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Part 2 Special Report The Day That Forever Changed The World
by Carlton Pruitt 
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This is a spiritual peace that Christ gives to a spiritual people who belong to a spiritual kingdom. The world hungers for a political peace that will allow them the freedom to live in luxury, financial prosperity, carnal delight, comfort and good health. Jesus said he didn't come to earth to bring this kind of peace.

The Jews made the mistake, just like most people today, of looking for a glorious political kingdom, filled with riches and security, a reign of earthly financial gain and worldly wealth but Jesus said no to this. Rather, Jesus came to bring a sword. Yes, a sword to set father against son, mother against daughter. The sword is the word of God which cuts with infinte ease into the sinners adamant heart. The Islamic Fundamentalists know nothing about this mighty sword. They have the Koran. Christians have the Holy Bible. They have only a physical earthly weapon made of steel which can sever the head from the body but can never sever the mind from sin which is our worst enemy.

Yes Luther said the body they can kill but God's truth abideth still. The Islamic fanatics may bathe their sword in our blood but when the cup of their iniquity is filled then their damnation slumbers not.

Moreover, we are told by our Lord Jesus "and fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell." Matthew 10:28 The physical sword is worthless against our great enemy the Devil for we can not touch him with this feather. The sword of the Spirit which is the word of God can will defeat our spiritual enemies sin and Satan.

Satan has a kingdom of sin which lies in darkness. We are to put on the whole armour of God, even the Lord Jesus Christ, who makes up the whole armour of God. In this way we can be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might Ephesians 6:10-13.

In our own strength we are no match for Satan and his host of devils. Again we are told in Romans 13:12 to put on the armour of light and who is that light but the Lord Jesus Christ who said I am the light of the world. If we are not arrayed in the armour of light then we haven't yet been translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom the of the Son. If we be risen with Christ then we are to put off the grave clothes and put on the grace clothes. Christ is our clothing and fits perfectly all those who would have his covering. His attire is proper for the work we are to do. His raiment is white, representing righteousness and purity and we must
be careful not to stain it with the spot of sin 2 Pet. 3:14; Eph. 5:27

Behold the bridegroom cometh and will he find you sleeping as others and careless about your souls, living in wantoness and making provision for the flesh to fulfill the lusts thereof? Let us work while it is day and plow the fields and scatter the good seed on the land for the night cometh when no man can work.

I dare say terrible things are coming upon the earth and it would appear these are events could take place in our lifetime.

The United Nations may bring about a temporal earthly peace in the future but the Biblical warning is when the world cries peace and safety then cometh sudden destruction. The middle eastern countries of Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have gained much power over the last half century because of their abundance of oil which runs so much of modern technology. About 50% of our oil comes from OPEC.

We are very vulnerable as a nation as a result of our dependence on foreign oil. We could drill for more if it were not for the power of the environmental lobbyists in Washington. In the coming years I believe we will witness the continuing push for globalism. We are still too diversified as a world and nation. Americans are too independent, proud and impatient.

In Los Angeles if a car stalls on a busy street expect to hear the gurgling of horns and hollers of people frantic to get somewhere fast. If you're lucky you might get some nice soul to help push you to the nearest side street but don't count on it.

Traffic control is debated by our leaders but no one seems to have an acceptable answer. Talk about car pooling to minimize traffic congestion is anathema because we want the right to drive our automobile when and where we want. We want freedom, freedom from inconvenience and waiting.

We are spoiled as a people and what we want we want "NOW" America has tried to become the great police force of the world. We have repeatedly played the dangerous game of balance of power politics. This can not go on forever but we will reap what we've sowed. We supplied Afghanistan arms when fighting against Communist Russia. We brought the Taliban government to power. Why are we surprised that they turned against us? Our government has lied to the American people so many times that they are not to be trusted. We know the corruption in Washington stinks to high heaven. Witness not just the Clinton administration but just about every administration in the last century had serious moral corruption. God has been merciful to us as a nation and has allowed us to exist because he has used us to spread the gospel to the rest of the world. If we are near the end when God has finished calling his elect from the four corners of the earth then he may withdraw his hand of protection from America.

Judgment begins at the house of God and the churches are ripe for judgement because of the heresy it entertains.

In America we are presently assaulted more by heresy within the church than persecution without. In other parts of the world it may be different but the coming persecution will gradually give rise to a final apostasy as these false teachers even deny the Lord who bought them for fear of suffering and persecution. This departing from the faith will bring judgment upon this nation.

Wonderfully God is still bringing the gospel to the world through some faithful churches though they be few. Many churches however, no longer contend for the faith once delivered to the saints. They want to be accepted by the community and world at large so they tolerate abominable practices like homosexuality and abortion.

Who is funding the homosexual and abortion agenda? The liberal churches, major corporations and the population control organizations like Planned Parenthood.

There is a current group of protesters rallying against our bombing of Afghanistan and with good reason I'm sure. The proof that Osama Bin Laden
was the sole mastermind behind the tragic Trade Tower attack is lacking and debatable. No one person could have pulled that off without word leaking out to our national security advisors, CIA and FBI. There are other factors to consider and I so I strongly urge you to listen to Stanley Monteith at www.RadioLiberty.com . It is one of the most informative talk radio programs around from a Christian point of view. Maybe not all the guest on the show are Christians but they bring to the program their own area of knowledge and expertise.

Another man named David Bay has a website that informs people about what is happening in our country and around the world. His eschatology seems to be pre-millennial but nevertheless he has many worthwhile insights into current events from a Christian perspective. Search Yahoo under The Cutting Edge. Scroll down till you find information about conspiracies, cults something similar.

While the terrorism witnessed on September 11, 2001 should not go unpunished we should be mindful that God in his sovereignty often brings such wicked devices to pass (using wicked men no less) because of other things He sees as
more wicked taking place. Why for example are we forcing the Middle East to give up their national sovereignty?

Why do we always side with Israel even when they commit outragious and unlawful acts against Palestinian citizens many who are Christian and Jewish? It has been said that these Sept 11th attacks would never had happened if we had a different foreign policy toward Israel. We are perceived as the Great Satan by the Islamic Fundamentalists because we support Israel. This is why we are hated by the Islamic Fundamentalists.

We export much filth by way of pornography and encourage our women to work outside of the home. This is a legitimate evil that no doubt angers the Islamic people and so they feel they have God on their side who will defend their nation against America. We are a proud people and not so righteous as we may suppose that God can't lift his hand of protection and allow a wicked nation to come against it like he did to Israel of old when he sent Babylon , Assyria and the Medo Persian empire to take Israel captive.

These nations were wicked and you might wonder why God allowed this to happen. Well Israel professed to believe in a covenant keeping God and so does America. We should not think we are so strong that we can not be destroyed by an inferior power.

The Bible warns us and all nations not to trust in their horses and chariots (metaphors for military might like our modern fighter jets and tanks) Psalm 33:17 and Proverbs 21:31 We have thousands of terrorists in the U. S. right now in 2001. They can and probably will engage in biological and chemical warfare via anthrax or some other malicious strategy resulting in hundreds if not thousands of deaths. This will happen if God takes his hand of protection off America. These chemical weapons have been around for quite a while and terrorists have had access to them but they have not used them. Why not?

Again when the cup of iniquity is full then God brings judgement. Trumpets of judgement come at various seasons in history and they demand and call for repentance from sin and faith in God.

People are very patriotic since September 11th. American flags are fastened to car's, posted on buildings as tokens of our professed national unity of anti-terrorism. It is strange that
we are so blind as to be united in one great cause but blind in not being united in another.

We are not united against the 40 million babies murdered since the 1973 Roe Versus Wade decision making the murder of unborn babies legal. This wicked decision has resulted in more deaths in two days than those who died in the World Trade Center attack.

We are not united as a nation against the homosexual agenda but we are mostly united against the spread of AIDS which started in the homosexual community. Unfortunately it has reached into the heterosexual community as well.

We want our government to spend millions of dollars to fight the AIDS epidemic but we want our government to politically protect the homosexual lifestyle by creating hate crime legislation that would punish, fine or imprison churches or individuals who cry out against homosexuality as the sin it is.

While it is next to impossible in many cases to correlate why one catastrophic event occurs yet I don't think Jerry Falwell was too far off when he castigated America for her national condoning of abortion and homosexuality and said that this may be why God allowed the terrorist attacks of Sep. 11th.

The national anthem God Bless America seems to be the emotional cry of our nation. But ask yourself, why should God bless America? The Bible says, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD. Psalm 33:12

Who is the God of America? We are not united in the God we worship. Many of the Puritans saw America as God's New Israel. Now if Israel of old was not spared by God but destroyed for her unfaithfulness then what makes us as a nation (to whom have been given much more revelation in Jesus Christ and the complete old and new testament) think we can escape His judgement. Will our nation repent as a whole? Probably not.

Will people within our nation repent? I would hope so but will this keep God's judgement from coming against the entire country? No, I don't think so. God's people often have suffered
along with the wicked around them. Apart from God drawing people to himself and causing sinners in the day of his power to repent people will continue to walk in darkeness holding tenaciously to their sin thus filling up the cup of iniquity and inviting judgement til the fulness of the gentiles be brought in. The two witnesses of Revelation 11 are still carrying out
their missionary activity by sending forth the gospel.

The witnesses symbolize the church or gospel age which will someday end (Matt.24:14) Someday Satan will defeat the church and kill these two witnesses but not until they have finished their testimony, that is, when the gospel has gone out into all the world for a witness unto all nations then the end shall come.

Many theologians have identified America as the Babylon of Revelation 17 and Chapter 18 "for all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. 4. And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues, 5. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquites."

This is a moot point but certainly America is pagan and secular to the core and does not represent true Biblical Christianity if it ever did. We certainly have departed from our Christian heritage.

It seems that America is leading the world into a sort of theology of the tower. I'm speaking about the Tower of Babel. The people in those days wanted to make a name for themselves and unite against the God of heaven in their conspiracy.

Today the world is united or moving toward one universal language the English language, a universal church through the World Council of Churches, a universal currency, religion of humanism, a universal politic-democracy and when and just how it will all come together nobody knows but God. Let us renounce at once the false idea that all religions are equal and lead to the one true God. No, they do not despite propaganda to the contrary.

Let our thoughts be as narrow and broad as Jesus Christ who said, I am the Way, the Truth , and the Life; no man comes to the Father but by me. You can worship a tree, a statue of Buddha or find your truth from the Koran if you desire but that truth is not the essence of saving faith and following your own salvation and value system will only lead to eternal damnation.

Evil men creates God in their own image and they exchange the truth of God for a lie by worshipping and serving the creature more than the Creator (Romans 1:25) Jehovah is not Allah, Jehovah is not a Republican or a Democrat. He's not an American. He transcends our finite earthly concepts. We do not define God. He has already defined himself and communicates what He wants revealed to us about Himself.

When people reject the truth as found in the written word of God, the Bible, and the Living Word Jesus Christ then people open themselves up to the lie of Satan by following the doctrines an commandments of men. Let no one deceive you but check out everything you read and hear against the Bible. The Bible alone and in its entirety is the absolute standard of truth by which we judge with righteous judgement.

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