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Must You??
by Donna Wasson
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I know itís human nature to mainly remember the positive aspects of the past but Iíd have to say that when I was in high school back in the late 1970ís to early 1980ís, times really were so much simpler and more innocent. Iím not romanticizing those high school years because they were rather cruel and unhappy and I escaped the misery as soon as I possibly could by starting college during my senior year.

No, what Iím talking about is the moral culture of that time. Looking back, it seems almost laughable what used to raise eyebrows and caused a ruckus in the small town I grew up in. I remember one of the biggest hush, hush secrets or poorly hidden rumors was that a girl a year ahead of me was having an affair with the school coach. He ended up quitting, or being fired, she quit school and last I heard, had gotten married. It was a big deal back then. If I told someone about that incident now I would, no doubt, get a blank stare of bored indifference.

There were a few pregnancies and a couple of rumored abortions and again, they were whispered about in the halls between classes, although I will say when the Homecoming Queen was crowned, she was within her 1st trimester which made things interesting. And these were the girls the rest of us losers were supposed to envy and emulate.

There were the cool rebels who huddled together in the designated smoking section, under the oak trees. Once in a while Iíd hear about some kid who got a hold of some pot and passed it around over the weekend during some beer party. Then there were those who had to push the rules and smoke in the bathrooms between classes which added a certain je ne sais quoi to the atmosphere of dirty floors strewn with used paper towels and un-flushed toilets.

There was never any mention of snorting cocaine, much less shooting speedballs, heroin, methamphetamine or PCP. Only the real loonies had access to LSD and they werenít in high school anymore. Yep, marijuana and alcohol, especially beer, were the hardest substance abuse problems.

No one and I mean NO one, talked about homosexuals. Ever. No boy ever came to school wearing barrettes and eyeliner, pontificating that he should have been born in a female body. No girl walked around in combat boots, eyebrow piercings and tongue studs talking about what she did to her girlfriend the weekend before.

Had that happened, that person would probably have either been beaten silly by the tough guys or would have been suspended and picked up by the cops before their black nail polish had a chance to dry, never to be seen or heard from again. It just never occurred to anyone during that era to dress or act like that.

The days we are living in have certainly changed, and not for the better! Now, high-schoolers especially in public schools, schedule threesomes and itís a given that you simply arenít cool unless you have your own sex tape circulating YouTube. If you or your daddy has a meth lab in the garage, itís the bomb, baby! And going to school is just someplace to hang out, avoid the cops and conduct business in drug dealing unless, of course, youíre getting busy with some teacher in the janitorís closet.

Even those things sound quaint upside stories I see in the news every single day. Within the last month alone, I have read of two mothers habitually selling their little 5 and 6 year old girls to grown men for sex so Mama can earn drug money.

And then, there is the popular rise in bestiality. Ah, geesh people, must you?? Really? One married couple and the wifeís boyfriend were searching Craigslist for a dog she could have sex with while they video taped it because she had always wanted to do that. Fortunately, they were corresponding with an undercover cop and were busted, thank heavens!

Then there was the teenage kid who agreed to care for his neighborís pit bulls in exchange for money to finish his GED. While the dog owner was napping, other neighbors witnessed and taped the kid in the kennels, raping two of her prize dogs. During the day!

The cops came to her door and alerted her to what happened but she didnít believe them until they showed her the tape. She was speechless with outrage that someone she had taken under her wing, given fair employment to in order to assist him to further his education, would betray her in such an egregious way.

Of course, there are the geezer farmers with their sheep and pigs. They should keep up with the times because there are cameras everywhere. Now, I just have to ask a question hereÖ

What kind of lame, pathetic, loser, deviant, pervert or...orÖWhat kind of human being does this stuff?? I know itís occurred during mankindís history because those who did this were to be stoned according to Godís law in the Old Testament. So, like Ecclesiastes says, there is nothing new under the sun.

But doesnít it seem the incidences of these revolting acts seem to be occurring more often? Like I said before, back when I was in high school, you never even heard of people, grownups included, speaking of gays, much less the proliferation of these befouled, beasty, bum-buggers!

The Bible warns us multiple times that in the last days, morality will degenerate to an all time low but it seems to have happened so gradually that, with the aid of constant media coverage and acceptance, there is very little that is shocking anymore. I am ashamed or perhaps I should say, saddened to admit it takes quite a bit to shock me these days. Isnít that a pity?

Now, when I hear that old song from 1973, Smokiní in the Boyís Room, I have to snicker. Just think. That used to be as bad as it gotÖ

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John Seun 13 Mar 2012
You are quite right. Before we have women that does secret business and deals in sex (Prostitutes) but now it's a normal thing among female folks. Sex is now about the cheapest and common thing you can think of. We now have: Casual sex; No string attached sex; and one night things. What a pity.


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