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The Sting of the Beast
by Margery Wolfe
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The Sting of the Beast

The greatest gamble in the world is to gamble with our souls. Our life is not a gamble. We take too many chances with our life thereby gambling it away as the gambler chances all of their lifeís worth. We bet, wager, plunge, speculate, risk and chance our life every day in some form or another. We even take for granted that we wake up every day for we hardly ever get up in the morning and thank God for letting us; see another day. We play with life going high spirited after what we want instead of what God wants. Then we are boastful about it and enjoy the things we do hardily. We are resolute (constant, determined, steadfast, firm) and brave (fearless, daring, and bold) about the things we have conquered in the world. If we donít repent and turn to God what will the end be for us? At some point in manís life we should resign our ways and relinquish our thoughts by yielding and surrendering to God our lives forever. When we submit to God and abandon the flesh its wants we quit sin; we leave it. Our reputation changes, our character flaws are worked out where we become honorable before the Lord. God can once again trust us, He makes us into vessels of honor and we walk worthy before Him. We are however warned that there is a defeated foe of God that will never give up the fight for our soul; so there is the sting of the beast we have to be abreast of.

Too many look for a mark or a sign but the beast is already here. He was here in the beginning when the earth was framed up. He was here in the Creation. He was here when God made the first man Adam. He watched God take Eve out of the side of Adam and add the dust of the earth to form her as He had done Adam. He was here because he had been kicked out of heaven and is a watcher over the affairs of men that he may accuse us to God. Man took Luciferís place in the heart of God after God created man to the praise of His Glory. Man was created to bring glory to God as Lucifer had once done in Heaven.

No snake we encounter is guaranteed not to bite us. We canít entertain the Devil and think he have our best at heart. Just as a snake lurks, prowls, creeps and steal oneís life; so goes Satan. Satan is the name given to the Lucifer after he was oust (ejected, expelled, discharged, evicted, dislodged, fired) from Heaven. Satan is snide, underhanded, sarcastic, derogatory, vicious, nasty, mean, malicious, and he is always insinuating to us that things is what they are not. Satan is a beast and a very convincing, likely, and reasonable one that he is able to deceive us in the earth. He conveys lies and deception through the transfer of his agents. He sends out exaggerating words that heightens our emotions and offer false hope. He stretches the truth that it is magnified, misrepresented, distorted and stretched far beyond careful, clear, and accurate thinking on our part. If we have to think about something too hard, itís usually old sleuth foot at work. He can never go to Heaven again and will put stumbling blocks in our way to keep us out also and anyone else we are able to encourage that Heaven is real.

We are then put in the right place for the sing of the beastly Satan. After he bites man he sits back and tries to scorn God by accusing us to God. He works to void out the works of God. Satan is a great master when it comes to manipulation. He is a mast of deception and the father of lies. We will know when we have been bit. The sting of Satan is extremely painful and in some cases causes a loss of the blood covering and life of the one bit. He clings to man with great tenacity when he gets a desire to take all that God is away from them. He can only be removed and the sting taken away through the blood of Jesus Christ. Satan is a four-eyed monster but God is all seeing and all knowing. Satanís four eyes is lying, stealing, killing and deceiving. Jesus took the sting out of death and He brought forth truth to man again that we donít have to steal. God provides, we donít kill but births forth life, and thereís no deception in our hearts.

Satan can only work on our weaknesses so our strength has to be in God. Satanís power is limited to that which is given by divine permission; our example being Job in Job 1:6; 2:1. He is the same tempter who provoked David to number the people of Israel after being told not to by God. Satan has considered himself to be the beast and ruler of the earth, the prince of the air. He developed his independence when he was expelled from Heaven. He hasnít changed his motives as when he was in Heaven; he still wants to be God. His independence is developed in opposition to God and Godís Kingdom; and have rolled over into Godís Creation.

The sting of the beast is strong against man that has not made God their Father. He moves to falsehoods and murder and punish those who have done his bidding; evil. He rules over the kingdom of evil spirits. His sting even instigates some physical sicknesses. His power however will come to an end and he will continue his venom in the bottomless pit where he rules the darkness. We cannot give him an ear; he brings curses, trouble, and tribulations after we would have heard him. A negative reaction will bring about another negative reaction; but God, His Word, and Spirit is our positive overdrive that drives the sting of the beast into his own heart. We cannot give an ear to this enemy, this great red dragon, bellzebub, adversary, angel of darkness, evil spirit, serpent of old, and many other names he has been given. Once we would have believed his lie he causes our mouth to lie, steal, and kill. Itís his to job to keep us away from the promises of God. The sting of the beast has venom in it that keeps us out of the presence of God one little step at a time.

When we donít recognize the beast a whole nation can be destroyed. The Leader cannot be inept or arkward. The Leader must stay aware, alert, be keen, be very attentive, have good apprehension and great perception of whatís going on around them at all times. He must be able to enter the presence of God in the heavenly realm. Flesh can be deceived. Because the Leaders of God has fallen and hid their sin; for so long over half of a Country or Nation can lose consciousness of right and wrong. We are in America headed that way. We are cognizant of things around us that lingers in our Country and know it is wrong and we will not acknowledge it as wrong but agree with it because itís what the people wants. This makes us more barbaric than impoverished undeveloped Nations. The venom of Satanism causes us to be inhuman, brutal, fierce, cruel, and wicked. We are as savaged beasts one to another. We are to the point that we get a kick out of doing wrong. The sting of the beast is here; what are we going to do about it.

Whatís it going to take? In Amos 4:6-13 God asked what was it going to take for Him to be glorified as God and the inhabitants of the earth return to Him their first love. God is the Creator of all things; He formed the mountains, created the wind and declared to man what is his thought, He made the morning darkness and treaded upon the high places of the earth, the Lord, the God of host is His Name.

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