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The Satanist Vs The Child Killer on the Elections
by emmanuel iweha
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A Spiritual Discuss on the American November Presidential Elections
The Satanist Vs. The Child Killer

This must be exciting times for the bystander who has been observing how religion has been said to play a key role to how people vote in American Politics. We would need to state the premise of this piece in order to remove any ambiguities that might want to rear its head later.

For the sake of clarity, it has always seemed to the casual observer that is outside the reach of American politics that there seems to be a set trend to the way people vote. Generally speaking and all things holding to a state of equilibrium, people that are religious tend to vote Republican while those that aren’t tend to vote Democrat. This is the premise we are basing this piece on and the observation we want to put under the microscope of human discourse.

Christians seem to have a very strong affinity to vote Republican while people who are not Christians tend to vote Democrat. This is not to say that there are no exceptions to this observation and those who would want to quickly point out Christians are not the only group that tends to vote en mass for the Republican Party should not even bother because this is primarily about the tight situation the Christian bloc that always vote Republican have put themselves.

Now whether they see themselves in a tight spot with regards to how they will vote is actually anybody’s guess but the issue is not what they see but what has been observed. If the presumed Republican candidate is confirmed as such at their party’s convention then the Christian will be faced with what should ordinarily be a difficult position which is to choose or decide if they would want to cast their vote for a person who by “our” definition is simply a Satanist. There are no “godly” cults and a cultist is basically a Satanist as far as us and the scriptures coupled with our beliefs are concerned.

Will the Christian therefore and in all good conscience (which is first meant to be toward God before it is towards men), vote Republican if there presidential flag bearer is a Satanist who by the records actually pays tithes to his erm…group? How are they ever going to get round that situation of ignoring (?) what he openly avowed to be? I do not envy the man of the pulpit who is going to stand on his pulpit, and as they are wont of doing, extol the virtues of voting Republican to the point of making it a higher calling that would amount to a sin of the greatest magnitude that is liable to the worst possible condemnation of being confined to the lowest portions of hell should those under their pulpits dare to even think of not voting Republican. I do not envy that man or how is he going to stand and preach the message of Republicanism to the faithful when their flag bearer is a Satanist? And this is just the surface of the beginning of the problem they are in. We won’t get into that now until we join the man of the pulpit with the issues of their congregation which make up the Christian bloc that has always voted Republican and see it as part of their spiritual calling in Christ.

The issue of the child killer is easy enough. Abortion is not something that any Christian worth his or her salt will take lightly. This is something that has worked in favor of the Republican Party that claim to be anti-abortion whereas the Democrat counterparts have always said that they are pro-choice which is just another name for supporting abortion (but you must admit that pro-choice sounds more approachable than pro-abortion). But to the Christian who has consistently voted Republican, they are child killers.

Indeed it seems that abortion is possibly the thorniest issue the Christian who votes Republican has against the Democrats, the others seem to be added to complete the whole package of distaste. Take away abortion from the scheme of things, and there is every chance that the Republican Party would start shopping for another item to peddle. Now there is something I don’t really get about the abortion issue and the Republicans being anti-abortion and therefore the de facto party of choice for the Christian. You will have to forgive my lack of education in this matter because of what I will basically throw up on you but tell me; can they really do anything about the abortion issue? By doing anything, I mean as a political party, if being anti-abortion is something that you peddled before a group of people who we should not preempt to call gullible and they voted you into the White House, are you saying that once you get there you will have it repealed (as if it is a law)? If the answer is they can’t do anything about it, the next question that should (logically) bring up is “why make it a central selling point to this segment of the society if you can’t do anything about it in the real sense of the word?”

Like is said; forgive my obtuseness, we are still living on trees where I come from and the politicians who come knocking on our doors with a ton load of cash make promises that we all know they can keep if they choose to but choose not to keep. They make promises on things like roads, more hospitals, cheaper transport etc. These are things that are measurable deliverables and even with that they don’t keep to the promise but we can tell that they did not deliver. However, with the Republican anti-abortion peddling, I am left scratching my head in my obtuseness which is made far worse by the fact that nobody seems to have pointed to them and wondered why they should harpoon an item they can’t deliver on or do nothing about. Maybe there is something everybody knows across the Atlantic that I am completely blind to, they are so smart over there. But if you ask me (I’m still speaking as a fool), I will say since you can’t really do anything about abortion, let’s just leave it out of the table and focus on the things you know you can do something about so that I can say you failed in this or succeeded in that if I give you my vote.

But I must give them some kind of props for finding either an extremely knowledgeable or very gullible people who are willing to exchange their vote based on peddled affinity rather than actual deliverables. Any time I dwell on this I get the disturbing picture of Ahab and Sennachrib (don't think I got the spelling right but won't verify it) and I frankly don’t know why. It may be because the men that went to Ahab after their defeat were said to be searching for something in how Ahab will answer and they were very quick to catch on the phrase “my brother” that Ahab used when he just got to know that he was still alive. And they quickly echoed yes your brother as if they were ready to settle for anything that will save their heads and that of their king. Maybe it is the I-am-as-you-are hoax they successfully pulled that takes my mind back to that biblical event. And it looks like someone is being conned off their vote just like Ahab was conned off his blessing (and to his chagrin, he received a curse instead; the very condemnation that was meant for the man who peddled the I-am-as-you-are hoax).

But whatever the case, the Christian bloc that always vote Republican have longed pitched their tents with a group who for all intents and purposes only just mouthed some kind of affinity and that was all it took for the shepherd mentality to take effect like a scene from the “Walking Dead” (not that I have ever watched the show myself). Politicians over here must envy this party with everything thing that is in them.
But it may just be that I am completely out of my depth with the issue of abortion in American politics and how the Christian bloc that vote for the party really do that.

However, this only goes to serve the precariousness of the position they find themselves. On the red corner they have the child killer who believes he can still do more and on the; well, other red corner; we have the Satanist who is not even a faithful Satanist as he only pays the minimum amount required as tithe but whether you call him a Satanist or a Mammonist (as in Mammon the god of money) he is still of the devil by scriptural definition. So what are you going to do…Jack….I mean...O Christian Soldier?

Now the Christian that always votes Republican will naturally have the issue of abortion ranking top on the list. That should be the only spiritually long standing issue the Christian would have as to why he always goes with the Republican Party. But there are other issues that parties are identified with that make them almost unique. The Democrats are known to have rather tangible and legitimate affinity to the labor, healthcare for the masses, the environment and the poor. The Republicans are known to have rather tangible and legitimate connections to big business, oil and gas companies and the rich. These are things they are both proud of displaying and never fail to stand up for the interest of these groups when they feel it is being threatened. There are other things that they are generally known for; Guns, rights of other sexual persuasions, immigration and what have you. All of these give them there character and personality. And talking of character and personality, I would like to ask a question; if these two parties were humans, who would Jesus say is not far from the Kingdom? Forget that question and let me put it like this; which of the two is more God-Like (which is close to saying Godly but it is not the same thing)?


You will have to help me here because we want to profile these two using scriptures to determine which would have the closest DNA and VISUAL match to God. We are not talking about being godly but being God-Like.

The Republican Party, by affinity is anti-abortion. The debate on the national scale (as against our own Christian values that simply says abortion is murder) is that the issue of abortion has to do with choice. By choice, the argument seems to say the woman carrying the child has a greater right to life and choice than the baby. I hope I have not gone too far into a minefield here? So it is not only choice but rights that are at stake.
As a believer, I personally do not agree that the issue of abortion should be argued on the platform of right and choice because I believe you are talking about a defenseless human being and I believe scripture backs me up on this or better still; I am the one backing scripture up since it has more credibility than yours sincerely.
But this is not actually the issue as we are looking at which party is more God-Like. Joshua asked the people under the sound of his voice to “Choose” whom they’ll serve. It is an important question because that is the foundation upon which God set the drama that is the interplay of life on this earth in relation to the heavens and His Master plan in bringing everything godly that is in heaven and under heaven under one umbrella.

To do this, the first thing He established of His character was to embed the value of freedom of choice or freewill. Now this does not mean that He wants you to choose wrongly because Joshua went on to tell the people the choice God would like them to make without forcing them to do so. So the issue here is God respects choice and that means the Democrats are more God-Like than the Republicans who knows it would be suicidal to say they respect individual choice (I kind of pity their situation because they have been successfully roped in by the careful picking of terminology to make them look like Beings without human rationale or logic. They can re-engineer this if they decide to recreate the terminology and re-invent the word “choice” to be associated with other things but the killing of the a special human being that depends on another for the first nine months of their lives. Yet I am still peeved at them for conning my brothers and sisters with the I-am-as-you-are hoax even though I grudgingly acknowledge that it was the person that chose to be hoodwinked that takes the greater blame. So in lieu of this, I won’t tell them how to go about the re-engineering, let them continue to look like irrational fools if they choose to, it is after all a matter of choice).

Party Affiliations
The Republican Party from association and general observation as well as them proudly asserting so is affiliated to big business. They are proud to tell you how these are the employers of labor while some have been known to ride jets provided by these companies and go on holidays sponsored by them. Let us talk from the Christian perspective here without looking at the legality of an issue because not all sins are illegal as Paul alluded to when he said all things are lawful for him but not all things are needful. And by the time you add what John echoed when he said a person has sinned when he refuses to do what is right even when he knows the right thing to do, you will have to say that the Republican Party’s affinity to “big business” does not do them good from the Christian image perspective. And the amazingly shocking thing is that it is not like the Democrats do not have links to big business as well yet they are the ones that are actively associated with labor and most importantly; the poor. GOD WILL KILL FOR THE POOR. The child killer has actively sought and even jeopardized his political career for poor while the Satanist is such a disciple of Mammon that he is having issues releasing records of his dues to the state (while he is very quick to let everybody know how up to date he is with his dues to Satan).

The Christian voting bloc that always votes Republican has their work cut out for them. Is it clear just from the two aspects above that the Democrats are more God-Like than the Republicans who are actually proud of what they are and the image they have (?!). I do not know much about sexual orientations, foreigners; wait! we must talk about foreigners!

The Republican Party from association and general observation as well as them proudly asserting so is anti-foreigners. They are so anti-foreigners that they know they would look too hypocritical to say anything that has a semblance of them trying to be sincere about it. All you need do is look at states where they hold political sway (not actual sway but political sway although I am tempted to say that it serves those states right to be regarded and know that they are being regarded as uncharitable, unwelcoming. This is more hurtful because they know they really aren’t as individuals but they have sold out their souls to their belly and fears as they allow politicians to trade on their fears and emotionally blackmail and con them into giving them the political mandate again and again. They use the fear of the economy i.e. their belly to con them but as long as they keep voting these charlatans into office they will continue perpetuating their uncharitable rottenness and such states will always be regarded as such. So learn to live with the shirt you put on).
The Democratic Party from association and general observation as well as them proudly asserting so is pro-foreigners. And the contrast is so wide that it is quite shocking. GOD IS CHARITABLE AND EVER WELCOMING. He is so charitable that He causes his rain to fall upon the righteous and the wicked alike. He is so charitable that he can save a city of over a million Souls and more if there is but one (i.e. 1) person that stands in the gap. This is God for you and the Democrats are more God-Like in this aspect than I would even care to admit. Shame on you! (Whom the cap fits).

We are still looking at the precariousness of the situation the Christian voting bloc that always votes Republican find themselves.


The Satanist
Are you going to vote for a man who is clearly and proudly not of your persuasion?
Are you going to vote for a man who by all intents and purposes seems in addition to being a Satanist a disciple of Mammon?
Are you going to vote for a man who (like seriously?) is saying he does not owe you an obligation to releasing his dues to the state? They say it is not a matter of law but you the Christian should know of all people that being lawful does not preclude being sinful, as well as disrespectful?
If you are a true Christian, what are you going to do Jack, I mean; Christian Soldier?

The Child killer
Are you going to vote for a child killer?
Are you going to ignore what’s above and vote for him being the “lesser of the two evils”, where do you then place your faith?
By turning your back on the Republican, are you not saying that all those times you voted Republican was actually a lie as well?

The Economy Card
One thing some members of the Christian bloc that vote Republican are now saying is that the economy will be a decider for them.

That would also mean that the economy has always been the decider for you all this while. It was not brought to the forefront because everything was okay economically. That would also mean that all this while that you having been mouthing you faith as being the decider i.e. the anti-abortion induced voting has been one big lie and you have been a liar “from the beginning” (yes just like Jesus said of the other bloke).
So as long as your belly is alright, you can mouth faith? But once your real god is touched i.e. the economy, the pretense called faith is done away with and your true fangs come to light.

And this Satanist likes harping on the economy. But the Christian bloc that always vote Republican being the only true Christians in the whole of God’s USA know better. They are only interested in doing what God wants them to do. They will not vote because of the economy. If the economy is bad, let it be bad as long as their faith is strong. They will not be like those who want to side with their belly and have exposed themselves for who they truly are. They remind these true Christians of how Christ described some of the Pharisees. He said they rob the houses of widows and for pretense i.e. to cover this up they make long prayers. Those Pharisees were interested in their bellies. Once that was settled, they didn’t mind praying for hours on end just to look as spiritual as possible to others.

Let’s look at the options available to the Christian bloc that always votes Republican.

Option A: Vote Republican
• You will be voting a Satanist into the White House
• You will be denying your faith
• You will be exalting an avowed member of a cult into the single most exalted position in the country and arguably, the world
• You will have to live with it for at least four years and for the rest of your life afterwards
• You will be going against you in a clear case of The-King-is-naked-but-nobody-has-the-character-to-say-so
• You will be saying that the economy i.e. your belly is more important than your faith
Option B: Vote Democrat
• You will be voting the child killers into the White House
• You will be denying your faith
• You will be exalting an avowed pro-choice into the single most exalted position in the country and arguably, the world
• You will have to live with it for at least four years and afterwards, for the rest of your life
• You will be saying that you are a lie for voting Republican all those other times
Options C: Do Not Vote
• Hello coward
• So this is what you have been reduced to, your party has failed you or you failed yourself?
• Quick, answer this question; what would Jesus have me do?
• That is one big vote you are laying to waste there!
• Have they taken over, are there no righteous in the land?
Like I said way back; the men of the pulpit have their work cut out for them
• What are you going to preach now that you have a Satanist running against the child killer?
• Is Republicanism no longer the God-chosen party for all of your true Christians?
• Or will you dare preach that they should abstain from voting this year?
I am fully persuaded that there is no such a thing as a born again political party but I fear for my brothers across the Atlantic because their born again party has backslidden and they are now left in a very unsavory position.

As for the men of the pulpit and even the Christian bloc that always vote Republican, let me tell you what happens over here (but take it under advisement because as you are all aware, we still live on trees). The men of the pulpit over here have always been consistent with one mantra they all seemed to have adopted eons ago. They preach one unified message (99.9% of the time); VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE.
I have heard it from the pulpit on several occasions so much so that they have even explained what it means and members of the same church are known to vote for opposing parties. But we are still living on trees and what is happening across the Atlantic is a knowledge that is just too high for us to meddle with. We are as children that have just been weaned and won’t even dare to promote ourselves to such worthy causes and high matters. I do not know if the bible of the men of the pulpit over here is the same as those of the men of the pulpit over there. I can clearly recall a case when two candidates from the same religion were representing the two parties that were contesting the presidential elections. I can still remember the man of the pulpit unequivocally encouraging everybody to carry out their civic responsibility. He repeated the voting your conscience mantra all over again but what you are facing must be different. Still it is an interesting movie and I am looking forward to how this will end.

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