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Motivation; The Slave Master Mentality Still Lives
by Margery Wolfe
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Motivation; The Slave Master Mentality Still Lives

Weíve reached halfway up the mountain. The PRESIDENT, the LEGISLATURE, the SENATE and all that is in STATE GOVERNMENT have encouraged us to get to this point want to see us the people they represent continue our mission to reach higher heights in this life. They have promoted us the PEOPLE to seek at accomplishing our dreams and taught us that we can obtain the vision of the promise land in America also. So what are we the people in AMERICA going to do to stay motivated in these treacherous times where we are put on a chess board awaiting a move? Whatís our next move? Itís not about the people anymore but what the elite of the elites want, slavery again; not as it was with one people but Americaís Middle Class on down.

We have been inspired through the guidance and influence of our superiors over the years to desire to make it in life; but will become slaves to a workforce that is driven by slave master that wants more money and power? They have strived to exert every animating, enlivening opportunity to make us see who we are, why we are here and what we are to leave here with. God said we are to leave an inheritance to our children and their childrenís children. Itís our the peopleís time to make our voices heard and say we will not put up with this kind of terrorism in America. Graduation from high school is out of order in America and life ahead is uncertain for the working people not because of the President or Governors but because of the greed of the people in the elite group that seeks to keep their pocketbooks filled. They have and will sell the American people out over the years. In other countries they send their work for cheap labor. Our people graduate from college and can hardly get a decent job.

The labor is not cut from Washington; it is cut from the CEOís of the Companies. Technology from other Countries with our money has taken control of the financial markets and offers cheaper labor which is not cheaper as we think. The American dollar is worth more in other Countries. Wake up people when people put money in banks outside the United States when they pull it out in America it is worth so much more; at least every dollar may be as much as 16% to 18% more when it is cashed in America. When in Mexico alone we buy a pair of shoes for forty dollars; on the other side in America we will pay at least $160 for the same shoes. Why? They love American money because when they cash it in on this side they will get that $160 not the $40. Itís time to see the real picture for ourselves. Washington donít rule, the people does; that is the elite because they have the money to throw into Washington.

Are we any better today than we were on yesterday, if we are better than we only want to look back to grow from what we have attained. It is always a fact that we may have to reflect back on something we have heard, seen, or learned. Letís take it and make it; my fellow Americans. Itís time we make our voices heard again. Itís time to go to the polls and vote that we may continue the upward road not go back to being slaves to the CEOís that care less about us. Itís not about the American people; itís all about keeping the pockets heavy of the drug dealers inside the CEO offices of big business. America we have been played by our own greed achievers of our Country. The United States, indivisibly, one nation under God; we the people of this great Country is still being had. The leopard doesnít change its stripes no matter how much it is tamed. The tendency to strike is still engraved in its nature. No matter how much a person with a spirit of greed say they arenít greedy all of their actions are motivated by that greed.

We have been stimulated by the President to change the political scene in Washington, given an exalting life experience full of exciting activity and growth. We have shared the class work of Washington, shop work on the Senate floor, and work on the road of the Legislature. Itís been an exciting experience and life changing. My temperature for the future has been raised. My psyche has been aroused and I am provoked to effect change needed in the lives of the ones I will serve as they sat in my presence mentally or physically with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I intend to stimulate their lives as mine has been by these great teachers and other staff members of Government. I intend to have some direct influence over the head I will work on to not only perfect the hearts but whatís in the head also. Itís no wonder they have chosen to work on the minds of the people through deception; itís because we have deep inside of us a desire to change our lives and the lives of our children and their children also.

Now we need to set in motion what we have learned to reach a market out there where we can fit in and make someoneís life better by keeping them well groomed and beautiful. We know when someone looks good they most likely feel good about themselves. Letís set in motion our purpose to change the world one head at a time. We each have that special vision individually for the individual head we will work on. Letís zero in on making it a masterpiece to be remembered by all that see it. Remember our work leaves on every head we touch; letís make it count.

Remembering life is more than a hairdo, a haircut, or hairstyle is each an individual masterpiece; ours. Our work follows us to the homes, community, work places, church, stores, and eateries. When people look at the work of the average person they are asking, who did they help or who did eat because of their labor. Everybody knows who the people of the United States need and will want to know is President in November. We are the working people that strived to make a difference in the world. All of Americaís woes began in the offices of the CEOís of Companies that desire to fatten their pockets more and more while the people suffer lack. Our work is just as magnificent as the greatest artist, musician, athlete, or anyone else whose name rings out in the world. We the people will speak, we the people have spoken and we the people want to be heard. No people should be left behind in America. Tell the truth; Washington has been in a fight for some time now between the party lines. Where is the unity in United?

How high we go in this new profession we have embarked on is dependent upon our attitude to go get what I want and be the very best at it! When will the people be heard if not now? Listen, who knows better than the President of the United States what really goes on in Washington than the people that has been there and is there. Government is set in advance three years when a new person comes into office. Who really rules the world? Satan himself and he has not changed; he is still a liar, the father of all lies. He is still a deceiver, deceiving even the very elect. He still kills man; his mind, body, soul, and spirit. He still steals and destroys. We cannot dismiss these spirits contained in the hearts of man also. God will and is exposing the hearts of man. Watch them demons. The slave mentality still exists in America. When the slave master seeks to empower his own and leave the rest behind beware of that demon.

Be motivated today to go and let your voice be heard today. We want to be counted as a whole nation. The entire world wants what America has and only America can give it up through greed. What we are taught and learned is of truth. We must know the truth and the truth will make us free. As God reveal things to us, we must take heed. Hear and obey. For the love of money, a man will sell his soul. For the love of money all evil is birth. Money answers all things because we need it to live in this world. We rule it, it doesnít rule us. It is a rudiment in the earth that is needed for food, clothing and shelter; manís need. The Devil desires to have all of the money and guess who suffers? The people that is in need; for if we the people donít have money to spend in the economy, then the economy suffers in all areas of finance needed to pay people and stay afloat. The small business cannot stay in business. We the people effects our own growth; use what we have in our power to make a difference.

Iran, Russia, equals China. Where is the weapons and money coming from? We see what we see or what we think we see or what we are made to see. Well dig deeper America. We are on our way to becoming a third world Country. The United States is a nation divided against its self. We should be a nation of God, but instead we have divided ourselves with God. We go along with whatever seems good at the time but we never count up the costs of our actions. God is no pleased with the rhetoric, the disrespect, and the lowering of standards. America is going along with everything that is not family. Sodom and Samaria was destroyed because of homosexuality, perversion, perverted acts, and everything that mars the body. What we are saying is we donít trust God anymore. We move by what we say. Godís Word is a byword. The inhabitants rule and the Leaders follow along. Our country has no backbone. The President is fought against like a rock that man donít have to respect. A nation is designation of people, one nation under God undivided and indivisible that signifies the inhabitants of a particular district or country, or the district or country itself. There is freedom of speech but too much speaking of secrets is going on. What happens behind closed doors should stay behind closed doors. God said that our nay should be nay and our yes, yes.

Right now we defeat ourselves. Young men are strong, they can fight; so why are we putting them away in prisons everywhere, or putting guns on the street where they will destroy themselves. In 1985 it was said in my presence that this certain man who was a known racist said no more of his boys will go to prison for killing another ďNegroĒ. He will put the drugs and guns out there and that they will kill up each other. America was the land of the free; but are we free. China can be called David Duke and Russia the camouflage. Camouflage means conceal, hide, cover, veil, or to disguise oneís actions. We are cantankerous, quarrelsome, and disagreement in our own country. There are office seekers, candidates that says anything, disrespect one another and have never backboned the United States Government under the President. Their portrait of the Government is bad so why do other countries respect this country? They figure that at our weakness they can prevail over us. The enemy watches our weaknesses, our delicate parts, the feeble, powerless, the flimsy or wobbly. The wealthy, rich, and the affluent stand to lose all they have. The enemy works on keeping up a fuss to wear us down. They are putting the stuff out there where we will destroy ourselves; we self-destruct. This country is deteriorating, its assets, abundance and respect is eroding. We as a people are tired, exhausted, drained, and fatigued with the things going on.

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