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In the very beginning
In the very beginning, long before the beginning of the Adams, the Elohim Council opened up a black hole and launched millions of stars and planets. They created atmospheres for life on selected planets, one of special significance being Planet Bara (Created Planet.)

On Planet Bara they assigned four Elohim to create a variety of species with the hope that at least one species would of their own volition happily and intellectually co-exist with Elohim’s eternal children.

It was decided amongst the grand Elohim Council to initiate 4 Phases on Planet Bara:
Phase 1: Echad (First) Elohim would experiment with this phase.
Phase 2: Depending on Echad’s success, Shanah (Second) Elohim would take charge.
Phase 3: Overseen by Ab (Father) Elohim, his son Yahweh (Who Is) Elohim would manage operations with help from Pneuma (Breath) Elohim. A triune operation.
Phase 4: Zaqen (Old) Elohim would wind up affairs on Planet Bara before its destruction. Each of the 4 phases would have a definite Beginning and an End although some created elements would run through from phase to phase.

Phase 1
In the beginning (of Phase 1), Echad Elohim had the marvellous job of moulding Planet Bara’s shape which Echad did with flourish. As time passed, Echad caused fluctuations in solar and lunar tides, and experimented with volcanic and land mass movements. Like a potter on a wheel, it took some time for Echad to learn how to mould it as Echad wanted it. Once it was finally ready, Echad established some basic life on Planet Bara. However, Echad discovered over time that this basic life, with no inbuilt communicative ability beyond itself, never contemplated life beyond. This was a major drawback to finding created beings with intellect who might choose to happily co-exist with Their offspring.

As Phase 1 neared its end, Echad reported to the Council. Echad’s suggestion was that in phase 2, any new created beings be given, with their measure of intellect, some awareness of life beyond themselves. Echad also suggested that there be a plan made for phase 2 rather than just let it run in a lineal manner.

The Council weighed these matters and agreed with Echad’s first suggestion but not the second. Since phase 2 was still experimental, too much planning on Their part would defeat the purpose.

Phase 2
In the beginning (of Phase 2), Shanah Elohim created new skies and lands from out of the sea. Amongst a host of new creations on various lands and islands, Shanah created various species of Dinosaur, setting boundaries for them to live. Some were herbivores and others meat-eaters. After making a host of Dinosaur species, Shanah created two-legged beings (not unlike Themselves) who were to live in other new skies and lands which Shanah brought out of the oceans. Shanah called them the Two since they walked on two legs.

Ordinarily the Two should not have come into contact with the various Dinosaurs but Shanah Elohim discovered that the Two got a taste for adventure and before long Two civilisations began growing in Dinosaur habitations. This caused countless deaths on both sides and in the end Shanah, who favoured the Two, decided the whole line of Dinos had to go. Since the carnivorous dinos had been created to eat the herbivorous dinos, Shanah simply changed the climate of the herbivores who died out and with their demise the whole species of dinos disappeared. This resulted in far fewer deaths among the Two, but sadly Shanah discovered that once their common enemy had disappeared, the Two did two things the results of which Shanah had not anticipated.

First the Two began contemplating life beyond themselves. This was good. The Two looked at a bird and realised they had not made the bird and the bird had not made itself so where did the bird come from and how did it fly when they couldn’t? All good questions. So they invented a Bird creator which they called El Bird (Strong Bird). El Bird was honoured as the creator of birds. It made logical sense then for the existence of El Elephant, El Sun, El Sea and so on. The fact that Shanah had created all these things did not bother Shanah at this stage. The problem came when the Two began attributing other powers to the Els. Ten Two took a liking to the idea of El Bird and made an El Bird image on a prominent hill in their territory. Six Two from nearby took exception to the strange unreal bird and asked for it to be removed. The Ten explained that Big Bird would protect the whole area. The Six said that was nonsense as it wasn’t real since the Ten had made it with their own hands. That night the Ten killed the Six. Overnight the attributed powers of the Els predominated. El images went up in many districts as each sought protection from beyond. Instead of contemplation deepening, tragically it stopped.

Thus the first outcome was the creation of unreal supposedly supernatural images and the second outcome was the developing prevalence of pride in that unreality and the belief that this unreality provided protection. This outcome led to much error, grief and murder. The Twos never resumed looking beyond themselves to reality. They remained locked in their own world of unreality.

Shanah Elohim decided to end Phase 2 and reported to the Elohim Council. Shanah recommended the demise of the Two and the installation of a plan as Echad Elohim had earlier suggested. The Elohim Council considered these suggestions and asked Ab (Father) Elohim to form a plan. Ab spent considerable time before coming up with the way forward. The reason Ab took so long was because the plan would cause the Elohim to lose some very precious things on Their way to the goal.

Ab explained the whole plan in detail. He decided that some of the Two civilisations would remain, with the hope that the error of the former age would be clearly seen for what it was – the error of unreality. In addition, a new species of Two would be created who had jurisdiction over the new species of animals to be created. These Two, to be named Adams, were to be given the Ruach Capacity which contained the very Breath of Elohim and potentially gave them direct access to the Elohim. In all other respects they would be the same as earlier Two. With the Ruach Capacity came greater responsibility on these Twos. Rebellion against the Elohim would render the Ruach Capacity inoperable.

Another change in Phase 3 would be the introduction of Elohim’s Sons who would now be stationed on Planet Bara. The Sons of Elohim would primarily serve as guardians of the truth.

At first the Elohim Council said the Sons should keep their inbuilt jurisdiction over death. However, some Elohim argued that this would not help their interaction with the Twos if one knew the other was immortal.

Ab Elohim spoke: “My Son Yahweh Elohim will administer all aspects of phase 3 and I will oversee His task. He will answer your questions. ”

Yahweh (I Am) Elohim spoke: “We will place a Tree of Life in the Land of the Sons. Those who honour the Truth at all times will gain access to it.”

One Elohim asked: “Since our Sons only know Truth and aren’t able to distinguish degrees of morality, how will they fare against the Two who will likely experiment with error and morality?”

Yahweh Elohim replied: “We will place a Tree of Death in the territory of our Sons. To the Tree we will assign fruit which contains knowledge about good and evil. Phase 2 Two gained this knowledge by their selfishness and found it always led to death. So the Tree will serve as a warning to our Sons not to be like the Two (and die) but to retain their moral exclusivity as Sons. They will be told specifically that eating of the Tree of Death will forfeit their access to the Tree of Life. Every firstborn Son of Elohim will have the same choice – the Tree of Life or the Tree of Death.”

“And if a Son chooses the Tree of Death and goes the way of the Two?”

“Then Death shall surely come to him and we will lose part of Ourselves in the process. This is the risk we the Elohim all face in Phase 3.”

“What form will the new Two (the Adams) and our Sons take on Planet Bara?”

Yahweh replied: “It is necessary for both groups to take the form of the Two so in each case we will take some soil from Planet Bara and mould it to form both the new Adam species and our first Son. These new Two like the old Two will resemble us in character and basic shape."

“Who will be our first Son?”

Yahweh Elohim replied: “Since my Father Ab Elohim has given me the whole operation, I have chosen my first son Protos. All subsequent firstborn sons born to Protos will also be Sons of Elohim."

Knowing Yahweh Elohim had special foresight, the Elohim asked, “Will any Two achieve our ultimate goal and come into relationship with Us?”

Yahweh Elohim drew a deep breath, briefly glanced at Ab Elohim who was nodding, then launched into the most difficult explanation of his life: “Happily, yes. Not the majority but a small percentage will. I personally guarantee it.” Everyone smiled until they heard what was coming next. “However, it will mean much loss and eventually I will need to be birthed on Planet Bara myself. In fact I will become the last resident Son of Elohim on Planet Bara.” And Yahweh paused. The Elohim Council wondered what was coming next. “In order to achieve our plan, it will mean my separation from Ab Elohim for 3 Bara days.”

All the Elohim Council looked at Ab Elohim, realising the implication of this. For this highly honoured Son to be disconnected from Home and from the Elohim even for one second was unimaginable let alone for 3 days, since for the Elohim a day was like 1000 years.

Ab Elohim furthered the explanation: “It’s true. The air of Planet Bara has already become tainted with rebellion. Although our new animals will be perfect at the beginning, the infection of evil in the air around them will cause Protos, Yahweh’s Son to dishonour the Elohim. The rebellion of Protos will infect other Sons. Because my Son Yahweh Elohim will be there from the beginning, it’s right that Yahweh be there at the end. Since Yahweh’s Son will cause the demise, it’s right that Yahweh right the wrong. His life will flow through Protos and they will walk and talk together quite freely once Protos is birthed on Bara. Even after Protos dishonours his father, Yahweh will maintain personal contact with him, right up to the hour of Protos’ death. We have arranged that Yahweh be the 75th Son after Protos, his Bara father (Joseph) our 74th Son, a direct descendant of Protos.

“On Bara, my only Son Yahweh will be given the name Yeshua and will refer to himself as ‘the First and the Last’ for as Protos will be His first Son, Yahweh will be the Last Son of Elohim (in phase 3, that is). He will also be known as ‘the Beginning and the End’ since Yahweh places Himself at both ends of the phase. After 3 days of separation by an enforced Bara death, I will restore and perfect my Son’s life and make perfect all Two who by then have voluntarily co-existed with Yahweh. Yahweh will complete his work on Bara, then rejoin me at my side and those who are His co-workers will shortly after become the Two who fulfil our goal. We are in the process of building a new world full of delightful homes for the Two who will come to live with us at that time. Once these Two leave Bara, Phase 3 will end and Phase 4 begin.”

The plan was accepted.

Preparations were made before Phase 3 began. The Elohim Council worked together in this with the master designer Ab Elohim. Species that needed to die out were discontinued by climactic changes. Mountains were uplifted in some areas and submerged in others. One ancient Two civilisation was so morally destitute that it had to be deeply submerged and everything wiped out in the raging waters. Ab Elohim chose this area for the new creation, showing their authority over forces of evil.

All was now ready.

Phase 3
In the beginning (of Phase 3) with direct instruction from His father, Yahweh Elohim created a new sky and land. The Land he specially selected lay far beneath a torrid ocean of chaos. Pneuma Elohim flew in from Home and hovered over this raging water. Pneuma’s Breath was to be the creative mouth and force by which Yahweh worked. First Yahweh brought sunlight to the land that lay in deep darkness on the ocean floor. Next Yahweh created an expanse of oxygen in the ocean forcing the waters to split into two, heralding 2 later occasions when he would split the Red Sea and Jordan rivers in two. But in this case the split was horizontal not vertical. As the expanse widened and the waters were shunted to various basins, dry land appeared. Yahweh called this area of dry land Land and the fast flowing rivers and wide lakes and seas he called Roaring Surf.

With the Land already containing vegetation seeds from Phase 1, Yahweh Elohim had simply to call to the Land and the vegetation appeared – grasses, herbs and fruit trees. And in order for them to grow well, Yahweh pulled back the curtain of water in the clouds above to reveal the sun, moon and stars on this Land for the first time since its new moulding. These gave light to the Land. Now it was time to begin creating some new species so Yahweh called forth large sea creatures from the waters and birds from the air. Not just one or two but many. Yahweh needed to create many, because whales eat swarms of small fish to survive so their first year of meals had to have been created instantaneously. On Day 6 Yahweh made some new Animals to walk on the Land. Some were to be tame and others wild, and Yahweh also made some creeping ground creatures.

The final creation on Day 6 was that of the new Two species, the Adams. Yahweh Elohim made a host of these, male and female. Having created them as adults, he spoke to them as adults with his own language, the language of Home. He commanded the Adams species to bear children and increase and fill the Land. They were to have authority over all the creatures he had just made for them. Their food was anything green that contained seeds, including fruit on trees. Both the Adams and the new Animals were herbivores. Beyond this Land, ancient Two still lived along with the animals created in phase 2. These ancient Two communities and the animals around them were a mix of carnivores and herbivores.

Yahweh Elohim sat down and felt he had done enough for 6 days so he rested on Day 7 and called this the Rest Day. Refreshed, Yahweh turned to his father Ab Elohim who had been alongside the whole time actively encouraging and said, “What do you think, Dad?”

“It’s all good, Son. What shall we call the new Land?”

“It will give us pleasure initially so let’s call it Eden.”

“Fair enough,” his Dad concurred.

On Day 8, the first day of the second week, Yahweh Elohim stood up after resting. What he was about to begin now would have itself renewed on another Day 8 far in the future with his return from Death. Yahweh looked around Eden and chose a region in the east of that Land which was as yet uninhabited and bereft of vegetation. A vast volcanic subsidence had created an expansive area quite distinct from the rest of Eden. In this vast area bounded by rock walls Yahweh decided he would base himself for the duration of phase 3. Protos would live there until his eviction. The enclosed valley was large enough for tame animals and birds amidst a vast orchard of trees. Yahweh called the area the Orchard of Eden. Yahweh selected the animals and trees that would suit his purpose. All the trees were designed to be pleasant to look at and full of fruit. The animals would all get on well with each other, unlike those outside the Orchard.

Two trees were planted in particular. The Trees of Life and Death, as Ab Elohim had planned. These were put in the middle of the Orchard and from their midst a life-giving spring began which flowed out across the orchard until it reached the boundaries of the Garden and then kept going, forming 4 great rivers across Eden. Around and upon these 4 rivers, the wider Adams families would live and multiply.

It was time now for Protos. His selection had been kept from him. Except for Yahweh, none of the Sons or Grandsons of Elohim even knew that Planet Bara existed. Protos knew his father Yahweh was working on a very significant project and had several times volunteered to help in any way he could despite knowing nothing about the project. Thus Protos was put into a great sleep and was woken in Eden after his father Yahweh fashioned him into an Adam. The memory of Home was removed from Protos but it was granted to him the knowledge that he was a Son of Elohim. Having seen wider Eden very briefly at his moulding, Yahweh Elohim brought Protos into the Orchard of Eden and showed him around. The two of them walked and talked together. The relationship of father and son was kept from Protos.

Yahweh instructed Protos to work in the Orchard and guard it from animals and any Two (either ancient Two or new Adamic Two) living outside the Orchard. Yahweh explained that all the fruit could be eaten in abundance. Yahweh also explained about the Trees of Life and Death and their purpose and conditions. Protos understood these conditions and said he would abide by them. Then Yahweh created the animals selected for the Orchard and brought them to Protos to be named. Protos enjoyed the task and although the animals were good companions none had his intellect. Protos longed for that. Yahweh had created Protos with such longing and so when Protos spoke about this need one day, Yahweh knew the time was right.

Putting Protos back into the deep sleep of his birth, Yahweh took a rib from him and formed it into a female Adam. This female Adam (unlike the other Adam females who had been created out of the soil by Yahweh) was intimately and physically connected to Protos from the very beginning. In fact Eva, as she came to be affectionately called, had the very life of Elohim in her because she had been literally taken from a Son of Elohim. So she became the mother of all the Sons of Elohim because she had the life of Elohim flowing through her very bones. In union they came together sexually and from that united physical partnership would come a new flesh, the next Son of Elohim. But not before great sadness to Yahweh.

Protos had told Eva about everything in the Orchard but in the air she felt something that Protos didn’t feel. Perhaps because his origin was different from hers.

One day a serpent walked up to Eva and had a nice long conversation with her, a charming knowledgeable fellow, Eva thought, wondering at the time how the serpent knew so much. The serpent managed to keep the subject off himself and on Eva by describing the attractiveness of the fruit of the Tree of Death. He cleverly rearranged Yahweh’s warning to make Eva see the subject in a new light. The consequence was that the serpent charmed Eva into eating some fruit at which point she instantly became morally aware.

With moral awareness at her fingertips and the serpent’s charming words still ringing in her ears, Protos was swiftly caught in the moral net and also ate the fruit. He now understood for the first time in his long life the difference between good and evil, and that they had both stepped into the realm of evil by their unwise choices. The gravity hit him immediately and ashamed of his rebellion, tried to hide from Yahweh.

Yahweh had dreaded this event but seen it from the beginning. He sighed deeply and walked towards the pair. “Where are you Protos?” Yahweh called to his Son, forcing Protos to make his first moral decision.

Protos replied: ‘I am here, naked” which was true. They had always been naked but now for some reason it seemed wrong to Protos.

“Who told you that you are naked?” Yahweh asked Protos. “Have you eaten the fruit of the Tree of Death?”

Protos explained that yes he had eaten because Eva gave him the fruit to eat, which was the truth. Eva explained that the serpent had tricked her, which was also the truth. The serpent was not asked to speak. Instead he received an on-the-spot judgment and sentence by Yahweh, for the evidence of his rebellion was plain.

Protos and Eva were both given judicial sentences for their respective parts in the crime. Eva would have pain bearing children. Protos would find the soil hard to work in future. They were both told that separation from Elohim by death would be their eventual end and they would return to the soil in Eden from which Protos had been made.

They were banished from the Orchard and angels put on guard to stop further entry of them or other prohibited people. Yahweh continued to walk with his son Protos, however. He would do so throughout Protos’ long life. Protos would live to see 8 generational Sons of Elohim and only miss meeting Noah, the 10th Son of Elohim, by one generation.

Out in Eden proper they met for the first time other Adams who were busy in the work Yahweh had assigned them on day 6. These Adams were delighted to meet Protos and Eva, finding they all spoke the same Home language. Ab Elohim continued to direct the whole project from Home in the sky above Eden. Yahweh Elohim moved between Home and Orchard, coming out into Eden from time to time to speak with Protos and with others Sons of Yahweh who were born to Protos and Eva. Yahweh only revealed Himself to the Elohim Sons and not to other Adams. The wider Adams knew of the existence of Elohim having been spoken to at the beginning but didn’t know the name of Yahweh which Yahweh wanted to remain secret for now. When Protos talked with his Sons, he told them about Yahweh but when he talked with other Adams, he simply referred to them as Elohim.

Cain and Abel were the first Sons of Elohim to be born to Eva but the former trespass of their father Protos and evil in the air, all affected Cain and tragically, some years later, he murdered his twin brother Abel. Murder was something Yahweh could not tolerate and so Cain was banished from Eden and, worse, from seeing Yahweh. When the purport of the latter struck home, Cain was devastated. How could he live without Yahweh being around? Fear gripped him as he thought about any ancient Two finding and killing him. Showing mercy, Yahweh put a mark on Cain to guard him and warn other ancient Two that if they killed him, 7 of them would die as a result.

So Cain left Eden, where the Adams lived, and settled in another land called Nod where the ancient Two communities lived. With his innate organisational skills (being a son of Elohim albeit now a lost Son), Cain built a city. He met and married a local Two and had children to her. These were not Sons of Elohim (which should have been the case) but they were a mixed species of Adams.

Meanwhile, back in Eden, Protos had another Son to replace Cain and called him Seth. After Seth was born, Protos and Eva bore more sons and began bearing daughters.

Protos lived a long life – 930 years. During that time he had the pleasure of getting to know 8 generations, each of the firstborn sons an elect Son of Elohim. Protos told the story of the closure of the Orchard to all the Sons, explaining his part in the deed and also what lay behind the gates in the Orchard. Yahweh continued to visit Eden from time to time, and talked with and walked with all these elect Sons.

Yahweh’s favourite Son was Enoch, the 7th in the line, faithful every day. Yahweh knew the dangers that were fast approaching so, mercifully, the day Enoch turned 365 years old, Yahweh took him for a walk up to the Orchard gates. Enoch wondered why, knowing that any Two who approached the angel sentries would be instantly killed. Yahweh lifted His hands to the warrior angels, who immediately lowered their flaming swords and stood aside. Yahweh and Enoch walked in, the angels raising their swords behind them.

Enoch was amazed to discover the beauty in the Orchard and wondered why Protos had ever disobeyed. In the centre of the Orchard he was shown the Tree of Life. “Enoch, help yourself to its fruit,” Yahweh said. Enoch did and ate. Immediately he found himself transported to another even more remarkable place full of Elohim, and there Enoch remains.

With the most faithful Son having vanished, the moral climate among the subsequent Sons and Adams declined steadily over the next 669 years. Protos remained alive and lived to see another 318 years after Enoch left. He tried his best but could see the writing on the wall as Yahweh pointed to a future judgement on the Adams.

Enoch’s Son Methuselah was the first to seriously sin. The Sons had been told they could marry one Adamic woman chosen by Yahweh. Methuselah did so initially and by that woman bore the Son Lamech and likewise Lamech married the elect Adamic woman and bore Noah. But after this the remaining Sons of Elohim (Enosh, Cainan, Mahalalel, Jared, Methuselah and Lamech) looked round at the beauty of Adamic women and began taking more wives.

This catastrophic decision by these Sons led to the birth of unusually large and corrupt Adams who became known as Nephilim.

Although Yahweh had seen it coming, still he grieved that he had made these Adams who now were continuously disregarding his advice.

The time between Enoch’s going and Noah’s birth seemed an age even to Yahweh. When Noah was born, Yahweh instructed Lamech to call him Noah meaning “Rest and comfort.”

And finally another faithful, just, blameless Son. Like Enoch before him, Noah loved walking with Yahweh day by day. The two of them talked much. Noah became a bridge between the generations of Protos and the generations of Abraham, Jacob and finally Jesus.

Ab and Yahweh Elohim were congratulated for their Phase 3 plan which was on course. Yahweh was delighted to finally step down onto Planet Bara in due time as the final Son, given the name Yeshua (Elohim Saves.) As per their arrangement, his goal was to reunify the Sons of Jacob and he achieved this. The happiest moment was when all the Jacobian faithful were standing on the hills outside Judea and looked up to see him riding a chariot across the clouds, the same chariot they had used to pick up Elijah. In a flash the faithful of Jacob were beside him in the clouds, greeting those who had earlier died, and all on their way to the prepared New Jerusalem on the New Land and under the New Heaven.

Phase 3
Zaquen (Old) Elohim’s task was a gruesome one at first. With the faithful having left, the unfaithful of Jacob remained. That is, those who survived the Judgement. Ab Elohim had decreed that the all the Sons of Jacob living at the time of Jesus, who rejected him as their fathers had rejected the prophets before him, would pay for their rebellion and die in one of the cities of Judah or Jerusalem itself. This was to copy the judgment on the generation who left Egypt who likewise sinned in the desert. None of these saw the Promised Land. So none of Jesus’ generation (who were to pay for the blood of all the prophets from Protos’ firstborn son Abel to Jesus) would see the Promised New Land and New Jerusalem.

The Roman armies were Elohim’s agents in the Judgement – by now the Elohim Council were accustomed to having to mete out death for rebellion but even so every Son of Jacob lost was a great grief to each of them. During this Judgement over 1 million of them perished in the cities of Judah. The only surviving unrighteous Sons were those born after Yeshua’s ascension.

Thus it was that Phase 4 began with Old Elohim supervising the generations of the offspring of the unrighteous Sons of Jacob who had perished in the Judgement. It was a mystery to these surviving Sons that the Elohim Council seemed to have left the scene because no longer were any messages received from Heaven. Worse, when enemies came, protection was no longer afforded them. Genocide against them mounted up in alarming proportions.

Old Elohim decreed at the start of his phase 4 plan that if any of these latter Sons of Jacob repented and walked in holiness until death, each would be received into the New Land but would still be unable to enter the New Jerusalem. A handful made it. The great majority did not.

The day came when Old Elohim decreed it was time for the Elohim Council to leave Planet Bara and not return. The other inhabitants of Planet Bara had by this time spread to every corner of the globe and invented many pseudo-gods of their own.

When the end came the remaining people who worshiped pseudo-gods were momentarily both surprised and disappointed to have been wrong.

In the heavenly realms, the Elohim Council enjoyed for many ages their own Sons and newly adopted Sons.

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