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11 God and my Journey
by Shawn Moore
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11 God and Me (you) Blessing's to all, first let me say that all my writing is my attempt to find the Creator, by going back over my life and unveiling the Grace,Love,Joy and Peace that this life has shown to this Soul of mine! God has shown me that Footsteps in the Sand is only the beginning, it is when you submerge yourself in the Ocean of Love the Lord has waiting right there for you, (it is for the Water we go to the beach) It is then and only then, that you will renew that old(whatever it is) , inside of the greatest machine ever created(Body), containing the Light of God(spirit) inside. There is a song inside all of us, we release that song in different expressions, like singing , painting, writing, dancing and all other sorts of thanking God for this experince we call life. (Seed Time and Harvest); Genesis 1:11" And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after "His" kind, whose seed is in itself, UPON the Earth; and it was so. You see God told us at the beginning, to look inside ourselves, to find your seed (beginning), to have a better understanding of God, Christ Jesus is the light that shows us the way to the, Father in Heaven above. I began to dig inside myself to find that Light inside of me, the Rivers of Living Waters were flowing out of me to quench the souls of those The Lord sent across, my path. I love the Law of Seed Time and Harvest, which my Pastor and Uncle taught me at his Church "End Time Harvest", whatever you put into this life, (sowing), you shall get it back,( harvest), the world calls it karma, the original word is (zara) meaning- bear, conceive seed, set with, sow(er), yield. and harvest is qatsiyr (root word),qatsar (kaw-tsar) meaning- the crop, the time, the reaper, also a limb(of a tree, or simply foliage):- bough, branch, harvest(man). ok back to the journey, So i began to thrist also i needed to refill my well, so i began to search inside my self for what my life has been. The writings up to this point have been a introduction to the gates i entered upon going inside myself to find myself. I had to clear out some baggage that was slowing me down, in order to recieve new revelations from above, here below, ( Gen. 1:7 ). I used to think that i was a victim of society, until i opened my own gate to peep inside of myself, i think i cried at the so called loses i had endured when i first saw them again. How could i have made it though those storms that blew others away, those whose only choice was to bow out and those who was left torn and shattered afraid of life, and "Seasons of Gods Grand Design"(my first chapter), that was placed there to enhance not destroy, but because they found no shelter to ride out the storm, they perished. How did I make it out after the abuse,(read my whole story from chapter 1 thru 11) the fire, the foster home(chapter 8), the death of my best friend on my birthday,(chapter 6) the lost of my two brother who i saved as babies only to lose one to water(drowning), and the other just, when, to sleep, he was the baby that was in the bed, that caused the fire,(The Fire) the lost of my own life by lost of blood,(chapter 4) the lost of my son on my oldest son birthday. Why O Why?// Ha Ha ha, thats the cry of someone who don't know how to sit under the Great Shade Tree(God) when the Sun(word) is shining so bright that it moves the esscence of your soul. Psalm 1:3 And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, That bringeth forth his fruit in his Season; His leaf also shall not wither; And whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. The Word speaks of Trees, do you pay attention to them. Mark 8:24 And he looked up and said " I see Men like Trees, walking." Gen.2:16 And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, " Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; this is pure knowledge and understanding of One God everything is in Harmony with God, though Christ Jesus who ordained everything on earth.It is Christ Jesus God put at his right hand, to sit with Him in Heaven.

though Christ Jesus who ordained everything on earth. Christ knew what

tree to recieve True Knowledge from. Trees like people varies from one another, there are different types of but lets look at the first type

mentioned in the Bible, the Fruit tree, (man), which gives fruit after his kind. the Fruits that are now in our basket are from the years of

collecting fruit and not doing the right thing with it, waste is such a terrible thing. Mother Earth was designed by God to use everything in

and on it, Seasons are my way of looking at Gods recycle program, Waste not Want not. This is just a part of the design you plant it (

speaking words of life or death), its your choice to make. You see we are Musical Insturments placed here to Praise God. The first time

God mentions Fruits (pural), the root for that word is "zamar" (zaw-mar) - to touch the strings or parts of a musical instrument,i.e. play

upon it; to make music, accompanied by the voice; hence, to celebrate in song and voice- give praise, sing praises, psalms. So what kind of

melody are you playing??? the experiences we go though are meant to enhance who you are to make your leaves green, your limbs strong

and your roots deeper, don't let them chop you down where you have to try all over again, be strong and withstand the storms they will

past and your fruits will begin to appear. Other trees will see your fruits and try and mimic your stance in this life, they will know that the

soil(God) you are planted in is fertile, and you are drinking from the fountain of Living Water, because your branches soar high above the

other trees, your fruits are ripe and ready to be ingested and fill the Soul or to be given to the Soul in need. Allow your "enhances" fruits to

feed others in need of shetler. Always know that there will be some that TRY to take and let your gift go to waste, but remember, even the

fruit you drop will not be wasted, it will go back to you so that you can give it to someone who needs it. Thank God you have plenty to give

away, remember you can always share your victories with others and the more they take away from your victory, to help them find shetler,

the more you want to give others, these fruits keeps giving and giving. I now laugh at the thought of me being a seedling, tossed to and fro,

by the winds of life. I now embrace them knowing i am planted. Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepard i shall not want, he maketh me to lay

down in green pastures, He leadeth me by the still waters. Remember still waters run deep. Now we must also reap what we sow, so now is

the time to reap, let the bad seeds go and cultivate your soil, Dig into the WORD to find who God has ordained you to be. Now is not the

time to be afraid of this life embrace this time and Love it, Love those around you, help those in need, Let your Branches shade others as

Christ has prepared a way for your shade. You have made it out of some hard times, and even harder times and yet here you are reading

this testimony, when you have plenty fruit on your limbs that is ripe and ready to feed others. The time is at hand, you have been prepared

for such a time as this. We must teach our own seeds the Knowledge of the The Most High God, The True King first. You see We are the

generation held responible for teaching our kids what we have been blessed with, God told Abraham And I will establish my convenant

between thee and thy seed after thee in their generation for an everlasting convenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee.

(Gen.17:7). So what kind of tree are you?

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