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End of Age Need to Know August 1 2012
by Andrew Charles
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End of Age Need to Know August 1, 2012

I would like to mention that in this paper I distinguish between speciation evolution and adaptive evolution. Speciation evolution is a change from one species to another species in a higher life form. Adaptive evolution is a change within the species while remaining the same species.

This paper has to do with a wqolf in sheep's clothing named Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Teilhard was a French philosopher and also a Catholic priest from the Jesuit order. He was very instrumental into bringing the speciation evolution lie into the Catholic church. It is not surprising he was from the Jesuit order. At first his ideas came into conflict with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

In case some of you aren't familiar with the Galileo incident I will explain it to you. In 1614 the Catholic church accused Galileo for supporting the Copernican theory that the sun was at the center of the solar system. The church forbade Galileo from teaching this theory. Then years later in 1632 wrote a book concerning this same subject which angered the church. Galileo was summoned to Rome where he was imprisoned to permanent house arrest. Let me stress there is nowhere in the bible that says or infers the earth is at the center of the universe. Because of that incident the Catholic church has taken a stance that religion and science are compatible.

Many of you have probably heard of the Piltdown Man. A fossil was portrayed to be a missing link between man and ape. Sir Arthur Smith Woodward claimed the discovery. His specific claim was that the skull had human features and the jaw was ape-shaped. This happened in the year 1912.
In 1953 an investigation was done by Dr. Kenneth Oakley. Dr. Oakley discovered the teeth were filed down to make them look like human teeth. The bones and teeth were also chemically treated to make them look ancient. Even a canine tooth was filed and patched into the gum.

Who was the perpetrator of this hoax? The prime suspect appears to be Charles Dawson and Pierre Teilhard appeared to have done the digging and altering. Why is this important to know that Teilhard was an important accomplice in this lie?
Teilhard then wrote a book called "The Phenomenon of Man" which was contrary to all interpretations of Genesis story of creation. At the time the church had condemned his writings on this subject. Then in 1950 an encyclical Humani generis condemned only several of Teilahard's opinions but left others open. His opinions became influential during the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. Shockingly Pope John Paul II had indicated several positive thoughts about Teilhard's ideas. Pope John Paul II went as far as to say that with the advances in the proofs of speciation evolution allows one to consider that humans could have evolved from lower life forms.

Let me quote Hugh Owen from the Kolbe (Catholic) Science Center. "In the final analysis, the primary purpose of our apostolate (an association of individuals for the dissemination of a doctrine) is the salvation and sanctification of souls, and the protection of souls from evolutionary errors that weaken and often extinguish the Faith. On my recent trip to Estonia on the western border of Russia, one of my hosts told me of a young Catholic boy at a local school who had just announced to his mother that he was not going to go to church any longer—he had studied enough evolutionary “science” to know that the Christian account of creation and the Fall was a “fairy tale”! How sad it is that all over the world, millions of young people renounce the “sacred history” of Genesis, for what the great philosopher and critic of evolution Larry Azar rightly called “a fairy tale for adults.”

I take his quote very seriously. I was not a believer because if, the bible was wrong in the first few chapters how could it possibly be correct the rest of the way. I had every right to think that way and actually I was very logical. How would we know Jesus rose from the dead? The Catholic Church now states that the Bible is not a history book or a science book but a book of hope. Then they say the Bible is the word of God. Through the hand of Moses in Genesis God tells us five different times each species is made of its own kind. I would like to clarify that I am an apostolic Christian attending the Catholic Church.

Most of you probably don't know there is a big disagreement among Catholics concerning the Second Vatican Council. Many Catholics feel it is a false church and the real Catholic Church has been hijacked. I am starting to see their point. Many in the church are against the church's doctrine from the other side in the favor of homosexuality and anything liberal. When Paul talks to the Thessalonians about the coming of Jesus in the sky he says the rebellion must occur first. There is much rebellion in the Catholic Church.

In a newsletter Hugh Owen states in his newsletter concerning a liberal Catholic publication that they cast aside the Word of God as it has been understood in the Church for nineteen hundred years pending scientific confirmation from God's Word through empirical demonstration. "It is old lie of the serpent again, this time directed by the bride of Christ." That's quite a statement for an important Catholic to make. Jesus said the church would stand against the gates of hell. I will tell you that the Catholic Church is standing on shaky legs.

Now, let 's discuss the endorsement of Pope John Paul II endorsing speciation evolution. There is absolutely no empirical evidence that one species ever evolved into a higher species. Remember a rebellion is occurring by conservative Catholics since the Second Vatican Council. They feel that Pope John Paul II is a fraudulent pope. Here is a statement from Pope John Paul II's address to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on October 22, 1996. "It is indeed remarkable that this theory has been progressively accepted by researchers, following a series of discoveries in various fields of knowledge. The convergence, neither sought or fabricated, of the results, of the results of the work that was conducted independently is in itself a significant argument in favor of this theory."

This is simple to understand that speciation evolution is not a fact but only a theory. Even that is not a correct statement. Speciation evolution is not even a theory. There is no empirical evidence need to qualify as a theory. Read the following quote, "Evolution is a general POSTULATE to which all theories, all hypotheses, all systems must henceforward bow and which they must satisfy in order or be thinkable and true. Evolution is a light which illuminates all facts, a trajectory which all lines of thought must follow-this is what evolution is." The quote is from Teilhard himself.

Here, is yet another important quote. "But in this chapter we are asking how improbable, how miraculous, a single event we are allowed to POSTULATE. What is the largest single event of sheer naked coincidence, sheer miraculous unadulterated luck that we are allowed to get away with in our own theories, and still say we have a satisfactory explanation of life? The Blind Watchmaker Richard Dawkins. Richard Dawkins is one of leading scientist proponents of speciation evolution. The word postulate comes from the medieval Latin word postulare meaning to assume.
You will notice both statements by Teilhard and Dawkins mention a word postulate. A postulate is something without any empirical evidence is accepted as fact. Actually Dawkins is surprised how easily the public is to accept speciation evolution as fact let alone a theory.

First of all you must have some empirical evidence for something to qualify as a theory. There is no evidence at all that one life form ever evolved into a another species of a higher life form. The only evidence show that God was right when he said he made each species in its own kind. Teilhard also admits there is no empirical evidence and that speciation evolution is based on no evidence at all.

Here is my question. Who gave any Catholic pope the authority to negotiate the story of creation with a lying group of scientists trying to portray speciation evolution as a fact without saying it? As Hugh Owen stated that "evolutionary" science can extinguish the faith. Owen also describes it as another lie of the serpent directed by the bride of Christ."

Hugh Owen and this writer are trying to bring the truth to our fellow Catholics. Our young Catholics are being taught an evolutionary lie in school. How can expect them to believe in Christ alone? They are being taught a watered down story of salvation. It's becoming evident that we are not the church to stand against the gates of hell.

Please pray for the few of us to bring back the truth to the Catholic church. Especially pray for High Owen that the Holy Spirit gives him the incite and strength to continue the fight.

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