impossibility' is being taught as a 'fact of science' to millions of school children each year?" If the theory of evolution is therefore impossible, then there is only one alternative to our existence – we were created by a divine being we call God. So was the fault in our characters put there by him? When God had finished creating the world and all the animals, he saw that it was good. Genesis 1:25. After creating Adam and Eve God finished creation so he said it was very very good. Genesis 1:31. The use of the verb ‘very’ twice explains to the reader of that God was well pleased with his handiwork and nothing that he had made could be improved upon. Is it likely therefore that he created a fault in the characters of Adam and Eve, which would eventually become destructive to his beautiful new world creation? Adam and Eve were created adults. God formed Adam’s his body out of the dust of the earth. Biologists today will tell you that humans have every chemical and metal in our bodies that is in the ground. God used his own hands to form Adam’s shape, a shape that was in the image and likeness of himself. As the lifeless form of Adam lay on the ground, God leaned over him and with a godly kiss breathed into Adams nostrils expanding his lungs causing the heart to pump and send blood coursing through his veins. With a deep intake of breath, Adam opened his eyes to behold the face of his father and creator. I can imagine God stretching out his hand to grasp Adam’s and pulling him up on his feet. I can imagine the joy that filled Adam when he saw the face of God and then looked around at his surroundings. He must have been filled with millions of questions in his perfectly formed brain. We can only speculate what his first words were. maybe he said to God ‘who or what am I’ but I do not think the ‘hard drive’ of his brain was empty. I am sure that God would have filled his mind with many answers to his questions. There would enough time, an eternity, for Adam to get to know his father and to learn of his universe. Not wishing for Adam to be alone, God sent him into a deep sleep and took a rib from him he fashion a woman to be his companion. Genesis 2: 21-25. It was Adam who called the woman Eve, because she was taken out of man. v23. So the first humans were created perfect. There was no blemish or fault in their genetic makeup. They were created with perfect stature and lived on a bacteria free world where no sickness could occur and no death existed. What a contrast to the way the evolutionist believes. They say we came from a slimy swamp and that our ancestors lived in trees. Animals killed animals and man killed man to survive. It was the survival of the fittest and death was everywhere. Human’s, says the evolutionist, is just a higher species of animal. We are not a special creation - just a product of chance. We have no known destiny but have to be content with the here and now because at the end of life there is nothing. Unless we find a way by our own human effort to save this planet from destruction (which we are partly to blame for), the end of the human race is inevitable. This contrasts greatly with the creationist view of a benevolent creator. A loving God, who sustains the world and has a plan for our future. A God who made humans upright, with the capacity to disagree with him - to challenge him and to hurt him. A God, who gave up his only son to die on a cross because he loved us so much. John 3:16. Adam and Eve did not lust after each other’s bodies nor look upon the world around them to covet the things that God had made. They were naked in the garden, clothed only with the light of God. Shame of nakedness did not exist neither did covertness. Then where and when did these character faults emerge in humanity? After God had made the heavens and the earth, we are told in Genesis 2:2 that, “he rested on the Seventh day”. Was god tired? Of course not! God could have made everything in a moment. All he needed to do was to speak and it was done. Had he made the universe and the worlds in a split second, Then Adam and Eve would not have known time. Time, which God had created for the human race. God foreknew the outcome of his creation and the fall of Adam and Eve so he created life over a period of 24-hour days and rested on the 7th day. Lucifer was corrupted by his own beauty and talent and considered that he should be a part of the creation of the new universe and world. He was envious of Christ and wanted to be his equal. Before the beginning of our creation, he was already causing stirrings of discontentment in the heavenly realms, Ezekiel 28: 11-19. By creating a weekly cycle and setting the seventh period of 24hrs apart from the other six days of the week, enabled Adam and Eve, to remember their creator and to rest from their weekly toil. Adam and Eve were not Jews. The Jewish nation did not come on the scene until Abraham, the Father of the Jews, so the weekly Sabbath the Jews were commanded to keep was the exact day that God had made and set as a memorial of creation. What makes the Seventh day different from keeping another day as a Sabbath is the special relationship God has with his children who keep his law? God never transferred holy time given at creation to another day for Christian’s! The very fact that the Bible is silent on this is proof that the day did not change by the will of God. If the Sabbath was observed today; the day written by the finger of God on stone tablets, then this world would be a much safer place to live. Adam and Eve were content in the Garden of Eden. The place was a beauty to behold. The air was pure and the huge trees were home to the birds. The animals that Adam named roamed freely. Large beasts much taller than those of today chewed on the abundant vegetation. They could walk freely amongst all the animals without fear. Death was alien in this beautiful world – until the rebellion. Every Sabbath God would walk in the garden with his children. I imagine God explaining the work of angels and his other works of creation. As our first parents listened to their father’s voice, they must have felt the great love that he had for them. They in turn returned that love and understood their need of him. Each Sabbath would have been a joyful time, knowing their maker was to be physically present with them. Of course God would have been with them all through the week, but only on a Sabbath would he personally visit the garden. Today, if we want to have God (Jesus) visit with us in person, then he will be with us in a special way on the Seventh day of the week. We cannot know how this occurs, but because he told us to ‘remember’ the Sabbath day and keep it holy (set it apart), we know that we cannot do this on a Sunday or any other day of the week. That special communion time is reserved for the day we call Saturday only. By patient obedience to all the commands, (which are a transcript of the character of God), written by his own finger, we can be assured of his protection at all times. After the fall to Earth Lucifer and his angels were continuing their rebellion started in heaven. Jesus (Michael) fought with the Devil and those angels that had taken his side and he cast them out of heaven. Revelation 12:4 & 13 & 12:7-9; Luke 10:18; Jude v6. So now the battlefield had changed. Lucifer, now called Satan, was down but he was not out of action. If he couldn’t stay in heaven, then the earth would become his. Jesus could not be directly defeated but the new human pair would be fair game for him. The heavens had rejoiced that the dissent was gone and peace restored, however the earth was now in danger because Satan was filled with anger at his defeat. Revelation 12:12. And so the battle on earth commenced. Jesus put enmity between the human race and Satan. This would ensure that the Devil would not have it all his way. Throughout history, Satan has deceived humanity in the same way he is doing today. The more he can destroy faith in God’s holy word, in his law, the more he draws to his side. In the Garden of Eden the test for Adam and Eve was a tree with forbidden fruit. The fruit had no special powers. It was a test of loyalty. Satan challenged God’s authority and persuaded Eve to do the same. She believed what she was told by the Devil and took Adam along with her. The result was the beginning of the death of the human race. Satan uses the same arguments today. He still calls God a liar. He says his law; the 10 commandments are no longer necessary. Many believe they have been nailed to the cross with Christ and all you now need is grace? Does being under grace excuse a person from obedience to the law? If a police officer gracefully allows you to go on your way after speeding without giving you a ticket, are you now able to drive as fast as you want? No of course not, you are still under the law. Being under God’s grace means obedience to the law because you are saved by grace. Christ died to uphold God’s law. He kept the Sabbath holy and he is Lord of the Sabbath. It is God’s seal of authority showing him as creator and owner of this world. Adam and Eve proved disloyal to God. Millions today are being disloyal through the keeping of a false Sabbath set up by man in place of the true holy time. Revelation 14: 12. “Here is the patience of the saints, here are those who keep the Commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus. Will you pass the final test? Ralph Jackson

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