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We Invite The Trouble
by Margery Wolfe
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We Invite The Trouble

Who did just stop one day or show up unannounced that we didnít invite. What do we mean invite? The very people or thing we need to propel us into our destiny we throw away. What we donít need is what we usually want around. Invite means we cleverly and intelligently appeal, attract, or encourage the trouble to come for a visitation of some sort. For whatever purpose we entice the visit we are just as much emotionally connected in bringing to pass the overpowering, overwhelming powerful trouble that the Devil has issued against us. He donít just come in we invite him in. We invite the trouble that comes to our houses

Trouble is calamity, distress, misfortune, and tribulation that harasses, irritates, and pesters us. Trouble can be very bothersome, trying, perplexing, galling, burdensome, and disturbing. We however have been sent on an assignment. Jesus sent us as believers out to look for trouble. When we go we donít know what we will be entangled with. By this we mean we do what we have been commanded to do and let God breathe on us to deal with the rest. Jesus said we are to go out into the hedges and byways and compel men to come to Him.

Matthew 28:19-20 go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world; Amen.

We have a call, we have a work. So why are we standing around looking for someone else to do the job we have been called to do? After Jesus had been with man, taught them and showed them the way of holiness, he was tried, convicted, sentenced and put to death. Jesus; though they had sealed and was guarding the sepulchre where they buried him, rose. After the resurrection the women went to take care of the dead but found him not there. See Jesus didnít invite them to the tomb, the Spirit of God led them there through the love they had for him. Surely they missed him in the flesh; for he had been with them. Mary Magdalene and the other Mary wanted to see the sepulchre

What they came for is not what the found. They looked for a dead man buried in a tomb but instead found a risen Spirit man and an empty tomb. The body Jesus had in the earth had risen. There was a great earthquake and the stone had been rolled away from the door and the Angel of the Lord sat upon it. His countenance was like lightning and his raiment white as snow and for fear of the Angel the keepers of the door did shake and became as dead men. What they thought they saw was real and came to them uninvited; yet invited. Jesus had previously told them that he would rise up the third day if they destroyed this temple. Jesus was inviting them to cleanse the temple and He invites us today to cleanse our temples the body and walk out in the newness of life and be baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Taking the invitation means we will face some difficulty within ourselves. It means we will face some trials, hurtful disappointments, being judged wrongly, calamities, distressful times, assaults by men, insulted by the elect, bruised by those we love, victimized by the enemy, and buried alive by fellow Christians just as Jesus was without a word spoken in his behalf. We have been invited to a Christian Faith that may take us to the grave; but if we love God and believe that Jesus Christ was crucified, buried, and resurrected we will endure all the way to the end. We invite the trouble that comes to steal our joy. Little did The Disciples know when Jesus called them as Disciples to walk with Him that they were giving up so much of the world and the joy they apparently had in the world. But we know that joy in the world is not really joy; itís just a past time thatís here today and gone today. The joy of the Lord is our strength. This is the joy the world seek to destroy in the life of the Saint. Joy for the Christian comes by way of rejoicing before the Lord thy God in all that we put our hands to do. Our joy comes through pleasing God. In Godís house is glory and honor in his presence, strength and gladness. He fills our mouth with laughter, and our lips with rejoicing. When we try any other way we allow the Devil an entrance to steal our joy. Holding on to Christ invites Satan to bring the same attack or worse against us than Jesus. He is really after the Christ in us not the flesh.

When we put our trust in God we rejoice at the fact alone that we trust Him for all. For this we shout for joy for God will defend us against the enemy. We invite the trouble that comes to kill our vision. The Devil comes to use steal-kill on our salvation. Steal-kill is the insecticide Satan uses to spray on us like we are ants or roaches that he can kill like that. This stuff is used to flush out Godís Statutes and Commandments we have been given to keep. It is used to cause us to weep, but he didnít know that past the weeping is joy and rejoicing in the heart. The righteous are glad in the Lord, so he seeks to kill Godís righteousness in us. He wants us to not bow before the Lord uprightly because he can kill the flow of the stream of life called the Holy Ghost. Without Him we lose sight of what we have been called to do; killing the vision of God in us.

We invite the trouble that comes to destroy our soul. If we donít make a joyful noise to the Lord then the noise we make is vain. We canít tell others of Christ and we ourselves have no witness of Him or His testimony. He comes to destroy our servitude for we are to serve the Lord with gladness and come before his presence with singing from our soul. Because of this we may invite some tears to flow from our eyes but be of good cheer Christ overcame the world. The enemy of his soul thought that he had destroyed his soul and all hope of mankind being saved. But he did not destroy Jesus soul; he helped the process of raising manís soul to God once again. We invite Satan the opportunity to destroy our souls as Jesus did when we tell Satan the Word as Jesus did when he presents himself to us. If we endure temptation to the end we will be saved. We will hear God say well done thy good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord forever. Satan trying to destroy our soul makes us want to hang in there the more and others because of our endurance will also come to the Lord. Joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repents more than the ninety and nine just persons which need no repentance.

We invite the trouble that comes to tear down rather than build up and edify through faithful endurance. When we remain in Christ and be full of Him like He was when He went to the Cross Satanís desire is to tear us down that we donít carry our cross or hang on to it. He tries to tear down all of the Word that we have received of the Lord that is to remain in us. He searches out the weaknesses of man that he may accuse us to God. He wants to tear down the Holy Ghost; the power in us that gives us access to God by faith into the grace wherein we stand and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. This hope we have in Christ invites Satan in to try and tear down. We being filled with the power of God brings divers temptations our way. Having the fruit of the Spirit present in our lives invites Satan to come in and persistently try to tear down our faithfulness and endurance in Christ. An adamant prayer life makes us firm, fixed, insistent, obstinate, resolute, set, steadfast and unyielding to his tactics so we are built up and edified in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Satan is trouble we invite to us when we accept Christ as our personal savior, live a life pleasing unto him, receive of Godís Holy Spirit once again, and stand on the Word of God. He is enemy number one. He will come in our house and steal, kill, and destroy because itís a way to control our hearts. This keeps Godís best from us and we allow Satan to do it when we donít obey all that we have been told to obey by God the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost.

Itís time we make an intelligent decision to accept Christ today. We must make ourselves bright, keen, smart, perceptive, discerning and knowledgeable concerning the works of the enemy. We must understand how quickly he comes on the attack after we have accepted to allow Christ to move in our lives. We must understand his sharpness of the Word and his comprehension of the Spirit of God and its operation. Satan is imaginative, full of information for he was in heaven with God and we are trying to transition there. He is on his job and we must be about our Fatherís business to win souls for his kingdom. We need some intelligence about what we say we believe in, love, and trust. We must be able to recognize him when he presents himself. Understand, discern, and comprehend in our mind that we cannot mentally fight this foe; it is spiritual warfare and God has already won.

Look at the news reports on Jesus, get the information and hold on to the facts. Of the hundred percent of the Disciples Jesus only lost a tenth; Judas because his intellect ruled over the intellect to God. He leaned to his own understanding of how to handle the Devil rather than God. With God Judas found out that this is intolerable. What God has said; it is that. What God has said to us today is not unendurable, unbearable, impossible, offensive, painful or undesirable. It is a choice however that man must make in coming to know Him. God does not cause the distress, hurt, and trouble that comes our way. We indirectly invited the trouble when we came to reign with Christ.

Are we really sure we are ready for the pain, suffering, anguish, distress, misery wretchedness, and torment that come with being a child of God? Being in Christ is no bed of roses as it has been portrayed in times past; and this is why so many falls out of Christ. There is a lot of hurt by the people in the Church. We may be burnt along the way. Jesus suffered it so why wonít we? Are we better than the one that died for our sake to give us eternal life? There is grief associated with serving the Lord; are we sure we are ready for it? Grief causes us to be despondent. It causes us to worry sometime and fills us with anxiety; can we deal with being depressed over sin and sadden when man dies in a sinful state? If we are sure we can be sensitive to the Spirit and feel what God feels everyday then we can be his Disciples. Come on and get on board.

We are aware that there is no element of surprise or confusion associated with our invited guest. We invite the trouble and now we are ready to deal with it by letting the Lord handle his business and we stepping back and keeping what he has invested in us; life in our soul for eternity.

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