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The perfect law of liberty
by phil larussa
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In James 1:25 he says, ďHe who looks carefully into the perfect (faultless law, the (law) of liberty and is faithful to it and does not become a heedless doer but obedient; he shall be blessed in his doing as he walks in his obedience.Ē Letís define from scripture what a perfect faultless law represents.

I am assuming since you are reading this article; you are looking to get more of Godís blessings and have come to realize; the word of God has all the answers to lifeís issues; and it is the only thing that can make us know Godís plan for our life with the assurance that we need to be blessed until itís running over. However; it must be rightly interpreted through Godís righteousness which we became the day were born again and made Jesus our Savior. Walking in the faultless law of liberty was what this country was built on. It was founded under the influence of the Holy Ghost with people who were trying to find freedom and no longer wanting to live under tyranny and they had a need to express their own identity and individuality.

In the many years of my searching the scriptures and looking for my own identity while dealing with the pressures of life and my expectations and optimism in my trust in God my Father; I at times have had my doubts in trying to make sense in these chaotic times; however; it has me surely coming to know that; God loves me personally and I am learning how to cast my care on Him because; His friendship brings me inner peace. This is the only foundation that must be built in our mind and heart if; it is our intent to walk in liberty.

Man with all its passion and determination to fix the broken society we live in is trying to survive and take care of its own needs but without God being the motivating and empowering source. Man in his own efforts has no power and wisdom to heal and prosper anything. Oh; they may have a heart and intent to do right however; with out Godís thoughts and direction the laws they make change over the years and Godís original plans of what it means to prosper and stay healthy is slowly forgotten and replaced with mans fallen nature with demons of greed, personal gain, prestige and ambitions for kingdom building.

When a person truly looks in to the personal faultless law of liberty; it is the Holy Ghost who motivates and gives us the discernment to see things as God does and know whether it is from Him or self that we are building our life on. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. If it isnít God; itís an evil spiritís influencing us that comes to steal, kill and destroy man kind in some way or another.

I see a parallel course of action being taken between the born again church and the world philosophy. This course of action and vision with purpose is them trying to make God into their own image. This should not be so because Godís children were called to be the light and salt to this world and proclaim the wondrous mercy and love of the God of the universe and they have no need to make God into their own image because; itís the other way around and already a done deal. Do you understand that as a born again child of God; you were transformed into the image of Christ Jesus the day you became Godís child?

Our entire decision making must be built on the word of God as the sure foundation if itís our intent to walk in the admonition of Lord and have His kingdom rule the earth through us who were called to be his ambassadors.

Now here this; you can read the word of God however; if it is not being interpreted with the Holy Ghost doing the teaching and rightly dividing it; our outward communication in our arenas of life does nothing but confuse the grace of God in having His own way and we have only confusion, division and strife. When we understand and function in the law of liberty; then things work together for good because; God is the source and empowerment to get the job done. It has been said thousands of times and can never be said enough.

Only through Christ Jesus can a person become born again and it must be a miracle by God and not man having some mental assent of this happening. With all the religions, philosophies, atheistic views of documentaries being seen on television and I am sorry to say the junk food teachings on many of the Christian programming today; this basic foundation is being challenged to the point that they would make you believe; a person can get to heaven through some other act or entity in some other way. Once you become mesmerized that some other entity can save you from your self; the freedom that God intended for His creation ends and all liberty that a person can have with a loving relationship with God is lost.

The reason I identify Godís children as born again people is because; they have become a new creation in Christ Jesus. As a born again believer; we must be trained by God how to walk in this new created being. There is no significance if you are Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Jehovah Witness or what ever; the question is; have you become born again and has your nature been miraculously changed? Other then Christ Jesus being the source of all wisdom and truth; there is no faultless law of liberty for any one who has not trusted, accepted and understands why Jesus died on the cross to change our fallen nature.

When denominational indoctrination takes place in any assembly, these beliefs being taught represent doctrines or a system of social beliefs that are a closely organized system of values, and ideas forming the basis of a social, economic, or political philosophy of programs. This is done especially with the goal of discouraging independent thought or the acceptance of other opinions. This is nothing more than controlled slavery and arrogant manipulation.


Jesus said this in Matt. 7:13-15 ďEnter through the narrow gate; for wide is the gate that leads to destruction and many are going that way. Because the narrow gate leads to eternal life many have given up on their relationship with Christ Jesus. Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheepís clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves.Ē

Jesus uses this reference that they come as sheep is because; Jesus leads His sheep in green pastures but only when they gather in His name. So it makes common senses that these false prophets will be gathering with Godís people. Let me make some thing very clear. A born again believer may have the gift of being one of Godís prophet teachers however; he can still be misled and giving words of bondage to Godís people due to their ignorance of the true knowledge of what the faultless law of liberty represents. Our main foundation must be built on Godís grace (His unearned favor.)

When a Christian builds their relationship with Christ on a spirit of obligated demands in their attempt to mature in Christ; they will never experience the perfect law of liberty. Godís love to us does not put demands on us with threats from Him if we decide to not receive it.

This ravening wolf comparison that Jesus refers to in the Greek represents a spirit operating in this prophetís life of preaching a gospel of self and bringing these people under a spell of self centerness with fleshly church building other then lifting up the Lord Christ Jesus. Now please here me. There is a very subtleness to this deceiving spirit and people who are not strong in the word and able to recognize the Holy Ghostís voice can be easily misled.

Wolf in the Greek represents it being white in color or representing light. Paul says this in 11Cor. 11:14 ďDonít think that its amazing that Satan comes as an angel of light. Therefore; it is no great thing if his ministers are also transformed as ministers preaching righteousness however; whose end will be according to their works. We do not want to be rewarded in any way by works that we do. We must guard our heart because; with all our good intensions; we could end up doing self righteous acts.

If in our seeking; we are not having our sainthood in Christ being taught; it ends up being replaced with teachings adding or subtracting to Godís word contrary to our righteousness in Christ. This causes Godís word to be blasphemed (preached under false hood) and it bruises the hearts of people that hear it and they become captive to un-god like thoughts and foolish decision making and they never truly come to know how much God loves them and in turn; the grievous thing about this bondage; The will of God never takes on substance in this personís life.

Our righteous position in Christ Jesus makes us able to live and enjoy the faultless law of liberty that can only be found because Christ the faultless one lives in us. Discerning the difference between righteousness verses things that are unrighteous is the key to our freedom. Therefore; we must be aware of how to surrender our life to righteousness and die from any other way of thinking and acting. Paul stated many times through out scripture that; the people he was writing to should follow him as he followed Christ. He was the first person who God used in the bible to explain Godís grace and righteousness to the born again believer.

A person who truly lives in liberty; is free to think or act without having a self conscious need to comply to situations by force or manipulation. Because he knows that he has a total approved position in God; it produces an aggressive passion with total purpose in his search for the originator of his life and he knows he has a call to kingship and rule with God.

He also knows; he is exempt from any obligated conditions that life presents and that he is a citizen of the kingdom of God and he has a kindred spirit with God because; he has his Fatherís DNA in him and is and will always be His child. He has a freedom to come and go in the courts of God his Father daily and share his opinion with safety sensing a loving respect from God of acceptance without judgment.

I pray that you who are reading this are getting a revelation of the meaning of what is being said here and how free you can be.

When we talk about perfect; we are talking about reproducing an original. Perfection represents an attitude of growth that has mental and moral character however; it must be motivated by the Holy Ghost with a vision and focused goal to complete a set course of action unique unto your self and; we are to not let anything stand in our way of accomplishing that goal. This trek through life must be prophetic in nature with the wisdom from the Holy Ghost showing and empowering us from with in. Without the Holy Ghost motivating and empowering the child of God; there is no quality of life and it has no meaning.

Our main text tells us that; we must carefully look into this perfect law of liberty. A person who is carefully looking is one who is changing direction and adapting or interpreting something in a way that was not originally intended by their own planning. This redirection causes them to receive a personal benefit for them self. We must be personally yielding in response to a strong will or force which gives us a focused vision and mind set in having a passionate seeking of the joining of our self to the Holy Ghost in an internal bonding. There is no freedom with out this relationship with God.

11Cor.3:17 states, ďNow the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty from restrictions and deliverance from some thing that wants to control our freedom.Ē

God made our nature to come under submission to only His authority if itís our intension to experience freedom. When a born again believer sits under any authority that says follow me as I follow Christ and that authority is self centered and not representing the grace and righteous authority of Christ; they will rebel and live in a double minded mentality never given them the freedom of choice and experimentation to the leading of the Holy Ghost. Walking with God in freedom is an adventure that man was to seek after to be whole and it is a thrilling ride.

There is a doctrine going on with in the born again community telling people that they have to have a covering of some type of pastoral authority. This is utter nonsense and the spirit of controlled obligated manipulation. A Christianís security is in having an attitude of submitting to one another but only with freedom of choice and independent thinking with out feeling obligated. A Christian can be sitting in a assembling of thousands and may be the only one in agreement with the Holy Ghostís leading and as far as God is concerned; he is in the majority only being two people. Where there are numbers that does not mean there is God quality and the anointing of the Holy Ghost is flowing freely.

Paul tells us in Romans 14:17, ďthe kingdom of God is not meat or drink but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.Ē

Paul is telling us here that, there can be no freedom in Christ when we put obligated laws on us as to what we are to wear or eat or some religious denominational principle that we have to measure up to be accepted by God or man. Only Jesus saves us from an eternity of a separation from God almighty and this is the main foundation that all truth is built on as far as Christianity is concerned. When a Christian is not being taught and feeding on their righteous position in Christ Jesus which gives them a peace and joy in what ever they are going through; they lose their freedom and liberty and fall back from experiencing Godís unearned favor that He has for them. This entity of obligated service is running ramped with in the body of Christ. When any thing other then Godís grace is being preached; the born again believer has no freedom and liberty.

Understanding our righteousness in Christ is the key and basic foundation of out freedom in daily walking with the Holy Ghost. A person becomes righteous in Godís sight the day they became born again and it is only based on what Jesus did at the cross and our accepting his sacrifice which made us righteous Period. After we became born again we can not do any thing to lose our righteousness nor can we improve on it by working harder at trying to earn Godís favor. Godís attitude after becoming a member of the family is ďThese are my beloved children in whom I am well pleased.Ē

Is God pleased when we frustrate His grace and miss His best? YES. Is He well pleased when we feel condemned and unworthy at times? YES. Is He well pleased when we become our worst enemy and get caught up in some crevice or thicket of life and get to second guessing our self and our peace and joy is not there to guard our heart and mind. YES. Does this cover our lack of freedom and make us know how desperately we need to walk in perfect liberty and understand our righteous position in Christ Jesus?

The Greek translation in which the New Testament was originally written says our righteousness is seen by God as His children being blameless, free from evil and separated unto Him as His children in whom He jealously loves. That is because when He looks at us; as he sees His first born son Jesus because Christ lived in Him. This is what made Him sinless in God His Fatherís eyes.

Scripture tells us that we all have sinned because other then Jesus; we were born with a sinnerís nature. Jesus came out of Maryís womb a born again child of God only because; the Holy Ghost impregnated Mary with God the Fatherís sperm. Therefore; he never had the sinnerís nature as we did. That is why we have to have a second birth from above by Godís sperm to become His child. When this happened; we became a saint in Godís eyes because our old nature died at the cross with Jesus and God the Father looks at us the same way He sees His first born son Christ Jesus; the God man. Now to be Godly free with liberty; you must have this as a sure foundation in your believing system or you can never have liberty as God intended for you as His child.

This message has to be preached where ever Godís children gather to give God glory and have the Holy Ghost show up to confirm Godís holding power in our life. Once we are totally persuaded in our mind and heart of who we are and how we got there; then a peace and joy can reign in our heart.

This is what causes us to really believe what it says in 1Peter 2:9. ďWe are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that show forth the praises of him who has called us out of darkness into his marvelous light.Ē

When one lives in the light; a person is so transparent in their thought life with God that; they have no hidden agendaís and they know that every step they take is being ordered by the Lord. Are you already living in this freedom or do you have a vision from God how to walk in this freedom? There are times that the storms of life can become so intense that; it makes you want to despair of life it self. This is when we must know where to run with in our self to the safe harbor of Godís grace and peace that must pass our own understanding. I have been there many times. We must know with out a shadow of doubt that; God our Father looks past our faults and wants to meat our needs and wants.

In day we are living it seems at times like God went on vacation and the world is trying to fend for it self and the stability of why God raised up this country to be the salt and light to the world is imploding from with in. This only happens because Godís children who are His ambassadors do not know the power they have to speak out because; they truly do not know righteous position. God had a plan and a calling on all of his children to be in a vital area of society not only to preach the gospel but also to bring Godís glory into the area they are suppose to function in. This wandering that we are living in is not our permanent home; we are eternity people and we must be going about doing our Heavenly Fathers business in the earth.

Unless the body of Christ; Godís children take back their dominion and humble them self and pray; God will not be unable to restore what the devil has done in coming to kill, steal and destroy us in all areas of life.

As of late; I have never seen so many telethons on different denominations asking for money. I think the pressures on the financial economy going on in this country and around the world have caused the body of Christ to withdraw to a safer defensive mode and self survival mentality. One way of knowing your freedom is in believing the scripture that says ďGod gives seed to the sower and he also supplies the abundant results of the seed you sow.Ē

A person who lives with the total awareness of this scripture and believes it and continues to sow his seed over a wide area knows that; he will get a huge crop. This giving has nothing to do with us being obligated to give because if we donít; we will be stealing from God as I have heard it preached. Being a giver in oneís life is the natural way for free people with complete liberty to walk. Are we Godís kids and entitled to all God possess or not? Did we receive our inheritance from God the day we became His child as scripture tells us or not? A free person who walks in liberty can not vacillate between two opinions. We either cast all our care on God or stay double minded our whole life and James tells us in this condition; ďwe will never be able to get any thing from the Lord.Ē

People who live in the perfect law of liberty are totally committed to letting go and letting God carry their life.

Every demonic spirit that we encounter daily is totally focused at all cost to stop Godís plan to restore what Satan has inflicted on His creation. People who walk in liberty stay with a violent war like tenacity with a very highly trained spiritually honed awareness of proclaiming their righteousness with spoken words causing them to change the environment in which they walk. Every where Jesus went; he was going about doing His Heavenly Fatherís business in healing the sick, setting the captives free and dealing with all manner of demonic power. I say this with a longing in my heart; can we do any thing less.

Liberty people know how to deal with condemning thoughts. For it is the spirit of condemnation in its many forms that keeps a person captive in living with the mentality of being illegitimate in Godís family. People who feel like this do not have a clue what perfect liberty is. Paul had a freedom in him that he lived in when he said this in 1Cor. 6: 11-12, ďAll things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of anyĒ

Paul who was once a Jewish theologian and law type person was one who went about killing born again believers until he had an encounter with God on his journey to Damascus to kill Christians and he became a born again believer. God weaned him off being a law keeper in him trying to measure up in his own strength to attain some righteousness in his own ability. He knew the tremendous pressures of trying to be obedient in him trying to obey Godís laws in his own ability and because of this; he recognized when the devil came to condemn him and he would have none of it or when people would try to lay this condemning spirit on him which causes a person to lose their liberty.

He knew the difference between having a law mentality verses expediency which is using methods that bring the most immediate benefits, based on practical thinking rather than moral considerations. Living by laws brings demonic power to bear which destroys our peace and joy in the Holy Ghost and our independence to think clearly is destroyed or hindered. A person must understand this concept if they want to stay free to walk in Godís courts with power and freedom. It was never Godís intent for His children to be robots and not use the mind he gave them to make decisions with out threats or intimidation. We are as spotless in our own eyes as we believe that God sees His children as pure and spotless.

God gave us complete liberty to have an opinion and he doesnít have a problem when His children complaining and moaning and groaning over their growing pains at times when they canít figure things out. He has big shoulders and he never forsakes His righteous children whom he made. Why donít His children believe Him? It must be because; they are forever learning so called Christian doctrines of denominational beliefs that have no substance and therefore; they can never come to the truth of who they are in Christ Jesus. It is the truth of Godís word as it is taught by the Holy Ghost that gives us perfect liberty.

I will end with this but as I have said before; our life with God is eternal and the more liberty you experience; the more of an expectation of God showing up grows in your mind and heart.

There is a battle that we must take on to stay in complete liberty. Paul warned the Galatian church when he told them, ďStand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free and donít get entangled again with any yoke of bondage.Ē

The Galatian people got saved and they started to obey certain rules and regulations like they thought they had to be physically circumcised to be approved by God. We have all kinds of laws that people live by in all different denominations like wearing lipstick, attending church, paying tithes, woman not being able to preach in church, being told we must do this but not do that etc. There is no liberty for the Christian when they live with these obligated burdens. I have seen Christians with these burdensome issues be driven to divorce, giving up the Christian faith in this kind of thinking in their own mind and they have become addicted to all kinds of evil life styles causing them to abuse them self.

It is in us swimming in Godís loving liberty of his person that delivers us from the pains of the past, gives us the power to deal with the cares of today and the hope of a new and exiting future that he has planned for us. Letís truly trust and rest in Him when He says ďNothing can pluck you out of my hand.Ē

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