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Pandora's Box
by Donna Wasson
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Well, as we’ve all heard by now, the most self-absorbed special interest group on the planet has whined long and loud enough to finally get their way. Our illustrious Narcissist-In-Chief recently announced to the world that he feels gay couples should have the right to marry. And this week, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People jumped on his soul train, eager to give his opinion their endorsement.

It must be rather awkward for them to find out that the Coalition of African American Pastors announced that it vehemently disagrees. This coalition of fine, upstanding gentlemen includes leaders of black churches and veteran civil rights leaders who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

CAAP President, William Owens stated, “The NAACP has abandoned its historic responsibility to speak for and safeguard the civil rights movement. We who marched with Rev. King did not march one inch or one mile to promote same-sex marriage.”

He went on to say, “Same-sex marriage is an attempt to do the opposite of what Rev. King did. It’s an attempt by men to use political power to declare that an act contrary to God’s law and to the natural law is a civil right.” He also called on President Obama to reconsider his support for gay marriage.

God bless you, Mr. Owens! For you and your group to stand firm and take on the most politically influential organization representing this nation’s black citizens takes guts! And you even mentioned the “G” word! You know…”God!” Thank you for pointing out this isn’t an issue just for the black community, but one which will adversely affect the entire fabric of this nation.

Cue the wild applause! I salute you, sir!

But, Mr. Owens…dear, dear, upstanding Mr. Owens, Pandora’s Box has now been opened. It was just cracked a little before, so we could peek inside but now, it’s no holds barred.
Not only did Mr. Obama ‘win’ a Nobel Peace Prize, for what we still don’t know, now Newsweek Magazine has honored him with a cover shot of his noble countenance, topped with a messianic rainbow crown, christening him America’s “First Gay President.”

For our nation’s leader to repeatedly profess he is a Christian, yet take such a decidedly unbiblical stance on an issue deemed to be an abomination by the God he purports to worship is breathtakingly hypocritical! Pass me that paper bag, I’m hyperventilating…

What do I mean by Pandora’s Box? Well, there was a time in the not too distant past, when even speaking of homosexuality was shameful and frowned upon. Today, the LGBT crowd have wormed their way onto our national stage, infiltrated our public schools, flaunt themselves openly on television and throw themselves public parades, celebrating their sexual freedom, and so on, ad nausea.

And nobody had better say one word, or you’re instantly labeled a bigoted homophobe. Let me pause here for a question…why ‘homophobe?’ I don’t know of a single soul who suffers from an irrational, persistent fear of gays. No, what is incorrectly labeled a phobia is in fact a strong aversion. So really, those who don’t approve of homosexuality should be awarded the moniker, ‘homoaverse.’

Or ‘homo*it’s*not*acceptable*behavior*no*matter*how*many*times*you*say*it*is.’ Nah. Too cumbersome.

Anyway, I’ll bet a nice foot rub that NAMBLA will be the next group of sexual deviants to rear their ugly heads. You know, the North American Man/Boy Love Association? Yeah, them. Why not? After all, their organization, “works to abolish age of consent laws criminalizing adult sexual involvement with minors.” They want to, “end the extreme oppression of men and boys in mutually consensual relationships.” Oh, the awful oppression…*sniff-sniff*

And like the LGBT crowd, they simply want to be accepted for who they are. They want the same rights as everyone else! Well, you say, that would never happen; after all, that’s pedophilia and is against the law. So was homosexuality. Now it’s perfectly acceptable behavior.

But that involves children. Yes, but oh those little boys, even as young as 8 years old, are so in love and completely understand the ramifications of what the adult is doing to them! This is the literal philosophy of these degenerate reprobates. The following is a letter, purportedly written by a 12 year old boy, expressing his desire for NAMBLA to be accepted into society. Get a load of this…

“Hello, I want to dispel the myth that children do not have the ability to decide what they want to do with their lives. (what 12 year old have you EVER heard use the word ‘dispel’?) Children are people. Age is an irrelevant factor in the ability to comprehend rationally.” (Do these perverts actually think we’re stupid enough to believe a 12 year old boy wrote this??)

“I believe in gay liberation which must include all aspects of the sexual freedom struggle. (this kid writes better than I do!) The gay rights lobby denounces the “lunatic fringe” of boy lovers, TV’s, S&M, etc. If we are to survive, all forms of gayness must be accepted. In order to change attitudes, we must find a dialogue to communicate with parents and authorities.” (What a load of unmitigated dog squeeze!)

And this was signed, “The Unicorn.” What’s wrong, honey? Why not give us your real name? Oh, that’s right…it’s because an adult pedophiliac wrote this and he’s probably wanted by the cops in four states!

See what I mean by Pandora’s Box? It’s SO pretty and we only want to take a tiny peek inside…we can start by making ‘living together’ a normal occurrence. That wasn’t so bad, was it? How about we crack it open a little more? Oh look, now we can make it acceptable to have out of wedlock babies! Look how cute they are!

Well, a little time has passed, so let’s jack the divorce rate up to a little over 50%. The kids won’t mind; they just want us to be happy. Now, we can bring home serial ‘Daddies’ and confuse the little rug rats. Keep going? Crack that baby open a little more. Oh, now this one may take some time. I don’t know about this…

Homosexuals? Ya think? Well, I suppose if we yell and stomp our feet and protest and harass and lobby and demand and force it, I bet eventually we’ll be able to get this to go mainstream! Yay! We finally did it! And our President actually approves and even thinks we should be able to degrade the institution of marriage by allowing us to legally join ourselves in some unholy union!

It’s what we’ve always wanted. Utopia has finally arrived and we have the same ‘rights’ as everyone else. *Sigh* Huh? What’s that? Who is NAMBLA and what do they want? WHAT? No way! Sanctioning sexual relationships between grown men and little boys will never be acceptable in our society! That’s just wrong!

Why? Well, it’s perverted and goes against nature and is illegal and….and… Oh heck, why not? We’ll work on it a little while. It won’t end up being a problem. And then, the final degradation of our humanity: bestiality. After that, I guess we’ll have to find another forbidden box to open. Wonder what’ll be in that one?

Genesis 6:5 “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”

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Member Comments
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Darna Bedwell Gutter 29 May 2012
Compelling article. Praise God for the gift He has given you to address this vile issue so boldly. I believe the words and judgement you speak against it is reeking havoc in the spirit world. Your words are not in vain nor are the words of others who stand firm against this abomination. I am fighting my own battle in a church that has no conscience to ex-communicate fornicators and homosexuals who appear to be non-repentant. People have been cohabitating out of wedlock and having children and the leaders seem not to want to take action. Its not my church home, I'm just passing through. Its a west coast Presbyterian Church whose council was even contemplating ordaining homosexuals as elders in the church. I could not tell you if they meant practicing or non-practicing homosexuals. So this pandora's box is attempting to defile churches. I believe the Lord has allowed me to be here to speak the truth. I will not linger much longer and have my conscience defiled by a corrupt church. I'm just here long enough to warn the leaders. Either they will hear or forebare. Our saving grace is that gays are in the minority. Remember if there had been at least 10 righteous in Sodom/Gomorrah the Lord would not have destroyed it. So hopefully we can at least count on the Lord to sustain our country for the sake of the righteous. Blessings.


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