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The wisdom and revelation of knowing God
by phil larussa
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In writing this article I ask my self the question; can a person spend their whole life living in a self absorbed fleshly life style and be void in their consciecness that; there is a living God who had no beginning and has no end; who had a plan in mind to have a family of people that he created because; he wanted to have fellowship and lavish His love and affection on them in their dispensation of time on the earth and for eternity in Heaven?

Mankind was given by God the mind and will with different gifts at conception to plan and create a world for them self that they can make up by their own God given ability or have the choice of having a hunger to search for the real meaning of life in reasoning with GodĎs plans that He has for them. It has been about two thousand years since Christ Jesus walked the earth. Jesus the first born again child of God by His determined commitment and actions made an attempt to stand in the gap for His Father who is the God who created and sustains the universe and is the meaning of all life.

While Jesus only walked this planet thirty three years; he accomplished His God ordained task of trying to reveal to mankind through His talk and action that; His Father wanted to involve Him self with the evolution of the people he created. All peoples who are going to complete their course of action or purpose to exist and know why they were created; must have a wonder and intuitive nature to discover why and what their life is all about.

I have found that God does not want us to live by a presumption which is a place where we have no tangible evidence. All though God made Adam and Eve complete and put a protective hedge around them called the Garden of Eden; He gave them free will choices to live their lives daily with God or to follow Satanís beguiling and create a world for them self made up by their own rules and do their own thing. Nothing has changed in all these years and man still has that choice and the majority of mankind is doing their own thing with out Godís leadings.

Can we trust God and get to know Him personally and follow His lead with His power to walk in the light of His counsel or spend the most prized possession we have which is our life and waste it on frivolous pursuits that gives in to what Solomon stated life to be as ď a vapor of smoke?Ē With all of His wisdom at the end of His life what Solomon learned was ďwith out God being the center of all life and us participating in that life with Him; every thing else is nothing but vanity.Ē (When we live in vanity it creates a state of being worthless and empty with no significance.)

A person being God conscious is the first baby step of them qualifying for a vibrant passionate relationship with God. We must have an inquisitive nature and it must be continually growing if; we are going to walk in heavenly places with Christ Jesus now while we are still in our physical body. Our relationship with God must be a supernatural bonding of Spirit to Spirit because; our natural mind canít understand how to walk in heavenly places since we are still in our natural bodies and a person can remain a slave to their carnal thinking even though they have had a born again experience and be one of Godís children.

As of late with in my communication with family and friends and people I daily meet; God has been telling me to stay focused on clearly hearing every word that has been coming out of His mouth in our daily conversations.

You ask; can God talk to a person and can one have a normal conversation with Him? ! ABSOLUTLY! If we are going to follow Christ; it must be in Spirit and in what he calls truth. Hearing and obeying God; is the only truth that works. If we do not know God and have the sure evidence of that relationship being real; I have to say that; you are living with false hope and you are planning your own life by what ever youíre making up in your own mind. Remember we are Godís creation and only He knows how to protect and nourish what He has created.

The devil who is the prince of this world with his ruling spirits at work in heavenly places above the earth; has set out to steal, kill and destroy every thing God has planned for His creation and wants to stop it from thriving and living in peace and Godly order. If we are going to complete our course in life under Godís direction and protection; we must stay focused and God faced because; the day in which we are living is more corrupt then it has ever been. The distraction that the devil has been inflicting on mankind is running ramped and only mankind being grounded and knowing the God of the universe on a personal basis through Christ Jesus will their fears of life be quenched.

I am assuming that you are aware of the up roar in this country over the people being flat out lied to and angry over what the government is doing and the problems this country is going through with lost jobs, house foreclosures, scandals, perverted life styles, abortion, and total confusion and strife. Unless a person is born again by Godís spirit and spiritually alert in walking in Godly wisdom; you might as well say; ďYouíre a sheep waiting to be slaughtered.Ē

God is doing all he can to sound a wake up call and the only ones who are going to hear it are His children who have been born again by His own loins. If you are not born again or not sure read Romans 10:9-11 and make sure by acting on what it says.

Born again people have had a supernatural encounter with God and a personal witness from with in that; God is alive and has come to make a home in them so that; they can become a light to this world and win back what the devil has stolen. We are in a spiritual warfare and God has equipped us to fight the good fight of faith but; we must understand how it works and stay focused on our call.

Now itís the devilís main tactic to get the world and Godís children focused and get caught up with the cares of life and our plates get so full with worry and survival mode actions that; our relationship with God gets to be second and third priority. People who are not born again; donít enter in to this equation because; they are not Godís children. Letís come into agreement with God here because scripture tells us; ďif His spirit does not live in us; we are not his children. Jesus said in John 14:6 ďI am the way, the truth and the life: no man comes to the Father except through meĒ

Those that have experienced their new birth understand what Jesus meant when He said this because; they have an inner witness that this is true through the Holy Ghost who now lives in them. However; to those who have not been born again; this verse may seem like God is discriminating against some and loving only those who He decides to love. Since I have over four thousand people who continually read the articles that are direct requests on my web site; I assume that most are born again believers searching for wisdom higher then their own and are tying to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Christ Jesus.

I have already stated that; we are living in perilous times and those who are in the family of God His children must become a fighting force and band together to prophesy in their arena of life to those that are opposing them self and falling between the cracks of the true meaning of what life represents. Scripture tells us that if we know that we are the righteous in Christ; we must say so and speak up against any spirit operating in mankind that is spouting demonic garbage and leading people who are desperate for fulfillment and searching for peace; down the garden path to spiritual and common sense destruction. It is time for the family of God to get determined and put their Heavenly Fatherís business as a first priority in their life.

There are some that I meet that have not had the born again experience and although they have a desire to be good people; some of the life styles that they are living in is nothing more then; them trying to make God into their own image. In reality they are a god unto them self. In my forty five years of walking with the Lord; I have never seen mankind making such spectacles of them self by living in unrestrained self-indulgent immoral behavior and foolish jesting and it is getting worse.

I personally have had the opportunity to pray the sinnerís prayer with some and lead them to Christ. God used me when I was the first one to receive Christ in my family at the age of twenty five and over a four year period through Godís leading and his power; my wife and I won my whole family mother, father brothers and many aunts and uncles to the Lord. It was my new birth experience and the joy I had at the time because; I didnít know the bible that well but to win them to Christ was some thing I knew I had to do.

Scripture says; we must be doing the work of an evangelist in our market places of life to win the lost to Christ. I personally donít have any unresolved issues with those that are not in Godís family and still unsaved. They are living as sinners and doing what sinners do; breaking Godís law and mostly enjoying it. So when I see the sinner sinning and acting like the devils disciple; I know if I can get their attention and lead them to Christ; it will cause their desires to change and God will then be able to move in their life and become their Father rather then the devil being their father and them being in bondage to do his bidding.

However; if you have been reading my articles for a time; you can see that even though I have an over all evangelistic message; my first priority is to the body of Christ as a teacher instructing them on what their righteous position in Christ is so; they can walk in the perfect law of liberty as Godís kids. Scripture tells us that in the last days which are now; God will be concentrating on maturing His children who are saints in his sight so that they can go and do the same works Jesus did when He walked the earth.

Now some of the nonsense and unscriptural teachings going on in Christian programming and many churches from pulpits every where for years are nothing but lies and half truths that has made the gospel of Christ other then the salvation message unrecognizable; and there is no Godly wisdom and personal revelation from the Holy Ghost in much of it.

I heard what I consider to be a profound and prophetic teaching from a secular news show host who has a passion to correct the ills of the world and I have an inclination that he may be born again because of the example he put on the chalk board to instruct Americans which I believe is scripturally based in his endeavor to inform people of the severe ills that this country is experiencing at this time because; of the ignorant and weak leadership we have in many high places working at driving Godly wisdom and revelation of His ways out of the consciecness of society. (What we have here is an anti-christ spirit at work and we must have Godly wisdom and revelation of His ways to identify this spirit.)

Now mankind goes through a continuous cycle of life that started with Godly freedom and if we do not stay spiritually alert the cycle goes into indifference or apathy which leads to bondage and goes back to humility and ends up going back to freedom in God and our freedom as Americans. This country had it right at one time when our motto states ďin God we trust.Ē

As I have stated many times in many of my articles on our web site the perfect example of this cycle can be seen by Adam and Eveís falling from Godís favor and companionship. They had complete freedom to walk with God daily unhindered with cares of any kind and as long as they had fellowship with God and became God faced focused; life was not only acceptable but they had the capacity to perceive or feel and be extremely joyful and excited in their relationship with God. As the scenario continuous Eve got mesmerized by having a sťance with Satanís persuasions; which caused her consciecness off her God covered glory and cleanliness by Satanís lies and made her believe that God made her incomplete.

Nothing has changed; the devilís tactics are still the same today. Once she took the bait and acted on Satanís lie and her husband came into agreement with her in this new covenant they made with Satan; they became indifferent by having a lack of interest, importance or significance as to how they were so wonderfully made in Godís image and came into extreme bondage to having their soul so bruised that; they became slaves living with a basement mentality and forfeited their freedom to be living in a palace atmosphere with their heavenly Father.

In turn; in their mindís eye they lost their self esteem with freedom and became the most unpleasant part which represents the dregs of society and they could no longer look their Heavenly Father in the face because; they had been molested by the devil and felt they were no longer worthy of receiving their Fatherís love.

However; as the cycle continuous; that is why Christ stepped out of heaven and invested him self in Jesus and used him as an example of the power and anointing that he had; however; it was the living Christ who did the works of freeing people by Jesus physical words and hand to deliver the oppressed bruised people of the world. As Jesus was Godís first son and had Christ living in him; so we who are Godís continuing sons and daughter by becoming born again because we have now Christ living in us to do the same works that Jesus did when He walked the earth.

It was Christ through the Holy Ghost who now lives in us; since we are now Godís children who have His anointing and this gives us the wisdom and revelation in knowing whatís in Godís mind and how he plans and thinks about restoring people to wholeness through His power at work in us.

I sense an urgency with in me the last two months that; itís time for born again believers to press into their inheritance that they were given by God the day they made Jesus their Savior. Is their any inquisitive hunger in you to petition God your Father and let Him explain what he gave you when you became his child with His wisdom, wealth and the revelations of His ways with His power to get the job done?

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