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Inpsirational book of lyrics
by George Otten
For Sale
Author requests article critique


George Otten
Reverend George is the name for the book

I have been in Retail Sales and Customer Service since the age of 18. I have been in and out of constructions since the age of 15. In 1991 I graduated from what was called AVTS I completed 600 hours in construction trade. I have never acted professionally. However, life has taught me to act the way I needed to be to get by. I have also served God for over 20 years. I was ordained in 2006. I have completed over 97 hours at Kansas Community College trying to make my life better.

My play ďFrom Love to HurtĒ took second place and was performed on stage during The One-Act Play Festival at the Kansas City Kansas community college. The many poetic lyrics I Have written with inspiration from God are on Faithwriters.com under the name spiritman2008.

I was born in Kansas City Kansas on November 7 1968 in a blizzard. In the late 60 they didnít know babies could be born addicted to artificial stimulants. My mother was taking prescription drugs, drinking and smoking. It was neither a small town nor a big town. When my sister and mother brought me home, my mother handed me over to her and said I will be back later. She left, went to the bar and got drunk. I have started working on a book of short stories loosely based on events in my life. This book will include of stories of tragic events in my family.

My family started out in tragedy and has been tragic off and on ever since. After our mother went home to be with the Lord I started losing my way. The pastors at that time help me get back on track. After that it seemed that are family only gets together when someone dies. It will be great to see the lyrics become a play like the play called, ďCats.Ē Even growing up with God has been a challenged and will make for interesting reading. I hope not to be a one-hit-wonder and have a few more books published after this one.

While resting in my room one day I heard the voice of God call me by name. It wasnít until the spring of 1989 I finally accepted Him as my personal Lord and Savior. Good, bad or indifferent I still serve God, for which I have no life otherwise. I thank the Father, Son and Holy Ghost for the past many years. I look forward to Him coming back for His children. It is through his inspiration I have put together these lyrics and hope to have more soon.

Book of

Inspirational Poetic Lyrics

By Reverend George

ďInspirational Poetic Lyrics,Ē Is about helping people find inspiration within them. These poetic lyrics were created to help me glorify God and find enlightenment in myself. These poetic lyrics give me inspiration and strength every time I read them.

I have sent some writings to ďReaderís DigestĒ A few jokes, and two quote, ďIf strangers would learn to communicate with strangers this wouldnít be such a strange world.Ē Another quote is, ďDonít do unto others as you would do unto God.Ē God gave yet another one, ďOur first birth got us here, and our second birth will take us home.Ē 2012 quote is, ďDonít walk into the future on the steps from the past?Ē God would have to be the first person to receive credit; my mother needs to be recognized as she encouraged me to be a writer. To my ninth grade English teacher, thank you for flunking me. It helped me focus on becoming a writer.

One person said, ďThey liked the way the poetic lyrics changed from one to the other. I am most impressed with the poetic lyric called, ďChristmas is not just once a yearĒ The people places and ideas we share on that day should be expressed throughout the year. I started writing these poetic lyrics in the spring of 91 and still write them today. It was during my time in the missionary field that most were created. In the Word of God it says, ďAnd they overcome the evil one by the words of their testimony and the blood of the lamb.Ē Revelation 12:11 Those people who are looking for a way to cope with life and the people, places, things, and ideas life throws at them. Just the fact they are poetic lyrics which differs from poems that have rules and flows. A few poetic lyrics have been published through Poetry.com.

ďHave you ever been down and out? Lost the mortar mix that holds your family together? Lost the knot at the end of your rope and fell to the ground? It happens to everyone in their lives. My brother has been there and back several times. My brother has been in many valleys and climbed many mountains. He has achieved great mile stones and has become the person he is today. Through all his ups and downs he has kept track by this book of poetic lyrics. These poetic lyrics will challenge you and help you find inner peace and encouragement as well as enlightenment. They will bring healing to your heart and help people soar the highest mountains. I have seen my brother grow from a shy little boy to a man who looks for way to help other people.Ē

Your loving sister:
Paula Clevenger


This book is filled with inspirational poetic lyrics. Godís inspiration has been the driving factor in my lifeís work. I am not done yet. I thank God for allowing me live the life I have. It has given me the edge I need to survive. In my next book you will see the struggles of my main character Richard. He has been through similar situation as I have. These poetic lyrics tell my story in ways I cannot express. I hope to work with a composer some day and create songs to be enjoyed by all.

Life has not been the same since my mother went home to be with our Lord in the fall of 1994. It was the love of God and my motherís love that kept and keeps me strong spiritual. There have been many people, places things and ideas in my life as well. Many people have showed me more love than I had deserved. Some of them may never know how much I love and appreciate them. Thanks to my brothers and sisters in Christ one of whom has been a true inspiration, brother King.

Thanks to my sister Yvonne, she has been a big part of my life and has encouraged me to pursuit my goals a good source of strength. Thanks to Dr. Leader for helping me expand my mind and spirit. Thanks to my 9th grade teacher for flunking me. An experience that helped me achieves my goals in writing. Truth is stranger than fiction. However, when fiction is based on fact it makes for great story telling.

Thank you all

Reverend George,

Jesus is the Word of God
I believe in Him
The Word of Godís in my heart
Jesus is the way
We are human and might fall
The Word will give me peace
Say a prayer
Word of God
His children
Heavenly mansions

Jesus is the Word of God

Show me work without faith in Y-Shua
Iíll show work in that faith
Believing in Jesus
He shows me all things I can do
I can do all things
See He gives me the strength
A strength that built on that faith
I will pray to Y-Shua
And work this faith given me

The Word is Jesus
A true revelation
And I asked Him into my life
I never knew of a Father to give up a Son
Someone to love me
Someone to turn life around
Itís love from the Father
He wants to show us His love

Jesus is the Word of God
Through faith and I believe
The Word of God living inside me

The day I asked Him
He came in my life
And know that He turned my life around
I ask the right thing
In Romans 10:9-10
Left the Holy Ghost
That comforts and leads me in life
Itís love from the Father
He wants us to know of His love

I believe in Him

Iíve been searching
I stay up late at night
And think of life
And some days in my life
They were lonely
It was good
When I finally asked Him in
He came to me
While I was living
I tried to live my life
Without His Son
And humbly I said
I need Your Son
And He came to me and said
You are my Son
And I love you too

And I believe in Him
Iíll never know just why He loves me so
I asked the Father
For the Word of God
And He gave to me
By sending Him, to Calvary
And I believe in Love
And so Iím still am walking day by day
And I know one day
On a special day
Through the Word of God
I will leave with Him
Word of God

I am walking
I walk on through this life
Have a talk with Him
I have the Word of God
In my heart
Just walking through this life
I believe
While I was reading
I read about the things the Son can do
So I cast my cares upon the Son and say
And I say to the Son
I love You, because You loved me first
The Word of Godís in my heart

In my life was confusion
Was darkened in side
Till I asked in His Son
Filling my life with light
With the Spirit of light
And I opened the Bible
Every Word is so true
Believe the Bible has shown
All that my life can be
By my faith in the Word

The Word of Godís in my heart
A giver of life
With faith in Your Word
The Word of Godís in my heart
By giving Your life
Upon Calvary
The Word of Godís in my heart

My life had no meaning
Was unfruitful old life
There was one thing in life
Life was changed by His Son
And then He came to me
He left the Holy Ghost
Heís a helper in life
Now I am able to know
All that my life can be
By my faith in the Word


Spirit, Youíre the Word, the Holy Ghost
The Word of God
Youíve been sent by Jesus and You touch my life
Spirit, thereís so many ways I need to say
I need you
Let me thank You for the Word for eternally
He sent You to be my guide in life
I have peace in my life
And You, me and You eternal
I have a need in my life

Spirit, for so many years I felt,
I felt so lonely
Youíve been sent by Jesus and Youíve helped my life
Help me live for You each and every morning
Help me walk with Jesus the Word, Word of God
In the Word I read how that we are one
Thereís no other word like Word of God
And You, You want leave me nor forsake me
I am in need of the Word in my life

Spirit, You are the only Word I need
And Your friendship is what my life needed
See the Word thereís something, I want You to know
Youíre the Word of my life
Youíre my Spirit,

Holy Ghost/Spirit helps me a great deal

Jesus is the way

When I asked the Father about the Word Jesus
I reached to Jesus for broken heart
I had pain inside
He has something I needed
He did something for me that I canít repay
Sent me Jesus and the Holy Ghost
In my heartís the Word of God
This is something worth sharing
Jesus is the Word
It requires a faithful person
And the Word He gave
Needs no perfect person
He left the Holy Ghost
And itís love from the Father

Jesus is the way
The way, truth and life
No way else to live
Through the Word of God
Call upon the Word
For the life you live
And you rely on His Spirit
And itís love from the Father

Thereís no life without the Word of God Jesus
Word of God is Jesus, and the Holy Ghost
If you call upon the Word
Youíll start to see Heís the Word of God
Just read in the Bible and youíll know itís true
The Word of God and give the Word a chance
Call upon the Word
That will be the start of a new life
Never feel alone
Spirit gives you understanding
Heís coming in your heart
His love eternal
And you rely on His Spirit
And itís love from the Father

We are human and might fall

Heís the Word
To help us in our lives
And know someoneís reaching out
Reaching out to those in need
As we walked through this olí World
From day to day
Day by day
Word You know weíll need You so
And weíll need to call on You
And weíll have to lean on You
See we are human and might fall

Weíll need You
And no matter if we fall
Thatís the time weíll call on You
Chances are weíll need You near
And weíll need You near to us
From day to day
Word for Word
Your Word is a greater thing
And in life weíll need Your Word
Thatís what we need in life
See we are human and might fall

And one day Iíll look up
And see the eastern sky
Within the Word of God I read
Iíll go home
Then my life is said and done
And weíll be going home
No more living life alone I know

ĎTil that day
Word You know weíre going to need You so
And weíll need to call on You
And weíll have to lean on You
See we are human and might fall

The Word will give me peace

Every day in life
When in life we fall
Taking all our peace away
It will take the Word
To have peace again
That when I know itís time for me to pray

Ask the Son
In prayer on my knees
Forgive me
From the world Iím in
From my heart
I will pray today
The Son will give me peace

Soon again Iíll fall
And my life falls short
And this life I live needs peace
Peace will always be
Just a prayer away
Ask the Son
All His love and grace and peace

Say a prayer

Say a prayer, and ask the Father
A new life a waits
See Y-Shua died on Calvary
Gave His life that we may live
Accept Y-Shua

Say a prayer; Heís waiting for you
Weíre falling and weíre tempted to fall
We fall short, of Godís glory
But we have His love and grace

Say a prayer and ask the Father
Let Him know we need His Son
Say a prayer ask the Father
Say a prayer for this new life

Word of God

I ask the Father on my knees on day
What I need to say, is why He loved me so
I know the Word of God is all I need
Word of Godís the only thing I need
Word of Godís the only thing that I need in my new life

Word of God
Youíll never forsake me
Youíll never leave me alone
The greatest Friend I know
The Word of God
Word of God
Iíve never been alone
I have the Word of God
I have the Word of God
Right here with me in my heart

I read about the things He did for me
How He died and how He gave His life for me
Believe He gave me everything He had
I believe He gave me everything
Itís through the Word the Word of God
Itís through the Word of God

Word of God
Throughout the Word of God
Believe what Jesus did
Heís always been so close and yet so far
Word of God
Itís through the Word of God
He took my sins away
As long I as I will live
I live within Word of God

His Children

Heís the Word of God
And the Word in the hearts
Of His children
Tears were falling down
See we know He gave His life
For His Children
Somehow this sinner
Got a chance
At a life abundantly
I know Heís the Word of God

Everybody they are in need
The Fatherís Son has been giving
To His children

He can live in your heart
And I know that Heís the Word
For His children
I know that all Heís done
Itís been done out of Love
For His children
To say everything Heís done
Itís been done out of Love
The Word of God is love

I do believe
Heís the Word of God
Weíll always need Him
And in these words that I write
The Word of Godís there to believe in
The Word came to be
And we know Heís always near
For His children
Word of God can be
And itís helps to live in love
From His Children
Thereís the Word of God in me
The Word of God in me
He shows me what I need

Heavenly mansions

As Iím walking through this life
I keep thinking about the Heavens,
Heavenís mansions
And the life Iíll live up there
This new life I know itís mine
See I read it inside the Word
And this life Iíve been living for
Is giving from above
Waiting for the eastern sky
When my life on earth is through
I will go meet my Jesus and leave with Him
See He gave His life for me
With another life to live
And I know I will be living life with Him there

In them Heaven mansions
Built upon the streets
Heaven mansions and a life thatís lived in faith
I wouldnít want another life
I want to live that Heaven life
And walk on down the streets thatís paved in gold

Now Y-Shua, Heís the Word
He has gave His life for me
And what He came do is He gave His life all
And the Word of God I read
About life to live above
And the living Iíll be living
It is mine

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