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The Spy Team
by Carol Coleman
Not For Sale
Author requests article critique


Title: The Spy Team

Dedication: to all of my nieces and nephews and everyone who is a kid at heart.


Hi friends, My name is Andy. Wait a minute ..Before you try to guess. I’m a girl who likes to do boy
things. I am a spy for a secret government in a very secret country.

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Chapter 1: Spy for a Day

I got up very early this particular morning, put on my T shirt and shorts and opened up the
front door and the window outside in the small hallway close to my apartment. I wanted to
cool the apartment down. Part of my routine during the warm and sometime hot summer
months. Even though I have strips of aluminum taped up in my large window to keep the sun
from shining in so fiercely, it can still get very hot.

A few minutes later, I stepped across the small hallway to see if the window was open all the
way. It was. As I looked to the right down the long hallway, I saw someone sitting on the floor
at the end of the hallway. Moments later, I thought wouldn't it be funny if it was something like
a large blanket instead of a person. I peaked out the door and this time he had his head up. Oh I
thought it really is a man. He was wearing a navy blue sweat shirt and navy blue jeans. I went
on about my business getting ready to go to work. I wondered why he was there. Did he have a
fight with his girlfriend, and she wouldn't let him. Did he simply lock himself out. I suppose
there could be any number of reasons.

Several minutes later I heard a noise in the hallway. I was sitting at my computer checking
my emails and trying to eat a little bit of breakfast. It was this same man walking by. He simply
glanced in my apartment very quickly as he passed by. I turned my head to look at him. I
wanted to see what the noise was, and I wanted him to know that I saw him. That I was aware of
his presence.

I should have known this was going to be a very unusual day because of the way it started
this morning. At the end of the day as I approached the bus stop to go home, things got even
stranger. Little did I know that this would turn out to be the most interesting ride of my life. As

I was waiting for the bus, I chatted with my friend. You get to know the regulars, you know, if
you take the bus every day back and forth, back and forth to school, work and back home.

There was a man in a wheel chair waiting at the bus stop as well. We didn't think too much
about that. That was not unusual either. The bus arrived. We all got on. The man in the wheel
chair got on last. As he was getting on, I didn't notice anything different. There were
newspapers and plastic bags around his wheelchair in various places. He was sitting on top
of some of the newspapers which were on top of the seat in the wheel chair. He was covered in a
red blanket. He managed to get up and walk a few steps to sit in a regular bus seat. He placed a
purple, blue, and green bag on the seat next to him..

At the next bus stop a very interesting man got on. This man was wearing a white (somewhat
dirty) sweat band on his head, a bone was sticking out of the sweatband and a red hair band was
wrapped about the bone to keep it from falling out of the headband.

I usually carry two bags with me. One is a navy blue messenger bag and the other is a very
small navy-blue back pack. I put the back pack on the floor as usual. A few minutes through the
ride I saw a hand with a black glove trying to reach behind and grab my bag on the floor. I
quickly pulled it back a few inches toward me so the "black glove" couldn't reach it.

Finally the bus pulled up to my stop and it was time for me to get off. As I started to get off
the bus, a small man with a black glove stood in front of me and would not let me off. Holding
up his hand for me to stop. I quickly recognized the black glove and realized this was the person
who tried to take my bag which was sitting on the floor. At the same instant the man in the
wheel chair jumped up. When he threw off the red blanket that was covering him, I then
recognized him as the man who was down the hall outside my apartment early this morning. The
man with the head band and bone got up out of his seat quickly and spoke into the "bone" that
was in his headband. Evidently it was a microphone, and he was speaking to his boss. "We have
her" the man said "we're getting off the bus now." "Come with us," the small man said and he
told me to be quiet and not to cause any problems. All the other passengers on the bus just sat
quietly. They didn't say a word. They were either scared or totally shocked. I was a little bit of

The men walked me to the apartment. The small man with the black gloves leading the way.
He was wearing a dark gray fedora hat and a matching gray suit with white shoes and socks. I
was surprised that he knew the way to the apartment. Then I remembered the man who was in
the hallway that morning. They obviously knew where I lived because he had been spying on

When we got to my apartment, they told me to go inside. "Go ahead and make your dinner,
take a shower etc. and get some sleep tonight because we have a big job for you in the morning,"
the small man said. After I had eaten dinner and taken a shower, I peeked out through the little
peep hole in the door to see if anyone was out there. Two of the men were there. The man with
the bone in his sweat band and the man dressed in the navy blue sweat shirt and navy blue jeans.

The small man wearing the fedora hat was gone. I had a hard time sleeping that night, of course,
because I wondered what they could want.

Morning finally came. The small man knocked on the door, and I opened it reluctantly. The
men came in and sat down on my small bed. He told me that they had a very important spy
mission. "I'm not a spy," I said. I don't know anything about that type of business. I have a
simple job in the city after school. I go to my job after school and then come home. My name is
Andy." Besides I was thinking, I‘m a short little gal with short light brown hair and hazel eyes.
I don’t think I measure up to being a spy – tall, muscular,wearing sunglasses etc. Besides I have
been called everything from sawed off toothpick ,shorty and fatty at school.

Totally ignoring my thoughts the small man spoke up. "First things first," said the small man
totally ignoring my earlier comment. "We need to use the aluminum that you have in your
window". "For what?" I asked. "It will be great as an antenna to communicate with our other
people" said the small man. I was beginning to wonder if the other two men (one with the blue
sweat shirt and the other with the bone) knew how to speak. They opened up the blinds at my
window and began placing clips that look like clothes pins on the end of each section of
aluminum. He then placed a smaller clip (looking exactly like the clips on the aluminum) on my
navy blue T shirt. "This will help you communicate to us and the others." said the small man.

About what I wondered. The small man spoke again, "We have a very special assignment for
you. The dog which was to be a present for our king is missing. It looks like a small, miniature
poodle. However this poodle is different. He has purple legs." "Purple legs" I mumbled out
loud. "Yes it's special in our country." "Now" continued the small man "this is what you will
do." He explained that they thought a robber posing as a bus driver had stolen this special dog.
They wanted me to get it back and meet them at the airport.

I got on the bus at the usual spot. It was Saturday, so at least I didn't have to worry about
work or school. I sat on the bus and watched the bus driver very carefully. Most bus drivers put
a bag of some type near their driver’s seat. I noticed that the bag this bus driver had seemed to
be moving around a little bit. Oh my goodness I thought this is the bus driver who stole the dog.
All I could do for the moment was watch very carefully to make sure that bag didn't go
anywhere. When the bag scooted too far away from the driver, he pushed it back closer to him.

When we arrived at the airport, the bus driver got up and walked toward the back of the bus to
collect tickets. This is my chance I thought. I jumped out of my seat, grabbed the bag, and ran
off of the bus. I ran as hard as I could holding the bag. I went inside the airport building so I
could mix with the crowd, hoping to see the three men who wanted this white poodle with the
purple legs. It wasn't long before I spotted the small man wearing the fedora hat coming down
the stairs. He waved to me. I ran to him and said "here's the dog. Now I'm going home. The
two other men - the one with the bone and the other with the navy blue sweat shirt - grabbed me
so I couldn't run away. The small man opened the bag, and sure enough a small white poodle
popped it's head out. The small man took the dog out, and I saw the purple legs. The
dog really had purple legs. "Thank you" said the small man. "You have accomplished your
mission well."

There was a big party a few days later to celebrate. I got to meet the king of this special
country who was the owner of the poodle with the purple legs.

My life went back to a boring routine. I almost wished I would see those three men again. At
least it brought some excitement into my life for a short time.


Chapter 2 – Saving Bego

Things had been fairly quiet and routine, almost boring, for the past several months. I kind of
missed the excitement of my first ever spy mission saving the dog for the king.

Suddenly one day as I was getting groceries out of my car I saw the dog with the purple legs. He
came running up to me barking with the bone in his collar. I recognized the bone as the one the man on
the bus had in his sweat band. One of the men who I worked with to rescue the kings’ dog.

I took the bone from his collar. I remembered it was a microphone. I could speak into it and also
hear someone talking to me. I very cautiously spoke into the bone saying “hello, hello.” I immediately
recognized the voice. It was the small man who wore the fedora hat. I also worked with him to rescue
the dog which was a birthday present for the king.

“We have a new mission for you,” said the voice coming from the “bone” microphone. At first I
thought oh not again. But life had been pretty boring. Maybe this would bring a little excitement. At
least I hoped it wouldn’t be too dangerous. I didn’t know the full assignment yet. I was to meet a man on
the street not too far from my house. The small man speaking to me on the phone told me to look for a
man wearing a blue fedora hat. I was to meet him at 4pm that afternoon.

Oh dear I thought to myself. I only have 2 hours before I have to meet the man with the blue
fedora hat. I hurried upstairs to put my groceries away. As I was getting ready to go upstairs with my
groceries, the dog with the purple legs barked at me. “Oh sorry,” I said. I had forgotten to give him back
the bone.

My next assignment was to meet a lady on the bus. She will be wearing a homemade hat which
was made out of bamboo twigs shaped to fit over her head with green material fastened around the top.

I easily spotted the lady. She handed me a piece of paper which told me what my next
assignment would be. It seems that the king had lost his favorite gold fish named Bego. Evidently the
fish had fallen down the drain in the kitchen sink.

Wait a minute I thought. I’m not plumber or fish expert. Besides, how could this fish still be
alive? Is it a bionic fish or something? After seeing a dog with purple legs (a poodle no less) in my
previous assignment who knew what to expect.

The end of the message instructed me to just go home and wait. The fish might communicate
with me through the aluminum foil hanging in my window to keep the heat out. When I helped rescue the
kings poodle – the dog with the purple legs- they put clothespins on the aluminum to use as an antenna.

When I got home, I ate dinner and prepared to settle in for the evening. As I sat down in my
favorite chair, I noticed that one of the clothes pins on the aluminum had turned bright yellow. What does
that mean I thought to myself. Well. I better go and see.

As I approached the yellow clothes pin, a small strip of paper was rolling out of it. I took the
piece of paper gently in my hand –it was a very small piece of paper.

The message was from the fish. Bego was being held hostage. He was afraid of being
tortured by the evil Dr. Tickle.

The next step –to figure out how to locate Bego the goldfish and hopefully rescue him.
Soon another strip of paper from the yellow clothes pin rolled out. This one said “bring the army.” Ok I
thought how do I contact the army.

After sitting and thinking for about 2 minutes – a really long time for me to sit and think-
someone knocked on my front door. It was the small man wearing the fedora hat and his two side kicks.
I invited them in. I told them about the 2 messages I had received. He said, “yes we need the army
dressed in red and green pajamas. It’s our best army.”

My first thought was ‘hey this isn’t some kind of Christmas play.’ Red and green being
Christmas colors. “Where do we find this red and green army?” I asked the small man wearing the fedora
hat. “I’m not sure ,” he said “let me contact the commander”. He took the bone from his assistant who
kept it in a white sweat band around his head. You may remember from chapter one that this bone was
really a communication device. After several minutes of saying “ah huh, yes sir” the small man wearing
the fedora hat finally gave the bone back to his assistant who promptly placed it in his back in his

Meanwhile Bego the bionic goldfish was being held captive deep underground by the infamous
Dr. Tickle who loved to do experiments with electricity. He planned to use Bego for his next big
experiment. He was in a small fish bowl with electric wires hanging close by but outside the water. If the
live electric wires were put in the water, he knew he would be scrap metal. No bionic fish could live
with that much electricity going through him, or her for that matter.

Bego was about 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. He was a very special bionic gold fish built out
of a special silver metal that could stand hundreds of pounds of pressure and extremely hot and cold
temperatures. He had blue green eyes and very special computer parts. These computer parts allowed
him to see things at super long distances and hear things that no human ear could hear.

Dr. Tickle came into the room where Bego was being held as prisoner. “Well Bego,” he said
“now that you are my prisoner would you like to know what I have planned for you?” “First we will set
you up to play the drums at my little party tonight. With a small electrical current going to your left
modular computer chip you will be able to play a mean drum with all the songs. “ Bego didn’t like that
idea at all. Any messing with his computer parts could be dangerous. Bego knew he must get another
message out to the spy team- me (Andy), the small man wearing the fedora hat, the man in the blue
sweatshirt, and the man with the bone.

Meanwhile, the Spy Team was trying to figure out how to locate the army wearing the red and
green pajamas. The small man wearing the fedora hat thought the army could be found at Clutterville.

The man wearing the headband and the bone grabbed the bone and made a quick phone call.
About 3 minutes later we were all standing on the sidewalk outside. We were off in a purple jeep heading
to the airport to find the army. Wow, since this was our second assignment together as a team is really
seemed like we were coming together as a group. Good thing too because we have to save Bego.

After about a 30 minute ride in the jeep we arrived at the airport. “Come right this way team, “
said a tall burly looking security guard in a purple uniform. “I’ll take you right to the banana airlines
terminal. “ I thought oh great we are going to fly on an airplane run by and airlines named after a fruit – a

The plane ride was fine. We actually got to ride first class. When we got off the plane we were
greeted by a major general who looked exactly like a little kitten. She put out a paw to shake each of our
hands. Meanwhile I’m thinking ‘how is this kitten, major general, going to help us save Bego.’ We
arrived at Clutterville base and were promptly escorted to the office of the major general. We each sat
down in a chair – well actually the major general sort of climbed up using her legs and small claws. She
was actually a beautiful light gray color with sparkly green eyes. “All right” said the major in a firm
kitty like voice – but with a definite purr, “We need a plan to save Bego the brave bionic good fish. Let’s
get thinking.”

Whop bang - one of the tallest men I had ever seen was holding his head. “Mac, how many times
have I told you to watch your head when you come in the door.” “Sorry sir, “said Sgt. Tree top as he let
out another small groan while finding a seat. “Everyone this is sergeant tree top. I think he’ll be helpful
to use in find Bego.

The name Tree Top fit this guy very well too. Not only because he was so tall he had to duck to
get in the door, but he also had a head full of bushy purple hair. It was an interesting mix of colors with
the red and green color pajama uniforms.

After some discussion we all agreed that a good plan would be for the dolphins to go in and
distract Dr. Tickle and his friends while the specially trained navy sailors,wearing purple and red suits, go
in and rescue Bego. The sailors would dive down to an underwater cave and enter through a trap door
leading to Dr. Tickle’s secret hide out. They had just discovered the trap door. Well, so much for it
being secret.

All the arrangement had been made by Sgt. Tree Top and the major general. All we could do
now was watch on the special TV monitor as the events took place. Anybody want pizza?

The first wave of dolphins went in. They did their jumps and water dances and distracted Dr.
Tickle ‘s workers. It went well until Dr. Tickle came out and yelled at his workers to get back to work.
We watched the other view on the TV which was the 3 special navy sailors in purple and red suits , diving
masks, swim fins head to the trap door. They had to hurry before Dr. Tickle’s team got back to their

Suddenly the first sailor broke through the surface of the water and headed slowly and carefully
to the underground chamber where Bego was being held captive. It took him about three minutes to find
the room where Bego was. He slipped in quietly. He had to be quiet as Dr. Tickle was just on the other
side of the room. Fortunately Dr. Tickle’s back was turned , so he could not see the sailor as he grabbed
Bego. The sailor put Bego in a special water pouch, so he would be more comfortable during the trip
home. The other 2 sailors guarded the trap door as their friend came out with Bego.

At the same instant Dr. Tickle turned around and was yelling for his workers. He noticed Bego
was missing. The major general immediately got to his phone and called the airforce. “We need support
,” he said. “tell the pilots in red and blue uniforms to get their planes in the air and start dropping water
balloons on Dr. Tickle’s workers. We can’t let them find Bego again or the dive team.” On the same TV
screen where the dolphins had done their dance and jumps to distract Dr. Tickle’s workers, water balloons
started falling from airplanes. Some of the balloons had water in them and some had red paint. Dr.
Tickle’s workers were totally taken by surprise and started jumping into the water to escape. Cheers were
heard thru out the room. We were all very proud of the sailors and dolphins.

We had a celebration 3 days later at Clutterville base. It was simple and fun. I got to meet Bego
. He couldn’t speak to me, but he sent up bubble signals. Oh yeah, he showed us a new thing. He had
learned to play the drums thanks to Dr. Tickle.

Painted Drinking Cup clipart

Chapter 3 – The Candy Dish with Magical Powers

Spring cleaning. Not one of my favorite things, but I know it has to be done. So here I go. Man
this is as fun as being told to clean up your room when you’re a kid. However, this was just the
beginning of another fun adventure where I would work with the spy team again and get to know them a
little bit better.

I was cleaning out this particular closet, when I noticed a white box. “Hummm” I wondered to
myself. ‘What is this? I don’t remember how I got this box or who it came from. “The box said from my
great grand-mother. Her last name was Caker. I opened the box. Inside was a pretty little candy dish-
pastel colors of green, blue and pink. Some pretty flowers painted on it, and the handle was a solid gold.
“Wow,” I thought to myself. “I wonder if this is worth anything.” I turned it over to see if there was
anything on the bottom. There was some writing which I couldn’t read. It was written in a strange sort
of old writing like maybe from Egypt or some far away land or long ago

Maybe if I rub it a genie will come out – you know like in the old stories. Maybe a genie would
come out and give me three wishes. Ok where should I rub it. Does it matter? I decided to rub it right
on the bottom where the words from the old language were written. Suddenly instead of a tall muscular
genie coming out a huge frog came out. It was about as big as a dinner plate, and it was green and white
with a few red spots on it. It croaked and then spoke words. “I’m out of here,” it said. “Wait, wait,” I
called after him, but he didn’t stop. He hopped out of the door, down the hallway, and into the elevator. I
can’t imagine how he managed to push the elevator doors unless he hopped up there. I was totally
baffled. I wondered what was going on. Who was this frog and, what did it all mean? Where were my
three wishes?

I was standing in the middle of the little apartment, one, hand on my head, my mouth wide open.
I heard a little noise coming from my blinds. It seemed to be coming from one of the clothes pins that
was attached to the aluminum. I saw one of clothes pins light up like a Christmas tree and a small piece
of paper was rolling out of it.

I carefully picked up the piece of paper and read it. It said that a huge frog was roaming the
streets in my neighborhood. Many people were scared or concerned. Did I know anything about it?
Please call the spy team hotline right away. Since our last case, where we saved Bego, they had given me
a small red phone so I could call the team leader – the small man in the fedora hat- directly.

Oh boy. So now I have to call the team leader and explain to him that this frog came out of my
great-grandmothers old dish which she had given me. What was I going to say? I cautiously picked up
the small red phone and pushed the number 1. I didn’t really know the small man very well, but my
mouth was dry and my knees were shaking.

He answered the phone. I said “Sir, it’s me Andy. The little gal with the short hair and hazel
eyes. “ “I know who you are,” he blurted out. “Sir, I have information about the huge frog that’s
running around my neighborhood. You see, sir, it came from candy dish that my great-grandmother gave
me.” “What,” he called out. He didn’t exactly yell, but he wasn’t happy either.

“Does this frog have any special powers I should know about?” “I’m not sure, sir.” And
honestly I didn’t know. I explained to him that it just appeared when I rubbed the bottom of my great-
grandmothers dish. And of course I was still hoping to get my three wishes.

They – the spy team – decided it try to capture the frog and run some tests to determine if it had
any special powers. They thought it would probably head toward water as soon as possible – possibly a
lake. We decided to get the navy involved right away. We headed in the bus to Lake Wijipoo and set up
a small camp.

After an hour bus ride, we were all anxious to get off of the bus. Lake Wijipoo is a beautiful lake.
It is very deep particularly in the center. The boss (the man in the fedora hat) was the best diver we had.
Two navy divers in their purple and red diving suites were going to go with him. They wanted to search
the lake from top to bottom to see if the magical frog was there. One of the navy divers called out to the
little man in the fedora hat and asked if he was ready to go. They called him Joe. Oh so that was his
name, I thought to myself. I always knew him as “sir.”

They all took a dive into the water as the rest of us were waiting. Just as they entered the water
and got down about 5 feet the water in the lake started to recede. Evidently this frog did have magical
powers. It was on the far side of the lake sucking up all the water into its large body. The divers all
ended up sloshing though mud to get back to the camp.

All of a sudden the large frog turned its back side to us and squirted out all the water it had just
sucked up from the lake. We were all drenched. Not only were we drenched, but we were smelly.
Several of the guys yelled out “get that frog.” Meanwhile the frog turned around so we could see its face
and smiled at us a great big froggy smile and stuck out its long tongue.

“Joe, I mean sir,” I called out. “I think we should try to call in the other members of the spy
team.” The man who always wore the blue sweat suit had a special way with reptiles. In fact they say he
had a large collection of snakes in his house. Yuck, I hope I never have to go there. “Ok here is my
special cell phone that connects to their cells directly. Go ahead and call them. Tell them to meet us at
headquarters.” Wow I get to use his cell phone and finally go to headquarters. I was really beginning to
feel like a real spy – not just a kid going to school and then to work a few hours.

At headquarters it was decided that we needed to bring out some very special help meaning Puffy
the orange cat. Puffy had special ears that worked like antenna. He can hear things that we can’t hear

and send out special signals to other creatures (like reptiles) and attract them to come. Puffy was not a
particularly big cat, but very muscular. His ears rotate from left to right to get the best sound and send
out the best message or signal.

Joe the head of the team (man who wore the fedora hat) spoke up. “I think we know now that this
large frog does have magical powers.” I’m still hoping to get my three wises I thought to myself.
“Puffy,” Joe continued, “can send out a signal that will hopefully attract this frog so we can catch him.”
We were also getting worried that Dr. Tickle might find him first.

We decided to leave immediately – well, after everyone enjoyed a banana split – and head out
with Puffy. The first stop was a parking lot near Lake Wijipoo. Puffy sent out his best signal with his
ears twitching and twirling. The frog appeared. It was behind a large black SUV. I decided to make a
run for it and try to catch it. As I approached the black SUV, the horn started blaring and the lights
started flashing. I had gotten too close, and it set off the car alarm. It was very loud and annoying.
Dozens of campers who were parked there started staring in our direction. I tried to calm everyone down.
I waved my hands and smiled like no problem. Just a little mistake. We aren’t trying to steal the car.

Joe was not amused. He didn’t think it was funny at all. “Get in the van,” he yelled. “We’re
taking off to find that frog.” Unknown to us the frog was quietly sitting under the black SUV.
Evidently the noise didn’t bother it. It was, as before, sticking out its long tongue in our direction.

After two hours driving around the lake with no chance of finding the frog, we decided to head
back to headquarters. The man wearing the blue sweat shirt spoke up – amazing because he seemed to be
a man of few words. He suggested that we prepare some bait for the frog. Frogs like to eat flies, so why
not set up a trap. “We can have our technician specialists prepare a fly with special sleeping drops.”
Wow, I thought to myself. A special little mighty bright insect with sleeping drops. What will they think
of next.

Two little mighty bright flies (actually they were black) were ready early the next morning. We
had to decide where would be the best place to put each special little fly. The man wearing the blue sweat
shirt and hood (our resident expert on reptiles) suggested one fly in the parking lot near lake Wijipoo and
one closer to the water. After that was done, all we could do was wait.

We didn’t have to wait long. The frog came out from underneath a small white car. He quickly
found and swallowed the one fly. After about a minute of watching the frog it finally stopped hopping
and seemed to fall asleep. A couple of agents went and caught the second fly which was close to the
water. They thought we might need it later.

The frog which had come from the magical candy dish was safely put away in a secure, secret
location close to headquarters. Little did we know that a Dr. Tickle had already gotten the information on
this magical frog and was already making plans to capture it. Of course he wanted to use the frogs
powers for his own diabolical schemes.

Frog Outl...

Chapter 4- My Three Wishes

I decided to go and visit the frog in the secret hiding place. After all the frog did come from the
magical candy dish that my great-grandmother had given me. After going through an eye scan, voice
replication and fingerprinting device, I was finally given permission and directions to the location where
they were holding the frog. I had the magical candy dish with me.

The frog looked so sad. I started by saying hello to him. To my surprise he spoke back to me. I
jumped back, hit a brick wall and almost dropped the magical candy dish. The frog got a panicked look
on his face and said, “oh my goodness, please don’t drop that magical dish or I’ll never be able to get
back home.” Before I knew it, I was having this big discussion with this huge magical frog with green
and red stripes.

He tried to talk me into helping him escape. He told me he would fulfill my three wishes if I
helped him escape. He promised he would grant any wishes I wanted. Hummm, what a great idea.
What should my three wishes be?

We discussed how I would get him out of the building without him being seen or otherwise
detected. He told me he could make himself quite small. He mentioned maybe in my shoe (yuck – not a
good idea - smelling and besides I might squish him) or under my arm. Super yucky, but at least there
would be less chance of me squishing him.

“Well,” I said. “I think we should do it now. It’s getting dark, and the guards will be changing
shifts soon.” He made himself the size of my smallest fingernail. I reached through the bars, picked him
up and put him under my armpit. Yuck. He squirmed, and it tickled. I hoped I wouldn’t laugh all the
way out. We made it out despite my laughing. I told the guards that I was just laughing about the silly
frog who supposedly had all these magical powers. They chuckled right along with me shaking their
heads in an “I know what you mean” fashion.

When we arrived at my apartment, I was very glad to get this tiny frog out from under my armpit.
He immediately grew back to his normal size (about the size of a large dinner plate) as soon as I put him
on the counter. I wanted to ask him about my three wishes. I had already decided that the first one would
be for money.

The frog suddenly spoke up in his deep froggy voice and said, “I know. Now you want to know
where your three wishes are.” “Actually, I was wondering about that.” The frog continued,” well first
let’s talk about a treasure box. There is a special treasure box that I can lead you to. First we’ll have to
find the keys.” “What’s in the treasure box?” The frog thought for several seconds before answering.

“Ahhh” a light bulb moment and a thought went off in my head. “My first wish is for you to take me to
this treasure box.” All right was his only reply in a very low, sad voice. I wondered why so sad, but I
decided to ask about that later. I told him about the notorious Dr. Tickle., how we had rescued Bego, and
that we might need to protect him from Dr. Tickle. After several minutes of silence, I asked the frog if
he had a name. He told me his name was Big Foot.

Treasure ...

Chapter 5- The Treasure Box

Big Foot then continued to tell me about how the keys to the treasure box belonged to his family,
but they had been lost many years ago. He knew that the treasure box was in a cave near the ocean, but
he couldn’t remember any more than that-at least at the moment. I was hoping I could help him
remember more later.

I was very hungry for some chocolate. We hadn’t eaten in a long time. I pulled out one of my
favorite nutrition bars that had chocolate in it. I looked over at bigfood and his long tongue was sticking
out of the side of his mouth. Almost the entire tongue was out. I was afraid that he was going to grab my
chocolate away just like most frogs would grab a fly. I asked him if he would like some chocolate, and he
shook his head yes, yes, yes. I broke off a piece and gave it to him.

Then I had another light bulb moment. Maybe I could bribe him with chocolate. If I promised
him chocolate, it might help him remember what cave the treasure box was in. It was almost as if he read
my mind. He started shaking his head yes like more chocolate please. I gave him another piece of
chocolate which he slurped up with his extremely long tongue. I said, “Ok big foot, if I promise to get
you some more chocolate will you take me to the cave where the treasure box is.” “You know what, I
think I’m beginning to remember.” “yeah I think I know where it is.” Terrific let’s go.

The biggest problem I could see was Dr. Tickle. I didn’t want him to get big foot
because he would use him for dangerous, terrible experiments. Dr. Tickle only wanted things for his own
pleasure. He doesn’t care about anyone else.

After buying more chocolate and a special map of the sea coast Big Foot and I were ready to take
off. We didn’t have to go very far when Big Foots memory started coming back. We found the cave
where Big Foot was fairly sure that the treasure box was hidden. Even if we could find it, the problem
was how to open it.

We entered the cave quietly and a bit scared. After we had walked about 5 minutes inside the
cave we heard a strange noise coming from somewhere on the right side. It sounded like moaning or
groaning. I decided to head that direction to see what or who it was. Big Foot wasn’t happy about us

going to see, but he was shrunk down to about 1 inch and in my jacket pocket so he didn’t have much
choice but to go with me.

As we got closer to the noise I thought it sure seemed to sound like a dog. Finally I saw the dog
over in the corner just whining like crazy. I went over and asked what was the matter. The dog put up his
paw. It had a feather lying on top of it. I said to the dog that feather shouldn’t hurt you so much like that.
The dog understood what I was saying. He spoke to me and said, “you don’t understand.” This is my
antenna paw, I can’t use it with feather stuck in it. After I closed my mouth, my mouth had dropped open
when I heard the dog talk, I offered to take the feather out. I asked the dog what his name was. “My
name is Big Mouth because you see I can open my mouth as big as a lyon.” Big mouth then opened his
mouth wide and roared. It did indeed sound like a lyon. In fact it was so loud and scary that I jumped
back and hit my head on the low ceiling. This loud sound that came out of this little dog was amazing.
Its fur was light brown, and it was about the size of a little miniature poodle. “How did you learn to do
that (my voice shaking as I spoke).” “Dr. Tickle did this to me. I’m so afraid of him. He does mean
experiments. I ran away from him, and I’ve been hiding in this cave for two days.”

Oh great I thought to myself. Let’s evaluate the situation here. I have a “magic” frog named Big
Foot, and now I have a dog whose name is Big Mouth who has escaped from Dr. Tickle. I’m in cave
looking for a treasure box, but I really don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing. Well, maybe I’ll
get my three wishes after all. And at least I have a lot of chocolate. I took the feather off of the dog who
jumped for joy and licked my face until it was soaking wet.

After I recovered my composure, I asked Big Mouth what happened. How did he end up
in the cave. He told me that He had escaped from Dr. Tickle . Evidently he was in the same area where
they were holding Bego the beta fish hostage. When we rescued Bego, Big Mouth also escaped. We just
didn’t know he was there being held a prisoner by Dr. Tickle.

I decided it would be best to put a disguise on Big Mouth. Big Foot was ok because he was
hidden in my pocket. He could shrink himself down to about 1 inch. Along with chocolate in my bag I
had a yellow baseball cap and a green t-shirt. It was a little bit big for Big Mouth but it would work for
now. I rolled up the sleeves on the t-shirt, he barked with joy. Off we went to explore more of the cave.

We walked side by side further into the cave. It got darker. My flashlight went out. The battery
was dead. I had my cell phone with me, so I pulled it out to use for light.

As we entered the deepest part of the cave, Big Foot jumped up onto my shoulder , “this is it, this
is it.” “Yes you’re right.” Who said that. A man was leaning up against the wall of the cave on our left.
He had a long nose, was wearing a white coat and had wild gray hair. “Let me introduce myself. I’m Dr.
Tickle. And I see you have all your little friends with you.” I froze in the tracks. I didn’t know what to
do. “What are you going to do to us?” “Why I’m going to take you by to my lab. I have lots of fun
experiments I was to do with all of you.” “I’ve got them, I’ve got them.” Voices were coming from
behind us. “Dr. Tickle we have you now. Put down your weapon and put your hands up.” To my great
surprise it was the Spy Team lead by Joe. They had come do rescue us. “How did you know where we
were?” “By the gps on your cell phone.” Thanks. We heard a scraping noise coming from where

Dr. Tickle was standing. He had suddenly disappeared. It seems there was a secret, hidden wall
in the cave. Dr. Tickle had escaped. Everyone rushed over and tried to open it, but it was no use. The
wall was closed, solid.

Oh great! Would we every see Dr. Tickle again? Will he try to come and find me and my
new friends or the spy team? Will I ever get my three wishes?

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