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The Conservation of Life
by Rebecca Walton
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Author requests article critique


The Conservation of Life
Recent critiques regarding a previous timeline post about President Obama has prompted me to draft a more detailed response that reflects my political opinion. I wish to address those critiques and offer a well-rounded perspective of why I think what I think, and "is the way I am"
Please bear in mind that this response is directed toward the mature Christian. If you are not a believer you will not relate to what I am about to say.

In an immediate response to an interview our President participated in, I proclaimed my stance against his platform. Many people believed that my "announcement" was based on his endorsement for homosexuality, when in fact it was a manifested "voice" of the last leg being broken off my unstable endorsement for our President.

It was a proud day for All American's in November of 2008 when President Barack Obama proclaimed that Change had come to America. As an American of African descent I was happy to have had a leader to whose face I could relate to. But sadly that's all I could release my breath to....

I find it best to give a short illustration of my core beliefs to further develop my opinion.
My identity is a plethora of many descriptions; daughter, sister, writer, Christian, Compliance Officer... etc. However, before I am any of these things in the world, I am a human being. And as a member of this race I am compelled to recognize the identity of who I am and the future well-fare of my person. To bring this sentiment home, a great philosopher stated, "I think, therefore I am". I profoundly believe that this is the true baseline of what humanity is all about.
Additionally, the quintessence of an authority figure is to communicate their identity. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob did exactly that, when He communicated to all creation that He is the Creator and that by Him, through Him, and for Him all things are created.

Part of our Godly imagery includes volition: the ability to make choices in ALL things. We have the choice to believe what the Authority has communicated or not. It’s just that simple to me. (I will come back to this)

Every soul on this Earth is part of a universal dynamic to act according to a chronological scheme of things. All but the Creator have a beginning, so therefore we all are naturally part of a time-line. From the moment we are born we are headed toward a future state of being.
I, like most Christians, believe that the future state of our world will one day end. Jesus Christ will come back and have his day of reckoning and everything will be destroyed. Humans will no longer exist, for those who have believed in Jesus Christ will be transformed to live in heaven with Him forever; and those who have not will live in hell with Satan and his demons forever. For whatever reason, the general consensus is that human-kind will one day be absolutely destroyed along with the world. I believe that this is a misunderstanding of Biblical prophecy. The Bible says that there will one day be a new Earth. I don't believe that this new Earth will not have human occupants. I believe Earth was created to house humans. So, to say that humans will one day no longer exist, even with a new Earth, is like building a house for the sake of the infrastructure. That's ludicrous because the house serves no purpose. Just as a house is purposed to house people, the Earth is purposed to serve human-kind. It is my belief that human-kind will always exist. We will never be destroyed indefinitely.

I realize that this radical belief can be misconstrued has a challenge to a very specific theological doctrine. However I don't believe that it is.
Many Christians were taught that the human race was created to resolve the angelic conflict. For a full description of what this is I recommend Col. R.B Theime's Christian Integrity. It can be found on www.rbtheime.org, all material is absolutely free! (This little blue book changed my life).
In short, the angelic conflict is the war between Satan and God in which Satan and 1/3 of the heavenly host were cast out of heaven into eternal burning flames. Satan then challenged the Love of God by proclaiming his judgment unfair. How could the Creator judge His created? The result of the challenge was the human race – the answer. The events of human history will answer how God can judge His created.

Now the simple mind would construe that if we are the answer to the angelic conflict and that the end of the answer is Jesus Christ's day of reckoning, then why will human-kind go on existing? God has proven his case, why does the material used to answer Satan need continue on? I believe it is because of the Love of God.
Is is my opinion that we consistently underestimate what the Love of God really is. I will be as bold enough to voice my own interpretation and say that Love creates that which is real. A theological definition of the word real is that which cannot be destroyed. I believe humans, as well are part of that definition. I refuse to believe that we are simple disposable material only meant to exist for a specific period of time in order to accomplish a purpose. I'm sorry but I believe God is bigger than that. I believe that we were created as a result of the Angelic Conflict and that we (humans) will go on to exist forever.

Now I want to be extricable clear that this opinion in no way negates the function, purpose, and future of The Church / the bride of Christ. For I believe with all my heart that those who believe in Jesus Christ in this specific moment in time will, on the day of Jesus Christ's return, be transformed into a new spiritual body to reign with him in heaven forever. However, this has no bearing on the human race as a whole. Not everyone will believe, some will go to hell, not everyone will reign. But human race will go on!

I believe humans were created to exist forever in fellowship with God; weather its thriving under his law or living as his friends. God Himself, in His different capacities perpetuates the existence of the human race. Historically humans have thrived under His laws of governance, commonly known as the Decalogue or the Ten Commandments. Now mind you I say this as an oversimplification of Biblical history for the purpose painting a big picture so that you can understand what I'm trying to relay. I mean in no way to negate the doctrinal principles found in the Pentateuch: the first five books of the Bible. I just want to prove the reasons why I believe that human history will never end.

I, like many other Christians believe that the law was given to evangelize the world through a specific chosen race of people, the Jews. However I believe that it was also given to perpetuate the existence of the human race. These regulations have been translated into a set of divine establishment principles to govern the human race as well as to evangelize the entire world.
The first divine establishment is the individual, the second is the family, and the third is the government. There are several other establishments but for the purpose of this treatise I will only identify these three. These three embody the essence of orientation to the authority of God that is essential to perpetuate the existence of the human race. His authority is designed to protect the existence, function and purpose of all the establishments. Human beings, which are the components of the aforementioned establishments, are a product (not by-product) of the male and female species that is purposed to have the ability to make choices to accomplish his or her divinely designed destiny. Anything that opposes this identification of a human is thereby deemed a threat and must be annihilated. Things such as idol-god affection, murder, slavery, tyranny, anarchy, homosexuality, and adultery are (which I identify as primary) threats to the perpetuation of the human race. They must be wiped out of the community of man-kind. Good examples of my points are found in the stories of Noah's Ark and Sodom and Gomorrah.

These stories are a good illustration of how God will deal with something that has ceased to function as its intended design. At times He will wash it at other times He will burn it, it’s all determined by the surrounding circumstances. But in either case, whether something is washed or burnt it becomes a testimony to the ultimate authority of God and His Love for man-kind. Granted these historical accounts were meant to accomplish other purposes such as Noah's family being the make-up of all races of humans today, the preservation of the lineage of Jesus Christ; and the promise of a nation to Abraham. However, in both circumstances God left a remnant of people to live on under His rules of governance.
Christendom has taught that Noah and his family and Lot with his family were rescued because their family was made up of 10 individuals who were followers of Yahweh. Historically a remnant of 10 is a reflection of the small number of people that God will preserve the world for. This small remnant of believers is a reflection of the presence of God here on Earth, in which they become the salt of the Earth. As long as there are a remnant of believers God will protect the preservation of man-kind. But once the presence of God is removed, destruction is quickly to follow. As go the believer, so goes the nation. I believe that this doctrine is 100% true but has been grossly misapplied; especially when referenced in The Church.
As members of the body of Christ we are a new spiritual species with special privileges. These privileges come with special powers that are not available to the rest of the world. However I believe that it is pure arrogance to think that God singles out certain individuals to be glorified over others, just because we hold a privileged position in the Kingdom of God and are not subject to the law of the world per se. My soul may not be subject to the law but as long as my soul remains here on Earth, my person is just as much subject to the law as the next unbeliever. God respects no man and He glorifies only Himself.
I believe my existence accomplishes more than just being a witness to the law and grace of God; I also perpetuate the existence of my fellow human brothers and sisters. I exist so that I may Love God and Love others. I feel there is yet more understanding to be gained concerning our position as the Church.

To aid us toward a better understanding I believe a brief (and in my opinion correct) classification of the Church, God, the world, and the law will help. God and the law are synonymous but the Church and God are not. They are two separate things that are related to one another. The Church and the world are both subject to God. The Church has special privileges and powers and the world does not. But both the Church and the world are subject to the law, however, in two different capacities. The Church is activated by the law (by way of the Holy Spirit) and the world is ruled by the law.

Gods law perpetuates our human existence and He glorifies Himself through the vehicle of the Church. One process does not negate the other nor must they interfere with each other. This is why I am a firm believer in the separation of Church and State.

The history of our statehood goes back to the Puritan colonization of England, where Christian pioneers established the framework of what would become the bedrock of our nation's sovereignty. Their enterprises were a response to the unjust rule of the English crown that was subject to the oppressive Church of England. History happens and the United States Constitution is drafted that is specifically formulated to protect against religious and tyrannical oppression. Our Christian forefathers understood that if Christianity was to be perpetuated throughout the land, it had to be free from the imposition of a human government. People had to be free to choose for or against God. Ironically, (but not) in order to perpetuate that freedom the law of God had to be the instrument to govern the land; for the essence of His law is to preserve freedom; freedom to live on so that the next generation may have the freedom to choose for or against God. (In other words God is saying, “You don't have to Love me, but you will respect me, because I love you”) Craftily our forefathers drafted a document that closely translates this sentiment, “America you don't have to Love God, but His law will be respected so that we may live on.” And since 1788, America has thrived under the greatest document ever written since the Magna Carta circa 1215 AD. The Constitution protects our right to be preserved.
On a side note, upon the initial drafting of the Constitution Africans and Native North American Tribes were not meant to be subject the constitution however, historical pivotal events have caused it to be not only for the Anglo-Saxon English settlers who were sanctioned here by the English crown, but for every person who would thereby take up residence on American soil. So with that I say that we must continue to learn from our history and look toward our future.

Tragically as we progress into the unknown future of our country, our freedoms are slowly being eroded away by the neglect of both the church and the world. The erosion is due to prevailing satanic agenda and our inherent inability to follow God's law. Christians have turned our focus inwardly and the world has simply turned away. Nevertheless we all have turned according to our own way.
We are very much dissected as members of the human race. Everyone has a platform to promote their own agenda. Conservatives promote their policies to maintain their status quo and blame the Liberals for the degeneration of our society. Liberals promote equality, tolerance, and acceptance and blame the Conservatives for inflicting injustices and enslaving the poor. With the complex interlocking of issues from all sides, it’s a wonder this country is still a world power.

I want to give a brief historical description of both Conservative politics and Liberal. Conservatives hold a disposition to preserve what already has been established. They call for limited federal regulation, strong military and individual financial responsibility. Liberals believe in change for the better and goodness for all, they believe in autonomy and equality for the individual.
I have fully evaluated both political perspectives and have concluded that while both sides clearly are not risk free, for both allow room for corruption and criminality; only one side truly supports the right to be free while the other does not. Liberalism is extremely subjective and borderline slavery because it requires the consensus of the people to validate its purposes. It’s does not garner strength and integrity in its principles and is an agent of stagnation over progression. Liberalism does not respect an individual’s right to reject that which is “good”.
President Obama's presidency has attempted to rectify the criminal actions of the previous presidency. His approach has been to heal the middle class from the vicious injustices inflicted from big business and financial firms. His banking and financial reform initiatives have resulted in the most federal regulation commissions ever in the history of America. Across the board he has taken away the individual financial responsibility.
On a side note I can't really feel bad about all that he has done, because America's financial leaders stabbed their own hand. Idol god affection was the primary reason the nation of Israel perpetually became enslaved by surrounding nations.
Nevertheless His approach to fixing our country's problems is a perversion of justice. I feel that the people who are criminally liable should be held accountable for what they have done and should be prosecuted to fullest extent of the law, but instead only a few unfortunate individuals have been publicly disgraced to serve as the scapegoats while the entire system has been manipulated to reflect His Liberal Politics, which has been set forth to accomplish the greatest good for the greatest number of people.
He has also very much weakened the status quo of our military. He justifies his initiatives to reflect present day threats. I mean, wow, if I only prepare for war in the face of imminent danger I don't think I would be alive for very long. I mean the history of this country has always been a perpetual conditioning of our nation’s defense. To cut over a billion dollars from our missile defense fund is insane to me. But hey, the small business man needs that money so he can stabilize our country. I'm just saying.
Don't even let mention his endorsement of homosexuality. For a POTUS to voice on his platform (a platform that affects the entire world) his endorsement for one of the greatest threats against divine establishment number one is the most heinous acts of treachery I've ever seen! But of course he is a tool of satanic agenda. What else can we really expect? Everyone must be accepted on their own terms.
For those who realize the slavery initiatives in his tactics, I ask how much worse can it get???

These are just some of the many Liberal reasons why I simply cannot agree with the politics of President Obama. However I realize that the events of our current government are nothing new. This has happened before. But this country has remained standing due to the silver-lining, the supernatural influence of the Church.
I personally believe that this country remains due to the impact of the maturing believer. They are the salt that is preserving the Earth. These are the individuals who are influencing their environment for the good of the people of the Earth. Whether it’s influencing someone to believe in Jesus Christ or simply being a good “Samaritan” by displaying random acts of kindness. These people are contributing to their society by being an asset more so than a liability wherever they are concerned. They are pointing towards the work and person of Jesus Christ in all that they do and say. They are receiving maximum blessings to be affected into their environment by in-taking and understanding the words of God. For all that they are gaining; they are getting an understanding of the Mind of Christ.

Now here's where the complex issue arises. Just because our power of impacting human history is completely separate from the power of the law, does not mean that the power of the law is null and void. (The power of sin was defeated, not the power of the law) Christians must remember that the law was carried fully inside the person of Jesus Christ and when he died he placed His spirit inside the hearts of believers. I say, this makes the law all the more potent and accessible to mankind. Because of Jesus Christ's sacrifice, we don't have to fall victim to our inherent inability to rebel against the law. We can perpetually choose to obey His law repeatedly. We can choose not only for our souls but for the next man as well. For our choices affect one another. We can choose to protect the freedom of God's most precious creation – the human being.
We have the right in the Church and under the law to protect our freedom by at the very least standing up and testifying to what it right; identifying those threats against our and turning away from those threats. It’s not that difficult and the controversy is fly waiting to be swatted.

In any case, Christians have this idea that when the Church is gone destruction is sure to follow. I believe this is true in a certain perspective. The question we have to ask is why will destruction befall the human race? The answer is, because Satan will release a full scale attack against the justice of God. But remember, there will be an indefinite end to this war. Satan will be defeated and life will go on. This is my whole point. Life will go on under the absolute authority of God. There will never be a time within God's created beings when He will not be present. Human beings are God's created beings whose sole purpose is to have fellowship with him. He promised that he would never leave nor forsake us. (The current) Heaven and (the current) Earth shall pass away but his law will remain the same.

The power to influence right and wrong lies in you. We are imperfect creatures because we have a sin nature resident inside our bodies, but Christians also have a human spirit and the power to reflect it onto others who have it already or have the capability of having it. We must live our lives for God and for the World.

I promise you (human) life will go on!

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