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Soul in Transition
by Frederick Kwesi Great Agboletey
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TRANSLATION: Soul in Transition

My soul journeys,
To the source of knowledge,
Driven to ancient headwaters,
To purify self and bring refreshing joy
In renewal of being.
Soul purifying self at refined pools of ancient waters
To find reconstruction of meaning,
In refined crystalline pools ,
Distillation of all things
Made pure in crucible of human angst,
Far from flesh-

Mighty waters trickling,
Delicately pooling as pure knowledge,
These swarming pools of purity
Forming at benign foot of far off high mountains,
Gently refurbishing of ancient candor,
Bringing forth renewal,
In restoration bracing in its revitalization-

My mind is a blank canvas,
Upon which a motley splattering of colors,
Life's colors are being stroked in feathery layering,
Till form assumes shape,
And a new reality begins to emerge;
Creativity emerging as it were from thin air-

Some (people) race with the wind,
Others race against uncaring wind,
Others are simply borne on wings of wind,
I race with my mind,
Taking that which is physically non-comprehensible,
Upon feathery wings of passing wind, afloat,
Creating meaning out of thin air -

Discovery is awareness come into being,
Creativity is grains of the ubiquitous,
Trickling through narrow neck of time's sandglass
Forming patterns on shifting grounds
Of minds prepared to interpret its imprints;
Emerging creativity-

Soul caged in a body
Every now and then journeys away
To source it goes, for renewal,
When it does return
It leaves strains, imprints and mementos of its journey,
Imprints of awareness that enlighten,
Awareness mind assumes as its own discoveries,
Then mind exults in its creative insight-

Maybe, mind in man
Is capable of turning reality on its head,
Maybe it is able to paint on blank screen
Of consciousness,
Maybe mind is predisposed by its creative nature to be inventive,
After all man is carved in the image of his Creator.
Yet, my soul is an adventurer, seeking.
It escapes its body pod, every now and then,
Seeking enlightenment at source-

Soul, driven
By compelling forces
Of densest emotions
Let loosed, is ejected,
Forced forth to journey
Through nether-regions
Beyond being-

Soul sinking into darkest clarity
Unbound from body,
Ejected to further regions far beyond being
Into pristine darkness passing through narrow confinements;
Out of being's constriction it is thrust forth
To source, where pure reason is awareness
Revealed in things hitherto too obvious
To be seen by uninitiated mind-

Source is where emotions deepest moods, condensed,
Congeal indicatively, revealing,
Purest states of perfectly formed emotional states
Finding expression,
Condensed, dripping.
This is where raw emotions are refined
Through fine strainer,
Filtered, distilled and bleached till free of impurities,
There emerges beyond being's mood
In a place devoid of physical presence,
In reflective domain of almost spiritual,
Something new, a revelation that is knowledge;
Purity is a revelation enabled at source-

Release is a tearing away from body case, ease
Ease of(f) assumed states failing to sustain
As discordant rhythm of life that is disrepair, despair,
Gains ascendancy.
In slippage between changing states of normalcy,
Abnormality assumes a presence most disconcerting,
As harmonious co-existence of beings inner states,
Is perturbed and shifted out of harmonious planes
Of mutual co-existence-

Unease unseats seat of reason,
Violently shaking off restraint, letting loose,
A prolonged violent upheaval rocks emotions fragile ease,
Till loosened from its foundations,
Shaken, twirled and tossed on raging emotion's storms,
Emotions raging upheaval separates constitutes of being;
Mind, psyche, soul and spirit are raised,
Woken from subconscious's bed of harmonious co-existence,
In an instant, given conscious expression,
On waves of storms raging within,
Encased in casings splitting at seam
Split apart, separated-

Soul in free fall,
Loosing self in descending blackness,
Shot through portals of being,
Cast froth as though spewed through these narrow confinements,
Of places that have become restrictive,
These narrow corridors
Through which soul in flight seeks exit,
Seeking escape beyond body and being
To redefine reality in clarity afforded thither, beyond,
Of non-obstructive neutrality of expanding darkness
Stripping in its absorption undesired glare of non-sustenance, turbidity-

Even were soul, psyche and mind one and same,
What difference would it make?
If mind, psyche and soul were different would it make any difference?
If diversity in unity enables harmony of being,
Are these variations on a common theme,
In their individual expression of being relevance relevant?
Does it make any difference reason underlies insanity?
That only the situational insane thirst for knowledge beyond the pale?
When norm of normality is fast failing, fading,
When obscurity (predominant) in commonality obfuscates reason,
Reason that is fast losing its relevance in its unreasonableness,
Does it make any difference at all
That genius is mainly insanity
Of that will that in striving, thrives against questionable norm
Defined in reasoning of prevailing dominant?-

I know for certainty in my uncertainty that my soul journeys,
A separation occurs, has occurred
That has fragmented the being
Into shards of conflicting parts,
A part of me journeys beyond,
Beyond boundaries of normalcy,
Through reasons narrow portals,
Soul in retreat to source, journeys
Searching for renewal beyond,
In nether regions-

Soul for a time outside time sojourns,
Traveling through nether regions
Regions of pristine darkness,
Towards source.
To headwaters of knowledge, in formation-

Untainted purity of pristine darkness,
These nether regions that soul traverses,
Unrestrained and un-distracted,
As it heads towards far removed highlands of knowledge-

Night-less skies,
Stark in its impressively imposing silence,
To source where fine trickle
Of refined wisdom rain in fine diffusion,
Water crystals caught in cold clasp of pure air
Streaming down these cold channels
Showers of mountain dew,
Rarefied air of imposing highlands-

Cold, cold, air
Of far away places,
Places so far from normal,
Places so wild in their absolute isolation,
Their purity in their separation is definitive,
Beauty that is frightening in its isolated purity
Far removed from non-sustaining mundane,
A calm coldness of re-assurance
That is impressively sober in its becalming effect
These headwaters at journeys end
Downside of weeping soul-

A single isolated soul,
Wandering far from known territories,
Lost to self, absolved
Absorbed in a mission undefined, yet purposeful,
Uncaring of all else,
Traveling to places so distant from known territories,
Reality dissolves into imaginary tales sifted
From ashes of prior states dissolving,
Reality dissolving into imaginary states
Even as imagination's firmer grip overcomes
Former imposed restraints irrelevant of soul unbounded-

Absolution of soul
In states of dissolving normality beyond being,
Self of soul in gentle transition
Through outer space of unimaginable wonder,
Immersed in fine showers of replenishing dew
Purity of cascading droplets
Of condensed liquid made pure,
Fine drops of showers, cleansing,
When soul in accessing its depths
Journeys beyond being-

A river roils within,
Through these ancient -outer spaces
Cutting a path through,
Far into highlands where few ever reach,
Frozen mass of purified mass, dripping
Far in those highlands,
Drops of refined sorrow,
Perfectly shaped pearls,
Smooth as though inner pain,
Gratingly rubbing soul sore
Had polished these tear drops
Of pearly shapes-

Pain is severe master craftsman
Of downside of dense emotions
Patiently grinding its perfect objects, unrelenting,
Toiling to release exquisitely formed droplets;
These droplets falling from great heights,
From deep within, coalescing,
Into clear pools,
Beneath these highlands,
At source-

These running streams of sorrow
Refined in turbulent workshop
Of emotions gone berserk;
Delicately formed perfections of fragile beauty
Perfected by rough hands grinding-

Sorrows handiwork are perfectly cut channels
Through which sadness flows,
In perfect purity-

My soul journeys
Through quiet places
Of pristine night,
Darkest night,
A black diamond of un-tainted purity-

Soul cast forth,
Through narrow corridors constricting,
Spewed forth;
Through these suffocatingly pale passage ways
Un-sustaining in their impositions
On soul grounded in freewill;
Soul journeying
To find rebirth at source of knowledge,
Seeking understanding beyond self-

Reason is meaningless beyond being,
Soul cannot understand forces
Propelling it beyond being.
Set on ancient path, it goes forth,
Trust ever further from being;
Disharmony has shredded thin thread
That holds being's parts together,
Torn from its harmonious co-existence,
Soul can no longer fit in being, thus
Lone soul journeys,
Belonging is irrelevant to soul self isolated,
Being as it were beyond self-

Diffracted being,
Perfectly split,
Separated at natural cleavages,
Parts entities onto themselves,
Together defining whole; being,
Incorporation that redefines existence,
At one planar level,
At other plenary levels of discordant existence,
One not taking cue from other,
Each redefines meaning at own level-

These waterfalls of never ending pain, pouring,
Over well worn rim,
Misery pours,
Down through dense heavy emptiness
Of densest air lacking substance,
Then, sparkling purity
Of pain tinkle trickling so sharp in its clarity-

Tiny fragments of droplets,
Finely grounded in life's crucible of ire,
Sorrows bowl upturned,
Outpouring of ancient lava,
Guarded emotion's composing elements
Passed through fine strains of millions of fine points,
Of life's sharpest points,
These needle points nettling-

These strains of finest torments,
Deeply embedded in psyche's inner recesses,
Accumulated tiny drops,
Slowly filling up,
Till these little drops of sorrow,
Clearest sorrow liquidly in their crystalline purity
Collide and collate into streaming profusion outpouring
From forgotten depths rising,
Brimming to top from without;
At these lonely heights,
Buried deep within my soul,
I am drowning-

Welling upwell well of dewy pains,
Inflictions unchecked,
Pain experienced, pain postponed,
Disappointments stowed away,
Dark cabinets leaking,
Denuded sensations overexposed
To these finer points of emotions wrath,
Afflictions denied,
Elements deciphered in aftermath of fading experience, colliding,
Frozen droplets of purity,
These finely refined points of clarity aggregating, expressively,
Till these icicles of stored grievances,
Work havoc on these finer, tender sensibilities of flailing senses-

Melting lava outpouring,
Eruption of stored fury unleashed
Emotional outburst iconoclastic-

Emotions dam done burst
In fiery fury of momentous upheaval, meltdown
Shards of stored grievances torn with mighty blast
From icicles melting off icebergs,
When being's inner barriers are breached
By ancient accumulations,
Reason flees, is fled
Temperance is an assumption failed
When reality unhinged parts-

"Too long have I lived
Among those who hate peace;
I am a man of peace,
But when I speak, they are for war."
(Psalm 120:6-7)-

Elements of emotion,
Collide and collate,
Colligating into running streams of refined sorrow,
Tears streaming down my face.
Buried deep within my soul,
Welling well of pain
Dripping with increasing torrents into my present-

"This old building,
Keeps sinking,
My soul
Is got to move"
(Lashuna Pace -There is a leak in this old building - Atlanta born gospel singer).

There are those who are firmly grounded to the laws of man,
I am affiliated to the laws of the universe,
Finding expression within and beyond the being,
My reality is a part of a whole beyond my reality,
Soul is a but a sub atomic element circling a black hole,
In slipping through slipping edge
Of physical impossibility,
My reality emerges,
A process beyond senses sensibilities;
Existence at another planar level,
A beginning from beyond definable-

Some break through barriers
Barriers mounted of mundane normality
On an adrenaline rush.
I cruise into renewing zones on wings of soul in flight,
On mind unhinged, soul set free, gliding, to source,
Soul let loose in reaction to reality and for a reason and reasons,
Seeking meaning out of undefinable,
Discovery is that hidden in sight of all, revealed to those chosen;
In a flash of revelation,
A light flicking amidst dim ignorance-

Creativity is divine inspiration,
Exculpation of failure manifest in present,
A self-redemption from beyond self,
Enabling act coming forth,
Borne on wings of awareness
By soul has journeyed beyond
Bearing knowledge on wings of discovery
From source-

From seat of divine ordination,
Inspiration descends,
From compassionate source of all knowing comes awareness
Dripping to pool
Beneath highlands of knowledge
Where source finds expression,
Restoration in restart is breathed upon soul of being
Projected to be mirrored among fleshly-

These chilly waters reviving,
Rippling through well worn paths ethereal,
Long before they became rapid torrents
Garnering myriad streams adjoining,
Muddied by emotions driving force pouring forth,
These cold waters from majestic headlands,
Salvaging, saving, salves on soul,
Soul hitherto weighed down in its long wandering,
Finds succor at source,
Uplifted, refreshed, vigorous, vitalized,
Soul in dark places of purity undefined
Braces self,
Against biting cold of purity
Letting forth a mighty howl,
Even as it wades into ancient chilly headwaters-

There is a place for flailing downtrodden,
Through these quiet, dark corridors,
Through well defined paths of wide vistas,
A place where few dare tread
Fewer still know of such beautiful and fulfilling destination,
Far removed places in isolated wonderland of less trodden paths,
Such a place, only saddest of soul dares venture-

Having found it
Such is purity therein,
Soul can only briefly savor that ethereal journey,
Lest it be seduced to refuse return to bring renewal,
These places not defined in sense terms,
Places of purest wilderness,
Arrest soul;
Paucity of journeying soul-

Revelatory moments briefly experienced,
Barely acknowledged ,
Eternally inscribed in soul's margin,
Lingering in its effect,
Changing course of being-

This place,
Whence this soul descends in ascension,
Rising in its stubborn isolated departure,
Cast forth from emptying shell of being
Away from noisome pestilence of non-sustaining reality
On a journey of self discovery,
Inadvertently embarked upon-

Further from self
Such souls journey,
Further away they distance themselves from being,
Till set so far apart,
In vast plenitudes
Of quietness vast,
These plenary silence,
Way ahead is on and thither to source,
Where they must go,
These souls-

My inspiration takes its source from dark wells of sorrow, welling,
Where sadness is ancient accumulation of steady growth,
Lichens of emotions turbidity in steady growth,
A pervasive carpet of ancient growth,
Firmly rooted, well watered,
Frighteningly beautiful in their sad appeal,
In these highlands of wildest isolation
By self-

When emotions storms are unloosed,
Consoling mind flees inwards in search of soul;
Yet it is soul that journeys,
To ancient source of headwaters
Entrepot of sorrow, sadness and pain refined,
Where renewal of self calls forth reawakening-

Psyche battered, bruised in turbid upwell
Of being's emotional fiendish uproar
Seeks succor beyond self -

Before soul discovered ancient pathways,
I sought solace from common pool of ignorance,
Amidst unwholesome pernicious impositions of normality;
Listless madness parading down these corridors of self-destruction,
These frenetic aggregations of egregious errors, accumulating,
Misconception of wrong misconceived as norm, acceptable,
In these dried pools, in a desert of ignorance,
Dry places that fail to provide assuaging waters,
That slack these parched throats, wailing,
Amidst bitter spite spitting out vituperations of cacophonous angst,
My ravished soul sought resolution and was sorely ravished-

My embittered soul fell into these bitter waters
Of social failure manifesting,
Grand deception of normality,
Shredded on these rough social strainers,
Till exhausted, restless in futility,
In unrelenting heat of fumes of madness,
Soul fled,
Seeking escape-

Solace is a bursting forth from restrictive social restraint,
Out of this social miasma,
Into chilling night of unstained purity,
Where soul freed, draws a breath, inhaling-

Soul in retreat,
Seeking self beyond being,
Straddling portals of time,
Poised upon inter dimensional gateways,
As though one of those prophets of old
Perched atop craggy mountain tops in timeless deserts;
Sinai's purified heights,
Seeing into purity of angelic hosts,
Receiving answers to questions,
Their minds cannot formulate,
Much more provide answers to-

"My soul finds rest in God alone,
My salvation comes from Him,
He alone is my rock and my salvation,
He is my fortress,
I shall never be shaken."
(Psalm 62:1-2)-

"Find rest, O my soul in Jehovah alone;
My hope comes from Him,
He alone is my rock and my salvation,
He is my fortress,
I shall not be shaken.
My salvation and my honor depend on Yahweh,
He is my mighty rock, my refuge.
Trust in Him at all times, O people,
Pour out your hearts to Him,
For God is our refuge.
Psalm 62:5-8)-

My soul bursts forth from narrow confinements,
Of severe impositions that drain without replenishing,
Seeking escape to nourishment of purity sustaining
That does not defile,
Seeking escape from ruinous constrictions;
That narrow existence,
Of pale restrictive rules that have all but lost their meaning
In these social miasma of polluted darkness and repressions reprehensible,
Impositions of unlimited agony-

Soul in flight is a flash of joy,
Lighting a path through primordial darkness
As it bursts forth through narrow confinements
That no longer can hold back buoyancy bursting forth
Soul is for once set free to inhale,
To take in pure pristine purity of sustenance
In ancient places unsullied by dismal momentary-

Through these fields of primordial joy,
To consoling headwaters,
Where creativity is restorative crystalline pearly drops of
Perfectly formed beauty dripping,
Big pearly drops from great heights do drop, dripping,
Renewal is in these gems of knowledge filling my soul,
This part of receptive whole long denied of its nourishment-

When external impositions,
Uninvited, imposed their fierce presence,
Of unrelenting impositions upon my soul,
Without consideration for soul's desire,
When inner harmony is rippled,
Distorted and broken at its foundations,
Then, is my soul expelled,
Set free from sarcophagus of crumbling flesh-

Long caught in funereal cavorting,
Of social slip stream, time passing by,
Where passing dead and dying are self denied,
To assume existence in denigrating dissolution
Of collective decay, dissolving,
In these miasmic puddle of putrefaction
Of fleshly existence;
Self denying ignorance-

My soul, for once, forces escape,
From depths of emotional demise
From dredged dregs of emotions in disarray,
When emotion driven mind state
Is contused beyond recognition.
When despair, sorrow, anger and numbness
Wrap mind in foil,
And restrained mind is no longer able to sustain being,
As though by one final effort at self redemption,
Even as being is losing its identity
In swelling sweltering mess,
Of collective pigsty of drowning filth, overwhelming,
Soul heaves itself in one monumental outburst
of subdued effort,
Ejecting itself from corpus decadence-

Soul's journey is not akin to sensory defined experience,
It is a venture undertaken beyond senses, capabilities,
Beyond senses narrow confinements of reality,
Propelled by forces beyond "reason";
Reason itself being a constriction
Defined by deceptive reality,
Imposed upon self by decaying states
On failing existence-

Through seemingly infinite pristine darkness,
Towards surreal highlands of headwaters,
Where soul's source derive
A melting pool, gathering,
A liquid crystalline deposit of refined purity,
Spiritually reviving, mind renewing, soul uplifting.
These streams of clarity flowing,
Till they become mighty waters
Poised at reality's rim,
Cascading over rim-

Waterfall of creativity unleashed, loosened,
Taking its source from far places,
Where purity is distilled
Of that purer state of refined emotions,
Edge of reason,
Where pearly drops, drop, a drop at a time, dripping-

Awareness is a later realization,
An awakening far into soul's journey
Of soul coming into self awareness,
Suddenly jolted by exquisite distinctiveness,
By which awareness impresses itself upon self.
Perception is sensual,
Awareness is realization in self discovery,
Away from numbing pollution
Of dimming overcast of decay
That soul seeing through being's flesh experiences
In prior states of existence-

"As for man,
His days are like grass,
He flourishes like a flower of the field;
The wind blows over it and it is gone,
And its place remembers it no more"
(Psalm 103:15-16)-

In that brief period of fleshly existence,
Soul that is not propelled by driving
Forces of perturbed mind blown by raging winds of despair,
To seek escape from decadent simmering oppression,
That accumulating angst, of
Filth, of simmering social pigsty
May not find clear paths to that pristine darkness,
That traverses through nether regions,
Wherein journeying soul must traverse to source-

Soul's journey is hardly planned, contrived or self directed,
It is a setting forth occasioned on collapsing edge
Of emotion's cataclysmic tipping off,
When aggregation of roiling emotional turmoil,
Building up in tottering psyche;
Psyche long exposed to vagrant vagaries of beings existence,
Unable to contain and adjust to that un-sustainable, unstable,
Decadent fleshly state,
Where feeble minds cavort wildly and fiercely,
Or worse still, live oppressive lives of frustration
In narrow configurations of oppressed states,
That attenuate expressive nature of human existence, creativity-

Soul's redemption for self salvation,
Lies far beyond things normal,
For that which is normal in decadent social miasma
Of contrived human existence is nothing
But waning tepidness of crystalline pearls dissolved
Brought amidst sweltering masses by soul's inspired, revived
In cold reviving waters at source,
Brought to huddled masses by soul's in flight,
On a journey back into fleshes domain from source-

Pleasant darkness of nether regions so pure,
It is beyond conceptualization by senses weakened sensitivity;
Configurations of light and darkness,
Of purity and filth,
Of evil and good,
Of beautiful and ugly,
Of peace or lack thereof,
It is merely a platform
Upon which soul
Is enabled a place
To discern
In a purer state without distraction-

Awareness is a sudden realization,
Of complexly composed unfolding,
Yielding layer upon layer of intertwined elements
Composing each pearl of knowledge,
Thus, journeying soul is ushered
Into darkness that is pure-

For a brief period, beyond time,
Soul; that non-physical element
Of human essence is enabled a pure
For instinctive appreciation,
A simple analytic comprehension,
Seeing into things so obvious,
They are lost on non-attentive masses middling, in
Seemingly mindlessly tasks so routine they be numb-

Searching minds, who seek to,
See beyond pale
Seek to see
And in seeing, to understand-

Prophet standing upon craggy mountaintop,
Seeing into purity of angelic hosts,
Prophesying messages of doom and destruction to stubbornly unheeding-

"Flee from Babylon,
Run for your lives!
Do not be destroyed because of her sins"
(Jeremiah 51:6)-

Hear Ye
"Babylon will be a heap of ruins,
A haunt of jackals,
An object of horror and scorn,
A place where no-one lives.
Her people all roar like young lions,
They growl like lion cubs,
But while they are aroused,
I will set out a feast for them
And make them drunk
So that they will shout with laughter,
Then sleep for ever and not awake."
Declares the LORD.
(Jeremiah 51:37-40)-

In this age of knowledge,
A thinker of the age remarks;
"The spirit of the age,
Is a predator that starves the soul of truth,
While it feeds the imagination with lies."
Proclaiming with grand flourish, incontestable truth
Reminiscent of those grand prophets of yore-

The Children of this age
"Were like a people without a conscience,
Who turn paradise into hell."
Noting with perilous despair,
"Fear, distrust and rage, ran like
Electric currents through society, and
Every time someone blows a fuse, all are jolted."

Prophesying an urgent message of self redemption,
To souls in collective stagnation,
Stifled soul's long denied regeneration,
Held in fiery iron grips of stultifying pigsty
Of collective failure;
Smoldering social cauldron of fleshly nature decomposing;
A festering cauldron of ignorance bubbling-

Souls entrapped in Babylon heed ye not the messenger?
"Babylon was a gold cup in the Lord's hand;
She made the whole world drunk.
The nation's drank her wine;
Therefore they have now gone mad.
Babylon will suddenly fall and be broken,
Wail over her!
Get balm for pain;
Perhaps she can be healed."
"We would have healed Babylon,
But she cannot be healed;
Let us leave her and each go to his own land,
For her judgment reaches to the skies,
It rises as high as the clouds."
(Jeremiah 51:6-9)-

My soul does not seek for a paradise,
Away from this assumed hell,
Journeying through nether-regions,
Heading towards source of knowledge purified,
As soul journeys through soul defined territories,
Paradoxically, is a transitional journey through realms
Bordering on profound spiritual experience;
An awakening to self-

Much as mind has no place
In this quest of soul to redeem self,
So is spirit of man quiet
In tumultuous affairs of soul disturbed.
Gentle spirit, it would seem,
Is a non-participating recorder
of events transpiring-

Mind is the wild card,
Crafty, manipulative, creative and
Indecipherable in many ways.
Mind is an interpreter of facts,
Actively manipulating data,
Generating images based on its assumptions
Of what it receives, from its own activities
From everything that together determines man.
Soul is a sure anchor
Between active mind and quietly observing spirit,
Shaken from its rest, it seeks redefinition of reality,
From new standpoints-

It would seem, man's spirit is unchanging in its purpose,
Its end activity is predetermined from very beginning,
To observe being and keep a record of its activities.
Soul is reason's seat,
That non-physical entity clearly defined
Within being, yet intangible.
Non such is mind,
Mind is where will of flesh
Like a flourishing flower
Finds expressive definition,
When soul has set up a foundation of meaning,
Thus the ancients did say;
"God speaks to our hearts,
And tries to work through us in the world"-

Soul tells truth deep into our hearts,
Irrespective of our desires and choices thereby aroused,
Spirit all this while is quiet, observing,
Soul is animated is its subdued calm,
Twirled by emotions motion surging
Constantly re-adjusting mind's rectitude-

Soul responds to imbalances in restless mind,
Mind, that unless it is tied down by reason,
Held in check,
Refused freewill to over-exaggerate
In its wild slalom of enthusiastic creativity,
Easily gets out of hand-

Such a soul;,
May such there be,
Were it not to every now and then,
To break bounds of close affiliation to mind
In search of refreshing knowledge,
To update mind's data bank
Would soon become an agglomeration of
Undefined emotions, decaying,
Incapable of bringing renewal when most desired
To mind, that free spirit of being,
Otherwise bogged down in rut of routine,
Straining at its leash seeking revival in new things
Hitherto un-accessed-

Soul is sojourner
Going forth
Beyond known paths
To bring succor to agitated mind
Bringing with it,
New knowledge that revitalizes-

Emotions are minds expressive response
To triggering influences accruing on beings interaction,
Mind is collator central in responsive definition
Of fleshly existence.
Spirit records and conveys beings acts,
Soul is mediator between mind and spirit realms,
Mind mediates between hungering flesh and palliating conscience
Moderating conscience itself defined by soul
On quest to update conscience's moral rule-

Soul skirting outer edges of spirit realms
Seeking knowledge that it brings
To being's mind to mediate choice of freewill
Knowledge resourced at distant headwaters at source
Where knowledge is a distillation of purity,
Refined and dripping in pearly drops,
Into crystalline pool, purity-

Disturbed heart within being
Sets in motion vibrations
That rouse soul,
Momentarily dislodged ,
Tumbling from a position of pleasant awareness
Soul disturbed casts about wildly in its subdued confinement
For stability in reason,
Finding none,
Its base unceremoniously removed
It falls,
Cast forth,
Through narrow corridors,
Soul flees, pushed, self propelled
Towards nether-regions
Beyond, wherein is knowledge, yet undefined-

Comfort for peaked soul no longer comes from being;
Beyond being it resides,
Far from known territories to be sought and found
When driving emotions that dislodge soul
Push flailing soul to seek
Beyond self-

Troubled heart that seeks solace
In seeming rationalization at mind state of being.
Turning to spirit finds spirit is but a recorder,
Observing beings freewill of choice
Without enforcing choice preferences,
It teaches what it is assigned to bring to awareness
Leaving being to its choices.
Soul does not seek solace as an end
But desires resolution to instabilities
Bringing to mind from yonder; meaning,
New meaning;
Sourcing for relief from beyond being,
Thus is soul disturbed a soul on a mission-

Thus, it was at that time,
When true love's foundations were shaken,
Failing frame of weak emotion shredded at base,
Scattered in a moment as stormy emotion fulminates,
When roots of salvation were severely shaken,
Borne was reason in mangling,
Turbulent winds of ravaging change,
Shaking violently foundations long weakened,
Till seeds of life's essence,
Set loose from broken commodes
Were cast into swirling winds of ravishing wickedness
Seductive temptation imbibed that eats destructively from within
Fed from without-

Coloquintida savor, of
Bitter herbs
These dregs of spiritual idolatry
Sprinkled liberally upon steamy flesh
In one sudden un-mediated wash of terror
Maddening onrush of burbling instability
Set loose within being
Disrupting soul's peace,
Separating it from that inner harmonic blend-

When spirit is burdened with images,
Which mind in blinding fury projects without restraint
Onto inner wall of being's temple,
Images scrawled with verminous rage
Till mind's eye is polluted.
Pollution painted on walls
Walls of this temple of living God on earth;
Scrawled with vile images, tormenting,
When deception rules mind,
Idols adorn temple walls,
Soul wailing under portentous assault,
Wilting yet not vanquished
Marks time and makes a move-

Sadness of some temporary setback
When disappointment colligates
As dark storms over emotion's state,
In reflexive despair yet unfolding,
Rocked, seat of reason is momentarily shaken
In this autumn's raging fury, and
Descending cold bites to being's core-

Sink like a rock into miry mud,
Mud bath clinging, of,
Every offense that upsets delicate balance
Breathless in filth
As though under pounding attack,
Feel lost, polluted, denied,
Refuse to be overcomed-

Light that shatters frail falsity of infrangible darkness,
In a sudden flash ,
As lightning flashing in fury flashing through soul
Unleashes in its flight,
Away from fleshes easy delight,
That in its temporary relief
Bears in its aftermath
Prolonged sorrow and pain

When burdened soul,
No longer can bear overwhelming burden
Of evoked dense emotions in piqued flesh,
Suddenly, it is cast forth,
Pressed through narrowing corridors confining,
Slippery between crushing walls,
Wailing in darkness,
Propelled in unrelenting flight,
To redefine meaning at distant headwaters, beyond
Far in nether-regions,
Where sanctity of replenishing pools of knowledge coalescing
Revive weary soul-

Through pristine nether regions
Set at outer rims of spirit world,
Thus soul in flight hurries,
Distraction removed
In subdued brilliance of purest darkness
Through terrains where distractions comes not in awareness,
But attainment is fulfilled at journey's end,
At ancient headwaters,
Where knowledge refined accretes-

Lightning flashes through pristine darkness,
Through un-hindering darkness,
To dip itself in cold, pure waters
Of refined sorrow,
Buoyed on awareness enabled,
Assuaged of sorrow,
Clarity forms as bits of pure thought laced together
In chains of brilliance set upon soul
As an ornament of victory-

Enlightenment that renews
Is carried before roiling gushing streams,
Bobbing towards waterfalls-

"Of elevated thoughts, a sense sublime
Of something far more deeply inter-fused,
Whose dwelling is the light of setting suns,
And the round ocean and the living air,
And the blue sky, and in the mind of man;
A motion and a spirit, that impels
All thinking things, all objects of all thought,
And rolls through all things. Therefore am I still
A lover of the meadows and the woods,
And mountains; and of all that we behold
From this green earth; of all the mighty world
Of eye, and ear, - both what they half create,
In nature and the language of the sense,
The anchor of my purest thoughts, the nurse,
The guide, the guardian of my heart, and soul
Of all my moral being,
Nor perchance"
(William Wordsworth - quote from lines 95-112 of Lines written a few miles above Tintern Abbey)-

Soul in bondage
In a vessel contaminated,
Weighed down by false visions
Of a reality turned on its head,
Is a deadweight unresponsive
To pressing needs to re-orient,
To enable sustenance to mind
Decaying in its fleshly home-

Incongruence is a state arising
From incoherence
Occasioning interaction
That disrupts soul's harmonious co-existence
With mind and spirit-

Incensing rising turmoil,
Of self-doubt
When striking
For clarification is a subfusc covering
Accentuating miserable darkness of despair, mounting,
In frenzied outbursts of fading relevance-

Amidst impounding
Confabulation of reasoning out meaning
Even as boundaries of reason fail
And mind collapses on itself
Throwing soul in disarray-

Such a soul exists under an assumption of false reality,
Incapable of self-generation at knowledges source,
Bringing back renewal in its wake,
It cannot usher in ,
On waters of renewal
Through cleansing,
A force revitalizing-

It imposes slow denigration upon being
Through self-denial that makes corruption of decadence,
Gain strength and wear out being,
Spirit in such a being suffers prolonged torment-

"Is this the city that was called
The perfection of beauty,
the joy of the whole earth?"
(Lamentations 2:15b.)-

My soul journeys,
Driven towards far removed ancient headwaters,
To source of knowledge
To purify self at gathering pools,
It goes to find renewal in that which is refined;
Crystalline pools of distilled knowledge
That replenishes wisdom's store
And awakens creativity
In things so ancient and yet so new-

In this falling dew
Of knowledge's pearls in formation
Falling from great heights,
Soul is unburdened again
As it's old hold lets go as though dams
Of old soul's lock are unloosened,
Renewal trickling in delicately formed pearls
Of knowledge, filling-

In swarming pool that fills ancient channels
Bringing forth renewal,
Restoration is re-birthed,
Cleansing away filth that pollutes venerable temple
Of flesh,
In pools of distilled purity gathered
Gathering in dripping drops at foot
Of headwaters, where source comes into being-

Herculean soul,
Set to task,
Augeas's stable is your sarcophagus;
This body you indwell
Through pristine darkness of places less
Trodden, physically non definable
States of being physically non-conceivable
Soul goes
To seek knowledge
That breaks apart imposing doors of ignorance
Bringing in its wake restoration;
Dawning of a new day of awareness
In renewal that is being unconsciously anticipated
By disharmonious separates
Waiting arrival of a thing bright
That lifts arduous imposition of intolerant ignorance
Set afloat on these waters of mighty surge
In that other state from which you were cast

From madness,
Soul in madness from madmen fled,
Escaping into emotion's abyss
To find a foothold beyond pristine darkness,
Driven by compelling forces,
Extremities of downside
Of stupendously heavy emotions;
That drive out, refusing,
To contain any longer-

Barriers breached,
Dynamic soul in motion,
Is cast forth to seek for meaning,
In self discovery of a different nature,
At headwaters in highlands where source is,
Where clarity is a distillation re-coagulating of pure composition dripping,
Complex drops of pearly blobs
In pure states of nascent growth-

These drops,
Before they become waterfalls
Of powerfully redefining capacity,
Bringing renewal in their awesome power,
Renewal that cleans the social pigsty of decadence
Were but frail constituents of dews
Unseen, unfelt, yet prescient in presence-

Waterfalls tumbling,
To breach dams of imposed human limitations,
Fluidity of unrestraint, unarrestable force,
Carrying en masse collected collective filth
Away on its mighty onrush.
Purity of amassed strength
As gentle drops bring forth renewal
In wake of their mighty reconstructive

From clear pools
At rarified heights
Descent into soul,
Spun out on a journey,
Furthest from reality,
Discovery of a thing most beautiful
Soul returns to give,
To that dying breed
Encased in decaying flesh;
Huddled masses,
Constricted in restrictive binds
Of impositions that fertilize decay,
Even as life dies,
Dying spreading contaminant plague to inevitably dead,
Even as impurity of conflating miasma of bubbling social cauldron
Blends a perfect mix of mortality-

Waterfalls tumbling,
Cascading joy of renewal,
Breaching old dams of human impositions
Bringing in things new, renewing-

Prophecies fulfilled,
New states of being ushered in on mighty flow,
As revived collective breaths,
Filling new cells of mind reborn
With awareness refreshing -

"The Lord, JHVH
Has vindicated us,
Come, let us tell in Zion,
What the Lord our God has done."

Thus is soul that having rediscovered
Relevance at source,
By clear pools,
Wading in these waters,
At rarified heights of ascent
In descent of soul
Spun out to journey furthest from "reality"
Discovers a thing beautiful,
That it returns to give-

Babylonic social degenerative state,
Facade of false pride, crumbling,
Not yielding without a fight.
Decadence of failing state held together by rot.
In futility, it raises its red rotting banners,
Moth eaten gory glory, jaded,
Faded flags
Remnants of past desecration that consumes-

Ancient monstrosity, tottering,
To its last stance before overtaking tumbling waters,
Of change unleashed far away
From far removed nether regions,
Through which soul had sojourned
A thing bright comes-

Barricades of rotten iron,
Timber turning to dust,
A white cloud, this filmy dust,
Of deceptive mystery;
A film of deception;
Haze over ancient carrion hunters sight, deluding-

Look at these old captains of forgotten wars,
Caught firmly in their deception,
Vicious destroyers,
They kept dead together with dying
Deliberately lingering over death
Till overwhelming putrefaction is all encompassing-

These old heroes, with
Honor long dissipated,
Adorning their old battle dresses,
Dabbing upon shrunken cheeks red war paints,
That no matter how well lacquered,
Cannot hide shrunken sunken cheeks-

Jezebel's ruinous army,
Is about to fall
Before oncoming tumbling waters
Gushing forth over waiting rim-

At crest of cleansing waters most pure,
To rim of waterfall
At edge
Whither mighty water
Pauses momentarily in its sweeping might
Descending in whitewash of gushing waters cleansing,
Evanescing spiritual filth, swept away,
From temple of fleshly being-

"You who live by many waters,
And are rich in treasures,
Your end has come,
The time for you to be cut off.
The Lord Almighty,
Has sworn by Himself,
I will surely fill you with men,
As with a swarm of locusts,
And they will shout
In triumph over you"-

"He made the earth by His power;
He founded the world by His wisdom
And stretched out the heavens by
His understanding.
When He thunders, the waters in the heavens roar;
He makes clouds rise from the ends of the earth.
He sends lightning with the rain
And brings out the wind from His storehouses."
Everyman is senseless and without knowledge;
Every goldsmith is shamed by his idols,
His images are a fraud;
They have no breath in them,
They are worthless,
The objects of mockery;
When their judgment comes they perish.
He who is the portion of Jacob
Is not like these,
For He is the maker of all things,
Including the tribe of His inheritance,
Jehovah Almighty is His name".
(Jeremiah 51:12-19)-

"The land trembles and writhes,
For the Lord's purpose against Babylon stand;
To lay waste the land of Babylon,
So that no one will live there.
Babylon's warriors have stopped fighting,
They remain in their strong holds.
Their strength is exhausted;
They have become like women.
Her dwellings are set on fire,
The bars of her gates are broken.
One courier follows another
And messenger follows messenger
To announce to the king of Babylon
That his entire city is captured,
The river crossings seized,
The marshes set on fire
And the soldiers terrified."
(Jeremiah 51: 29-32)-

Yet my soul in flight
Plunges deeper through yawning darkness,
In falling through bottom of emotion's hole of despair,
It has taken flight,
It ascends to higher grounds,
Heading towards ancient headwaters of knowledge
On wings of despair transformed,
To those becalming pools,
Source of knowledge,
To find meaning-

This knowledge attained through meaning unraveled,
Discovered as though by chance
A happenstance designated to occur in its own time,
Chanced upon by soul set in flight.
Although enlightened me,
I know better than to believe
In false assumption of coincidence unfounded-

O, thou ancient holy man,
Standing upon craggy high mountain
Of deserted deserts,
Desolate landscapes of frightening beauty,
Peering through purity of holiness,
Receiving prophetic utterances
Of destructive renewal;
Redemption of soul
Even as being is consumed,
Art thou like my soul?-

This soul of mine,
Like lightning flashing
Through pristine darkness of
Places infrequently trod,
Through these far removed places,
It journeys,
In unfolding darkness of understanding
Being revealed-

Pure soul-scapes,
Where distractions incumbent on flesh,
Fall away like old cloth discarded,
Visual distortions removed
In deciphering absence of sensual perception,
Devoid of disruptive conflicting images,
Snares sliced off in an instant of revelations,
Here in this pure state,
Discernment finally comes-

Exquisite delicacies of unimaginable beauty, captivating
Appreciation of knowledge in grand revelations,
Who as it were, put together this,
This complex rarity unfolding
When the clink of knowledge's key
Opens rusty portals of understanding
And insight is enabled
In wonderful settings
As resolute soul is renewed?-

Soul on journey of discovery,
In recovery
Coming from ancient source,
As it were a rod of lightning, flashing,
Fierce, brilliant flashes of profound insight,
Creativity's discovery in understanding thus enabled,
Bringing to huddled masses cowering
A cataclysmic fire of renewal,
In things so new,
Yet so ancient in origin-

Strip back those former things,
Removing decadence that denudes,
Without redecorating in floral garments of renewal,
Scour and make bare mouldy foundations,
That we might rebuild a temple of being anew.
For, this soul seeks to dwell in sanctified temples.
That upon mind state of being renewed
Knowledge cometh from distant places
To find expression-

Hearken ye,
Ye gate keepers of assumed reason,
In your insanity give sanity a podium,
To proclaim revival borne by journeying soul,
On wings of joy;
Soul that brings renewal in its wake,
Lest in your stubbornness,
Babylon's falling walls entrap you-

Prove yourselves worthy of my presence,
For I am the light,
In whose presence darkness flees,
The light cannot compromise encompassing darkness,
By accommodation;
The two are incompatible,
Light replaces darkness,
In its absence darkness reigns-

Conscience awakened in mind,
That troubles soul,
Awakened from spiritual stupor of mindless evil,
Jogging somnolent soul,
Propelling it through darkness of a different kind.
Affirming refusal of self destruction,
When knowledge is attained,
And understanding dawns,
Remember the Lord thy God,
By remembering to redeem thyself in holiness,
For your body is a temple ordained to contain
This soul renewed-

That the Spirit may abide therein,
In time of perturbation,
Turn away from contaminating infectious idolatry,
Sin that easily beguiles,
Remove those diseased Asherah poles
From before beings temple.
Cleanse temple walls,
Scrub away
Those drawings of spiritual decadence
These things that you have borrowed
From wayward and wicked minds,
Whose spirits are entrapped in deadened souls.
These degenerate wayward
You are attracting to yourself,
Cleanse away-

Now that renewing waters
Of purity discerned come.
Sanctuary is your temple,
Sanctified grounds where my spirit revives.
You will come back to me,
I am, your maker,
Surely, you will rejoice,
Even as tangle of confusion is cleansed,
And "Jerusalem" made habitable again-

You will exult in self acknowledged holiness, knowing
I am your God,
Who purposes you,
I will teach you,
Leading you in the path of life,
In righteousness and truth,
Though you walk through
The valley of the shadow
Of death and destruction,
I will bear you in the palm of my hands,
That as you awaken to truth
That is at source,
From whence soul returns,
Your doubts will be removed-

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