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by Dinora Garza
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Sarah could hardly open her eyes, but the constant barking of the little puppy drove her crazy! She felt terrible. “One of these days, one of these days”… she thought. She avoided finishing her phrase on purpose. A shiver ran through her exhausted body. “Unthinkable!” she said to herself, “I couldn’t do it, no”.

Sarah had never had a dog, or any pet for that matter. She hated responsibilities. “I am not ready”, she said every time her aunt would offer her a new puppy as a gift. “You are too lonely, Sarah”, she would say, “you need company”. Sarah had always been able to avoid the situation, but this time her aunt had caught her off guard and now she was stuck with a dog that she hated. A few months had passed and her hostility against the little Yorkie was growing out of proportion.

She walked slowly to the kitchen. “A coffee will make me feel better”, she said to herself. “What?!” she exclaimed in rage, as she saw the puppy running away from her, her paws completely covered in poo that now left a trail all over the carpet. “Stop!” she yelled. “I hate you! I should have refused to take care of you, crazy dog! I’ve seen the last of you, I promise!” she said as she ran erratically trying to trap the little dog with her hands.

These had been the worst six months of her entire life. Taking care of someone else was more than a nuisance, besides; she loved the freedom to do whatever she liked, when she wanted to. “Taking care of this hideous dog is ruining my life”, she said, “I’ve got to do something. I’ve got to get rid of him”

She had thought about it so many times during those six months, only to dismiss the idea. “It would be horrifying. No, I’ll give it to adoption for free, that’ll work”, she said, but after several attempts she gave up. “Nobody seems to care for a puppy these days” she said, “I have to do something…soon.”

That night all seemed normal. Sarah had worked extra hours at the store. Her co-workers had noticed something different in her eyes. “Are you okay Sarah?” someone had asked. “Yes, I have never felt better in my life”, she answered. She had a plan and nobody, no one would stop her. She would get rid of the hideous dog that night and she would recover her freedom and her sanity. She couldn’t wait to get home…

“You won’t ruin my life! I never wanted you in the first place. I have the right to be free and do whatever I want. This is my life, you know”, Sarah kept repeating in her head as if she wanted to feel better about herself, as she gathered some “tools” that could help her to carry out her master plan.

As soon as she got home, she called the poor little puppy with a deceitfully sweet voice. “Puppy, Come here!” She yelled in a soft voice, but the puppy was nowhere to be found. “This is so strange” she thought, as she prepared to look in every little hideout around the house. “This is final, you know.” she kept repeating to herself. “I have thought about this and it’s best for both of us”. “Where are you puppy?” she yelled one more time. Then a flash of fur caught her eye.

“I found you, silly dog, come here” The hole on the wall was too small for her to grab the puppy, and the dog was so scared as if he knew what Sarah’s intentions were. Something was different about her and he seemed to perceive it. “Get out, stupid dog!” she yelled. The dog pressed his little body even more against the internal wall that protected him from Sarah.

“This is the right thing to do, everything will be all right”, she said, and with that, Sarah took something from the bag she had prepared by her side. “It’ll be fast, you won’t suffer much… I hope” she said as she held the dented scissors that she had bought at the store in her right hand. “It’ll be fast, I promise.” Sarah had figured out that if she could stick the scissors into the soft puppy’s body at the right place, he would die instantly and then she could just dispose of his body and forget the whole thing.

She hesitated for a second as if something within her was telling her to stop, but the thought of coming back to her life of misery took her back to reality. Unable to make the Yorkie come out, she stuck the scissors into the hole with all of her might, but she missed. Regaining her strength, she tried once more and this time she trapped something with the scissors. “It must be his leg”, she thought, and thinking that she would be able to drag the dog with them she twisted a bit, hearing a crack and a squeal that made her shiver. She instinctively pulled the scissors out only to find out that she had cut off the dog’s leg and now she had it between the blades of her scissors, the bloody limb hanging lifelessly. The defenseless puppy was having severe muscle spasms and squealed loudly, all he could do was slowly drag itself farther into the hole for protection. Sarah let a scream escape her lips as she contemplated in horror what she had done!

What have I done! It’s too late to back down now! Things didn’t go as she had imagined and while big tears ran down her cheeks, she proceeded to use the scissors again. Little pieces of fur and flesh came out every time she pulled the scissors out. Then it was one of the front legs and with each cut the squeals of the poor little dog began fading away. Piece by piece, she dismembered his body: out came parts of the intestine, the stomach, the ears… until just the head was left inside the hole in the wall. Unable to take it out in one piece, she grabbed it with her dented scissors and crushed it with all her might. After pulling it out she just sat there, sobbing uncontrollably, looking at the skull of the dog that was now just a pile of gory shards. She felt as if the dog’s severed eyes were looking into hers.


Did this story shock you? What would you do if you knew that someone did this to her dog? I am pretty sure that most of us would call the police and make sure this murderer get punished.

We think that kill a defenseless puppy cutting it by pieces is unthinkable, and it is. What would you think if I’d tell you that every year approximately 1.37 Million defenseless babies are killed in the United States in this way? Yes, using this abhorrent, cruel method in which the innocent victims are dismembered alive piece by piece!

Every method used by abortionists is in itself a torture method. Take a look at this:

Suction aspiration (used in the first three months) The abortionist inserts a suction tube (similar to a vacuum hose with an extremely sharp end) into the mother's womb. The suction and cutting edge dismember the baby while the hose sucks the body parts into a collection bottle.

Partial birth-abortion (used as late as 32 weeks old) the abortionist reaches into the mother's womb, grabs the baby's feet with a forceps and pulls the baby out of the mother, except for the head. The abortionist then jams a pair of scissors into the back of the baby's head and spreads the scissors apart to make a hole in the baby's skull. The abortionist removes the scissors and sticks a suction tube into the skull to suck the baby's brain out. The forceps are then used to crush the baby's head and the abortionist pulls the baby's body out the rest of the way.

Dilation and evacuation (used to kill babies of more than 24 weeks) The abortionist uses a forceps to grab parts of the baby (arms and legs) and then tears the baby apart. The baby's head must be crushed in order to remove it because the skull bone has hardened by this stage in the baby's growth.

If you think killing your pet in this way is unthinkable, how could you do this to YOUR BABY?

For more information on abortion visit


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