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Our Conscience Bears Witness
by Manuel Vargas 
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Our Conscience Bears Witness

Thereís more information and revelation in the Holy Bible about the topic of God Bearing Witness to us not only through the Holy Spirit but by our own Conscience. The Apostle Paul spoke in-depth about Our Conscience. We are going to go into all of what Paul shared so we can eventually come to understand how the Human Being operatesóhow we practically operate or function as Christians.

I said before that Philosophers and Psychologist have tried to interpret the Human Being and how we function or operate. Also, they attempted to share (What is the meaning of life) in their own words from their years of study. It is close to what scripture (The Holy Bible) may say, but not exact! Iíve studied the Bible for hours and for 20 years by fasting and prayer. Iíve studied Philosophy and Psychology for 2 years. What I see in all their work is a missing piece to the puzzle. They donít know about the HUMAN SPIRIT and they donít know what THE BIBLE says about the Topic of the HUMAN BEING.


1. Spiritual Being
2. We have a SOUL
3. And we live in a HUMAN BODY
4. Jesus and Paul taught in-depth but very practical about the HUMAN BEING- about the Spirit, Soul and Body of man.

We are a 3-part BEING. Each part has faculties (Parts, Areas, and Departments) that are inter-woven like fabric is on COAT. A Coat- is made up like a HUMAN BEING; 1.Outer layer; (THE BODY) 2.Insulation& feathers, etc. in-between (THE SOUL) 3.And the inner lining (THE HUMAN SPIRIT).There are many parallels we can make, but the point is we are a 3-part being.

Philosophers refer a lot to the Soul and Spirit, but they use it inter-changeably; theyíre the same as far as the Philosopher is concern. The Psychologist defines the sub-conscious-as a deeper mental faculty. Itís really the HUMAN SPIRIT they stumbled across and decided to label it the sub-conscious mind or super-ego. I wish these guys would have studied the Old and New Testaments that were available during their research. They would have been challenged to reconsider their opinions. But since some well-known Psychologist doesnít believe in religion they didnít consider the Holy Bible as a resource for their research and now their work is being taught in many colleges and its confusing or limiting people from tapping into all that they are and all that they could be.

Some Bible Colleges have adopted some of these misguided teachings from Philosophers and Psychologist that attempt to teach about the Human Being and how we operate with a sub-conscious mental faculty. With all this misconception in secular and biblical colleges the Holy Spirit is using me to clear the air and rightly interpret, clearly present, and properly set the passages of scripture about the topic of The Human Being. In fact, I will be teaching 3-topics-in-one; 1.The Conscience; 2.The Spirit, Soul and Body; and 3.Our Conscience Bearing Witness with God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

How important it is?

The Conscience is more than what Theologians define it. Itís more than what Topical Concordances can outline. Itís more than what Philosophers and Psychologist failed to point out about it. So letís go deep but simple in our approach to digging out this topic.

The Life Application Bible gave us this definition; Conscience- is oneís moral sensitivity or scruples.

A Topical Concordance says the same; a sense of right and wrong.

Ungerís Dictionary mentions to some degree a distinct faculty of the mind; as an exercise of the judgment and the power of feeling, as employed with reference to moral truth; Also a moral sense to discern good and evil (Hebrews 5:14).

Let me share something with you thatís real powerful, Jesus said if you continue in my word, then are you my disciples indeed; And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8:31-32). The word of God will bring any topic to life with practical application if itís clearly taught by an inspired Man of God.

When Bible dictionaries and concordances (that are supposed to be design to assist us in our study) fail to give us the clear meaning to what we are looking for--we need to do a little foot work in our research to arrive at deeper meanings and biblical examples that will aid us at arriving to the truth of Godís word. Jesus said the key is to continue in His word. That means continue to study over and over until we find scripture that will illuminate the Topic of the HUMAN BEING and break-down for us all the faculties that we have been build with so we may begin to tap into the truth of how we function as HUMAN BEINGS.

Spelling it Out!

I like to be very clear when I teach because I know I have many people looking to criticize me. So letís talk about spelling I know I have typos, but letís clarify the spelling of Conscience and Conscious and their meaning.

According to the American Heritage Dictionary;

1. Conscience- is the awareness of a moral or ethical aspect to oneís conduct. Conformity to oneís own sense of right conduct.

2. Conscious- is having an awareness of oneís environment and oneís own existence. Not asleep; awake. Capable of thought, will, or perception. Subjectively known: conscious remorse. Deliberate: a conscious insult. Sensible; mindful conscious of being stared at.

If the truth be told Webster and American Heritage dictionaries clearly define things SOMETIMES better than Bible Dictionaries in my opinion, but not all the time. Webster and The American Heritage come from original Hebrew, Greek and Latin languages and definitions.

Therefore, we need to look at various resources of definitions. And not limit ourselves to bible theological dictionaries alone. The key is to make sure that passages of scripture are clearly presented so when we look at any definition from any resource it will line-up with what scripture already pointed out in its own definition of what Paul or any writer was inspired by the Holy Spirit to point out. (A teacherís secretómeditate on this).

Why the Lesson of Definitions?

Paul said we have a Conscience and its part of our Human Spiritónot the Soul or Body. In Romans chapter 2, verses 14 & 15; we have an amazing revelation of what is the Conscience and how it operates. Paul wrote;

14. When Gentiles who have not the [divine] Law do instinctively what the Law requires, they are a law to themselves, since they do not have the Law.

15. They show that the essential requirements of the Law are written in their hearts and are operating there, with which their Consciences (sense of right and wrong) also bear witness; (Romans 2:14-15a AMP).

The Break-down

I paused here to point out that Paul was talking about Godís judgment and how God will judge certain groups of people. Whatever nationality we are Black, Hispanic, Asian or White if we are not Hebrew or Jewish we are classified in Scripture as Gentiles. So what Paul was pointing out is that we are spiritually sensitive to the Law (Word of God) because itís in our hearts (Human Spirits) although we are not born-again.

We have a spiritual knowledge to pick-up what is right and what is wrong. So we Gentiles who may not know scripture will spiritually live out what is written in the Word of God (The Holy Bible).

The Law as Paul spoke about is in reference to the Moral Law (The Ten Commandments). In the Old Testament there are 3 Major categories of the Law. The Ceremonial Laws, The Civil Laws and The Moral Laws. When Paul talks about the Law he will define if itís Ceremonial or Moral Law. Itís obvious here in this passage itís the Moral Law (The Ten Commandments).

Where is Our Conscience?

According to Paul our Conscience is in our hearts (Our Human Spirits). We have to understand that when Paul defines the Heart he means our human spirits. When Paul mentions the mind he will say the mind. Paul is being inspired by the Holy Spirit to write this letter to the Christians at Rome. So Paul clarified that we have a department in our human spirit called the Conscience.

Our Conscience is the coach and counselor when we do good or bad. Paul wrote, and their thoughts alternately accusing or else defending them (Romans 2:15b NAS).

I used the New American Standard version because the Amplified gives too much info on the second part of verse 15. So Iím trying to simplify the point. Our Conscience will morally leads us in our mental arguments about whether we handled ourselves morally or unmorally and then a sense of reason will kick-in to assess the situation approving or disapproving our behavior. This all happens in our spiritual thinking and rationale department.

Being Conscious of Your Conscience

I want you to test your Conscience out. How do we do that? Remain absolutely quiet and be in a quiet place. Now without using your voice or sound or a whisper, say Jesus. Did you hear that inside of you? itís the voice of your Conscience speaking. When we do something wrong we will hear something inside of us say, why did you do that? Have you ever experience this; someone actually questioning your actions and reactions to your behavior? If you remain quiet enough in a quiet setting you will hear your Conscience speaking to you.

Being Conscious in all Areas

We can be Conscious of our;

1. Human Spiritówith our Conscience

2. Our Soulóthe Mind and Emotions when we rationalize things we will get upset emotionally as we consider the encounter we had with someone that tick us off and think about whether we should retaliate or pray and ask God for strength to overcome the anger and not sin by wanting to go back and rip that persons head-off or cuss them out.

3. Our Bodyóthe Taste, Touch, See, Smell and Hear departments.

Our Conscience if itís Born-again or not will challenge you to do what is right. It will bear witness to do the godly or right thing in regards to what youíre up against. The Question isóDo you want to listen to what is right?

May God begin building you to be Consciously aware of your Conscience, in Jesusí name amen.

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