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The Biggest Mistake
by Donna Wasson
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Yeah dude, I know I keep yammering on and on about this, but if I didnít think it was important, Iíd shrug my shoulders and walk away. I may do that anyway because youíre wearing me out! Look, the evidence is in front of you every day. What exactly, is so blasted hard to understand?

Iím gonna approach this a different way because nothing Iíve said has soaked into your brain. This whole rapture thing is going to happen whether you believe it or not. What makes me so sure? Because every single prophecy in the Bible up until this point in history, has come true. ALL of them! Thatís a pretty good track record, donít you think?

So, I reckon the odds are good that the prophecies the Bible says will happen in the future will come true too! Simple as pie. Letís look at that anti-christ guy, who Iím 99% sure is alive today, hanging out backstage, ready to stroll his suave self in front of the TV cameras. Donít snort, Iím serious!

It most certainly IS possible for one man to rule the world! Not only is it possible, the technology is here and is being put into place right now!

How? Well, let me tell you. What would it take to control and administrate the entire population of the planet? Just humor me for a few minutes and letís pretend the rapture has happened. That would mean out of the approximately 7 billion people on this planet, weíll say, umm, a billion people suddenly disappeared.

I hope itís more than that, but itís a starting point. Now. You have a billion people missing. Think of all the car wrecks thatíll take place; all of the airplane and train disasters thatíll happen, which will kill hundreds of thousands more because their driver or pilot disappeared into thin air! Can you imagine the chaos all over the world; people freaking out because their loved ones and small children are gone?

Itíll be worldwide pandemonium for a while! I mean, look how people act when a hurricane is announced; the store shelves are emptied, lines at the gas pumps are a couple of blocks long and it becomes dog-eat-dog, every man for himself! People turn into absolute animals, right?

OK, you have all that going on. Of course the churches will be overflowing with people who come to the sickening realization of what has happened. Civil order will have to be restored so local governments will probably declare Marshall Law and citizens will be kept under control at gunpoint with curfews and all.

Scientists from all over the world will meet and come up with some halfway believable explanation for where all those people went and, because everything is so crazy and the populace desperately needs something plausible to believe, everybody buys into what they say. Over several months, the clean up of wrecks will be nearly finished, things will gradually settle down and life will slowly get back to some semblance of normal.

But because of the hoopla, world economies will be in shambles, countries will be bickering over food and fuel shortages and for some bizarre reason, I bet you the whole world will probably blame Israel for the catastrophe because everything bad that happens is always Israelís fault! Itíll be the perfect excuse for the Arabs to plan an attack.

Everybody will be on edge because a World War seems inevitable when seemingly out of nowhere, this handsome, charismatic guy steps up on the world stage and proposes a workable plan to institute that One World Government we keep hearing about. Heíll make it sound so logical and equitable for everyone and folks will eat it up!

What seemed impossible to coordinate in years past will be pulled together over a matter of months. Itíll be a cashless society because everyone in the whole world will be expected to go to some designated station in their area to receive an official mark that proves they are a bona fide citizen of the New World Order.

This mark, in the right hand or forehead, will have all their personal info, medical records, purchases and ďmoneyĒ recorded on it. Itíll probably be some kind of computer chip that can be scanned so there wonít be any need to carry cash or credit cards anymore. Nooo, I do not think that sounds good! Knock it off! Iím not kidding around with you! Can I continue? Thank you.

Food and fuel supplies will stabilize and will be distributed by the central government and all the world leaders will meet, agree and even seem relieved to hand over the sovereignty of their individual countries to this brilliant, confident, persuasive man.

Oh, heíll be quite a talker, no doubt! A natural born leader, instituting laws to Ďprotectí the populace and to provide the goods and services needed. Everyone will wonder where this guy has been all this time! Heís wonderful! Heíll give the most inspirational speeches ever heard and most everyone all over the world will almost literally worship him!

You notice I said, ďmost everyoneĒ will follow him. Thereíll be a few holdouts thatíll keep yelling about the rapture and calling the new Leader the anti-christ! Theyíll go around telling everybody the rapture happened and theyíve been left behind but that itís not too late to get right with God and escape hell.

These rebels will adamantly insist you must not, under any circumstances, take that mark, even though itíll mean you wonít be able to travel around freely, sell or buy what you need and youíll be considered a wanted criminal.

Theyíll swear anyone who gives their allegiance to the Leader by taking the mark will be damned to hell for eternity. No more chances. What a pain in the neck these people will be! Most citizens will look at them as a threat to the New World Orderís peace and prosperity and will demand the government do something about them; make them go away! Exterminate them.

Sounds logical. I mean, you canít have a bunch of rebels in the New World, constantly begging citizens for food and other supplies they need to live, so the government soldiers will be given orders to round them up and put them in work camps until the Leader decides what to do with them. Guess what? FEMA is building those Ďcampsí right now! No sir, thatís not a rumor. Itís a fact!

Everyone will become so exasperated, even their own families will turn them in to the authorities! Now, thatís cold but, hey, they wonít conform to government regulations so whatever happens to them is their own fault, right?

Theyíll be hunted down like rabid dogs! The soldiers will beg their commanding officers for the privilege of capturing them because theyíll get to use all the cool, high-tech gear and no one will even lift a finger when the soldiers torture or rape their captives before they throw them in the camps.

Theyíll use night vision goggles, thermal imaging and stuff like that and will probably even go old fashioned at times and hunt Ďem down using dogs. A lot of rebels wonít survive being captured but who cares?

There wonít be anywhere for them to run, anyway. Theyíll get caught sooner or later, what with all the cameras watching every corner, street, store, gas station, mall and shopping centers 24/7. Did you know those cameras are being equipped even now with microphones so sensitive, the authorities can listen in to even whispered conversations as you walk by? Itís true! Of course, theyíre saying itís all part of ďkeeping everyone safe from terrorist threats.Ē

These poor people wonít be able to access any computers because they wonít have the Leaderís mark to scan, so thatíll be out. The government will be flying those unmanned drones around constantly, looking for them. Those things can just about spot a pimple on a cat, even at night! The technology for this is already in place today, before the ĎGreat Disappearanceí even happens and of course, they'll keep getting more high tech and will end up being all but impossible to hide from.

People wonít understand why the rebels donít just take the mark, turn themselves in or kill themselves. Can you begin to imagine how awful their lives will be? Hunted, filthy, hungry, thirsty, no shelter, no medicine, worn out clothes and always being on guardÖWell, believe me, itís gonna get much worse!

The World Leader will no doubt be more than happy to make a big show of their bloody executions. I bet anything itíll be on live TV so everyone can see what happens to people who refuse to join the New World Order. The Bible even mentions something about them having their heads chopped off!

So, whatcha you think so far? Sound like something youíd like to hang around for and experience? You think your family will appreciate the fact you were repeatedly warned but didnít take it seriously?

Come on, man! You guys used to go to church, so I know youíre aware of this stuff. When it happens, youíll have two choices; refuse the mark, die a martyr for Christ and be able to live in heaven forever or take the mark, save yourselves for a few years and be damned to eternal flames. Some choice! YeahÖfun times.

Of course, you and your family can turn to Jesus now while you still have the chance. All you gotta do is repent and accept the pardon He died to provide you. Then youíll know for sure you guys will be safe in heaven before all hell breaks loose down here.

I havenít even mentioned the worst part! What I told you so far will eventually be considered the Ďgood Ďol days.í

Yep, youíll still have nuclear wars which will most likely include chemical and biological weapons, worldwide famine, a global lack of clean water, horrible diseases, catastrophic changes in the sea, sun and moon and freaky stinging little creatures to look forward to. Dude, I promise Iím not pulling your chain! I wish I was but itís all spelled out in the Bible.

And let me remind you once again, that the percentage of Bible prophecy thatís already been fulfilled to the letter is 100%. One hundred percent! All this stuff is coming, my man. Itís gonna happen. Huh? Heck yeah, Iím trying to scare you! You should be terrified! Sticking your head in the sand and refusing to take care of business wonít stop it.

Wow. I am stunned! You still think itís all some scary story somebody came up with, even with what you see happening in the news every night? Dude, wake up! Look, Iím not ashamed to tell you I love you and your family. I care enough to risk your anger or even our friendship to get in your face and tell you the truth.

OK, I've done my duty before God and I wonít bring it up again unless you do, but I sure will keep praying for you guys. When all this happens and Iím gone, just remember I tried my best to keep you from making the biggest mistake of your life!

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Ken Langenbrunner 24 Feb 2012
It must be FUN living in your head!! 100% on target! The FEMA camps are already built, and now are being opened and manned. The gullotines are in place (since 1992)! It's coming, and very soon! Well written.


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