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The Baby Who Was Expecting a Mommy
by Jen Fernandez
Not For Sale


There once lived a baby
who was expecting a Mommy.

She was told
it would take nine months for Mommy to arrive.

Nine months
is a long time for a baby to wait to have a Mommy!

Every day
the baby grew more and more excited.

There were many preparations to be made,
and Baby was busy.

She wanted everything
to be in perfect place when here due date came.

Her eyes, her little nose and ears
all came, just as expected.

Soon, in her excitement,
Baby began to kick her feet and tap her hands on the walls of her temporary house.

“I can’t wait to see my Mommy!”
She was saying.

Finally, the day she was waiting for

It was a long ordeal,
but Baby knew that after all her hard work she’d get to see her Mommy.

When Baby came into the big, bright room
she cried in excitement.

But soon the men and women in white carried her off
to a room filled with other babies who were expecting Mommies.

“Maybe this is the place where I’ll finally see her,”
thought Baby.
She waited, but soon she was so tired from her long day
that she drifted off into a deep sleep.

Baby dreamed of meeting the Mommy
she had been expecting…

In her dream, Baby was warm and cozy
in her Mommy’s arms.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t afford cake and balloons to celebrate,”
Baby told Mommy in her dream.
“I hope my big brown eyes and sweet smile will do…”

Baby’s dream was shattered
by what seemed to be a thousand screams.

When she opened her eyes, the room was dark.
“Where am I…and where’s my Mommy?”

The night was long, and it was very cold and dark—
darker than it had been inside Mommy’s tummy!

The screams now turned to silence
and the room was quiet…too quiet!

Finally, Baby could take it no more.
“I want my Mommy!!!” She cried…

and cried…

and cried…

but nobody understood what she was saying.

All they heard was a baby crying.

Suddenly, the room was filled with light,
and a kindly old lady came to see what was wrong with Baby.

“I don’t understand, “said the lady. “We’ve fed you. We’ve changed you.
You’ve had a good night’s sleep. What more could you possibly want?”

“I want my Mommy!
cried baby.

But as much as the poor old lady tried,
she could not understand.

All she could hear
was a baby crying.

So Baby waited and waited
but the Mommy she thought she was expecting
did not come.

And every night when the lights went out
Baby cried herself to sleep.

In another part of the world,
someone else was crying herself to sleep.

But this night, she was awakened
by what she was certain to be a baby’s cry.

She ran to the nursery next to her bedroom—
the nursery prepared for the baby she had been expecting…
the baby that never came.

But the crib was still as empty
as her arms had been when she came home from the hospital.

She felt the warmth of her husband’s arms around her,
and the wetness of their tears together on her folded hands.

And the breeze through the window carried to them a cry
from a thousand miles away…

“I want my Mommy!!!”
said the cry.

The husband and wife looked at one another through teary eyes
and walked to the window.

“Do you hear it?” she whispered.

“Could it be?” he asked.

“Could it be that somewhere in the world, a baby wants a Mommy and Daddy
as much as we want a baby?”

And as the moonlight danced in the window—
a song came in the night…

“I do not leave you as orphans
I have not abandoned you.
You are not forsaken.

Come follow me—
Be a father to the fatherless,
A mother to the motherless
And you will not be childless—
Your hearts will be filled.”

Mother and Father slept hand in hand in the moonlight
as the wind carried their love to another place…

And Baby
did not cry herself to sleep that night.

Months passed swiftly, and Baby saw her little friends taken one by one
into the arms of smiling couples.

And new babies would come
to replace her old friends.

The kindly old lady took good care of Baby,
but there were so many others for her to care for.

The lady did the best she could…
but she still wasn’t “Mommy.”

Sometimes strangers would come
and look at Baby

But when she cried, “I want my Mommy!”
they did not understand, and would slowly walk away.

One day, Baby was crying so hard,
nobody knew what to do.

They tried everything,
but she just cried harder and harder.

That’s when Baby heard a voice—
a voice that would forever change her life.

“She wants her Mommy!
She’s saying that she wants her Mommy!”

And soon Baby was swept up
into the most comfortable arms she’d ever felt.

“Hello, sweet child. I am ‘Daddy.’
And this…this is ‘Mommy!’”

Baby looked up and saw not one,
but two tear-stained faces.

One was strong and handsome—
the other gentle and beautiful.

“I’m sorry we took so long, honey.
We came from a long way, but you were worth the wait.”

“And now we’re going home. Together.
Welcome to our family.”

Baby couldn’t believe her ears!
“I got more than I asked for,” she smiled.

“I asked for a Mommy, and I got a Daddy, too!
A home, a family…all for me?!” Her smile grew.

Nobody knew what her smile meant.

Except Mommy and Daddy.

“I hope you like the new name we picked for you!”
Mommy whispered in Baby’s ear.

“A name, too?!”
Baby cried. This time, it was tears of joy.

A year passed,
And Mommy and Daddy were finally enjoying a good night’s sleep.

They were awakened by a cry.

“I want my brother!!!”

Mommy and Daddy ran to the nursery
and took their little girl into their arms.

Silently, they stood in the moonlight by the window
as a gentle breeze carried another song into their hearts.

They smiled as their little girl laughed.

They knew just what she was saying.

It was a long time
before Mommy and Daddy had another good night’s sleep.

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lynn gipson  12 May 2012
Oh my goodness....this is about the best I have read so far....I had tears and sadness and then tears of joy....excellent....just beautiful thank you


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