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The Addictive Wine Of The Occult Pt 1
by roy Francois
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by Roy Francois

In my very first HUB ďOCCULT, ROAD TO HELLĒ I said the occult was more addictive than the weed I was smoking and the alcohol I was drinking. In this HUB I intend to show why the wine of the occult is so intoxicating. Why, once indoctrinated it will take an act of God to free you from it. I was so intoxicated with this wine of Satan, it was all I thought about. All day at work I would be preparing for my nighttime adventures of astral travel. And I was good it, I could astral project almost at will. As in any field of the arts, music, acting, etc. the more time you put into it the better you become at it, the Satanic arts are no different. The very nature of the beast is consumption, it wants all of you. It consumes you. For you to be any good at it, it must have your heart, and it had mine, thatís why I was good at it, and now equipped to write about it, I speak from experience. I now know why God allowed me go through that addiction, it was for this moment in time. If only one personís eyes are opened from my writing these HUBís, to the tricks of Satan, then my efforts would not have been in vain. According to the word of God one soul is worth more than everything in the whole world.

Astral projection, is the art of experimenting with death! In astral projection one set up conditions, and encourages the soul to exit the physical body. Itís basically the same thing that happens at death, the difference being that in astral projection the exit is usually temporary, where as in death the exit is permanent. The first thing they are going to do drill into you is that you can not die from practicing astral projection, that if something goes wrong you can always jump back into your body. It doesnít take a genius to figure out the problem with that theory. If the person dies from projecting, how can he tell anyone that he died from projecting? His communicating back to this world is over, unless permitted by God, for some special reason. I do believe the LORD allowed the departed to return for His special purposes. I had left New Orleans in February 1978 to see if I could make a better life for myself in California, that was a big flop. New location, but the same old me. I Got off the Greyhound Bus in L.A. and headed strait to the nearest bar. I hung out in bars and partied from February to July, never contacting my mother or anyone back home during that time, I was very selfish. One day while walking down Broadway St. in L.A. I her my mother call my name, ďROYĒ thatís all she said. I looked around the crowd to see my mama, what was she during in L.A. did she come all this way just to find me? I looked for her, but she was no whereís to be found in the crowd. I got back to the hotel where I was living I told my friend that had heard my mama on Broadway but couldnít find her. My friend asked, Roy when was the last time you talked to your mother? I told her that I hadnít talked to mama in months. She said call you mother. When called I heard these word on the other end of the line, CLAUDIA IS DEAD AND BURIED, oh God please tell me Iím dreaming! She was dead and I had caused her death. She was worried about me, she founded me that day in L.A. but at what cost. That's why I believe that the LORD allows the departed to communicate with a loved one in certain situations. I know my mamaís voice, I know what I heard. I hurried back to New Orleans, she left me my inheritance, the only thing she had, a book called the LIVING BIBLE! I opened that book looking for answers, I search that book day in day out, guilt ridden, I killed my mama. It was in that, my darkest hour that Jesus step in and made Himself known to me. The Living Bible that I was studying actually came alive, Iíll never forget the very first scripture verse that seem to leep of the pages of the bible and strait into my soul, ďMAN SHALL NOT LIVE BREAD ALONE, BUT BY EVERY WORD THAT PRECEEDED OUT OF THE MOUTH OF GODĒ I remember dropping the bible on the bed, walking up and down in my room, thinking what is this feeling, what is this joy Iím feeling? I went from depression and pain, to rapture. I couldnít stop talking about God, my brother and my friends was getting tired of all this talk about God, lets get back to the stuff we use to talk about, like big boned Bertha! But I couldnít stop talking about how in my darkest hour He stepped in and brought joy! I was experiencing the New Birth. Next the joy began to be mixed pain as he revealed His nails scared hands to me. And the beating He took in my place, I was supposed to take that beating, how could you let them beat you like that, for someone like me. It was at this point that the death and resurrection of Jesus became real to me, then I couldnít spot talking about how death could not hold The Son of God. I would love to be able to tell you that I followed the LORD and never looked back, but that would a lie. I was a backslider, after a while as the rapture faded I returned to my old ways of drinking and whoring with women. But something was different when I sinned now I felt guilty and dirty, where as before it didnít bother me, I was just doing my thing. But the LORD never gave up on me. Thatís unconditional love, something I cannot comprehend.

After all that love I was shown, I returned to Satanís intoxicating wine of the occult. I know I digress a bit but I needed to take you through all that to show you the power of the intoxicating wine of the occult. The addiction! Forgive me if I sometimes seem to lose focus and have to return to the topic, Iím not a writer this is my first time trying anything like this, Iíve been at it now for only five weeks, so please bear with me. OK back to astral projection, as I expressed in my HUB, ďThe Occult Road To HellĒ my main addiction in the occult was astral projection. This is not a Hub on How To project, so I will not go into the how of it, this Hub is a warning of the dangers of being dragged down to hell by the occult.

Once the spirit, soul or consciousness whatever it is that projects, projects, it needs a mode of transportation just as in the physical. At the lower levels of occult initiation once projected one float around for awhile, if he really want to do some traveling he needs to have some type of vehicle to travel in, it can be anything, a bicycle he get on and start to pump, he pumps faster and faster, the bicycle become airborne and can then take him to the stars, or so it seems. Same thing if he find himself in a car once projected, the car continue to increase in speed until it become airborne. But at the higher levels of initiation the ultimate mode of transportation is to fly like Superman, just leap of the grown and fly to the stars like superman, I had reached that level. At that point you really feel like you are a god! You fly from planet to planet, from star to star. Your not really traveling among the stars, but the delusion is so complete that you actually believe you have traveled to the stars. Iím about to let you in on a little something here, but keep in mind that the goal in astral travel is to fly like superman. Ever wonder why all the actors that played the part of superman, George Reeves the first superman, Steve Reeves the second superman, and Christopher Reeves the most recent, all the men that was foolish enough to take on that roll, all came to an early tragic end in life, then wonder no more. Go back and look at the tape, Jarrell played by Marlon Brando, is playing the part of Jehovah God, Christopher Reeves is playing the part of Jesus Christ. Its blasphemy! Marlon Brando, as Jehovah tell the earth that he is sending his only begotten son to earth to save mankind. Christopher Reeves, as superman come to and work all kinds of miracles to benefit mankind as Jesus did. You say so whatís the big deal about that, many people have played the part of Jesus before and didnít have any problems. Thatís a reasonable question. Hereís the abomination of it, remember the reason Jarrell is sending his son to earth is 1. To save mankind, and 2. This s a very important part, is because his world [planet] is about to explode. In the occult world they donít believe the sons of God that came down and mated with the daughters of men are fallen angles, as the bible says. They believe the angels that mated with these women and had hybrid offspringís, [Neanderthals and giants] are the gods that actually created mankind. And the reason they came to earth was because their world exploded, and thatís why we have the asteroid belt, it is the remnants of their gods world. They left the earth during the time of the great flood, but promise to return in the latter times [the age of Aquarius] and return the earth to the way it was during the Golden Age. Why do you think there is so much talk of 2012? Thatís when they are expecting their gods to return. The fallen angels! Superman and a lot of other movies out of Hollywood are conditioning the minds of people to except fallen angels as friendly aliens, our creators come to benefit mankind. Itís all the plot of the anti Christ, thatís how the anti Christ makes his entrance from the sky, how else could he counterfeit the return of the LORD Jesus unless he enter from the sky? Jesus said He would return in the clouds of heaven with the saints of God. The anti Christ must come from the sky in order to counterfeit Christí return. The Christian world is looking for the anti Christ to come in one way, but he come from another direction. Thatís the only way he can imitate Christí return. By the way, did you notice how Marlon Brando was disfigured before he died, he actually looked like a beast. There will be an invasion of earth, but they will not be aliens from another planet, they will be fallen angels from HELL!!! And the world will welcome them, the anti Christ and his crew. In order for the anti Christ to fool most of Christianity he going to have to appear to be Christ, we are expecting Christ to burst through the clouds of Heaven. He must appear to have come from heaven, not from earth. The world is eagerly awaiting the return of their god, the whole is going to be deceived , except for the very elect.

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