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Corporate Social Responsibility & Nature: Recognizing the Earth as a Part of the Body of God 1&2
by Dekeme Paul
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Article title: Corporate Social Responsibility & Nature: Recognizing the Earth as a Part of the Body of God (1)

Long has it been when businesses polluted our environments, generally the earth, indiscriminately, without concern and with little knowledge of the health hazards imposed, until modern science, came up with copious research and evidences, to show how that corporate pollution, across diverse kinds of industries, especially the heavy and manufacturing, can adversely and broadly affect our health, not to talk of our lives, and which as a matter of fact is already doing so, owing to already committed pollution crimes- for some ( the unconcerned and indifferent) and blunders, for the others( the unintentional, but inevitably-pollution-commission bounded )

Without regard to the adverse effects and health hazards environmental pollution committed by firms poses and have to humans, have businesses thought of the other sides affected by this on-going action?

There is one side and which is the greatest side, that businesses often donít consider or even think about, or are oblivious of, or ignorantly unconscious of, when polluting our world. This side is the side of God, and the side of God is the earth itself. This is the greatest side and the utmost important and upon this all other sides or aspects depend, in all things.

Owing to knowledge we already have gathered, on global warming, ozone layer depletion, natural disasters etc., all of which were and are caused by environmental pollution, via the instruments of our factories and manufacturing activities (and even non manufacturing) that are hazardous to our health, lives and ultimately the life of the earth, we have begun ways of diligently developing and applying means of reducing our pollution activities if not possibly able to completely eliminate them.

For you who have not known, whether you are a manager, entrepreneur, member, board of directors, director, investor, CEO, or whatever, I want you to know this: Earth our planet is a part of the body of God. If ever you have been involved in indiscriminate pollution of the earth, through your corporate policies and firms, you must cease now those attitudes and modify your policies, processes and management, to reduce your share of pollution count to the sacred body of our Father God. There are natural situations where pollution cannot be completely eliminated, but you must begin finding ways by innovation or adopt already developed process and operations technology, that limits and helps reduce corporate pollution. You must respect the sacred and holy body of God, being the earth, and hallow it. Nurse it, love it, and feel concerned about it as though it were your own body and blood. This way you as well as others that will and do already obediently follow will make the earth the body of our Great God Yahweh, and our given home, a safe hallowed, pleasant and glorious place to live in and enjoy. Your first thought, consideration and environmental safety priority, for non-discriminant-pollution- commission, should not be preemptively human influenced, but rather preemptively and paramountly God considered. This should be your prime corporate social responsibility, above and beyond every other related ramifications and dimensions. Know that society in absoluty, is God, and there is no better and greater way of showing social responsibility in whatever form, than thinking, considering and respecting God first in all things.

See article (2) for more on this topic.

Dekeme Paul




A relative few of earthís population only, know that the earth is a part of the body of God. The vast knowlegdeless majority feels and perhaps believes that the earth is a mere celestial object, inexplicably set to rotation and revolution about the sun, equipped and bonded with life- supporting matter, of diverse and various forms. Some earth scientists and most ordinary people, fall into the latter group, while the relative knowledged few, have their knowledge and beliefs acquired and based on their respective religions.

This set of people are better off in all things, and in this context, business, by virtue of this knowledge they possess, as regards the earth being a part of the body of God. A few religions have even developed and perpetuate worship forms of the earth, recognizing it as a living entity. Although, not all of these religions assume that the earth is Godís body, some consider and worship it as the body of some spirit or cosmic deity.

Either way, as the foregoing expresses, it is a good start to recognize, whether in shaky assumption or formidable belief, that the earth is the body of some cosmic celestial entity. However for your information if you are of those who regard the earth as the body of some celestial spirit or deity other than God, then know now in correction that none of the celestial bodies in the cosmos is given for the body of some spirit or cosmic force or god, besides God the Most High. What you see everywhere above the skies as the heavenly bodies, as well as those that are unseen, which are of the cosmos, that make up the entire creation, is God and none other

When you enter into cosmic science, treated from a religious perspective, you will understand that the universe and the cosmos in consummation, is not a mere scientific or celestial object.

Handling cosmic science or cosmology as it is called, from the proper and true religion(s) or philosophical orientation, will show and teach you further that God has, is and will be pre-existing in the form of the stars, galaxies, universes, suns, planets and all other celestial bodies, seen and unseen.

The existence of God is multidimensional, the reason there exists many different things in many different forms, each reflecting the unique and diverse image forms of God. Probably the highest form in which God exists is in the form of the spherical celestial bodies we know of as the stars, universes and all others, seen and unseen. These make up the cosmos, which is the entire creation. The man form of existence is a second tier existential dimension.

Telling you that the earth is the body of God should not be surprising as such, or hard to believe, albeit you agree that the entire creation was created by God. There is one thing you should know: there are two basic celestial forms of existence, (1) the Uncreated World and Life, which is the primordial existence of God from time indefinite, and (2) the Created World and Life, which is the form of man and every other living things in the cosmos.

The basic elements of the earth (land, air, water, etc.) as well as those of every other celestial body are in the category of the uncreated world. These elements were never shaped or created at any point in time, after the original existence of God. As God was in the beginning and origin of life and time, so were these elements, which in essence are His Original Time and Life, Body and Blood.

Therefore, the elements of the earth, as well as those of all other celestial bodies, are ageless and timeless and can be considered as existing since the beginning of time, in the origin of the Life and Body of God. When your earth scientists apply their age measuring technology to the elements of the earth, for the purpose of measuring or reading their age, for instance the rocks, they find out that their measure reads many billions back or even infinity. Why? It is because the earth is ageless, in terms of the elements that consist it. What scientists are measuring are energy contents. These energy contents are scaled in units, and are what gives the billions or millions of units in time. The actual measurements, are as a matter of fact not absolute in accuracy, because manís measuring instruments, are incapable of capturing wholly the energy contents or cosmic vibration of the earth, in that the basic elements of their make are limited in time and space.

God can at will graduate the cosmic vibration of a celestial, (which reads off or exposes the energy content of itís body, thereby determining either partially or fully itís time state or origin), so that we donít capture in our case, the full measure of the earthís age, energy content or time state and scale in retro-progression, the consequences resulting in scientists, telling you that the earth is so and so years old, or some rock is so and so years old, in some time scale, which in the case is perhaps far from accurate.

From the uncreated world, God designed and built a pattern or style, for the uncreated elements to exist. The result of such progressive thoughts, words and actions, are the style, pattern or architecture of the various and diverse forms of life we see, of which man, in the form that he is, is a part. The book of Genesis of the Bible tells us that man (in Adam and Eve the origins of man on the earth), was an outgrowth or offshoot from the earth. It also tells us in preceding and proceeding chapters and verses, that all things including the trees, the waters, etc., came from the earth, uniquely in and from one of itís distinct, but contiguous elements, namely land, water, air etc. Therefore man and every other outgrowths, the bible describes, which came forth from the earth, are secondary products of creation as far as God and the Earth is concerned. Therefore, Earth as a living entity, holds, and controls more significance and importance than man, in all things, and as such is in respect preeminent. Therefore the earth should come first in all things, but does naturally come first in all things any way.

Man in the individual, is a microcosmic essence, being, and extension of the larger macrocosmic Earth .The totality of mankind, that is, embracing the entire population, partially makes up the absolute essence, energy, force, power, vibration, potential and state of the Earth, or in similar case of beings and living organisms in every other celestial body, holding and supporting secondary life, the hosting or mother celestial body, being the primary or primordial life

There is an absolute population designed and destined to come forth from and exist in any given celestial body, that is the spherical celestials, we know of as the planets, stars, etc. The absolute secondary life consummates and absolutes the absolute secondary space, essence, and force content of the Earth or other celestials, but this does not in eternity, equates with the absolute existential potential of the given celestial body, which in absolute terms is the sum of the primary and secondary existential matter, force, and potential of itís uniquely designated life, in all forms.

It may require me to write a lot or make use of logic to better show you and have you deeply and strongly convinced that the topic of this discussion: the Earth is a part of the body of God, is indubitably true. Actually there are lots of work for me to do and show, as well as teach you, regarding this topic and branch of knowledge. But for now, you should be content with and learn from what I have given you so far. Little have I presented but great are they.

My aim of introducing and briefly detailing this topic and issue, is for you and your firm to know, that what I have described here, is true, and all advice and adjuration, which I give, should be followed. Not only businesses, in all their various forms, pollute the Earth, but individuals and non-business groups do as well, but my concern here is for businesses, because as a matter of fact, they collectively, are responsible for the greater part of pollution emitted in our world.

Nature in the person of the Earth will not leave you unpunished for polluting indiscriminately, Her Sacred Body. You harm Her body by the indiscriminate pollutions. Not only do you harm, but also annoy Her, if you pollute with carelessness and general unconcern, both for Mankind and Nature Herself. If you pollute, but with care, as is in some situations inevitable, then you will have no case to answer from your Mother Nature, for She will understand the basis for which you unhelpingly pollute Her Body. There are ways we can better dispose off our wastes that help reduce the possible pollutions to the Earth, than carelessly dumping them almost about anywhere we can. If you will follow those ways that limit or prevent or even eliminate pollution, then your own ways, with Nature and God will be blessed, by virtue of your God-driven or moral- driven concern. The punishments for indiscriminate pollution or corruption of the earth come in different and various forms, in the course of the life of the business and their driving masters. The law of retributive justice must prevail.

If you and your firm will only recognize this absolute truth, that the Earth is the Body of God, and honor, respect, and nurture it, and also as far as possible, prevent or reduce the possible and inevitable pollutions generated from your activities, and itís own natural but reducible decay, then there is no doubting the fact that youíll be making way for yourselves, to be on the competitive edge, nationally and/or internationally, in business, by virtue of your appealing and satisfactory social responsibility, in one or more social dimensions.

The bottom line is a boost for your bottom line, in perpetuity and eternity.

Remember, whether you will be in business or not, in your next life and succeeding ones, through your course in the Cosmic Absolute Life Progression Cycle, what you built and have earned for yourself will carry over in subsequent lives. What you know and have done will be the basis for your evaluation and positioning in the cosmic heaven hierarchy. Start caring for and loving the earth, your God, besides knowing of its God-Body, status. Do good toward it in any and all ways possible and not only prevent, but diligently and committedly fight pollution and other forms of Earth degradation, that in reward, you may be favorably and rightly considered, for a high place in the cosmic heaven hierarchy.

God always and richly bless you. Good luck!

Dekeme Paul


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Member Comments
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Lawrence Farlow 25 Jun 2004
The earth is not God, but His creation. The belief that the earth and nature are god is called paganism. Paul warns agains worshipping the creation rather than the creator in Romans 1:25. We are indeed called to be good stewards of God's creation, that is in fact one of the original charges to man found in Genesis chapter 1. However, we are NOT to view that creation as god. To say the earth is god is one step away from saying I am god since we are both His creation. Also, we will not be evaluated by God based on what we have done but only by whether or not we know His Son Jesus Christ and have a personal relationship with Him. No amount of good works, environmental or not, can make us acceptable to a Holy God. Only the sacrifice of His sinless Son can do that.


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