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The Journey
by David Vaughn
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By David A. Vaughn

Once upon a time, in the small town of lawbond, in the country of Old World, lives a boy named Youani and his father, Mosaik. Lawbond is like all the other towns in Old World. All the people are small, weak, and in bondage to wicked kings. These kings place heavy taxes on the people and thousands of laws that no one can bear. If someone breaks one law they are punished for breaking all the laws. The only hope the people have comes from the tales they heard passed down from their forefathers about a futuristic world in a far away country.

The people of Lawbond sing songs about this New World, and about what is to come. They tell stories of ancient wars and how someday there will be no more mourning or weeping and the people will live in happiness, peace and joy.

One day a stranger came to Lawbond. His name was Evangelio. Evangelio was from a far away country called New World. He told the people of Lawbond all about New World and how only one king named Messiah rules it. He told how King Messiah lives in the city of Great Hope. Evangelio said that all the people of New World are always happy because King Messiah is a good King who gives them gift's everyday according to their needs.

All the stories that Youani heard from Evangelio reminded him of the wise tales he has so longed to see come true. So Youani asks Evangelio how to go to New World, and Evangelio gladly told him.

After a while, Youani left his father and sets out to seek New World. He wanted to know for himself if such a place could be so real.

On his journey, Youani passed through a town called Graceland where he met a man called Teachaword. Teachaword tells Youani more great things about New World and King Messiah. He also emphasizes the importance of wisdom and knowledge. Teachaword too, was on his way to the
city of Great Hope, so he asked Youani to
travel with him. Youani agreed so they set out together for the city of Great hope.

On their way to the city of Great Hope, they had to travel through a city call Free. When they arrived in Free, they meet a man named Pastoral. Pastoral gave them food and water needed for their journey to see King Messiah. Pastoral asks to join them as he too was going to the city of Great Hope. So the threesome set out together for the city of Great Hope to see King Messiah.

One night after Teachaword and Pastoral fall asleep, Youani was sitting at the campfire thinking of his father back in Lawbond, when he heard someone approaching. He didnít want to awake Pastoral or Teachaword so he watched cautiously. It was two strangers, their names were Apostilo and Prophetseer. Youani invites them to spend the night and share his fire. They gladly excepted.

The next morning Prophetseer and Apostilo invited Youani, Teachaword and Pastoral to join them on their journey to the city of Faith. Now Faith is on the way to the City of Great Hope, but it is a less traveled way. They gladly accept the invitation and were soon on their way.

Upon arriving at the city of Faith, Youani had never seen such a city. It was indescribable. Its beauty is so wondrous; he could not believe his eyes. In Old World, every building was the same, every house looks alike. In Old World, no one ever did anything new. In Faith, everyone has something different to do. There were musicians, dancers, and artists of all kinds. In Old World all the towns are small, but Faith was big. So big, Youani could not see where it ends.

Pastoral and Teachaword wanted to rest from the long journey, but Youani couldnít wait to explore and experience his new surroundings. Prophetseer and Apostilo also staid behind with Pastoral and Teachaword.

Teachaword reminded Youani about wisdom and knowledge. Pastoral told him about the law of the Spirit of Life. Youani has never heard of this law, not even in Old World where there are thousands of laws.

Pastoral explains that the law of the Spirit of Life is simple. As you meet others, do to them as you would have them do to you. Youani thought this will be easy, but he soon found that the Faith, with all that it had to offer, was a very difficult place to roam. Youani soon wanted all things for himself, and began to do unto others the things he would not want to be done unto him. Youani did get everything he wanted but with a big price to pay.

Youani went back to Pastoral and Teachaword and told them all the bad things he had done and how he had broken the law of the Spirit of Life. He was afraid that he would be punished and has to leave New World, but Pastoral assured him that King Messiah would understand and forgive him if he repented of the bad he had done. This made Youani feel a deep hurt in his heart, for all the wrong he had done to others. Teachaword said that this feeling is the way all the people in New World feel, when they break the law of the Spirit of Life. From that day forth, Youani never broke the law of the Spirit of Life again.

After spending many days in Faith, and experiencing many great things, Youani, Teachaword, Pastoral, Prophetseer, and Apostilo, set out to continue their journey to the City of Great Hope.

As they walked together, Youani learns many things from his new found friends. He begins to grow strong and tells everyone he meets the things he has learned. He also remembers, the only law, the law of the Spirit of Life.

Youani begins to feed those who were hungry, clothe those who were naked, and give water to those who were thirsty. He also learns to forgive all those who did not keep the law of the Spirit of Life towards him.

After many days of traveling, it happens. Youani saw the City of Great Hope afar off. It was built on top of a hill overlooking a green valley full of lilies and clear running water. He wanted to run through the valley and climb up the hill without stopping, but Teachaword is wise and said there are many things one can only walk through in the valley, and that it is in the valley, King Messiah gives great gifts.

Apostilo said everyone who comes to the City of Great Hope for the first time must go through the valley. It is an unwritten rule that King Messiah has to know you personally. Prophetseer gave Youani a rod and a staff that King Messiah had given to him when he first walked through the valley. Apostilo gave Youani a map of the valley and instructions to overcome any hidden danger that may come against him.

It was now time for Prophetseer and Apostilo to go their separate way, for they have been through the valley many times before.

Youani start through the valley towards the City of Great Hope with Pastoral and Teachaword. They became his closest friends. Pastoral makes sure Youani was never without food. Teachaword supplied all of his daily needs. Together, they are an unbeatable and loyal family.

The valley becomes alive as Youani begins to use all the things that Apostilo and Prophetseer had taught him. Even the place called the "Shadow of Death," where fear grips Youani's heart, was the place where he saw King Messiahís love and mercy.

He had never felt such comfort, not even from his own father. Apostilo's map proves accurate, Prophetseer's rod and staff allow him to find many treasures, but the most exciting time of Youani's journey is just about to begin.

Youani had come to the City of Great Hope. He entered the city with thanksgiving, singing the songs his father, Mosaic, had taught him. The kingdom was real, and Youani knew that nothing he had seen or experienced, in the city of Faith, or the valley, could compare to the City Of Great Hope.

The streets were made of gold. Its gates were made of giant pearls. There were rubies, emeralds and diamonds, bigger then any mountain. Everything was exactly how the wise tales told in Old World said it would be.

Youani wanted all the towns' people of Lawbond to see and live in the City of Great Hope. Most of all he wanted his father to be there with him.

As Youani stood admiring the greatness and beauty of the City, voices begin to proclaim the presence of King Messiah.

"Thou art worthy O' King Messiah to receive glory and honor for you have created all thing and all things were created for your pleasure."

Youani turns toward the voices, and saw seven golden candlesticks. In the midst of the seven golden candlesticks was King Messiah. He was clothed with a white robe down to His feet and had a golden vest about His chest. His hair was white like wool and His eyes were as flames of fire. His feet were like brass, and His voice was like the sound of rushing water.

King Messiah held in His right hand, seven stars. When Youani saw King Messiah, he falls at His feet and was very fearful because of all the wrong he has done in the Faith. But King Messiah speaks and said:

"Fear not, I have forgiven all the things you have done since you entered New World and I give you the mystery of the seven stars and seven golden candlesticks. I shall now give you the right to freely live in the City Of Great Hope."

Youani was amazed. He now knew for himself the greatness of King Messiah. As for the mystery of the seven stars and the seven golden candlesticks, well you will have to travel to the City Of Great Hope and find out for yourself.

King Messiah is waiting to meet you. Are you ready to take your journey?

The beginning

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Member Comments
Member Date
David Doyle 22 Nov 2002
It also reminded me of Pilgrim's Progress. I would have liked more detail about the "bad" things that Youani did in Faith. It would have made his remorse more real.
Carole McDonnell 11 Nov 2002
I really liked this! Reminded me of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress and C.S. Lewis' Pilgrim's Regress. My only problem that I wanted more of it! I wanted it to be a full-length book where I coiuld roam about the towns and really feel the bondage and the characters. Make a big book of it! Please! -Carole


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