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Jewish by Heart
by aura monica vicente
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Jewish by Heart
Aura Monica C. Vicente

For He is not Jew outwardly yet He is a Jew which is inwardly Romans 2:28-29

Every time I read my bible or bible studying alone, I can’t bear noticing my daughter’s interest in bible studying. She always comes to my attention insisting to teach her reading the bible. Well, that’s great to hear. It means, she have the willingness to know YHVH. Yet, the question still lurks in my mind, does her heart truly meant to be taught or she just saw me doing it; imitating what mommy does. Well, there is a saying that parents are direct teacher of their children which the bible implies “train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it” Proverbs 22:6.
Going back to my childhood, I had never seen my parents read or opened the bible or studying the bible. Yet once in a blue moon, we attended Sunday mass. As a child, I never understood the meaning of religion or being on Sunday mass. The only word popping-out of my head about Sunday Mass was BORING. When I was at the same age of my daughter all I can think about was what will I play next. I could care less about what the priest had to say because it was the same routine I had heard from my childhood alma matter. Going to school for me when I was a child was a drag because the school I was attending was an all-girls private catholic school. It was insanely annoying due to the fact, the school arranges the same mass yet on different occasions. In contrary, the only academic subject in elementary school I did attend that got my attention was my Theology Subject. I love the theology teaching, there’s something different about it. Every time, my teacher discussed the bible, NOT the Catholic Catechisms, it inspires me. It moves me; something came ALIVE inside of me. It tickles my heart to let me felt that joy I needed, just by studying the bible.

Now that I am an adult, a mother of two children, I still enjoy studying the bible. I bible study by myself and guest what, I enjoy my relationship with YHVH, for I am not a spiritual gentile anymore but spiritually Jew inside. When I learned who YHVH there was a lot of changes had happened in my life. I grew to love WHO I AM, I grew to love my enemies, I grew to love my neighbor and not only that I became ONE with YHVH. Gaining an access to His mind, heart and intentions had healed my trouble soul. I had found peace and rest IN HIM. Knowing YHVH and having an intimate relationship with Him is like marriage bliss for me because spiritually I am married to HIM and only Him. I don’t need physical materials for me to gain POWER or HAPPINESS. To me I AM HAPPY WITH HIM, I FELT HOME and ACCEPTED in Him, though I AM weak I BECOME STRONG in HIM, when I AM ALONE; TO HIM I HAVE A BEST FRIEND. The Torah said: “There is neither Jew or Greek, slave nor free, male or female for you are ONE with YVHV.” Galatian 3:28.

You see, I am not going to claim myself as a Christian, a religious person, a Jew, a Greek, a Roman, a Catholic or whoever you and I wanted to be called it is just a title for us to segregate ourselves. This is the lifestyle of spiritual gentiles; this is the thought of spiritual gentiles. These acts of segregation are pagan teaching to confuse people. Remember, the way (TEACHING) of life (YHVH’s word) leads to the Kingdom of YVHV though it is hard and narrow, its roots are deeper and its fruits are abundant, while the way (TEACHING) of HUMAN DESIRES (spiritual gentile’s word) is empty and destructive. Tehillim/Psalm 1 and Mattityahu/Mathew 7:13.

Surely, I was called out of Babylon meaning confusion (revelation 18:4). For that matter of calling, He showed me who He was and what must I need to do which I will only praise YHVH. So I can rest assure that I will know who I am and what will be my role as His daughter and caretaker of His own creation, Genesis 2:15. Not only, I am his caretaker; YHVH, knows my heart. Remember, YHVH knows His children, YHVH knows who His sheeps and followers. The Torah implies also: “by their fruits you shall know them.” This Torah verse has three parallel insights: Physical, Personal and spiritual parallel.

Let us talk about the physical parallel of this verse. First, of all it emphasize the twelve tribe of Israel. In B’resheet/Genesis 48-49, before Ya’akov pass away He gave blessing to each one of His sons. This verse also exemplify in Revelation as well in the second coming of the new kingdom of YHVH. The physical aspect of the kingdom of YHVH, there will be 12 gates and each foundation has different types of gem (exemplifying the character of each tribe) Rev 21: 19-21. On top of it all it shows the 144,000 who had his name and YHVH name in their forehead (the follower of the commandments and the teaching of YHVH), 12000 people will enter on each gates of the new kingdom. This is also parallel to Noah’s ark and the book of exodus but in more upscale scenario. Why will it be an upscale scene? Remember when Yeshua Hamashiach recruited his twelve apostles. After His death-to-self (meaning after His retirement of teaching) these apostles are Yeshua’s protégé and the next teachers of Torah. He allowed them to spread the Torah teaching to all nations, tongues and tribes. So anyone who believes in His teaching will be part of His New Kingdom.
The second aspect of the verse is the genealogy of ABRAHAM. Remember YHVH promise to him that He will be the father of all nations and will be the lineage vessel of spiritual fruit to a man name Yeshua. The third aspect of these teaching is YHVH is showing to us the culture and tradition of Israel. Why? Because they are the first son of YHVH, the origin and the seed of three monotheistic religious cultures: Muslim, Judaism and Christianity. Judaism is the original covenant of YHVH and the root of Muslim religion/culture from Ishmael son of Hagar from Abraham, after they were shunned by Avram requested by her wife Sarah, YVHV bless Ishmael and made a covenant with Him. In Christianity it was from “Yeshua” the prophesized “salvation” of Jew/Gentile alike; from the lineage of Avram to King David. Yet was rejected by His own people, in contrary was LOVE and ADORED by Gentiles. We as a spiritual Jew need to give respect to His nation and people and give our allegiance to them rather than rejecting them, in the name of YHVH. Because YHVH said: “I will make you a great nation, I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” B’resheet (genesis) 12:2-3. Remember they are YHVH fearing people and we need to follow their footstep.

There is another parallel that has similar aspect of the phrase “by their fruits you shall know them” this aspect is in between the spiritual and physical because this particular feature is influenced by genetics and environment at the same time. The behavioral parallel of the biblical phrase mentioned can be imitated or learn through environment, there is also genetic inheritance that plays a huge role in behavioral pattern. Tradition and culture help shaped the person by teaching it and by the person’s choices and decision. In eastern culture, community have a huge impact on raising a child each adult pitch-in to help in the household, though the father is still the head of the household, He let others by freewill help-in the family’s day-to-day task. An example of this is exemplified in the Ten Words of YHVH and other verses in Torah. In Sh’mot/ Exodus 20:8-11 says: “Remember the day, Shabbat to set it apart for YHVH. You have six days to labor and do all your work but the seventh day is a Shabbat for Adonai your YHVH. On it, you are not to do any kind of work— not you, your son and your daughter, not your male and female slave, not your livestock and not the foreigner staying with you inside the gates to your property. “For in the six days, Adonai made heaven and earth, the sea and everything in them; but on the seventh day He rested. This is why Adonai blessed the day, Shabbat, and separated it for himself.” Read carefully the verse.

Another example is when Yeshua is carrying His cross Simon had helped Yeshua carried it too. In Yeshua’s burial the Jewish women helped cleanse Yeshua’s body for them to prepare it for the tomb that Joseph of Arimethea donated. In Tanakh, Sarah the wife of Abraham has maid servants to help in the household. These environmental behaviors thus shape a person’s attitude as well. Remember, there is a verse in the Torah mentioned the 13 attributes of YHVH this verse is parallel to the seven beatitudes that Yeshua had taught His crowd. Yet, the most profound characteristic that YHVH revealed for us was His 10 words (commandment). His commandments itself had revealed who He was and His expectation and guidance for us. This is the characteristic that we must abide, so we can acquire the same likeness of Him. It is also mentioned in the book of genesis that men was created in the image of YHVH, He gave us life by breathing out of His nostril and gave us the breath of life (genes, soul and characteristic). This is a parallel verse of Yeshua’s death to His-self. His death to himself demonstrated His love of Torah and giving way for the twelve apostle a chance to teach the Torah to everyone and give everyone life just by learning Torah.
Remember, Yeshua had recruited His apostle and taught them and shown them the Torah and who YHVH was. In the book of B’rit Hadashah, Yeshua not even He taught His apostle but had taught everyone please do remember He had spoken to His people in the sermon of the mount He had exemplified exactly the seven beatitude, the literal 13 attribute of YHVH. He even taught everyone how to talk/pray to YVHV. He even mentioned the word AMEN. What does AMEN means? Amen has many root terms. However, in christian term it says "so be it so." This term is not excluded in interpreting such powerful word, yet it is not a complete definition of AMEN. Let’s define AMEN in REAL HEBREW TERM. In Hebrew, the root word of AMEN is eh-mooh-nah means FAITH and eh-mooh-nah is the root word of ehmunim meaning to practice or to act. The word is also closely connected to the Hebrew, amam, meaning believe, or faithful. From that Amen came to represent a statement of utter belief, trust and confidence in God. In Hebrew, the word would be used as “the God of Amen” or, the faithful God, WHEN YOU SAY AMEN YOUR LITERALLY SAYING, "I promise to faithfully perform it in my life" Or I faithfully promise to do it."

The spiritual aspect of being adopted as children of YHVH are learning the truth about YHVH; remember YHVH had spoken to His people through Yeshua, He said to the Judeans who had trusted him, “If you obey what I say, then you are really my talmidim, you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” They answered, “We are the seed of Avram and have never been slave to anyone; so, what do you mean by saying “You will be set free?” Yeshua replied: Yes, indeed! I tell you that everyone who practices sin is a slave of sin. Now a slave does not remain with a family forever but a son does remain with it forever. So if the Son frees you, you will really be free!” I know you are the seed of Avraham. Yet you are out to kill me, because what I am saying makes no headway in you. I say what my Father has shown me; you do what your father has told you.” Yochanan 8:31-38. Yeshua is emphasizing our spiritual obedience to YVHV following His Ten Commandments, eventhough, we know that we are the physical/spiritual seed of Avraham adopted or legitimate lineage of Avraham, we still need to follow the 10 commandments. This is not legalism but spiritual fulfillment for us to experience YHVH’s LOVE for us to open our eyes we are LOVE by our Heavenly Father.

The truth is He adore us, He literally forgive us from our short-comings and disobediences. He welcomes us for the second time. There is a blessing assurance that you are at His mercy through Yeshua’s name, just by following simple YHVH regulation. Another spiritual aspect of following YHVH is the prophesy fulfillment in revelation and Yeshua’s teaching and parables, remember Yeshua said, “the kingdom of heaven is like a man who is a merchant seeking fine pearls, who having found one pearl of great price, he went and sold all that he had and bought it.” Mattityahu 13:45-46. In addition, the mercy that YHVH is offering for us, is for the kingdom of YHVH, it is not for us but we will be part of it because in Galatians 3:26-29 Sha’ul had mentioned: “For in the union with the Messiah, you are all children of YVHV through this trusting faith; because as many as you were immersed into the Messiah have clothed yourselves with the Messiah, in whom there is neither Jew nor Gentile neither slave nor free, neither male or female; for in union of the Messiah, Yeshua you are ONE, if you belong to the Messiah, you are seed of Avraham and heirs according to His promise.” See the word ‘heir’ meaning recipient of tradition, an inheritor of something such tradition and characteristic (Encarta Dictionary). We are heir to YHVH’s kingdom, the physical and spiritual Israel.

In summary you don’t need to be a physical Jew to understand the ways and life of YHVH. It is up to each one of us to practice and apply it in our lives to be able for us to experience YHVH. Yeshua our great Rabbi taught the Torah to us and fulfilled it to us and He had put His faith into us for us to follow our YHVH and teach it to adults and children alike remember Yeshua said: “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven (He is referring to the children both young and adult as the next generation to teach the Torah) belongs to such as these” Mattityahu 19:14.

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