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A Deliverer to ALL Who are Oppressed
by Patricia Backora
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I the Lord have witnessed the oppression going on in the earth, the way the strong devour the weak, the way lions devour meek lambs, not only in the wild but among the human race.

I would be a Savior to those who have no helper, a Deliverer to those who need deliverance not only from invisible forces of darkness but from oppressors who pose a very visible threat to the safety and security of meeker, weaker souls who have been targeted as Designated Victims of Abuse.

Many consider Me ONLY in my role as Redeemer from sin. Christians ignorant of my ways conceptualize me ONLY as being able to deliver them from hell in the world to come. They forget that I died to obtain for them TOTAL salvation for spirit, soul and body. Let all those who are under great oppression turn unto Me and I will succor them and help them in their hour of great trial. I deliver the poor AND all who have no helper (Psalms 72:12).

Many Christians confuse mercy with leniency toward the unrepentant. What if your government turned a blind eye to rapists, thieves and murderers out of a misguided sense of mercy toward them? Crime would explode in your society and your nation would reap the whirlwind for failure to maintain law and order. Showing that type of “mercy” toward hardened offenders is the same as aiding and abetting their violence! It is being UNMERCIFUL toward their potential victims who will pay the price for the “mercy” shown toward criminals in letting them walk free to repeat their same old dirty work.

Bullies are emotional rapists, even if all they do is verbally abuse someone else to destroy their life. A sex offender tears into the tender tissues of his victim. A bully does the same thing to his/her victim’s soul. They forcibly rip into someone else’s heart and soul and open the way for oppressing spirits of darkness to hound the victim for years afterward. Bullies destroy a precious soul made in My very own image. Bullying is not a harmless kiddie game. It is a serious sin of violence which violates 1 John 3:15 which equates hatred with murder. Even at some “Christian” academies I see students targeted for abuse. Well, I will get My paddle out and severely chasten any child of Mine Who sets another person up for rejection and humiliation because they can’t fight back. If any nominal believer beats up someone else physically or verbally, they’re no child of Mine and risk eternal damnation as hypocrites (Matt.24;48-51). Likewise any Christian parent, teacher, or school staff who ENABLE the bullying to go on when they’re in a position to discipline or expel the offender, they too will reap the whirlwind for sowing seeds of malicious neglect.

The wicked men of Sodom were bullies who picked on the weak and defenseless. They attacked the two “men” (angels unawares) in Lot’s home, thinking they were vastly outnumbered and were an easy target (Gen.19:4-5). Ever notice that bullies always only attack only those who can’t effectively fight them back? That prissy, cowardly wimpy bully wouldn’t hurt a fly if he thought he might get his own hair ruffled. I get the brightest and the best in My Kingdom, because even if the natural gifts of My people are modest, I bring forth qualities of greatness within them once Christ comes into their hearts by faith. But satan has to settle for the stupidest, most ignorant, cowardly excuses for human beings, and they will burn in hell with him.

Even righteous Lot was a coward, too scared to send the mob of degenerates away with nothing. He offered his own two daughters as a peace offering to them, just so they’d go away and not hurt the angels. Cowards compromise with bullies and let bullies have their way with their victims instead of standing strong in the Lord and in the power of His might to defeat them.

The stench of wicked Sodom rose up to My Throne till I could stand it no more. I rained down fire and brimstone to destroy those wicked perverts. They suffered the vengeance of eternal fire (Jude 7). Sodom picked on poor people, abused them, denied them their right to basic subsistence (Ezek.16:49).

There will be many school bullies in hell who will look across a wide gulf and see old school pals they hadn’t seen in many decades. After feeling wave upon wave of My terrible fiery wrath, a former gang member will see his pal almost within a hand reach. He will try to pull the other guy over to his side, but will find out that he cannot reach him, or even touch him. In vain they will call out to each other, but as I did in the days of the Tower of Babel I will garble their communication. The ONLY way it could be said I will be present in hell is in My capacity to oversee the torment of the wicked. Former bullies will be ISOLATED from the friends who once meant the world to them. They will be unable to communicate any love or support with each other, unable to relieve the terrible pain of their own loneliness. Their loyalist love will turn to bitter hatred. Their ugly animosity toward other living things will continue in hell and having no one else to pick on, they will yell curses and insults and each other.

HATRED, VIOLENCE AND AGGRESSION ALREADY EXIST IN THE HEART OF THE BULLY BEFORE HE EVEN PICKS OUT A VICTIM! Just like a rapist needs to unleash the power of his warped sexuality, a bully feels the need to dump this hatred on whoever looks like the easiest target. Parents and teachers, do NOT blame the victim. Bullying is ALWAYS the bully’s fault! Bullying doesn’t need a reason, it only needs a victim.

In the terrible day when the small and the great stand before Me, hardened criminals who hurt the defenseless shall discover their fun wasn’t worth it. Where it concerns men hardened in unrepentance, I always exact the uttermost penny in judgment (Matt.5:26). Not only will I hold bullies responsible for the immediate hurts they cause, but for every knock-on ripple effect of their abuse. Did the victim’s own relationships with friends (if he has any) or family suffer lasting damage because of the damage done by the abuse? Did the victim suffer financial loss because destroyed self-esteem limited his/her employment potential? Did the victim suffer lifelong nightmares, flashbacks and panic attacks? And what about all the wonderful things the victim might have achieved in their lifetime if some bully hadn’t emotionally emasculated them? Did the victim suffer permanent physical damage and/or ill health because of the abuse? The ripple effect could go on and on and on for generations if My power does not bring a miracle of healing. Will not I, the Just Judge of all the earth, require that the bully pay the full price for the precious things he stole from the victim of his abuse?

I the Lord promise to be the avenger of ALL who claim this promise in My own Word:

Psalms 103:6: The LORD executeth righteousness and judgment for ALL that are oppressed.

Do not dare say that this promise is not for those who live in this present Church Age. ALL means ALL! Romans 12:19 quotes an Old Testament promise of My vengeance upon the unmerciful wicked man of violence. If Paul believed such promises were for Christian believers, you should too.

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