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Minister Like Jesus
by Manuel Vargas 
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Minister Like Jesus

I would like to share what God has been placing in my heart about ministry that we must learn to apply. In the last article God granted me a powerful revelation of doing GREATER WORKS (John 14:12-14). Some may have a problem with this concept while others are pumped up, inspired and ready to go-in-deep with Jesus and seek to be used to do GREATER WORKS.

We need to;

1. Believe that what Jesus said is actually true.
2. Understand that Works means-Preaching, Teaching, Miracles, Healings, Signs and Wonders.
3. Ask in Prayer to be used to do GREATER WORKS. (Jesus said so.)
4. Jesus reaffirmed that if we ask Him anything in regards to these GREATER WORKSóHe will grant our petition.

So what is so hard to understand? Nothing, we just need to mentally chew on this concept until it becomes revelation (Spiritual Reality to us). Then it will turn into inspiration (a Divine Impression in our hearts) human born-again spirits to want to look into this concept. Then we will be driven to experience these things (Divine Application) that is, Prayer, Fasting, Reading Godís Word specifically in-line with the topic of GREATER WORKS. Finally, we will experience the Manifestation of Godís Power (the Preaching, Teaching, Miracles, Healings, Signs and Wonders).


There hasnít been any teaching on the Topic of Evangelism as the Lord led me to write it. I read hundreds of books, deep books-- but this concept is not out there as it was laid out in these articles. Iím not boasting about my writing skills, Iím simply pointing out that when something is fresh from Heaven like these Teachings that are so clear and practical it will take some time to digest. Iím glad I was used by God to teach it. I lived it outóI know what it feels like to be used to pray for the sick and they get healed supernaturally or lay hands on people and they are baptized in the Holy Spirit and they speak in an unknown tongue.

So it is possible to do GREATER WORKS. Iíve been used to Preach and Teach Powerfully. Now itís your turn, Iím on a spiritual shelf right now. This season for me is to Teach about all that God had done to this point in my life and the ministry He entrusted to me. Later, God will use me even GREATER again. But now I must raise my daughter during her early years and write articles.

What is Your Season?

You see, when we read scripture we must be wise in studying the proper setting in which scripture was written. When Jesus was teaching about the GREATER WORKS concept it was with his disciples in the Upper Room (John 13:1-thru -17:26). It was the disciplesí season to personally sit and listen to the Master. Jesus spoke about the GREATER WORKS when Philip (one of the 12 disciples) not the Deacon turn Evangelist in the book of Acts asked about Jesusí Father. After Jesus answered Thomas about where He is going to Heaven. Jesus said no one can come to the Father but through Him (John 14:6).

Then Jesus affirms that they seen the Father by witnessing Him. They didnít understand Him so Philip asked show us the Father. Jesus begins to unfold Powerful information that we need to know as Ministers about the Father Working thru Jesus doing the GREATER WORKS (John 14:8-14).

1. Seeing Jesus is the same as seeing the Father. v.9
2. Jesus is speaking by the Authority given to Him by the Father. V.10
3. The Father dwelling in Jesus is who does the GREATER WORKS. V.11
4. If we believe this then GREATER WORKS we will do v.12

You see, how important it is to properly place scripture. Why do we do this? To learn a spiritual lesson and that lesson is to understand the preparation part of being a powerful minister.

Praying about GREATER WORKS

How do we pray about GREATER WORKS? Itís a good question I never prayed about it. Iím being honest the prayer I was given revelation to pray was in Acts 4:29-30, I would pray that God will grant me boldness to speak His word and that He stretch out His mighty hand that Signs , Wonders, and Miracles will be done, in Jesus name, and I would be Anointed powerfully to minister.

However, Praying for GREATER WORKS is as simple as Jesus spelled it out so letís pray it together.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the revelation You granted us in the gospel of John chapter 14 about the GREATER WORKS concept. We read how Jesus made it plain that You are in Him and the WORKS that were done on earth were done under Your Divine Authority and Power. And we are told to believe that You were indwelling Jesus inspiring Him to do these WORKS and Jesus said that GREATER WORKS we will do because Jesus was going back to heaven to be with You.

We ask that we may do these GREATER WORKS. We ask that we will learn to believe, learn to properly ask in prayer about anything in regards to these GREATER WORKS being manifested for Your Glory. We ask that You train us to be sensitive to do these GREATER WORKS so that we may be balanced and in-line with scripture. You desire that we love You more than ministry and any other thing on the earth. Keeping You first place in our personal lives. And keeping Your Word deep in our hearts to govern every step we take in Your kingdom. We thank You and trust that we will be used to do these GREATER WORKS as Jesus had mentioned amen.


After prayer we must learn the art of hearing from God. Itís as simple as Meditating on His Word. But keep in mind we need to expertly know how to meditate. I wrote an outline teaching on the biblical practice of Meditation. What I did not do is go deep into an area of meditation. Why? Because I was not led to do itówe must be sensitive to the Spirit of God. When the Holy Spirit leads you to do anything He will speak and you just do whatever He says. Now, I will talk about Meditation in the area of Ministry.

Jesus taught that we should MEDITATE on whether we got what it takes to be His disciples (Luke 14:25-33). Jesus gave us a practical exampleís on how to do that by giving us;

1. A Contractors inability to count the cost of construction of a Tower to be built v.28-30.
2. And a Kingís lack of military tactics to defeat a nation that has twice the amount of soldiers coming against him v. 31-32.

The comparisons that are made to point out the practice of MEDITATION on being His disciples are that simple. Sit down and think about what it will take to do the GREATER WORKS. How do we do that?

1. We already know what Jesus said about the GREATER WORKS concept.
2. We have to read John chapter 14 over and over until it sinks into our human spirits.
3. It would be wise to read the Articles I wrote, ďHow did Jesus do itĒ, ďGreater Works shall u doĒ and of course this article. Then read the gospels over and over focusing on all the WORKS that Jesus was led to do.
4. When we MEDITATE that strategically God will begin to speak to us thru the very scriptures that high-light the GREATER WORKS.

Current Testimony

Last Year in the ending of November 2011, I was MEDITATING on how to teach about Jesusí Evangelical Ministry an idea the Holy Spirit gave me but I never taught. So the Holy Spirit said write down everything about Jesusí Evangelical Ministry as I share it with you;

1. How did Jesus Minister?
2. Consider His Public Meetings and Healings
3. Consider His Private House call visits
4. Consider How people were Healed
5. Some by touching Him
6. Others were Heal when people sought Jesus to heal their loved one
7. During His Public Ministry He called people to Him and healed them
8. Jesus laid hands on people
9. Jesus spoke healing on people/ commanding it
10. He made clay and rubbed it on a blind manís eyes and told him to wash it off
11. He spit in another manís eyes
12. He rebuked the fever off Peterís mother-in-law
13. He asked people if they wanted to be healed
14. He asked them what they wanted when it was obvious that they needed a healing He wanted to see if they really wanted it. (Thatís the lesson in this case).
15. Jesus had to forgive their sin before they were healed.

These are the GREATER WORKS we must MEDITATE ON and uniquely think deeply about them to be taught and groom in this area of ministry. So on and do GREATER WORKS in Jesusí name, amen.

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