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Lamantations 5
by phil larussa
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Lamentations 5

1. ďO LORD, earnestly remember what has come upon us! Look down and see our reproach (our national disgrace)!

These people had an attitude of being sorry for the condition they were in and were crying out to God and asking Him if; He was aware of the serious inadequate condition they were in. They had decided to take responsibility for their actions and ask for help in spite of the fact; they were not sure God was listening to them. This is the uncertainty that a person lives in when they are double minded by not truly knowing the forgiving and loving grace of the Lord. From a worldly view meaning nationally these people were failing as a governing body and from a Christian view of today this includes America and Christian Judeo values which are being exchanged for government control and the Christian church is becoming a reproach in preaching a gospel that is foreign to the love and grace of God the Father in many areas.

2. We have become orphans and fatherless and our mothers are like widows.

A born again believer that is not living in the security of God their Fatherís loving counsel and forgiving grace is subject to all the afflictions and fears that a child has in their growing pains of not being protected as they should be by a Father who is the perfection of what God the Father wants to be to His children.

Today we have the family under the most severe attack by the enemy in fatherís abandoning the responsibility of parenting and leaving single moms to work and support the children they were left to nurture with out a fatherís guidance. What ever happened to manís commitment to love their wives as Christ loved the church and laid down His life for it? Godís precept of wholeness for the family is husband and wife (male and female) raising children in the admonition of the Lord and; in order for this country to prosper that foundation must be operating to it maximum anointed Holy Ghost empowered fullness.

3. Our inheritance has fallen over to strangers, our houses to foreigners.

The born again church is the light and salt that sets the standard that should be influencing the thinking of how the world turns. When Godís children do not know and operate in their given inheritance; the influences of strangers and foreigners who are those who are self centered and out for greedy conquest come and steal and destroy Godís kingdoms rule from taking dominion in the earth. The born again church has been whittled down to only a few or remnant still staying true to teaching our righteous position in Christ. God help us that we get true born again people in office with the wisdom of God that have as their priority of making policies by and for the people. As of right now there are policies being passed that are unequal and prejudicial and causing America to decline and become a second rate power through obligated rules of government control.

God rose up American as a light on a hill and people flocked to its security from other lands to start a new life with freedoms that they did not have. If you look at history; all nations fell from power from corruption from with in its own borders. Looking at this with a scriptural wisdom perspective; it boils down to when mankind plans his own way with out Godís loving forgiving passion to protect them; they are slowing deceived in staying in agreement with the constant revelation of Godís truth and they substitute it with distortions of Godís word and the god who they have come to know has become an idol.

I have said this many times before and it bears being repeated. American was built on Christian values and if we are not alert; America is becoming a religious country of making God into their own image. What really happened to ďIn God we trustĒ Scripture tells us what will happen in these last times before Jesus return. There will those who will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. The God we are suppose to be trusting has been turned into a chameleon by the secular world for sure and a large portion of the born again church. If the body of Christ ever comes to mature and begins to proclaim the gospel and know how to petition God the Father; the world will come to respect the body of Christ as a God sent force to deliver it from corruption in many circles that is running ramp at this time.

We are commissioned by God to ďredeem the time for the day in which we live is evil.Ē The Old Testament defines Christ Jesus as our redeemer and the one who has bought and brought us back from the curse that we were born with and He put us back into Godís family and has given us His power to do the same for others by our weapon of sharing His forgiving grace with them. You canít share this anointed weapon with others if; your not experiencing Godís total and unending love that can not be offended no matter what crevices of life you might get caught up in.

We must have a sure conviction from with in that when ever our righteous spirit is at work in our thinking; no matter where we are in examining and trying to learn who we are in Christ Jesus; a person can truly say and know that every thing is resting and points to the reason for life is in and on Christ Jesus who is the Son of God in the flesh. Any other doctrine is false and conceived by a lying spirit from the devil him self.

4. We have had to pay money to drink the water that belongs to us; our (own) wood is sold to us.

Letís talk first about the Christian perspective and deal with the believing system that the body of Christ should be based on. The word water in the Hebrew is mayem: meaning semen, a course, flood and stream. Our becoming born again was by being impregnated with the sperm (semen) of God the Father and thus we became a new creation in Christ Jesus. When we get side tracked into believing any other doctrine in making God into our own image; we dam up the continual wisdom stream of becoming more flooded with His forgiving grace and semen characteristics that; keeps a spiritual hedge that protects us from apostatizing and renouncing the true understanding of our righteousness and we start believing in another gospel.

Paul tells us in Romans 8:31-32 ďIf God be for us; who can be against us. He that did not spare His own Son, but delivered him up for us all, now that we are in Him; He shall also freely give us all things.Ē With out reasoning with the mind of Christ; mankind has the thinking process that; they have to earn recognition and acceptance and in turn; they can spend their whole life on goals that can wear a person out because; they do not know how to enter into Godís rest.

Thus; we have the mentality; I have to pay through obligation for an inheritance I was automatically given when God became my Father. This was what these people were becoming weary with in their thinking. Nothing has changed over these thousand of years. God love and grace is the same yesterday, today and forever and he came to seek and save all His sheep who wander in their wilderness walk in trying to find their own way and instead of walking in green pasture and beside still waters they lean to their own understanding and get trapped in the thickets of life. In turn the devil uses the same tactics to keep people ignorant of who they are in Christ Jesus.

The Hebrew word for wood is ets: it represents firmness in our believing system of trusting in our Heavenly Fatherís word to supply our needs and wants. It is in us being aware what David said in Psalms 23: when he states; ďeven though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death; I will fear no evil because; I know that God is with me and that; His rod and staff comfort me.Ē Our staff firmness is in knowing that the rod defined here is called a scion in the Hebrew and it means a young member of a family or a child who is a descendant of an especially rich, famous, or important family who knows who his Papa Daddy is. How much of a rich inheritance as being a child of God do you walk in? I had to say WOW when God showed me this.

Now from a secular view this country has wandered in how to function in their inheritance and resources given to them by God. We must go back to what our fore fatherís stated in the constitution and the bill of rights. There are enough natural resources and men and woman who have the capability and talent given to them by God to stand in the gap causing us to not be dependent on foreign oil and getting loans from countries that hate our guts with goals of having an anti-christ spirit trying to create a one world government putting people of the world under a dictatorship.

We have people in this country who are in positions of authority with mega bucks that are at work behind the scenes to sell America down the river. This is a serious business and we can not stay asleep and be misinformed as to what is going on in this dispensation of time on this planet. A person who searches the scripture is able to define the playing field of life and know the devilís devices causing them to not pray amiss and know how to use their influence in petitioning their Heavenly Father to be a part of creating His will in the earth.

Godís original plan was to put Adam and Eve with a protected force field around them which is the righteous robe of Him self and told them to increase and multiply and take back the world that Satan had taken control of because; this is where he ended up when he was cast out of heaven. What you have read in this article and all our articles on the web site declare the truth of knowing Godís heart and staying informed and not staying ignorant of what our life means being in Christ Jesus. We are told by God that; we are not servants but His friends; and because we know how a friend thinks and loves; we know he wants to share his thoughts with us; so we can reign with Him.

5. Our pursuers are upon our necks (like a yoke); we are weary and are allowed no rest. We have given the hand [as a pledge of fidelity and submission] to the Egyptians and to the Assyrians [merely] to get food to satisfy our hunger.

This is the same condition we can find our selves in today. We must know who are enemy is and surly know that the only one that peruses us for our good is the Lord and we must not get ahead of Him in having a striving survivor mode mentality in these chaotic times. Jesus was very clear when He stated; ďThe devil comes to steal, kill and destroy however; I have come to give you an abundant life now and for all eternity.Ē

When a born again Christian breaks their covenant agreement through their ignorance of the pact God made with them when they had their new birth from above; they come into agreement with demonic spirits of influence that brings fear and with it comes agitating passion and moral conflicts into their life.

Now in the Hebrew definition of Egyptians and Assyrians this not only represents a physical area but also an influencing spirit that can attack a person and cause them to lose their freedom in Christ Jesus. Egyptians represent fortified areas of demonic influence that wants to make us feel hemmed in and constantly being besieged in our mind with worry and doubt. The word Assyrian represents; a spirit stopping us from going forward and prospering under Godís empowering grace and it causes us to doubt and know that; our steps are being ordered by the Lord. These people were surviving through fear and constant toiling to get their daily needs met only because; they did not trust or truly know that the God that led them out of a Egypt mentality was trying to give them a promise land mentality.

Letís be honest in our evaluations. The Israelites wandered in the wilderness for forty years and through their disbelief; they died in that condition and never got to live in the promises of God who were the people He loved and still does. I have met and talked to born again believers that have now gone on to be with the Lord; who died in this condition and also those who are still with us who are in this condition.

From a secular view this country is on a parallel course as I have said. We are paying the price for high gas prices by importing oil from Saudi Arabia and other places when God gave us America who has the resources to be self sustaining with extra to spare. Our education process has deteriorated to the point that our great heritage has been neglected and has not been passed on to the next generation who will eventually be making decisions on the destiny of this country. The environment and rich soil that America has for new technologies that we can have and the ones that we already have in place are being stymied by government regulations and control causing manufactures to go over seas with their wears to make money.

The land of the free and the home of the brave; whatís happening. Our intra structure and foundation is cracked. ďUnless the born again church which is called by His name will humble them self, seek Godís face and pray with boldness with a clear understanding of who their enemy is; our land will not get healed.Ē

6. Our fathers sinned and are no more and we have borne their iniquities.

When a father does not bring up their children in the admonition of the Lord; they sin because; they give their lack of knowing of their own inheritance that they did not search after from their father and were not able to pass it on to their children. This is becoming very evident as we see some of these demonstrations going on all over this country and see young people undisciplined and who have no clue as knowing Godís plan for humanity. We have some of the people who are in office in these areas praising these kids for their efforts. Have we lost our mind to the point of complete insanity and it is too late for some to understand that it is in God we trust.

These people who I consider to be rioters; I have a hard time believing that; they are born again children of God. Thatís because; they still have the sinner nature they were born with and the law of the land needs to crack down and bring some sanity back to this country. As fathers pass down Godly wisdom to their children; so is the ignorance and false concepts of man making God into their own image passed down. Stay informed and you can see daily the forces at work to destroy humanities freedoms and a spirit at work to under mind Americaís greatness.

7. Servants and slaves rule over us; there is none to deliver us out of their hands. We get our bread at the peril of our lives because of the sword of the wilderness.

Letís get it forever settled in our mind. Only God can deliver us from the conditions that we are dealing with at this time. When a nation is not God faced focused and voting their God given conscience with Godly wisdom when they mark their vote in that enclosed booth; this country becomes as a herd of sheep being led to be slaughtered by leaders that have no sound Christian based educated knowledge. That goes for pulpits and offices of leadership in the government.

Thatís because people put their confidence in the words of the flesh and become beguiled to put people in office that have a false concept of what liberty represents. This country was founded for the people and by the people. I am not trying to be harsh but; America deserves what it gets because; in their freedom to vote; they have voted people who are novices into office that have no clue how to lead. America has been so blessed that; they have taken their liberties for granted and been asleep at their watch towers of honest prayer before God causing an anti-christ spirit to take control to divide and conquer.

The born again church must be professing their faith in their daily travels in the market place and not stay behind the closed doors of the church building as if being a church member will make them safe from the worldís condition they we are living in. I am not anti church however; there is an absolute totally different interpretation between people coming together as a social club or those who gather in Christís name and allowing the Holy Ghost to lead our gathering. We are all separately the body of Christ and should not be bunch of wandering nomads who donít know how to walk in heavenly places with Christ Jesus.

I know that our strength is in walking in Godís forgiving grace at all times which causing us to be able to love those who oppose them self and are weak and frail. But let me be honest. My first impression when reading this verse was ďwhat a bunch of wusses.Ē I said that there is a lying spirit of fear that is running ramped and I believe that a large majority of the born again church rather them tapping into their God given weapons of warfare; they work with in their own endeavors in trying to defend them self from the onslaught of the enemy. When this happens; thatís why this chapter that we are defining is called lamentations; which represents an expression of regret, annoyance, or disappointment that these people were experiencing.

Somebody once said that the definition of insanity is ďA person doing the same thing over and over and trying to get a different result.Ē This is the condition man finds him self in with out Godís forgiving grace at work giving a person not only His wisdom but the power to change his out look in a sick environment. David the King recognized that his wilderness walk in the earth was him going through a valley of the shadow of death however; (this shadow is a spirit of fear and confusion and it has no power unless you let it have power over you.) David knew how to let Godís rod and staff and what that represents keep him in perfect peace and rest in Godís provision. We as Godís children must learn and acknowledge the same God he followed.

They were bothered with in their short dispensation of life compared to eternity or wilderness walk with a sword which is the Hebrew word chereb: and it means that; they went through times of drought with lack in one area or another in their life because; they were plagued with a spirit that what ever they put their hand to came to nothing and their endeavors were laid waste. Scripture tells us that any thing we do in obedience to Godís commands by putting our hands to work in doing it; we will prosper. Again here is the real issue; Godís commands to our heart are carried and made real to us by us experiencing His forgiving grace.

8. Our skin was black like a oven, because of the terrible famine.

This was the out ward physical condition they suffered due to a sick spiritual heart condition. Letís remember that the Lord Judges by the intents and condition of our heart and this is what He comes to heal before we see physical results. Using the Hebrew words as a definition for this verse it reads like this.

ďThey were deeply affected and yearned for deliverance. What they really needed was to have the soil of their hearts re-harrowed so God could give them His wisdom so a new crop could be planted in them of His forgiving grace. This condition they had was due to them being angry because of their fear of loss and abandonment.

If you know the story of the prodigal son in the New Testament and the condition he was in when trying to find his destiny for his life; he was in the pig pen eating the husks of the pigs which was him between a rock and a hard place of being tossed between two alternatives as he was going through a thinking process in trying to make a change for the better in his life. I have come to believe when I meet people who are angry over one thing or another that; the real issue going on inside them is a spirit of fear at work and they use their anger to smoother those fear emotions because; it is easier to deal with it that way.

9. They ravished the women in Zion, The maids in the cities of Judah.

There was a spirit at work to look down on woman hood and the giftings that God put in them to bring wholeness to the community. The word Zion represents the ultimate wisdom of God and the intensions he has for woman including men to play in His designs for them.
The word maids represents woman who are virgins and their chastity should be applauded and respected as being separated as unto the Lord until they are spouised to a man in marriage. As born again believers who want to stand in the gap for God; we must understand the devilís devices to under mind every way he can against the basic morality of Christian character and bring down a God called country to not be able to lift the banner of freedom to the world. Our freedom must be built on Christian values and God called anointed people who have power to change circumstances.

I live with a great concern over the lack of knowledge and wisdom of the scriptures that I have heard preached in many circles only because they are trying to change people by dealing with sinful behavior and not seeing the true conditions at work in the hearts of the people to mature and inform them of how to co-operate with the Holy Ghost to change their out ward condition. Letís continue and deal with some men issues.

10. Princes are hanged up by their hands; the faces of the elders were not honored.

The word Prince represents a man who God has called to have dominion over his circumstances as a co-ruler with Him. However; their reputation was under attack to expose them to ridicule or contempt, especially in popular publications. That was because; they had become burdened down with this pressure and had stopped lifting up holy hands unto the Lord in trust and petitioning Him as their source of strength and got caught up in their cares of life and had forsaken their heritage.

Because the older men (elders) who had been the Godly example had stopped being God faced focused in transparency before God in their relationship with Him; their lack of commitment in Godly example had caused the people who were watching them to doubt their sincerity and trust their values. We can see this today in different Protestant denominations and with in the Catholic Church on these sex scandals and with in the born again church in preachers who have defamed the image of Christ in their different ungodly life styles. From a secular view; we have people who were voted into office who are totally self centered and out for power and personal gain.

10. They took the young men to grind and the children fell under the wood.

The young men were the ones God has chosen in their dispensation of time who are in their prime season however; they got deceived and they became concubined with worldly pleasures and become a slave to carnal lust and in their desire for maturity; they aligned them self with the worldly mandates of what they thought success was all about.

These children were from the age of infancy to their teen age years. They had become feeble because they were not being brought up by their parents in the admonition of the Lord and their spiritual heritage was non existent to their understanding. They had no clue how loving God the Father wanted to be to them. Therefore; the wood they carried was just the opposite of Godís rod and staff of strength and they lived under task master spirits being tossed by every wind and doctrine that changed daily in their attempt to survive rather then thriving in their relationship with God.

11. The elders have ceased gathering at the gate and the young men from their music.

The leaders (elders) who God has called to mature the saints have fallen asleep and live in lack because; where they have been called to be the servant or the door keeper of Godís wisdom and be a under Shepherd to Godís sheep; they have been led away into fables and have apostasied by seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.

The young men are the anointed youth who are gifted in music that God uses their gift to prepare the heart of the people to experience His forgiving grace and Godly wisdom.
David the King was raised up by God and his anointed music would calm Saulís tormenting spirit because of his disobedience in following the Lordís orders.

12. The joy of our heart has ceased; our dance has turned into mourning.

Scripture tells us that the ďjoy of the Lord is our strength.Ē In order to experience the joy of the Lord; a child of God must have a hunger and thirst in their relationship with God and not have a work ethic of feeling obligated to seek God through ritualistic endeavors. Obligated rules of obedience ended the day we received Godís spirit and we became His child with freedom of choices.

Joy is the very characteristic of God him self and we experience it when we let His forgiving grace flow freely with in our soul (mind, will and emotions with freedom. The joy of the Lord is always available and we can never lose it because; it remains constant in what ever trial or dilemma we may find our self in. When we can not tap into encouraging our self in the Lord and cast our burdens on Him; this mourning takes on a spirit of death and we can become helpless and fearful at these times. Now there are degrees of this affliction and it is defined in this next verse as to the thinking process that we can get in our own mindís eye causing us to become depressed and confess a spirit of doom that worsens our situation. This is what happens when we wallow in the trough of despondency.

The rest of this chapter and verse defines the conclusions these people came up with in their own mind and since human nature has not changed in these thousands of years when we do not let God be at the helm of our courses of action and since God is the same yesterday, today and forever; he knows how to deliver His people from abuse and condemnation that the devil wants to inflict on Godís kids and deliver them from this sickening and debilitating condition.

13. The crown has fallen from our head. Woe to us, for we have sinned and because of this; our heart is faint and our eyes have grown dim.

This crown that they were aware of losing was the eternal security and surrounding protection of the love that God had for them. They had experienced it and knew they had back slid from their passionate relationship they ones had with the Lord and not sure if they could be forgiven and recover from this predicament.

I have said this many times on articles on our web site. In many circles with in the born again church; they are telling people that they can fall out of favor with God once they are born again and lose the Holy Ghost and God will send them to hell. This is one of the most cruel and demonic teachings by any leader teaching this junk to Godís kids and they need a thorough Holy Ghost spanking so they can repent and change their mind on Godís loving kindness. This head crown concept represents; Godís children are not to consider them self to be the tail of anything but; they are called to be the head and the light and wisdom of God in the earth.

These people were crying out to God in recognition that they had broken their covenant relationship with Him that they once had and; their heart where God wants to sit enthroned and where the issues of life are formed and acted on is described in the Hebrew Concordance that; they had become infirmed comparing it to a menstruation cycle that woman go through monthly. I never cease to be amazed how rich and real the scripture is and how it becomes alive to our understanding when we learn to walk in Godís courts of learning and let the Holy Ghost be our Professor.

Now we need to realize that; for every physical disorder or blessing in our life it is dependent on the spiritual condition of the inner man of the heart and determined by him cooperating with Godís forgiving love and grace relationship. A woman cycle that she has is a God ordained gift and; we must understand the process of a woman becoming pregnant.

From a physical view; pregnancy of new life is by a manís sperm entering the egg of the woman. The body prepares for this by a womanĎs body collecting blood in the lining of the uterus in preparation for possible fertilization. So the egg can burrow into it and become an embryo. If the egg does not become fertilized after 14 days the blood is discharged through the menstrual cycle. In comparing this to our spiritual life and Godís continual desire to plant His being with the new life of His sperm, grace and mercy in our understanding in the womb area where he wants to be welcomed; it can only happen as we hunger after His presence.

We have the story in the New Testament in Matthew 9 of a woman who had been having her period for twelve years. She came to recognize that if she reached out and touched the hem of Jesus garment; she would be made whole and when she need; she was healed instantly. If we are to truly mature and understand spiritual truth and the way the universe was made and held together by Godís all around sovereignty; we must know how to put spiritual truth with spiritual truth and have a sure conviction with no doubt that the God we seek is alive and well and on our side and that; he has a unending desire to make Him self known to us. When a Christianís eyes become dim; their spiritual eyes of their understanding of the Holy Ghostís presence becomes distant because; they have been compromised by the distorted lies of the enemy due to them not having their mind renewed daily with the Holy Ghostís counseling.

14. Because of the mountain of Zion, which is desolate; the foxes walk upon it. Thou, O Lord remainest forever from generation to generation. Why do you forget us forever, and forsake us for so long a time? Turn us back to You, O LORD, and we will be restored; Renew our days as of old, unless You have utterly rejected us.

In petitioning the Lord their first statement was defining how they felt about who they were praying to. The mountain of Zion to them was a high guiding and very visible pillar of strength where God sat supreme in their understanding as a sign post that directed their lives. However; they had become spiritually stupefied and not thinking clearly because; they had come to the conclusion that; Godís attitude was that these foxes were like jackals. A jackal is an animal that feeds on the carcasses of dead animals and somebody who works with accomplices to deceive people, especially to swindle them in some way. This is how the Hebrew text defines these statements and I was amazed that a person could become that deceived to even have thoughts like this. I canít help wondering; how many of Godís kids might be going through this thinking process and are not even aware of how they are reasoning and feeling about God.

They were caught between two alternatives and had become double minded. On the one hand they were afraid that the God they once knew and had experienced had lied to them however; they were remembering back to the assurances that they had of how God had been consistently faithful for all generations. And how they could always curl up in a safe dwelling place and be protected from the storms of life.

Through these growing pains they came to realize that their restoration was totally dependent on Godís mercy and power and they knew that; they had no strength or ingenuity to deliver them self from this debilitating condition. Here is the key to security and growth in Christ Jesus. We need to let go and let God direct our lifeís path and rest in Him. It sounds easy however; children of God learn this with sure stability through trial and err. That is why we must have a disciplined life style of being a diligent God seeker so we can experience His loving kindness to over come the fears that come against us daily.

A diligent God seeker has Godís word written on the fleshy table of his heart where as I said the Holy Ghost wants to be enthroned and at any given moment he will give you a word from God to remind you of how secure you are as Godís child. A hungry person whose purpose and destination in life is to be going about doing his heavenly Fatherís business in the earth knows the warfare between good and evil and is being trained to do spiritual warfare at all times. As I said earlier; he is God faced focused and storing up a testimony that he will be able to share with God and others when he goes on into eternity with the Lord Christ Jesus. Now where does all this power that we need come from and what scripture can we focus on in our endeavor to love as God loves?

John in 1John 4:15-19 tells it like it is and how it must be when he says; ď Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God. And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. God is love and he who abides in love abides in God and God in him.

Love has been perfected (past tense) among us in this: causing us to have boldness in the Day of Judgment; because as He is, so are we (already my emphasis) in this world. There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. We love Him because He first loved us.Ē

John starts out when he says that; we must confess the one and only truth that determines our permanent eternity with God and also the amount of quality abundant life we can have while still in our mortal physical body here on earth.
Now listen very closely; we need to know what we must be confessing if; we do not want to be dominated by a fearful spirit and spend our lives on trivial pursuits. We must have the power of Godís perfect word written on the fleshy tables of our heart where the issues of life are formed as I have said so; we can speak a word of Holy Ghost rebuke when the devil shows up to intimidate us and makes us think that God is a liar and fed up with us. This takes place in our thinking because; we have judged our self as being guilty of breaking one of Godís laws and we donít believe Godís forgiving spirit of love covers a multitude of sins. I have stated this a few times already and it needs to be repeated because; it is the main goal of the devil to attack this very principle foundation which will cause us to doubt God.

A confession must be an act of faith that gives us a personal spiritual Holy Ghost witness from with in. We our defining faith as scripture defines it. It is; ďthe substance of things hoped for and the physical evidence of things not yet seen.Ē There is no other guaranteed substance other then hearing the Holy Ghost telling us about something we need to receive or do that to our natural mind makes no sense. Therefore; we must learn to identify His inner voice when he speaks to us for He is the living substance with power that should be motivating the different seasons of our life.

Our supernatural coming into agreement with God that creates a healing or greater manifestation of his glory by speaking out of our mouth what He told us in our inner man. Our initial confession that got us to enter and interact with this spiritual world with God was on what Paul said in Romans 10:8-11 and all the continuing confessions in our Christian life are based and empowered by the same confession. Paul states; ďFor with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For the Scripture says, ďWhoever believes on Him will not be put to shame.Ē

When we have any type of gospel being motivated or preached by any thing other then Godís forgiving grace; the born again believer lives with a scared shame based concept of them self and they do not recognize their true righteous condition in Christ that as I again said earlier represents us being blameless; free from evil and set apart unto the Lord from the contamination of the unsaved worlds influences. The scripture tells us that; we mature through receiving the knowledge of Godís ways only by it being made real to our heart through His forgiving spirit of His grace. No grace influence by God; no maturity as his child.

It is what a man believes and what has been written or stored in his understanding of what life represents which is described in the bible as ďwhat has been written on the fleshy tables of His heart where the issues of life are formed and acted onĒ this is what he will confess out of his mouth and he will reap the consequences of his confession. Confess life and get life. Confess death and get death.

A child of God that really meditates on the scriptures daily and is a passionate God seeker; goes through a transformation caused by Godís supernatural powers of persuasion giving them the opportunity to walk in an inner circle with Him. There is an inner circle understanding that most of Godís born again children do not understand. Paul describes Godís wisdom as a hidden mystery that has to be mind like gold. ďHis ways and thoughts are higher then ours.Ē However; since we have become born again and are His children; we have become His friends and not servants and we have inherited the freedom to walk in His courts with complete forgiveness knowing that; we are exempt from prosecution for any crime we have committed or will commit in the future.Ē Are you living with this understanding of your righteous position in Christ?

A healthy child of God who allows God their Father to love them with His forgiving spirit; will automatically bring their behavior in line to God their Fatherís will. I have some serious concerns when I see born again believers still planning to do evil.

By truly having a witness of this; it insulates us from the spirit of fear which is the main spirit that gives the devil power over people. Our maturing process in Christ is going through a persuasion process of getting our daily dosage of Godís love and forgiving spirit of grace so; we can live as over comers from the onslaught of the enemy who comes to steal, kill and destroy through his beguiling lies. Now let me attempt to finalize and put this all together.

All the wisdom and power that Jesus had and what he gave to the world in His thirty three years on this planet was being motivated by Christ who lived in Him. He was the first Christian who walked the planet as Godís Son free from sin and uncontaminated from the fallen nature we were born with because; Mary was impregnated by the Holy Ghost who is perfect love and with out spot or wrinkle. We had earthly fatherís who were born with the sinful nature of the curse that we inherited and therefore; we had to be born over again spiritually and be impregnated by the Holy Ghost and became a new creation in Christ Jesus to enter into back into Godís family.

That is why He could offer Him self up as an unblemished lamb and take on the sin of the world and die and pay for the penalty for the curse that mankind was born with. When we became born again; God the Father looks at us the same way he looks at Jesus because; we now have Christ living in us. With much regret; I do not believe that the whole born again family of God believe it this way from what I have heard for years. The two church assemblies that I once belonged didnít teach it this way and there are very few ministries today only preaching the love and unmerited favor (grace) message today.

The devil is at work constantly trying to influence the world and Godís kids that there is no way they can be like Jesus and have the same influence He had with His Heavenly Father and also do the same miraculous works that he did when he walked the earth. It is us constantly being influenced by God love and forgiving grace that persuades us of the privileges and the influence we have to approach the throne room of his habitation and truly rest in His presence.

The only way I can say this is like painting a picture. The spirit of demonic activity has increased to such proportions that; itís like working in a coal mind and at the end of the day you come out of the mine with black coal dust on and in your body and you need to wash and have you lungs cleaned out. You canít be alive today and not be infected with the blatant immorality and changing value system that is running ramped in these last days. One of the characteristics of the curse we were born with causes us to forget or never knows that all life starts and finish with Christ Jesus.

Paul tells us in Romans 12:1-2 ďI urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of Godís kindness and forgiving spirit, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to Godóthis is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what Godís will is (His good, pleasing and perfect will.)Ē

There isnít enough ways for me to say this and I have said this countless times in this chapter already. It is only allowing Godís kindness and forgiving grace that transforms us as we have the mind of Christ that we received the day we became a new creature in Christ Jesus renewing us moment by moment by the Holy Ghostís constant encouragement. Experiencing Godís forgiving love; acts as a force field so the lies of the enemy can not penetrate and plant ideas in our mind of gloom, doom and death. Jesus atonement that he offered and we accepting that spirit of forgiveness empower and acts as an every moment of the day or night spiritual cure to our soul of life as oxygen that keeps our physical body alive. Experiencing Godís forgiveness keeps Godís love alive with in us and in turn; we can interact it with others. So be it Amen.

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God is Not Against You - He Came on an All Out Rescue Mission to Save You

...in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them... 2 Cor 5:19

Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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Bea Edwards  12 Apr 2012
Thank you for this well researched and crafted article Phil. I appreciate the obvious passion you have for this subject and how you created an understandable and informing expose.


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