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Esau to ZionistsThe Progression
by Andrew Charles
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Basics progression
1. God wanting a people of his own makes an unconditional covenant with Abraham.
2. Abraham passes birthright to Isaac.
3. Isaac has twin sons Esau and Jacob. God hates Esau and loves Jacob. Jacob receives birthright and Esau is rejected
4.Esau returns to Seir and marries Canaanite wives
5.Canaan very evil and were the most evil people of that day. Amos 1:11
6. Esau and Canaanite wives form a nation Edom
7. Jacob’s name is changed to Israel. Israel’s and his offspring are known as Israelites and are the chosen people of God.
8. Esau hates Jacob (now Israel) and Edom constantly wars and harasses Israelites God permanently puts Edomites under condemnation for how they treated the Israelites.
9. Israelites exiled to Egypt but not the Edomites
10. Israealites live in Judah and Edomites are south of Judah in Edom
11. Israelites are exiled to Babylon
12. Edomites move into Judah which has much better land after Israelites are exiled.
13. Israelites released from captivity from Babylon and come back to their land and find the Edomites there
14. Led by John Hyrcanus the Israelites defeat the Edomites and get their land back.
15. Jesus is born
16. Two years after the birth of Jesus King Herod the Great an Edomite orders all 2 year old males be killed when he hears a future king was born two years prior .
17. King Herod the Great was an Edomite and his son King Herod Antipas was an Edomite also.
18. In chapter 8 of John Jesus speaks to a group of Edomites and tells them they are sons of the devil remember they were permanently condemned because they would never understand the gospel- this confirming that Edomites are permanently condemned and was evidenced by King Herod the Great ordering all the two year old males to be killed.
19. Jesus is brought before King Herod Antipas and Jesus wouldn’t even acknowledge or speak to him recognizing his father was the devil just as all Edomites were
20. Jesus sentenced to death- remember Jerusalem is in Judah –means many yelling to crucify Jesus were Edomites and not all Israelites--
21. Around 70 AD destruction of Jerusalem and Jews are exiled again throughout the world
22. About 700 AD A great nation of Khazars who were located in southern Turkey and into the Ukraine. They were also strong militarily they decided they wanted another religion and chose Judaism –Judaism officially replaced Shamanism as the state religion but most still practiced Shamanism
23. Khazar was strong militarily and was a buffer from the Byzantines Christians being attacked from the Muslims
24. After WWWII ‘Jews’ are given land that was Palestine. In 1948 Israel becomes a nation
25. This was more a political move for show and also they knew Jews were very talented in commerce the Khazars got circumcised and followed a type of Jewish law As was the case with the Edomites the Khazars were circumcised outwardly and not inwardly as the Israelite Jews
26.There are many more Edomite Jews and Khazar Jews than there are Israelite Jews. There are very few Israelites living in Israel than there are Khazars and Edomites
27. Jews are returning to Israel as we have been told are returning to their homeland –Khazars have never been in the land of Israel and are not returning to Israel because they have never been in Israel
28. Karl Marx and Zionists are influential in dethroning and killing the Czar and his family and a leading Bolshevik Karl Marx and Zionists are very influential in the beginning of CommunismJews move out of Russia into Germany after Communist leaders turn on the Jews there they created the Frankfurt School and after Hitler gets power they move again
29. The Zionists move out of Russia and create the Frankfurt School. The Zionists show no evidence of being Israelite Jews but rather Edomite and Khazar Jews and their conduct shows no evidence of being God’s chosen people
30. Frankfurt School develops an attitude of being the master race. They especially hate the American white middle class make a plan to incite black hatred against whites. They create a frenzy in calling whites racists. They have other destructive goals.
31. In 1967 Israel wins Jerusalem back fulfilling the prophecy that the fig tree has ripened and those living in that generation will see the return of Jesus Christ.
32. Kadima Party of Ariel Sharon shockingly advises the state of Israel that it would go better for them if they chose the one who ate the pottage. The one who ate the pottage was Esau meaning Sharon wanted Israel to be turned over to Satan.
33. Many Israelites Jews have come out against Zionism. These Israelite say a Zionist can’t be a Jew and a Jew can’t be a Zionist unless they are not informed.
34. Jews are returning to Israel as we have been told are returning to their ancestors homeland. Khazars ancestors have never been in the land of Israel and therefore are not returning.
35. Karl Marx and other Zionists are very influential in the Bolshevik Revolution and are responsible for killing the Czar and his family.
36.. The Zionists move out of Russia and into Germany. They create the Frankfurt School. The Zionists show no evidence of being Israelite Jews. But rather Edomite and Khazar Jews and their conduct shows no evidence of being God’s chosen people.
37. Frankfurt School has an attitude of being a master race. They especially hate the white American middle class. Their plan is to incite blacks to hate whites and claim racism. They create a frenzy calling whites racists. The Frankfurt School has other devious goals also.
38. Zionists goal is to control the money of the world and control a one world government and intend to speed this process by a creating a false panic by stating too many people cause global warming
39.Famous journalist Helen Thomas is forced into retirement after stating Zionists control the United States but feels the (Israelites) Jews are wonderful people—this shows evidence that the Frankfurt School has attained is objective of controlling and dumbing down the press Ariel Sharon and sister of Barney Frank ___ Allen also say Zionists control the United States
40. Frankfurt School plan to develop, or already have, a one world central bank. It has now been admitted by top level United Nations official that the goal of the climate control panic is for the sake of spreading the wealth throughout the world
41. The Federal Reserve is very important in planning the new world order. The Rothschild are believed to control have the world’s wealth. The one family in control is the Rothschilds. It has now been revealed the Rockefellers are actually Jews are in close alliance with the Rothschilds. The Rockefellers were posing as Christians for years. Neither Rockefellers or Rothschilds are Israelite Jews. The Rothschilds leave an empty chair at their dinner table for Satan.
42. The world’s financial situation is now in crises and will only get worse and lead to the one world bank and the Zionists will be in control. It appears that the bank will be located in France and is called Bank Credit Agricole
43. Shortly thereafter tribulation will begin when the antichrist make a 7 year peace covenant with Israel. Contrary to some opinion for the first 3 ½ years it appears the antichrist will be seen as a kind and marvelous leader. There is some evidence showing Zionists are awaiting for their Messiah- after rejecting Jesus.
44.The prophecies of Jesus Christ have now been fulfilled and it is evident that tribulation is coming at a rapid pace and we will be the generation as Jesus predicted since we are the generation that saw the Jews get Jerusalem back
45. Esau was known as the red child. Rothschilds original last name five generations back was Bauer. Rothschild means red shield in German which is associated with the red child Esau. Edom also means red.
46. www.jnewswire.com written by Ryan Jones reads ‘Sharon Look to Sell Israel’s Birthright.’ Jones writes, “Emulating the blunder of their patriarch’s elder brother Esau, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s new Kadima Party Monday said Israel has no choice but to sell its birthright for the �bowl of pottage� it believes will ease the nation’s current ills.”
47. The problem is we can’t turn against Israel because there are Israelite Jews there.
48. It could be possible the Khazars have been placed in Israel by God to fight for the Israelites. In their history the Khazars have either defeated the Persians or fought them to a draw.

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