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The Investigation
by Margery Wolfe
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The Investigation

Experience speaks! We canít take the role that we have not experienced. Most times people think they can walk in your shoes when they are power driven. We in America is showing division and itís destructive for our nation. We are a nation undivided and respect leadership; what has happened. We have just as much war here in America called Politics than foreign countries that wage war upon each other for power. To every American we are a nation that is on the decline because of all of us and our own foolishness. Everyone knows that when a murder is committed that an investigation is done and very little is said by way of the media but the work is behind closed doors.

When David and his men in I Samuel 30 had come and found that the Amalekites had burned their home front, took captive all that was there they first cried and wept for their families until they had no more power to weep. David was greatly distressed and the people spoke of stoning him because their families had died they thought. For a few minutes they lost confidence in their King as the leader but they didnít understand that the King had a relationship like none other with God. They grieved for their sons and daughters but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God. He went in and put on the Ephod and went before the Lord for directions. He had investigated the situation, now he is in prayer. God answered him pursue for thou shall surely overtake them and without fall recover all. Sometime you have to talk to yourself, position your stand, and do what you have to do after all has been followed.

God will show up in all of our situations. In II Chronicles 20:14-15 we find for best results follow instructions. In America we have a problem following instructions. We have a lack of discipline and are very disrespectful. We donít wait to see what God is doing nor our leaders. We are supposed to watchful and alert. We have to be careful and mindful of the things we observe not to speak but inspect, do a scan over the information given and audit it. Listen, donít talk! Make sure the information is not hearsay, be apprehensive and judge righteously. We must have courage, fortitude, and gallantry but in the proper perspective. Jehoshaphat told the people what God said; instructing them in what to do. He told them that they were to be not afraid or dismayed by reason of the great multitude that had come against them because the battle was not theirs; but the Lord. For best results follow instruction.

Investigation means we do an inquiry search research examination. We have to inquire the right sources for factual information, review the information for accuracy, examine the evidence, analyze the best way to proceed, scrutinize everything and offer a specific study of the situation to subordinates that some census and agreement can come as what direction we will go. We need to find out the involvement of every party. Things have to be checked out concerning the watchful examination that was done. We donít speak or act until the evidence has proven true. Gossip, slander and defamation bring about scandals. We cause harm to our system of Government wickedly and it shows weakness among the elite. Rather we know it or not it is evil to undermine authority. We deprave ourselves of Godís best because we are immoral and nefarious: vile. A man quick to act shows forth weakness to lead, not skilled, able, or experienced. They are delicate, powerless and wobbly in their walk. Watch them dogs!

Teach, furnish with direction is the way of America. We are supposed to be a learned Country; a Nation that is free. How can we remain free with the political rhetoric we face in this Country every day? David was anointed the King over Israel but the people wanted Saul. Saul was not a man that counted up the cost of anything. A stable man counts up the cost of their actions before they do them not afterwards. He was a tall and goodly man and his first act as King was to lead and army against the invading Ammonites. His reign seemed beset with many unfortunate circumstances and acts of disobedience. Saul was cruel to David and David had to spare Saulís life twice. Saul was revengeful and suspicious and in this spirit ordered the slaying of Ahimelech and eighty five priests at Nob. . Saul lost his brave and dauntless spirit, the Philistines invaded his kingdom and now he sought for encouragement, but found none. He was without directions, sought out a witch to get Samuel spirit to come and Samuel told him what he didnít want to hear. The spirit of Samuel told him that he would be killed on the morrow. If we kill with the tongue of the tongue we reap another tongue on us. Mortally wounded Saul asked his own armor bearer to slay him rather than let the enemy kill him. When the armor bearer found it hard to do Saul fell on his own sword. He committed suicide.

Joining forces where we connect and unite is far better than a mind of war all the time. When we do something in proper channels we get the job done meaning we bring about things to a completion. You canít tell all you know, and you cannot speak your opinions until you know what is going on. If the Presidential nominees came on one accord, with the opposing team showing some respect we wouldnít show the world how divided we really are. When Cain murdered Abel his brother; he still had to answer to God. Genesis 4:0 and the Lord said unto Cain, where is Abel thy brother: and he said I know not: am I my brotherís keeper? Who is there among us that would shut the doors for to find the facts? Neither do you kindle fire upon a situation without facts. Men love themselves and are selfish in their motives for what they do. Whosoever has the worldís good usually have impure motives for their actions. The way of a fool is right in his own eyes; but he that hearkens to counsel is wise.

Let the investigation continue quietly and peacefully. We today in America are in a tough spot but only God can bring us out of this spot. We must clean up our hearts; get rid of the animosity and hatred engrossed in there. Take care of your business and leave other business you are not in control of alone. In America we are prideful, lustful, and perverted. We are a country racked with sin and say it is okay; have mercy Lord. We have an order to follow in and out of the kingdom of God. We have Executive, Judicial, and Legislative order of government. We have checks and balances. What happened to us being one nation under God, undivided? Forgive and get back to the business of the Nation. Stop the plans and schemes to undermine the President by devising plots with intention to show forth bad intentions for private gratification.

America we have too many pirates in our camp that plunders; seize every moment possible to gain power, burn down everyone that is not in their particular corner, steals the joy of a whole nation just so they will be known, they raid the homes of the innocent through the media for their own purpose to deceive, and ravage our nation of every substance man has to hold on to. The populace of the United States of America is tired of the lies and deceitfulness of leaders; the rich, the poor, and the middle class alike. Itís time to clean up the game of politics and bad information. Our Nation is plagued with the pollution of sin; we are defiled in our hearts, minds, and souls. Investigate the contamination and corruption we have allowed to go on over the years.

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