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Evangelicals Republicans The pope and Satan in Bed Together
by roy Francois
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Evangelical Christians the Pope, Satan and the Republican Party in Bed Together

The Republican Party has blinded the Christian evangelicals to the truth of Godís word; they have so blind the evangelicals that they donít even think for themselves anymore. They are so caught up in the affairs of this world that they disregard the clear warning in the word of God of the end-time apostate church which will unite all religions under the head of the pope of Rome. These evangelicals who fled Rome at the command of the Lord are now returning to Rome by the millions through their united stand with the Republican Party. Just look at how they proudly embrace whomever this party places their seal of approver on. Now it doesnít matter to them if the man is the pope or one of his disciples whom God warned them not to unite with, if itís good for the Republican Party itís got to be good for the evangelicals. Forget what God says, we will follow the popeís man! Forget what God says, we will follow the Mormon! Forget that they preach another gospel forget that they teach of another Christ letís just unite [the end-time ecumenical movement] to form a power block to the opposition party. This is exactly what the word of God say would happen with the end-time church. How can two walk together unless they agree? How can a bible thumping evangelical partner with the pope of Rome, the Mormons, or any of the many false religions of this world and agree with them and disagree with the word of the Lord? The Lord is sending warning after warning and you keep ignoring them, its no-wonder the Lord said that the virgin church that He will come for will be small compared to the number of people living at the time of His return.

Letís take a closer look at the Republican Party and The Evangelicals in this 2012 election from a biblical prospective. One of two is likely to win the nomination, and whichever of the two that win the evangelical Christians will be responsible for his rise to power! Letís start with the popeís man and see how he compares with the bible of the evangelical Christian.

First of all this man the evangelical Christians embrace is obedient to the pope and disobedient to the word of the Lord, which makes the persons that brings him to power obedient to the pope and disobedient to the Lord. The man that we are discussing now is Rick Santorum the popeís man and no friend of the Lord but a friend of evangelicals! The pope says that Santorum and you his follower is to bow down and worship the queen of heaven [Mary worship] but the Lord says itís an abomination to worship a queen in heaven because there is no queen of heaven. The phrase ďthe queen of heavenĒ appears in the two places in the bible, both times in the book of Jeremiah the first mention are in connection with the abominable things the Israelites were during to provoke the Lord to anger:

ďThe children gather wood, the fathers kindle fire, and the women knead dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven and even pour out drink offering to other gods, to provoke Me to anger. Do they provoke Me to anger? Says the Lord! ďDo they not provoke themselves, to the shame of their own faces?Ē

ďTherefore says the Lord Go: ďBehold, My anger and My fury will be poured out on this place-on man beast, on the trees of the fields and on the fruit of the ground. And it will burn and not be quenched.Ē [Jer 7:18-20] KJV

Queen of heaven is the title use to refer to Ishtar the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess also called Ashtoreth. She is claimed to be the wife of the pagan god Baal who also go by the name of Molech. This Babylonian worship carried over to the first temple that Solomon built and later to the reconstructed temple that Jesus condemned as the Synagogue of Satan and continued in the Catholic religion and the evangelicals have joined ranks with Mystery Babylon in their lust for power.

The lord says do not try to make contact with the dead, the pope says forget that, not only do I give consent to contact the dead I even command you pray to them. The bible clearly identifies these spirit beings that the Catholics are praying to as deceiving demons, evil spirits and not the dead saints. So this is who the evangelicals put in power in defiance [open disobedience] to the Lord who said to have no part in the evil works of Satan, He said that His people who are called by His name are to depart from her [the woman riding the beast of revelation.] The list of the violations that this god on earth [the pope] that the evangelicals have come to worship is almost endless. This god on earth whom you are helping to bring to power and his anti-Christ kingdom on earth will be there to laugh at how he deceived you into receiving the mark of the beast. There is no excuse for partnering with the beast of Revelation under any circumstances! So thatís what one of the candidates of the so-called Republican Party of God has to offer the bible thumping evangelicals, and many of them including preachers who is supposed to know better are furthering the cause of the anti-Christ.

Now letís look at the other candidate that this so-called Party of God has to offer to the people of God. Now this other candidate worship and teach of another gospel and another Jesus. Frist of all none of these co-called Christians candidates ever mention the name of Jesus ever! Now this other candidateís religion also claims infallibility, and yet it discriminated against black people because their infallible god said that all backs are cursed and are disqualified from the priesthood. Now this infallible god of the Mormons had to change his mind when he realize his organization would not be able compete in sports, and would be missing out on a lot of money without the help of the Black athlete. Now the founding father of this Mormon Church claim to have had a visit from the Lord himself who commanded him to build his church. This visitor that Joseph Smith had, this spirit contact was not the Lord because this spirit in direct violation of the true word of the true God of the bible. First the founder of this church violated the commandment of the true God by seeking spirit contact in common with the same disobedience of the Catholic Church. This father of the Mormon Church used a dark colored stone [like the Kristal stone any other witch would use] to get information from the spirit world, to line his pockets. He was even tried and convicted in a court of law for witchcraft! Is the Church of Christ built on witchcraft? What a pitiful foundation on which to build a church!! Would the God of the bible build a church on something he said was an abomination? Joseph Smith was a diviner he used his dark a colored stone summon up a spirit form hell who became his god and the god of the Mormon Church. Here is what the word of God says about divining evil spirits:

ďWhen you enter the land the Lord your God is giving you, do not learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations there. Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or cast spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord, and because of these detestable practices the Lord your God will drive out these nations before you. You must be blameless before the Lord your God.Ē [Deuteronomy 18:9-13]

Divination is the practice of attempting to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge by occult or supernatural means.

So the Republican Party gives the Christian the choice between two cult members, on the one hand you have the popeís man who is obedient to the pope and not to Christ, and on the other you have the Mormon who is obedient to Joseph Smith the occultist. Now the question is which one of these occultist are you willing to bring to power in defiance of the Lord your God?

Now letís take a look at how successful Satan has been with his master plan to bring the evangelical Christian into his fold through the power of lust. The people who are really most responsible for the uniting of the evangelical Christians with synagogue of Satan are the televangelist. I grew up in the early days of T V ministries and observed most of them from their beginning and believe most started out with a sincere desire to serve the Lord. The one thing I notice with one preacher after another was that in the beginning of their T V ministries, in the days of struggle to keep their ministries on the air they were faithful to the teachings of the Lord. But as the money started rolling in it seem that money was all they talked about, itís as if they have forgotten all about the Lordís waning that the love of money is at the root of all evil. Now just about all Televangelist preach the one same message, seeded faith. The more money you send to them the more money God is going to send to you! Their whole message is about worldly prosperity and gets rich quick scams. Actually their message is that you can bribe God with money to get Him to do what you want. One of the most powerful televangelist in America [Joel Osteen] says he donít even mention sin in his sermons because he donít like dwelling on the negative. http://www.inplainsite.org/htm/tele-evangelist lifestyle.html Joel uses the churches money to build himself a 10.5 million dollar home. Joel settles for a mansion on earth instead a mansion in heaven, and teaching the flock that this is the way to go. How many hungry people could eat off of 10.5 million dollars? How many homeless children wouldnít have to sleep out in the cold if Joel would use that money to build shelters? Jesus did not live in mansions while on earth and He was the richest man in the entire universe, in fact He owns the whole universe! I think it was Jesus who said foxes have holes and birds have nest, but The Son of man have no place to lay His head. The God of lust has taken control of Joelís ministry!

Joel was ask to stand before the world and declare Jesus to be the only way to heaven on ďThe Larry King ShowĒ the man could not stand before the world and acknowledge Jesus as Lord of all. http://youtu.be/pKF_QgNezBY this man reaches in excess of over 10 million people weekly via T V and the internet he know that if he say that Jesus is the only to heaven many newagers in his congregation will leave and he will incur the wrath of the one world church that is now being formed. The main reason for Joelís refusal to acknowledge Jesus as the road to heaven is that he want be able to buy and sell the way he has become accustom to, the money will dry up. This new one world church must accommodate all false religions and to say that Jesus is the only way would be to condemn the new one world church and in the end make himself a target of persecution, as will happen with all true believers who reject this beastly church. See how Joel has been trapped by Satan into joining his kingdom and dragging millions with him, all because of his love of money, which the Lord said is at the root of all evil. Because of the love of money Joel has Joined ranks with the satanic end-time one world church which will lead the fight against the Lordís return. The televangelist is Satanís most potent weapon to end true Christianity and build his end-time one world church!

Joel is just one of the many preachers and televangelists that Satan has seduced into his service to build the church of the anti-Christ. Just do a little research and youíll find that just about all of them spend the Lordís money on fancy cars, big mansions and a lavish life style. One lady that I really admired as a worker for the Lord when she first started her television ministry is Joyce Myers. The woman who once brought a power message of God to her listeners have now been seduced by Satan into leading people to believe that God wants them all to be rich. Joyce is so caught up in earthly mansions and luxurious living that she went out and spent $23,000 of the Lordís money on a toilet top to display in her office. What a waist! Jesus called this the pride of life!

The trick that Satan is using is to get the people of God to focus on worldly possessions knowing that the more people get the more they want, itís called lust. So Satan parade a lot of rich well-dressed preaches in front of these poor seeker so he can make them desire these same riches. Now as anyone peruse, the extent that one goes after wealth is directly proportional to loss of their walk with God. You cannot serve two masters God and Money. Once the love of money takes over the love of God is lessened. Satan know that once he gets you hooked on the high life, the life of full and plenty you will never go back to the way it was, you will do anything to hold on to your new found wealth, even to the point of trading gods, as many have already done. Itís not a great leap to go from the god of money to the god of the anti-Christ! It is through this love of money that the anti-Christ put the hooks into the noses of the evangelicals and drags them and their followers into the arms of the enemy of the Lord.


You may have notice that I say almost nothing about the Democratic Partyís role in this mess, the reason is simple, Christians know about the sinful nature of democrats, and this is where they are hit with the sucker punch. Since the democrats are degenerates, and that platform is one of pure rebellion against God. Since there is only one other party and that party talk a lot about god I have no alternative but to turn to this other party. Nothing could be further from the truth! There is a third Party, a righteous Party, and a Party that is not depended on manís vote! This is the Party of Jesus Christ, the indisputable King. Now the true King warned of a one world religious government called the government of the anti-Christ. The thing to notice is that this government is a marriage of politics and religion, like the Roman Catholicís armed forced religion of the middle ages that destroyed hundreds of millions of lives. This is the Republican Partyís role in America, to unite politics and religion, where in history is there any indication that a government which forces a religion on its people was ever successful? Just look at Islam and the problems they are causing the world, all because they are trying ram Allah down peopleís throats. It did not work for Rome it is not working for Islam and it is not going to work for the Republican Party. Jesus never forced people to his way of thinking; to force people into anything is to override their free will. The Kingdom of God cannot be forced on mankind which is what a government ruled by religion will do. Besides, Jesus said my Kingdom is no part of this world. To watch prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes and watch as the very people who study bible prophecy being sucked in by the anti-Christ is amazing.

Up until 1979 most evangelical pastors and leaders warned their followers to stay clear of politics altogether because nothing but evil comes out of it. The Lordís cry to ďCome out from among her my peopleĒ was heard from most evangelical pulpits around the country. So what happen between 1979 and now for the evangelicals to make a 180 degree turn, to turn their backs to the Lord and their faces toward beastly one world religious government of the beast of Revelation? Besides the lust for riches there were other factors involved. First their ranks were infiltrated by four men of the secular conservative branch of the Republican Party; there is no evidence of these men were ever being born again believers. Their goal was to unite the evangelical Christian and the conservative Republican Party. These men are Paul Weyrich of the National Committee for the Survival of a free Congress; Howard Phillips of the Conservative Caucus; John Terry Dolan of the National Conservative political Committee [NCPAC]; and Richard Viguerie.

The way they sucked evangelicals in was to use fear tactics, and claim that by uniting they could ward of big governmentís threat to religious values. What the evangelicals did not realize is that these men that claim to be their saviors were in fact the builders of the church of the anti-Christ! Their main inside man was a televangelist my the name of Jerry Falwell, it was this televangelist who really started the ground breaking foundation laying work and paving the road to deception of the body of Christ. Jerry Falwell created what was supposed to be a fundamentalist Christian organization called the Moral Majority. The stated goal of this organization was to combat issues of pornography, abortion, sex education in school, prayer in schools and the main thing that made them popular with conservatives and corporate America was that they defended the free enterprise system. Now all of this is a very tall order, yet in just ten years after starting the Moral Majority Falwell declared mission accomplished and disbanded the organization! How, we might ask, could Fallwell declare mission accomplished when these problems are still facing us today? He rightfully declared it because his true mission had been accomplished. That mission was to form the evangelicals into a political party to be brought into the fold of the political religious one world governmental church. Falwell and his four wolves in sheepís clothing had done what the Catholic Church have been trying to do since the reformation, that is to bring her straying daughters back home.

The evangelical church had been formed into a powerful political voting block under the control of the Republican [Catholic Churchís] Party. Now the evangelical church looks to the end-time political church to accomplish on earth what God said only He could accomplish. Now they have put their faith in the pope and they are too blind to see it! They have been deceived by the beast of revelation!!!

Because of the lust for riches and luxury living plus the lust for political power have combined to cause their ruin. Where in the word of God does it states that man can vote his way out of the things that is going to happen on this earth because of the workings of Satan? It doesnít!! It states just the opposite; the word of God says to flee from her or you will be caught up with her in her sins. Now the once reformed Church of Christ has returned to her slave masters, I think the bible refers to it as a dog returning its vomit! You canít serve two masters! Either your hope is in the Lord or itís in the popeís political system, chose the Lord while you still have time.

In my days of rebellion against the Lord Jesus Christ I was so beat down by drug addiction and slaving for $5.00 an hour that I decided to enter a rehab program in Houston Texas, looking back I now realize that I had to be there at that point in time. Now this was no secular program, no this was a mission that called itself by the name of Christ, probably the biggest in Houston Texas. The name of this mission is The Star of Hope Mission. What I witness there I will never forget, in this so-called mission for Christ you could talk and preach about all the sins of man, his whoredom, his drug addiction, his thievery, every sin that man commits except one and that one was homosexuality. Now homosexuals had just about taken over worship services, I must admit that they were very talented they were the best singers, the best musicians. Many others in the program notice the same thing, so I had to explain to them that those who lead in worship service before the Lord are special targets of Satan. This is because it was Satan who led the universal choir in praises to Jehovah. Satan is truly angry that a piece of dirt, a piece of mud, a piece of clay have replaced him to stand before the universe of angel and men to give honor and glory to the Lord God. Thatís why so many praise and worship section of the church are racked with homosexuality. Even more astonishing was what happened in the preaching part of the serves. This mission would have a different preacher for each day of the week, these preachers was from just about every denomination and some were non-denominational, so each interpret the bible differently, so that made it confusing to most people in the program. Like which one of the preachers are right? The powers that be did not much care about the twisted use of scripture that many of these so-called preachers as long as you did not offend the homosexual you were alright with them. I didnít at first notice that they would preach on every sin except the sin of homosexual, I think I was just detoxing from all the weed I had been smoking. As time went on they would try out new preachers to fill in for preachers who could not keep their appointments or for those who just quit for whatever reasons. By them trying out new preachers the cat was let out of the bag and shit hit the fan. They either had not screened some of these new preachers properly or these new preachers played along to have a chance to get in the pulpit to deliver the true message from the Lord. Some of the tryout preachers would start their sermons something like this: listen to me closely because after tonight I will probably never be invited to speak here again. This is the first time I heard this so my ears shot straight in the air what is this guy about to reveal? The preacher went on to tell of how the man on man or woman on woman sexual relationship is an abomination before the Lord and how preachers have been silence by the money pouring in from the homosexual community and the and the new unite end-time church that must accept and respect all no matter their sexual preference. You could see the other proud administrators of this abominable church tense up, as the preacher exposed these evil men stealing in the name of the Lord.

After this preacher had exposed these apostate preachers and administrators, these frauds knew that had to do something to either discredit the tryout preacher or to shame us in the program into silence. They chose the latter! You see, the temple was all abuzz because the people was tired of being told how evil they were for being drug addict, how low they were sleeping with prostitutes, what scum they were for stealing other peopleís property but the preachers never condemning the homosexual for his or her filthy ways. So early the next morning the wolves in sheep clothing sent one of their pawns to silence us. This pawn tried to undue everything the man of God had done the night before. This pawn was one who claimed to have been freed by God of The sin of masturbation and drug addiction among other things, yet he defended the homosexual and condemned all other sinners. He accused all of have lotion under our bunks for our night time activities. Many thing wsa said and don't remember all of it, but the bottom line was shut your mouths and even mention homosexuality in here. Many people were silenced by their acts of intimidation and threats of being kicked out into the cold streets, and it was cold it was in the dead of winter. The powers that be did not like me because I would not be quiet about their evil ways, so they were looking for an opportunity to kick me to the curb. Well that opportunity presented itself, it was New Yearís Day all the dignitaries were making their way to take their seats upon their pedestal they gave the order for all to stand up and applaud and give a loud praise and worship, every one stood up and made a lot of noise, I did not move, I stayed seated. Immediately all eyes of the people on the pedestal [their pulpit] eyes turned to me. So the director came to me and demanded that I stand and worship, I told him that I stand and worship not at the command of man but when I Feel The Spirit of the Lord, and I did not feel that The Spirit of the Lord was in this place, or something to that effect. He commanded me again to stand up and throw my hands in the air, again I refused. So he led me into his office and recommended that I quit the program, I told him that I would not quit but that he would have to kick me out for telling the truth, he told me go and pack my bags. I told him to keep all the stuff that was in my locker because it was theirs anyway and I walked out. This was one cold January 1st as walk out the door ofthat homosexualís paradise I had no idea where I would spend that cold night, than it came that I might be able to get a bed at The Salvation Army since it was a holiday and many homeless people were out partying, I got to the Salvation Army just in time to get a bed. I spent one night there and left early the next morning to try to find some kind of work that would pay me that day so I could rent a bunk somewhere that night, it was too cold to stay outside. All I could think of was the day labor pit working for $5.00 an hour that would pay me that day.

I prayed to the Lord to help me find the money to pay for a warm bed for this cold night ahead. I walked into the labor hall after being gone for about three months, it hard to get work in the labor hall after being gone for so long.i went in anyway, and walked out with a study ticket for a job that I liked at $10.00 an hour with all the over time I wanted. A rear thing to find at a labor pool! I went from being homeless to my own apartment, money in the bank eating anything I wanted to, and became the lender and not the borrower in one day! What they meant for my harm God turned it in to my good. I never spent one night in the cold for taking that stand for the Lord, and now my cup runnith over!

That is just one of many confrontation Iíve had with this beastly religious beast of Revelation! If Iíve lied or deceived in anyway in telling this story than I must give an account in the judgment!

This new church which is part of the Republican Party is out to make you compromise your faith and the clear commands of the Lord! The one thing that no one in the Republican Party will do [including the evangelicals] is to say anything against the Catholic Church the command from the Lord was to expose evil, not to unite with it. If you notice false worship you are supposed to call them out. Are you calling out those in your party who are leading and encouraging people into calling up the dead [praying to dead saints] an abomination before the Lord? You set there and watch as these people lead others to hell and not open your mouth and actually think you know the Lord! Not only do you not say anything, you even vote them into the highest office in the world and you call the democrats pagans, what a bunch of hypocrites. Do you call Him lord? If you do than in order to prove He is your Lord you must obey His command to come out from among her. Your spirit know that what you are reading is the truth, now you can keep resisting for so long that at some point the Lord said He will send you strong delusions that you should believe a lie because lies are what you want to hear.

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