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Discovering and Fulfilling God's Purpose for Your Life
by ezekiel olukolajo
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Discovering & Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life

Your creation began as a thought, a thought in the heart of the Almighty God. You had existed in the heart of God long before you were conceived and brought forth at birth into the planet earth. You had existed in the womb of time, and at the time before appointed, in the dispensation assigned to you and which fits you, God released you to go forth into the earth and fulfill your intended purpose of which He is the sole originator and designer.

Long before creation, God had a perfect and comprehensive script (blueprints) specifically drawn out for each of us. Thatís why we canít start talking about life and purpose without beginning from the Maker. As the Author and Finisher, the whole idea and contents of the scripts of your life were entirely God-designed. It is important to state that, in drawing up the plan (scripts) for your life, God did not take contributions or inputs from anyone; the whole idea and intents were entirely His and His alone! Now you must have seen why your life cannot be meaningful without His involvement.

Jeremiah 1:4-5; Psalm 139:17; Psalm 33:11; Psalm 92:5; Jeremiah 29:11;

It will be wrong for anyone to think that he or she can ignore God and still live a fulfilled and meaningful life, it is impossible! If you want to know the purpose of an implement or an item, the right person to turn to is the manufacturer; if you want to discover purpose of life and existence, the appropriate person to consult is the Maker-The Almighty God!

Anyone who fails to discover the purpose of his or her existence is bound to be abused in life. Abuse (ABNORMAL USE) of a thing is inevitable if its original purpose is not known! So many peopleís lives are being abused day in day out; since they themselves have no idea of what they are supposed to live for, others gladly and readily take advantage of them in pursuit of their own selfish ends while they waste away. You will have no one to blame if your life is being abused, it may be because you are yet to discover the purpose you were cut out for.

Man and Godís Purpose
There are nine (9) planets, but we understand itís only the earth that has human life. Godís purpose is for the earth; Godís purpose is for man the occupier of the planet earth. Weíre not suggesting that God has no purpose for other planets and unseen cosmic bodies He created in His wisdom, but the main issue of consideration is that God has a specific purpose for man, whom He made in His own image and likeness, and this clearly shows that man is unique and specially made to fulfill a purpose which God considers vital and important.

Our purpose in life can be grouped under three major categories namely:

General Purpose: Generally speaking, all men and entire Godís creatures are made for a common purpose which is to bring pleasure to God. This should actually provide the platforms and basis for other pursuits and ventures of life of a man. Revelation 4:11; whatever our pursuits, dreams, visions, ventures are in life, they must satisfy the underlying condition of bringing pleasure to the Almighty God.

Specific Purpose: In pursuing the basic purpose of existence, which is to bring pleasure to God, each of has a more specific ways by which we are expected to achieve this common purpose. The specific scripts of our lives have recognized this, and God (the potter) has earmarked certain assignments which we are meant to pursue individually in life to fulfill His purpose for our lives. God has a global purpose and vision, but He has prepared each of us to locate our place in the global program and do specific assignments we are made to do to support and execute His global vision and purpose. Just as the body has many members and organs with each having its specific and unique functions within the body, God has brought all of us together into His global program with each of us having unique assignments and functions. 1 Corinthians 12:4-31;

Ultimate Purpose: God is an eternal being, He sees with the eyes of eternity. For this reason, He is only interested in anything that does not frustrate His eternal purpose and plans. Man is also made to live eternally and it must be understood that life is only the first part of manís story within the plans God has, eternity completes the story. This is why ultimate purpose of eternity with God must be put in perspective in all pursuits and ventures of man. Godís burning desire for man is to be with Him throughout eternity and this must be pursued in all manís aspirations and dreams. Whatever does not support your hope of eternity with God cannot be in the interest of or in pursuit of Godís purpose here on earth. Whatever venture, pursuit, dream, visions, ambition or aspiration that leads man away from God and lands him in eternal damnation is certainly not in line with Godís purpose, it is not worth pursuing! Your purpose in life is NOT complete if eternity with God is not put in perspective.

LESSONS FROM THE POTTERíS HOUSE- Jeremiah 18: 1-6; Isaiah 64:8;

Lesson 1: From the same clay (lump), different vessels of different sizes and shapes are made but each vessel is uniquely designed to fulfill a distinct purpose. Romans 9:17-23; our individual differences are actually meant to be blessing to humanity and not instruments of divisions. God intends to make life beautiful by the differences and uniqueness He crafted into our individual beings and persons.

Lesson2: What each vessel is designed to do is determined in advance by the potter. What you are meant to pursue with your life is not just being determined or hurriedly put together now, God had before time carefully spelt them out in the script of your life. Thereís nothing wrong in drawing up your dreams and visions you want to pursue in life, but you must crosscheck with God (the Author) at all times that those things you want to pursue are in line with His intentions and purpose for your life. A lot of people waste their destinies pursuing those things which do not have relevance to the scripts of their lives, the only way to live a meaningful life is to align your dreams and visions with the purpose of God which you consistently seek to know as touching every aspect of your life.
Lesson 3: A vessel does not have a say or contribution to what purpose it is made for. Woe to him that strives with His Maker! Some people actually have discovered Godís purpose in certain areas of their lives, but the problem is that they are not willing to accept it. These people have forgotten that what they are to live for is NOT what they feel is right or good for them, but what the Lord their Maker has made them for. You canít start drawing up another agenda for your life; you must consult the Author and the Finisher of your faith (destiny) to live a meaningful life.

Lesson 4: A vessel that will remain relevant and useful cannot choose to do differently from what the potter made it to do. When we do not care to discover the original purpose of God for our lives, the risk we are running is that of becoming irrelevant in His program.

Lesson 5: In the process of molding, some vessels may become marred in the potterís hand and may therefore be molded into something else Ėanother vessel different from what they were intended to be originally. In the process of molding, some people, especially the ones who resist twisting in the hands of their maker and refuse to be led in the path He chooses for them, may find themselves not fit for the original purpose God had in mind. When they become broken into fragments from which the vessel the maker originally intended can no longer be carved out, rather than becoming useless totally, are made into something else. Be careful that you are not made into something else-a second best, afterthought!

God is molding us everyday working through our lifeís unique experiences, challenges and pains to chisel and mold us for His intended purpose. Each of us is being prepared for a unique purpose and this explains the reasons why our experiences in life are different one from the other. Our uniqueness was designed, planned and intended by God, and this is in line with His global purpose.

Lesson 6: The shape or features of a vessel could be an indicator to the purpose it is being made for. This implies that our talents, gifts and God-given abilities are possible indicators or pointers to what we are being made to do in life in pursuit of fulfillment of purpose.

God is the author of the script; you are the actor, the earth is the stage, duration of the act is your lifetime within which you are to act the script. YOU MUST ACT THE SCRIPT!

To be continuedÖ.

By: Ezekiel Olukolajo
© January 2012.

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